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Oregon Federal Census Index 1870
Baker County Series M593 Roll 1285
Name Page Line No. Dwelling Family
Yantes, Charles43B1033
Yantes, Elizabeth J.43B733
Yantes, Hattie43B833
Yantes, John L.43B1133
Yantes, Robert P.43B633
Yantes, Rochester A.43B933
Yeager, Ardarimsa1A498
Yeager, Franklin1A398
Yeager, Maxamillian1A598
Yeager, Samantha J.1A698
Yeager, Thomas George1A798
Yee, Ah19A152323
Yek, Ah20A275250
Yem, Ah12B195546
Yen, Ah12A284940
Yen, Ah20B396664
Yen, Soo29A382416
Yet, Que12B366152
Yew, Ah20A144947
Yin, Ah29B233022
Ying, Ah18A3377
Ying, Ah19A312525
Ying, Sing18A722
Yo, Ah18A3488
Yoke, Ah12B35243
Yoke, Ah20B115755
Yoke, Ah29A112012
Yoke, Ah32A188072
Yolk, Ah18B362020
Yon, Ah18B402020
Yon, Ah20A285250
Yon, Ah30B2175
Yone, Ah13B157465
Yone, Ah32A218173
Yong, Ah12B145445
Yong, Ah13B177566
Yong, Chow31B36355
Yong, Sen18A511
York, Charles42A33176166
York, Elizabeth42A34176166
York, Nellie M.42A36176166
York, Selden A.42A35176166
Yoshier, Samuel14B349283
You, Ah20A265250
You, Ah29A142113
You, Coy18A401010
Young, Ah13B407869
Young, Frank22A31107101
Young, Robert9B111111
Young, Sam31B46355
Yune, Ah21A26765
Yune, Ah21A36765
Yune, Ah21B58480

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Last Updated on 19 June 2006
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