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HVR1 Haplogroup
HVR1 differences from CRS
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Lineage (maiden names of females)

Short version: Kinney, Lenhart, Holeman, Graves, Willis, Grant, Mosby, (Bowles?)

Kinney (Participant)

Lenhart (Mother)

Ann Elizabeth Holeman, b. 29 May 1894 in New Liberty, Owen Co., KY, baptized 28 Jun 1908 in Sioux Falls, SD, d. 27 Dec 1968 in Charleston, Charleston, SC, buried 30 Dec 1968 in San Bernardino, CA. She married Walter Beck Lenhart 29 Nov 1911, Rapid City, SD.

Sophia "Katie" Katherine Graves, also known as Katherine Sophia, b. 15 Dec 1858 in Boone County, KY, d. 23 Jul 1897 in New Liberty, Owen Co., KY. She married John English Holeman 25 Apr 1889 in Petersburg, Boone, KY.

Agnes Elizabeth Willis, b. 26 Oct 1828 in Boone Co., KY, d. 19 Aug 1907 in Boone Co., KY, buried in Bullittsburg Baptist Church Cemetery, Boone County, KY. She married Thomas Conn Graves 24 Aug 1847 (in Boone Co., KY ?).

Ann Nancy/Agnes Mosby Grant (Nancy Ann Agnes?) b. 7 Feb 1796 in KY?, d. 17 Apr 1873. She married Benjamin Garnett Willis, 2 Mar 1814, Boone Co., KY. She was widowed about age 33, could have remarried and be under a different name in census and other data.

Mary Mosby, b. 7 Oct 1755, d. 27 Dec 1797, of Kentucky. She married Col. John Grant, Jr., 25 July 1775. (He was b. NC, died 1825 in Bourbon Co., KY).

Jershua Bowles? b. VA, died 19 Mar 1783, NC. Uncited information on WorldConnect indicate she was the wife of Samuel Mosby, and mother of Mary Mosby


The mitochondrial super-haplogroup U encompasses haplogroups U1-U7 and haplogroup K. Haplogroup U5, with its own multiple lineages nested within, is the oldest European-specific haplogroup, and its origin dates to approximately 50,000 years ago. Most likely arising in the Near East, and spreading into Europe in a very early expansion, the presence of haplogroup U5 in Europe pre-dates the expansion of agriculture in Europe. Haplogroup U5a1a—a lineage within haplogroup U5—arose in Europe less than 20,000 years ago, and is mainly found in northwest and north-central Europe. The modern distribution of haplogroup U5a1a suggests that individuals bearing this haplogroup were part of the populations that had tracked the retreat of ice sheets from Europe.

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DNA Project Notes
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