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Oregon Federal Census Index 1870
Baker County Series M593 Roll 1285
Name Page Line No. Dwelling Family
Napier, William11B333024
Nedroe, George36A37372
Neighlor, William13A176859
Nelson, DeWit C.25B334542
Nelson, Henry L.25B364542
Nelson, Levi W.25B314542
Nelson, Lewis O.25B354542
Nelson, Nancy J.25B324542
Nelson, William S.25B344542
Ness, Gabriel43B2987
Ness, Nelson43B2887
New, Ah29A71911
Newman, Abram M.41B23168158
Newman, Ed41B27168158
Newman, Julia41B24168158
Newman, Zellie41B25168158
Newton, David S.27A127669
Nicholas, Robert23B10143132
Nichols, Dudley39B14134130
Nichols, Eva M.39B13134130
Nichols, John R.39B15134130
Nichols, Lucinda B.39B12134130
Nichols, Margaret24A261111
Nichols, William W.39B11134130
Nicholson, Mary C. J.39A25128124
Nicholson, Nancy J.39A26128124
Nicholson, Sarah C.39A24128124
Nicholson, William M.39A23128124
Nicolli, Henry32B1688
Ning, Ah13B367869
Ning, Ah18B221717
Nit, Chong18B41212
Norton, William31B327466
Nue, Ah11B252722
Num, Ah12B15243
Num, Ah20B306361
Num, Ah21B48480
Nung, Ah20B406664

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Last Updated on 19 June 2006
By Dale Givens