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Updated: 1 January 2003
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This is my personal timeline leading to a surname project.


1980's and 1990's - watched TV programs (most, if not all on PBS, NOVA) about Abuelas de la Plaza de Mayo in Argentina (1984), "Eve" the common ancestor (1987), Czar Nicholas II (Romanov) family [and Anastasia and Anna Anderson] (1994), Cohanim study (1997), Cheddar Man (1997), and Jefferson study (1998)

March 2001 - read Seabrook's New Yorker article and was intrigued

July 2001 - Ken Graves (a distant cousin) announced his project

Looked at Graves site from time to time to see what's happening
Kept wishing some KINNEY would start a project
Kept thinking I should get my Dad's DNA tested while he's still with us

9/21/2002 -Jim Rader (distant cousin? his project will tell) announced DNA project

Next few days
Visited Rader's site and notice he is using FTDNA
Visited Graves site and notice he is using FTDNA
Visited the FTDNA site

9/26 Fri
Post to KINNEY-L asking if there is a known Kinney project? (hear back from one interested Kinney)
Contact FTDNA site and ask some questions - correspondence continues thereafter---->

Next few days
Start an HTML page so I can easily link to the sites
Look at FTDNA surname project list and notice my MOCK friends have a project.
Visit MOCK, revisit GRAVES, and RADER.
Look at some of the links on these sites.
Find RootsWeb topic list and look at recent archives

Join RootsWeb list - intend to lurk - it's too technical!!!!!
Next few days
Lurk on the RootsWeb list and look at archives - continuing---->
Continue to talk to FTDNA ----->
Continue to surf net - continuing----->

Put simple Kinney chart (stats no DNA info) on website; inform Kinney list; get more responses

Post a note to Lenhart list suggsting this would solve the Lenhart/Linhart question

Work on simple DNA info site with some notes and links 

To date, 7 interested participants; one commitment (plus my father = 2)
FTDNA contact says we can sign up and obtain group if, in good faith, we expect at least six participants in the next few months

Sign up KINNEY (and variations) project with FTDNA

Two adventurous Kinneys have ordered test kits!

Another Kinney pioneer ordered the test

Tried to find a genealogy dna timeline; no luck - started my own (link is on DNA contents page)

The two other participants have their kits; my father's has not arrived!!!!!!!

- - - Next two weeks spent working on DNA timeline, FAQ, etc., setting up a special K, Mc etc. website.

Sent 29 online announcements to name variations at RootsWeb, A.Com, and GenForum (

Two more sign ups - total now is 5 who have ordered test; one awaiting brother to test = 6

1 Jan 2003
Have some results; no matches yet; more participants.

Jan - 2003
We receive matches - my Dad has a match!

March 2003
Merged McKenney project with ours.

Here's a link to current status:



Timeline summaries from two mature projects:


April 2000 - project announced, males with Mumma surname actively solicited by letter, e-mail and telephone calls.
June - 27 men with the Mumma (or alternate spelling) surname volunteered to participate
June - DNA testing kits mailed to the participants living in Estonia, Germany, Canada and various U.S. cities .
July - 26 kits were returned to Family Tree DNA
Sept - in short span of 6 months, project progressed from concept to receipt of analytical results from the initial 26 participants.
Since then, additional samples submitted on a periodic basis providing additional information about the many "unattached" families to the main Mumma family trees.

July 2001 - project formally announced, males with Graves surname actively solicited by letter and e-mail.
Sept. - DNA testing kits mailed to the participants.
Sept.-Oct. - Kits and payments sent to Family Tree DNA
Nov. - Initial results for 44 samples were received, analyzed, reported to participants, and posted on the website.
Dec. - 10 more results received, analyzed, and posted on the website.
Jan. 2002 - A third group of 10 sample results received, analyzed, and posted on the website.
October 2002 - to date, a total of 135 samples have been received; see website for analysis.



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