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Oregon Federal Census Index 1870
Baker County Series M593 Roll 1285
Name Page Line No. Dwelling Family
Rainey, Alfred31A376052
Ramsey, Robert11B182521
Ranciur, Alice7B72320
Ranciur, Oliver W.7B62320
Ranciur, William H.7B82320
Ranciur, Winthey H.7B92320
Rankin, David34A314443
Rankin, Ella31B357567
Rankin, Frances31B347567
Rankin, Mary31B367567
Rankin, William31B337567
Rany, Peter30B842
Rawley, Warren24A401414
Raymond, Albert A.4B711089
Rea, George W.41A13156148
Rea, Helen J.41A14156148
Rea, James M.41A6156148
Rea, James M.41A12156148
Rea, Maggie R.41A9156148
Rea, Martha J.41A11156148
Rea, Mary R.41A7156148
Rea, Thomas F.41A8156148
Rea, William Mc.41A10156148
Reamer, Edson13A377162
Redonly, Frank11A1765
Reed, Jack26A365854
Reed, Tabor M.14A278172
Reese, John4B1911392
Reeves, Ada4B3211895
Reeves, Alice4B3311895
Reeves, Eveline4B3411895
Reeves, Josephine4B3011895
Reeves, Madora4B3111895
Reeves, Samuel B.4B2911895
Rehle, John26A135349
Remley, John15A99888
Reppert, Benjamin F.21A317674
Reppert, Jemima21A297674
Reppert, John21A287674
Reppert, Mary E.21A327674
Reppert, Sierra N.21A307674
Reynolds, Addie J.24A844
Reynolds, Ed W.24A544
Reynolds, Frances G.24A944
Reynolds, George P.24A744
Reynolds, Margaret24A644
Rhodes, James41B19167157
Rhodes, James W.41B22167157
Rhodes, Jane41B20167157
Rhodes, Mary E.41B21167157
Richardson, Benjamin C.3B116853
Richardson, Brittana3B106853
Richardson, Charlotte7A311
Richardson, Edmand H.3B187156
Richardson, Helen3B156853
Richardson, Isabell7A211
Richardson, James M.3B136853
Richardson, James R.3B146853
Richardson, John3B96853
Richardson, John7A111
Richardson, John A.4A179475
Richardson, Joseph E.7A411
Richardson, Mary V.3B126853
Richardson, Minas G.11A371612
Richey, James R.9A1033
Richie, Joseph2B3455
Richmond, George26B35854
Rickard, John D.36B308584
Riggs, Reuben37B39104103
Riggs, Sarah37B40104103
Riggs, William38A1104103
Riley, Reese44A121514
Rivers, Louis23A7124116
Roax, George6B323726
Robbins, Charles35B236665
Roberts, Eva A.22B22115109
Roberts, Olive A.22B21115109
Roberts, Samuel22B20115109
Robinson, William25A223029
Rodgers, Frank B.35B206362
Rogers, Jared L.31B236961
Rogers, Leister H.30A294234
Rose, Emily38B4116115
Rose, Ira32B261414
Ross, John P.26A305652
Ross, Mattie A.26A315652
Ross, Samuel R.26A325652
Rowe, Michael19B213333
Rowland, James31B317365
Ruby, John W.37B1810099
Ruck, John11A1976
Rue, Washington C.40A8140134
Rung, Ah19B82929
Russell, Frank L.23B5139128
Russell, George23B3139128
Russell, Lydia J.23B4139128
Russell, Ned35B115958
Russell, W.7A622
Rutledge, Elnora24B181919
Rutledge, Lizzie24B171919
Rutledge, Maude24B201919
Rutledge, Orfa24B191919
Rutledge, Sarah J.24B161919
Rutledge, William24B151919

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