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Oregon Federal Census Index 1870
Baker County Series M593 Roll 1285
Name Page Line No. Dwelling Family
Sack, Ah18B101515
Sailor, Emanuel31A135143
Salley, Elizabeth39B34136132
Salley, John T.39B33136132
Salley, Laura E.39B37136132
Salley, Minerva J.39B38136132
Salley, Polly39B32136132
Salley, Susan V.39B36136132
Salley, William A.39B31136132
Salley, William J.39B35136132
Sam, Ah3A376449
Sam, Ah5A16127102
Sam, Ah6B223524
Sam, Ah12B406253
Sam, Ah13A407263
Sam, Ah13B107465
Sam, Ah13B117465
Sam, Ah14A57970
Sam, Ah14B118778
Sam, Ah14B188879
Sam, Ah19A392727
Sam, Ah20A255250
Sam, Ah21B78581
Sam, Ah26A285551
Sam, Ah29A322416
Sam, Ah29B92719
Sam, Ah31B86456
Sam, Ah37A299392
Sam, Lee18A2977
Sam, Sing24A241010
San, Ah12B396253
San, Ah32A77870
San, See29B303224
Sanders, Christian2A374736
Sane, Ah18A2355
Sang, Ah24A311212
Sare, Ah3A396550
Sat, Ah29B293224
Savage, Nicholas31A125143
Saw, Ah13B97364
Saw, Ah19A382727
Saxe, Mathew C.31B246961
Say, Ah20A204947
Sayer, Sylvester24A371313
Schader, Nicholas11B292823
Schambaulet, Mary7A1988
Schambaulet, Peter7A1888
Schambaulet, Rich7A2188
Schambaulet, Rosie7A2088
Schambie, Lewis44A221917
Schiff, Moses12A204637
Schlund, Frank25B173837
Schwartz, John Z.7A944
Schwenn, Andrew27A87368
Scofield, Daniel B.22B28119111
Scofield, Sarah A.22B29119111
Scott, Catharine2B1833
Scott, James44B12321
Scott, John11B202521
Scott, Robert J.42B1179169
Scroll, Jacob15A109888
Seargent, Benjamin F.1B42017
Seargent, Dewit C.3B197257
Secrist, Joseph12A83932
See, Ah3A406550
See, Ah20A84745
See, Ah20B346563
See, Ah29B162921
See, Ah29B182921
See, Ah29B213022
See, Ah37A369392
See, Chung29A262416
See, Long29B383224
See, Lung11B282722
See, Son18A1733
See, Up32A97870
See, Upp20B326361
See, Whop18A2655
See, Yow31B16254
Seek, Ah29A21911
Seen, Ah20A295250
Seen, Ah21B18379
Seep, Ah20A315351
Seey, Ah30B211
Sefley, Harry30A183931
Sefley, Harry L.30A203931
Sefley, Mary A.30A193931
Seidel, Frederick32B1377
Sen, Ah11B262722
Sen, Ah18A211
Seong, Ah34A53636
Shaffer, Frances36B378685
Shaffer, Henry C.36B368685
Shaffer, Henry P.36B398685
Shaffer, John E.36B388685
Shaimer, Frank H.4B310786
Shaling, Henry33B263131
Shannon, Madison25B384643
Shaw, Ah30B1264
Shaw, Daniel H.42B31186176
Shaw, Elizabeth42B30186176
Shaw, Thophulas42B29186176
Sheffield, E. E.34A204039
Shellworth, Anna25B153736
Shellworth, Charles25B123736
Shellworth, Clara25B143736
Shellworth, Henriette25B163736
Shellworth, Margaret25B133736
Shelton, Albert F.27A27267
Shelton, Henriette27A37267
Shelton, John26B407267
Shelton, Mary J.27A17267
Shelton, Olive A.27A47267
Shephardson, Levi32B281515
Shepherdson, R.32B301515
Sherry, James M.35B186261
Sherwood, Abraham L.4B4011996
Sherwood, Emma5A111996
Sherwood, George C.4B3811996
Sherwood, Hannah S.4B3611996
Sherwood, John4B3511996
Sherwood, John M.4B3711996
Sherwood, Perry D.4B3911996
Shiff, Henry31A24638
Shin, Ah14A358475
Shin, Ah19A262424
Shinn, Albert L.38A25111110
Shinn, Asa C.25B73534
Shinn, Eddie E.38A26111110
Shinn, Eva24B362323
Shinn, Eveline24B342323
Shinn, George H.24B352323
Shinn, James H.25B53534
Shinn, Joseph H.24B332323
Shinn, Lavina25B63534
Shinn, Louisa38A24111110
Shinn, Oliver38A23111110
Shinn, Robert L.38A28111110
Shinn, Samuel38A27111110
Shoemaker, Charles25B204038
Shoemaker, John2B2033
Shumway, Cyrus30A344335
Shumway, Ida M.30A404436
Shumway, James30A374436
Shumway, Matilda30A384436
Shumway, Nancy30A334335
Shumway, Olive J.30A394436
Shumway, Paul L.30A324335
Shun, Ah12B105344
Sickles, Albert12A184536
Sicord, Anthony27A77368
Sie, Quon18A1533
Sieger, Claude7A351816
Sim, Ah13B337869
Simmons, Martin14B399585
Simmons, Martin T.6B42514
Simons, Felix3B257859
Simpson, John43B351312
Sin, Ah13B287869
Sin, Ah19A222424
Sin, Ah19A402727
Sin, Ah32A328678
Sin, Foo19B52828
Sin, Kum24A1588
Sin, Sin20A355351
Sing, Ah12A274940
Sing, Ah12A355041
Sing, Ah14B38677
Sing, Ah18A1222
Sing, Ah18A2244
Sing, Ah19A182323
Sing, Ah19B103030
Sing, Ah1B322723
Sing, Ah20B135755
Sing, Ah21A66866
Sing, Ah21A86866
Sing, Ah29A242315
Sing, Ah29A392517
Sing, Ah29B223022
Sing, Ah37A209291
Sing, Ah37A379493
Sing, Duc Ah24A2099
Sisley, Downie44A31514
Sisley, Ettie44A51514
Sisley, Eugene44A61514
Sisley, Frank44A21514
Sisley, Lewis44A11514
Sisley, Lottie44A41514
Sisley, Martha44A71514
Sisson, Pierce3A316045
Slater, James W.26B246560
Slatter, John C.44A342220
Slocum, George37A159089
Slom, Ah20B286361
Smelser, Andrew F.27A288073
Smelser, Cora27A308073
Smelser, Mary J.27A278073
Smelser, Rosa D.27A298073
Smith, Andrew41A31160152
Smith, Arthur33A131919
Smith, Calvin E.22A1210094
Smith, Charles31B377668
Smith, Charles32B1588
Smith, Charles H.30A53527
Smith, Daniel26A395854
Smith, Daniel34A304443
Smith, Daniel F.39A31129125
Smith, David3B328162
Smith, Delason33A141919
Smith, Emet F.30A83527
Smith, Emmazitte30A63527
Smith, Eva33A151919
Smith, Fannie33A171919
Smith, John P.5A22128103
Smith, Jonathan15A2510291
Smith, Joseph31B196860
Smith, Julia R.42B22184174
Smith, Louisa15A2610291
Smith, Martha J.5A23128103
Smith, Maryettie30A73527
Smith, Minnie33A181919
Smith, Oscar33A161919
Smith, Sarah W.15A2710291
Smith, Tamar22A79892
Smith, Thomas22A69892
Smith, V. G.21B148783
Smith, William3B338162
Smith, William P.21A337775
Snow, Susan A.26A24845
Snow, Taylor N.26A14845
Snum, Ah20B296361
Som, Ah3B76752
Som, Ah14A328374
Son, Ah1B332723
Son, Ah21A56765
Son, Ah30A364335
Son, Ah30B1464
Son, Ah37A329392
Son, Chong18A1122
Son, Son19B22727
Song, Ah14B148778
Song, Ah18A1944
Song, Ah19B93030
Song, Ah34A63636
Sonn, Ah19A292525
Sony, Ah19A362626
Sony, Ah29A31911
Sony, Ah30B311
Soo, Ah6B273625
Soo, See20A365351
Sook, Ah6B263625
Sook, Ah19A252424
Sook, Ah37A359392
Soon, Ah12B175546
Soon, Ah18B351919
Soon, Ah20A235149
Soon, Ah32A318577
Soong, Ah19A172323
Soung, Ah20B195957
Speak, William H.24A381313
Speelman, Angeline39B21135131
Speelman, David L.39B27135131
Speelman, Elizabeth39B19135131
Speelman, Elizabeth M.39B26135131
Speelman, Francis M.39B23135131
Speelman, James N.39B24135131
Speelman, Josiah39B22135131
Speelman, Luther M.39B30135131
Speelman, Mandora39B29135131
Speelman, Martha B.39B28135131
Speelman, Michael R.39B20135131
Speelman, Nelson39B18135131
Speelman, Nelson J.39B25135131
Spencer, Daniel J.3A326146
Spencer, Nancy J.26B156157
Spencer, Richard E.26B146157
Sprague, Alvin C.25B93635
Stanley, John2A33126
Starkweather, Elisha H.30A214032
Statesman, Robert T.11B31915
Steaniels, John T.26B65854
Steele, David23B6140129
Steers, William25A52424
Steiger, John4A299778
Stephen, Moses44A131615
Stephens, Jasper H.25A313130
Stephens, Valpilla32B1488
Stergill, Joseph34A364645
Stergill, Lewis34A374645
Sterns, Leonard O.27B119081
Stevenson, Anna3A255843
Stevenson, Joseph3A295843
Stevenson, Joseph E.3A265843
Stevenson, Martha R.3A235843
Stevenson, Milan3A275843
Stevenson, Rebecca3A245843
Stevenson, Thomas3A225843
Stevenson, Thomas3A285843
Stewart, Barbary42B4181171
Stewart, Daniel20A114846
Stewart, Henryettie42B6181171
Stewart, John42B3181171
Stewart, Margaret J.42B5181171
Stewart, Robert36B118079
Stewart, Sarah J.42B7181171
Stillman, Thomas B.30A43426
Stockman, Henry11B343125
Stover, John3B308162
Strong, William30A284234
Stultz, Anna A.25B284341
Stultz, John26B346964
Stultz, Nancy E.25B274341
Stultz, Samuel25B264341
Stultz, Susan V.25B294341
Sturgill, Benjamin F.39A38131127
Sturgill, Effa E.40A25144138
Sturgill, Eliza B.39A36131127
Sturgill, Esther25B83534
Sturgill, Francis H.40A20144138
Sturgill, George B.39A33131127
Sturgill, John J.26B136056
Sturgill, John J.39A35131127
Sturgill, Lena C.39A37131127
Sturgill, Lydia A.39A34131127
Sturgill, Mary E.40A22144138
Sturgill, Sally A.40A26144138
Sturgill, Stephen A.40A23144138
Sturgill, Virginia A.40A24144138
Sturgill, William R.40A21144138
Sturgis, George43B2155
Styx, Joseph4A4010584
Su, Son24A1477
Su, Yee19A32020
Sue, Ah6B253524
Sue, Ah11B403528
Sue, Ah14B98778
Sue, Ah19B12727
Sue, Ah20B356563
Suk, See24A331212
Sullivan, Florance37B19594
Sum, Ah18A3588
Sum, Lum34A103636
Sun, Ah12A324940
Sun, Ah29B313224
Sune, Ah14A178071
Sung, Ah19A42020
Sung, Ah32A27870
Sung, Hee12B386152
Sutton, William15A2410190
Swazey, Able W.44A201816
Swazey, Gehial T.44A211816
Swift, John M.41B5163155
Swor, William J.6A1064
Symontyn, James34A354645

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