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Oregon Federal Census 1880 - Baker County - Baker City
Enumeration District No. 1 - Page 2 - June 2, 1880
  Cities Dwelling Family Name Personal Description Birth month Relation Civil Condition Married w/in year Occupation Sick Health Education Nativity
Street House Num Race Sex Age Single Married Widowed divorce Trade No Work Blind Deaf dumb Idiotic Insane Crippled School No Read No Write Person Father Mother
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
1 Resort   12 12 Hulsey, J. B. W M 56   husband   X     Physician                     Kentucky Tennessee Kentucky
2       Hulsey, Belle W F 49   wife   X     Keeps House                     New York New York Maryland
3       Hulsey, Belle W F 27   dau X       at Home                     Scotland Scotland Scotland
4       Pearson, Edward W M 42   Boarder   X     Stage Driver                     New York New York New York
5       Pearson, Allace W F 20   Boarder   X                           Missouri Kentucky Tennessee
6       Pearson, Edward F. W M 2   son X                             Oregon New York Missouri
7       Brittain, John W M 51   Boarder X   D   Gen. Speculator 3           X       Illinois North Carolina Kentucky
8   13 13 Tracy, Geo. H. W M 39   Husband   X     Postmaster                     Michigan Connecticut Connecticut
9       Tracy, Mary M. W F 31   wife   X     Keep House                     Iowa Indiana Missouri
10       Tracy, Claude M. W M 9   son X       Book Seller & Postmaster               X     Oregon Michigan Iowa
11       Tracy, Myrtle W F 7   dau X                       X     Oregon Michigan Iowa
12       Tracy, Geo. H. Jr. W M 2   son X                             Oregon Michigan Iowa
13       Tracy, Melvin W M 30   Brother X       Deputy Postmaster                     Michigan Connecticut Connecticut
14   14 14 Weller, Aaron P. W M 44   Husband   X     Butcher                     New Jersey New Jersey New Jersey
15       Weller, Emma W F 26   wife   X     Keeps House                     Ohio New York Ohio
16       Weller, Katy W F 2   dau X                             Oregon New Jersey Ohio
17       Weller, Mary L. W F 3/12 Mar dau X                             Oregon New Jersey Ohio
18   15 15 Bloch, Isaac W M 37   Husband   X     Dry Goods Merchant                     Bavaria Bavaria Bavaria
19       Bloch, Jenny W F 24   wife   X     Keeps House                     Tennessee Prussia Bavaria
20       Bloch, Estella W F 3   dau X                             Oregon Bavaria Tennessee
21       Bloch, Benj. J. W M 2   son X                             Oregon Bavaria Tennessee
22       Fox, Hanna W F 14   Boarder X       Attends School               X     Oregon Bavaria Bavaria
23   16 16 Ross, John P. W M 48   Husband   X     Saloon Keeper                     Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
24       Ross, Mattie A. W F 31   wife   X     Keeps House                     Iowa North Carolina South Carolina
25       Ross, William A. W M 9   son X                       X     Oregon Pennsylvania Iowa
26       Ross, John M. W M 4   son X                             Oregon Pennsylvania Iowa
27       China, Charley C M 18   Boarder X       Cook                 X X China China China
28   17 17 Haines, I. D. W M 51   Husband   X     Attorney                     Ohio    
29       Haines, Sarah A. W F 25   wife   X     Keeps House                     Illinois North Carolina Indiana
30       Haines, Stella W F 7   dau X                       X     Oregon Ohio Illinois
31       Haines, Robbert W. W M 5   son X                             Oregon Ohio Illinois
32       Haines, Anna C. W F 3   dau X                             Oregon Ohio Illinois
33       Haines, David W M 4/12 Jan son X                             Oregon Ohio Illinois
34       Bohna, Martha W F 23   Mother   X     Boards                     Missouri North Carolina Indiana
35       Bohna, Buda Lee W M 2   son X                             Oregon Arkansas Missouri
36       Bohna, William F. W M 2/12 Mar son X                             Oregon Arkansas Missouri
37   18 18 Eppinger, Charlotte W F 44   Mother     X   Keeps House                     Saxony Saxony Saxony
38       Eppinger, Fred W M 13   son X       Attends Horses                     Oregon Werttemberg Saxony
39       Eppinger, Clara W F 15   dau X       Attends School               X     Oregon Werttemberg Saxony
40       Eppinger, Chas. W M 9   son X                       X     Oregon Werttemberg Saxony
41   19 19 Cleaver, Jos. W. W M 54   Husband   X     Furniture Maker                     England England England
42       Cleaver, Sarah M. W F 41   wife   X     Keeps House                     Missouri Pennsylvania Kentucky
43       Cleaver, Isabelle W F 20   dau X                             Oregon England Missouri
44       Cleaver, Charles W. W M 16   son X       Wks in Furniture Shop                     Oregon England Missouri
45       Cleaver, Frank W M 9   son X                             Oregon England Missouri
46       Cleaver, May W F 12   dau X                       X     Oregon England Missouri
47   20 20 Devass, John W M 63   Bachelor X       Wks in Furniture Shop                     at Sea France France
48       Gardner, Ida W F 15     X       Attends School               X     Oregon Iowa  
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