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How to include your results in an FTDNA project
Revised 5 December 2008

This page was prepared for Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) projects administrated, or co-administrated, by GKBopp (volunteer administrator, not employed by FTDNA).  The general instructions also apply if you wish to join other FTDNA projects; however, you must check the FTDNA web site to determine the exact project you wish to join.  It's easy to join and there is no additional charge if you have already tested with FTDNA.

  Tested and in the FTDNA database but not in our project
Tested with Genographic first
Tested with another company
New - never Tested 

Tested and in the FTDNA Database but not in our project.

Before joining . . . .
Have your kit number and FTDNA pass code handy (or the direct link they sent you).
Read the below steps first and be sure you know which project you want (#4).
1. Go to personal page at FTDNA (use kit number and pass code OR the direct link they emailed you).
2. Click on blue JOIN icon at top of page.
    That will connect to a page titled Group Join.
3. Look for:
    Project Members Description
    FTDNA will list surname projects associated with your surname (or region for Hawaii projects).
4. Determine the “right” project.  In some cases there may be more than one choice – e.g., a “clan” project. 
    You can join one of those later, if you wish; just be sure you get into the right surname project first!
     Bopp – no confusion, join Bopp
     English - join English, not any of the others listed there.
     Kinney - join Kinney, not any of the others listed.
     McKinney – join McKinney, not any of the others listed.

     Lenhart – no confusion, join Lenhart

     For more information about these two, see remarks and links at “Hawaii” DNA
     Hawaiian Ancestry - direct maternal or paternal lines only
     Hawaiian  all ethnic groups with Hawaii connections that don’t fit into the above.

5.  Click on the desired project.
    This will result in a statement that the request has been sent to the group administrators.  FTDNA sends a notice to the volunteer administrators.  We will contact you.  You will be approved unless there was some misunderstanding and you asked to join the wrong project.  If so, we’ll help you find the right project.


Use the above instructions if you have (1) already transferred your data to FTDNA from the Genographic project and (2) did not find your way to the project at that time.  You will use the FTDNA kit number and code, not use your Genographic project code.

Use the below instructions if (1) you tested with the Genographic project, (2) your results are in at that site, and (3) you have NOT yet transferred your results to FTDNA:

Have your Genographic code handy.
Read #4 above – so you know what project to look for.

1.  Go to the Genographic site and log in with code that came with your Genographic kit. (If your results are not yet in, you can not transfer.)

This site is frequently revised but in general after logging in with your code, you will see a map, remarks about your haplogroup (for example, you might be R1b), and at the bottom of the page a heading that says:

What Else Can I Do With My Results?


By participating in the Genographic Project you have learned about your deep ancestry. With your results, however, you can continue to explore! Click on the link below to learn how Family Tree DNA, our testing partner, can help you apply your results from the Genographic Project to research your family genealogy. Learn more >


2.  Click on Learn more>, and you will be linked to the FTDNA site. 

3.  Follow the instructions at the FTDNA site.  For example, click to agree to share email with participants you match and fill in name and address and email, etc. information (that's all kept private).

4.  At some point a screen may suggest an existing surname project.  If so, join the appropriate project as discussed in
#4 above.

If they don’t suggest the desired project, or you are confused, don’t worry.  Just be sure you get into the FTDNA database at large.

5.  FTDNA will assign you a kit number (it will begin with an N) and a new pass code.  You need that information to work with the FTDNA database.  (You still need the Genographic code when you want to visit their site.)


6.  If you did manage to join the right project, we will receive an email from FTDNA.  If you got into the FTDNA database – but not the project – we won’t know about you.  To be sure, email us back with your new FTDNA kit number and we will see if you are in the project.  If you are not, we will confirm that and refer you back to the instructions above under Tested and in the FTDNA Database but not in our project.

7.  Once you are in our project, we will contact you to confirm. There will be no charge from FTDNA for any of this.  However, if, in the future, you decide you want more marker information (you have 12 from Genographic), there will be a fee to upgrade.  In that case, you won't need to submit another sample and you will get the group rate. Once you are in the FTDNA database and our project, you will be able to see if you match anyone in the project.


If you tested with a company other than FTDNA or the Genographic project, enter your results into the free Ysearch database (Y-DNA) or mitosearch (mtDNA) and then contact us with your user I.D. Number (a public number).  We can not put your data into the FTDNA database but based on the information you enter in Ysearch, we can include you in our project (at large) and include data on our web site. – Y-DNA - mtDNA

New – Never tested?
The above instruction instructions assume you have already tested with FTDNA or the Genographic project and have your results.  If you have not already done so, see the information at these links:

Bopp (off site link)
English & Variations (off site link)
Kinney, McKinney & Variations
Lenhart & Variations

“Hawaii” DNA

NONE OF THE ABOVE? – See the FTDNA web site or visit ISOGG web site.

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