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Oregon Federal Census Index 1870
Baker County Series M593 Roll 1285
Name Page Line No. Dwelling Family
O, Wy12B45243
O, Yet21A147068
O'Brien, Thomas31B226961
Odell, James32A258375
Oggle, William36B228382
Olds, Albert J.33A392525
Olds, Annie E.33A382525
Olds, Daniel33A362525
Olds, Margaret33B22525
Olds, Mary A.33A402525
Olds, Sarah L.33A372525
Olds, Sheridan33B12525
Oleson, Casper37A108887
Olin, John S.32B201010
On, Ah30B2375
On, Ah37A399493
Oneill, Charles27A267972
Oneill, Eveline27A237972
Oneill, Hugh27A217972
Oneill, John27A257972
Oneill, Margaret27A227972
Oneill, Minnie27A247972
Oo, Ah12A13528
Oong, Ah20B366664
Osborn, Drucilla39A28129125
Osborn, Hiram39A27129125
Osborn, Olive O.39A30129125
Osborn, Stephen39A29129125
Ottenheimer, Samuel26B316863
Ottis, P. D.33B373333
Owens, William15A89787
Own, Ah13A367162

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Last Updated on 14 January 2006
By Dale Givens