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Oregon Federal Census Index 1870
Baker County Series M593 Roll 1285
Name Page Line No. Dwelling Family
Hacket, Andy35B196261
Hailey, John42B17183173
Haines, Israel D.24A1155
Hall, Ah14A248071
Hall, Charles C.36B348584
Hall, George G.36B358584
Hall, George W.36B328584
Hall, Joseph33B353333
Hall, Minerva38B3115114
Hall, Sarah J.36B338584
Hall, Thomas33A312424
Hall, William H.38B2115114
Halpin, John26B256560
Halstong, George31A215345
Halstong, James31A225345
Ham, Ah14A238071
Ham, Ah29A152113
Hamilton, John W.36B128079
Hammack, George1A10119
Hammon, Frank9B101111
Han, Ah32A67870
Han, Ah32A298577
Hancock, John23B2138127
Hand, Patrick14B389585
Har, Moung34A123636
Harding, James26B85854
Hardman, Jos E.6B22413
Harlin, George D.19B404543
Harman, Elizabeth16B141712
Harman, Frank G.16B131712
Harman, George W.16B151712
Harmer, Isiah C.6A953
Harper, William3B177055
Harrington, William37B1910099
Harris, Edmund22A2410599
Harrison, George42A5172162
Hassau, Isadore11A943
Hayden, Samuel35B126059
Haynie, Burnell2A43126
He, Ah30B1164
Heart, Joseph43B2787
Heart, Lewis37B27101100
Heckle, William C.16A622
Hee, Ah14B138778
Hee, Ah1B342723
Hee, Ah20A305250
Hee, Ah29B172921
Hee, Ah30B111
Hee, Ah31B76456
Hee, Young12B235647
Hee, Yow18B111515
Heisy, Henry11B302823
Henderson, John F.21B98682
Henderson, Thomas25B374643
Heniesy, Henry11A1354
Henley, William2B1422
Henn, Ah19A142222
Henry, Alex*21B409489
Henry, George W.14A288273
Herring, Emma26A335652
Hess, Cora24A271111
Hess, Thomas7B303026
Hiatt, Isaac27A358376
Hibbard, Catharine34A394746
Hibbard, Henry34A384746
Hibbard, John35A14746
Hibbard, Warren34A404746
Higgins, Elbridge30A153729
Hill, Jno. T.33B363333
Him, Ah13A166758
Him, Ah32A107870
Himes, John2B1622
Hin, Ah13B67263
Hin, Ah18B301919
Hin, Ah20A395452
Hin, Ah20B75654
Hin, Ah20B105654
Hinckley, Christian43B331211
Hinderman, John D.33A302323
Hindshaw, John S.32B291515
Hing, Ah13A186960
Hing, Ah20B316361
Hing, Ah31B26355
Hing, Ah37A259291
Hing, Tony18A411
Hing, Ying18A311
Hir, Ah30B1064
Ho, Kee12A314940
Hoffman, Thomas E.22A1410296
Hok, Ah18B341919
Hok, Ah37B149998
Holliday, James34A324544
Hollveoatsie, Frank13A327162
Homg, Ah12B205546
Hon, Ah12A254940
Hon, Ah29B132820
Hon, Ah30B2275
Hong, Ah12B255647
Hong, Ah13A397263
Hong, Ah14A37869
Hong, Ah18B392020
Hong, Ah29A212214
Hong, Ah29B22618
Hong, Ah32A138072
Hong, Ah37B129998
Hong, Cham32A338678
Hong, Chow12A345041
Hony, Ah31B56456
Hoop, Ah37B119998
Hoow, Ah24A361212
Hop, Kee3A356348
Horner, George W.22A1310195
How, Ah18B131515
How, Ah21A167169
Howe, Sarah E.22B30119111
Howg, Ah29A222315
Howland, Lavina E.23A31133123
Hu, Ah32A178072
Hudson, Charles25B43433
Huff, John1B82219
Hughes, Daniel44A171615
Hull, Caroline33B82525
Hull, Charles E.33B42525
Hull, Colfax33B72525
Hull, Ellen A.33B52525
Hull, Osborn L.33B62525
Hull, Theodore33B32525
Hull, William C.33A342525
Humphreys, James C.32A268375
Hung, Ah20B256361
Hung, Ah32A148072
Hung, Fat19B334139
Hung, Gee20A64745
Hung, Gug20A325351
Hunsaker, Ann E.37B38103102
Hunsaker, Bradford37B32103102
Hunsaker, Frances M.37B34103102
Hunsaker, Malinda I.37B35103102
Hunsaker, Mariah37B33103102
Hunsaker, Mary L.37B36103102
Hunsaker, William P.37B37103102
Hunstock, Eliza25A403231
Hunstock, Joseph25B13231
Hunstock, William25A393231
Hutton, Cina E.40B10147141
Hutton, Delora40B12147141
Hutton, Eva E.40B11147141
Hutton, George W.40B9147141
Hutton, James40B6147141
Hutton, Mary40B7147141
Hutton, Samuel40B8147141
Hymer, Charles W.16B1149
Hymer, George16A38149
Hymer, George16B6149
Hymer, Helen S.16B3149
Hymer, Josephine16A39149
Hymer, Lorinda J.16B2149
Hymer, Martha A.16A40149
Hymer, Mary E.16B4149
Hymer, William S.16B5149

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