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Oregon Federal Census Index 1870
Baker County Series M593 Roll 1285
Name Page Line No. Dwelling Family
Eastabrook, Calvin44A161615
Eastabrook, William J.6A19108
Eaton, Chancey9A822
Ebenho, John4B210685
Eddleman, James43B321110
Edwards, Henry42B2180170
Elledge, William22B23115109
Elliott, Dorcas36A327776
Elliott, Elizabeth36A297776
Elliott, George I.36A337776
Elliott, John43B2687
Elliott, John7A511
Elliott, Julia36A357776
Elliott, Julia A.36A237574
Elliott, Laura M.36A307776
Elliott, Ora Fino36A347776
Elliott, Orbison T.36A287776
Elliott, Rosetti L.36A317776
Elliott, Thomas36A367776
Elliott, William36A377776
Ellis, John W.13A317162
Ellsworth, Charles37B109897
Emmerson, William32B181010
En, Ah31B96456
Enbel, August11A2387
Engler, August4A3310180
Engstrom, Andrew25A283130
Eppinger, Charlotte24B71717
Eppinger, Clara24B91717
Eppinger, Frederick24B101717
Eppinger, John24B61717
Eppinger, Paulina24B81717
Estes, Ama33A121919
Estes, Hardin W.33A91919
Estes, Paulina33A101919
Estes, Rosa33A111919
Eu, Ah6B233524
Eu, Ah19B42828
Eustace, Joseph30B742
Evans, Joseph D.9A1666
Evoe, Joseph23A1122114
Exel, John11A2076

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Last Updated on 20 June 2006
By Dale Givens