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Oregon Federal Census Index 1930
Baker County Series T626
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
Stoddard, AnnaBaker Ward 241439
Stoddard, Anna L.Baker Ward 241448
Stoddard, CarrieBaker Ward 35763
Stoddard, CeliaBaker Ward 241440
Stoddard, Claiae*Baker Ward 351189
Stoddard, Dasie L.Huntington31261
Stoddard, DavidBaker Ward 351185
Stoddard, David I.Baker Ward 351183
Stoddard, Elmer I.Baker Ward 13566
Stoddard, Elmer M.Baker Ward 13568
Stoddard, ErnestBaker Ward 1389
Stoddard, FlorenceBaker Ward 13567
Stoddard, GordenBaker Ward 241441
Stoddard, GordonHuntington31259
Stoddard, Isabelle A.Baker Ward 24880
Stoddard, JeanBaker Ward 351188
Stoddard, JosephBaker Ward 35126
Stoddard, KathrynBaker Ward 351210
Stoddard, Leon B.Baker Ward 241438
Stoddard, LoisHuntington31262
Stoddard, MargaretBaker Ward 35127
Stoddard, MaryBaker Ward 351184
Stoddard, Mary EllenBaker Ward 351186
Stoddard, MerrillBaker Ward 35129
Stoddard, Miles L.Baker Ward 241449
Stoddard, NormaBaker Ward 35128
Stoddard, OrmaBaker Ward 241447
Stoddard, PamelaBaker Ward 24881
Stoddard, ParleyBaker Ward 241446
Stoddard, RichardBaker Ward 351187
Stoddard, RayHuntington31260
Stoddard, Roy A.Baker Ward 24879
Stoddard, RuthBaker Ward 13569
Stoddard, WillardBaker Ward 35762
Stoddard, ZonaBaker Ward 13810
Stofflbeam, EdwardClifford15128
Stofft, HildaBaker Ward 24433
Stofft, HuldaBaker Ward 24432
Stofft, Paul W.Baker Ward 57184
Stofft, Ruth M.Baker Ward 57183
Stofft, William H.Baker Ward 57182
Stohr*, WinnefredBaker Ward 46150
Stoker GeorgeBaker Ward 46790
Stoker, Harry D.Baker Ward 46792
Stoker, MinnaBaker Ward 46791
Stokes, JuliaBaker Ward 46495
Stokke, Florence P.Baker Ward 24644
Stokke, Geraldine P.Baker Ward 24645
Stokke, Gilbert C.Baker Ward 24643
Stoll, FredBaker Ward 351615
Stoll, Fred M.Baker Ward 351616
Stone, Alton E.Baker Ward 13943
Stone, BeverlyBaker Ward 351294
Stone, GraceSumpter4418
Stone, JaunitaBaker Ward 351293
Stone, KeithDepot8880
Stone, LloydSumpter4417
Stone, MaryoneBaker Ward 241266
Stone, PaulBaker Ward 351292
Stone, RoliandBaker Ward 241265
Stoneman, Evan C.Baker Ward 241088
Stoppelcamp, GustaDepot8275
Stoppelcamp, JohnDepot8274
Stoppelcamp, MargaretDepot8276
Storie, Edgar A.Weatherby47113
Storie, Harry S.Weatherby47114
Storie, Iva M.Weatherby47112
Storie, SidneyWeatherby47111
Storybach, Lloyd E.Baker Ward 24794
Stout, John L.Baker Ward 576100
Stout, Lance L.Baker Ward 57698
Stout, Mattie A.Baker Ward 57699
Stout, Robert F.Iron Dyke32232
Stover, BessieBaker Ward 24184
Stover, DorothyBaker Ward 24185
Stoves, Nancy B.Rye Valley4119
Stowell, Dotie J.Depot8460
Stowell, MarieDepot8459
Stowell, RolandDepot8458
Straight, Ella F.Baker Ward 57836
Strang, C. HerbertSparta42215
Strang, Ellen F.Sparta42179
Strang, Emma M.Sparta421100
Strang, F. MarieSparta42178
Strang, Fred L.Sparta42199
Strang, Inez G.Sparta42216
Strang, Leone F.Sparta42217
Strang, Leroy E.Sparta42180
Strang, Olive M.Sparta42218
Strang, Norma JuneSparta42219
Strang, RobertBaker Ward 131043
Strang, W. EdmanSparta42177
Strang, Y. IreneSparta42181
Stratford, Betty L.Baker Ward 24382
Stratford, Gordan J.Baker Ward 24381
Stratford, Howard J.Baker Ward 24377
Stratford, John H.Baker Ward 24380
Stratford, Lucile A.Baker Ward 24378
Stratford, MarjorieBaker Ward 24379
Strayer, Donna N.Baker Ward 35994
Strayer, ManleyBaker Ward 35995
Strayer, NadieBaker Ward 351675
Strayer, W. H.Baker Ward 35993
Stream, BettyDepot8358
Stream, Earl E.Depot8357
Street, Clarice E.Wingville48283
Street, Robert K.Wingville48282
Street, Robert K. Jr.Wingville48284
Strickland, Alexander J.Iron Dyke32193
Strickland, Basil A.Iron Dyke32196
Strickland, Delore M.Iron Dyke32184
Strickland, Eli C.Iron Dyke32181
Strickland, Elizabeth A.Iron Dyke32182
Strickland, GeorgiaIron Dyke32195
Strickland, James H.Bed Rock11256
Strickland, LauraIron Dyke32194
Strickland, Leland T.Bed Rock11259
Strickland, Leland T.Iron Dyke32183
Strickland, Louise E.Bed Rock11257
Strickland, Mary M.Iron Dyke32197
Stridley, Arthur E.Baker County10249
Stringer, George E.South Baker9533
Stringer, HazelSouth Baker9534
Strong, BarbaraDepot8887
Strong, DorisDepot8888
Strong, EllisDepot8883
Strong, JamesDepot8881
Strong, James W.Baker Ward 5766
Strong, Katherine Z.Baker Ward 5767
Strong, LeeDepot8885
Strong, MaudeDepot8882
Strong, PhilipDepot8886
Strong, VioletDepot8884
Strosak, CharlesBaker Ward 351667
Stuart, Edward C.Pine #237569
Stuart, Gladys M.Pine #237570
Stuber, AugustAlder1198
Stuber, EmilyBaker County10484
Stuber, MattAlder1197
Stuchell, Edna B.Baker Ward 24913
Stuchell, John W.Baker Ward 24912
Stuchell, MildredBaker Ward 24914
Stuck, FosterBaker Ward 2425
Stuck, VeraBaker Ward 2424
Stuchill, RobertBaker Ward 351436
Stull, BlaineDurkee21286
Stull, CliffordDurkee21285
Stull, Graff J.Durkee21282
Stull, InezDurkee21289
Stull, IolaDurkee21284
Stull, JessieDurkee21283
Stull, MackDurkee21287
Stull, RossDurkee21288
Stultz, Josephine H.Baker County10188
Stultz, Lance A.Baker County10187
Stultz, MyrtleBaker Ward 46815
Stultz, Rena P.Baker County10749
Stultz, RobertBaker Ward 46814
Stultz, Ron W.Baker County10747
Stultz, SecilBaker Ward 46816
Stultz, Velda P.Baker County10748
Stultz, WilliamBaker Ward 46813
Sturald, LouisBaker Ward 351273
Sturdavant, BarbraDurkee21195
Sturdavant, HarryDurkee21193
Sturdavant, MamieDurkee21194
Sturdavant, WayneDurkee21196
Sturgeon, Ethan T.Sumpter - Sumpter City43128
Sturgill, AdelineBaker Ward 13552
Sturgill, Albert D.Bed Rock11464
Sturgill, Barbara A.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22131
Sturgill, BentonWingville48258
Sturgill, Cecile E.Pocahontas38188
Sturgill, Cecil R.Baker Ward 13546
Sturgill, CecilleBaker Ward 13548
Sturgill, Elenor B.Pocahontas38190
Sturgill, Esaie E.Pocahontas38187
Sturgill, FrancesBaker Ward 13550
Sturgill, Frank H.Pine #136587
Sturgill, FredDepot81228
Sturgill, George B.Pocahontas38189
Sturgill, JessieBaker Ward 13547
Sturgill, Joel C.Baker Ward 13149
Sturgill, Johnathon J.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22130
Sturgill, KateDepot81229
Sturgill, KennethBaker Ward 13551
Sturgill, Leslie E.Pine #136589
Sturgill, LettieBaker Ward 13549
Sturgill, Lydia A.Baker Ward 5745
Sturgill, Madison W.Baker Ward 5743
Sturgill, Margaret L.Baker Ward 13151
Sturgill, Mintie E.Baker Ward 13150
Sturgill, Ola A.Pine #136588
Sturgill, Ressie M.Baker Ward 5744
Sturgill, RichmondRock Creek40591
Sturgill, Rose L.Bed Rock11148
Sturgill, Rufus T.Pocahontas38186
Sturgill, Steven D.Bed Rock11147
Sturm, EdDepot81230
Sturm, HarveyDepot81232
Sturm, MayDepot81231
Sturns, CarolineBaker Ward 13782
Sturns, David N.Baker Ward 13781
Suitter, DaisyAlder1255
Suitter, EarlAlder1257
Suitter, HomerAlder1254
Suitter, LyleAlder1256
Sullivan, AlbertDepot8362
Sullivan, Albert P.Hereford29233
Sullivan, ArloineDepot8398
Sullivan, DonaldHereford29231
Sullivan, DuwayneHereford29232
Sullivan, E. DaltonEagle Valley #123335
Sullivan, EdwardBaker Ward 13941
Sullivan, EdwardHereford29229
Sullivan, EugeneEagle Valley #123336
Sullivan, FernDepot8397
Sullivan, Forest H.Bed Rock11237
Sullivan, HazelDepot8368
Sullivan, Irene E.Eagle Valley #224144
Sullivan, James A.Hereford29234
Sullivan, Jasper H.Depot8359
Sullivan, J. BernardEagle Valley #123411
Sullivan, J. L.Baker Ward 35136
Sullivan, JuanitaAudrey2142
Sullivan, KathrynDepot8369
Sullivan, Lawrence J.Baker Ward 35138
Sullivan, LeotaBed Rock11243
Sullivan, L. EthelEagle Valley #123410
Sullivan, LulaDepot8363
Sullivan, MacyAudrey2144
Sullivan, MaggieBaker Ward 35137
Sullivan, Marie K.Audrey2141
Sullivan, MedlayDepot8361
Sullivan, MikeBaker Ward 24288
Sullivan, Morris K.Audrey2140
Sullivan, MyrtleHereford29230
Sullivan, Nellie E.Baker Ward 24289
Sullivan, Oslow*Depot8360
Sullivan, PatDepot8372
Sullivan, P. DonaldEagle Valley #123333
Sullivan, PhillipAlder1194
Sullivan, R. EvaEagle Valley #123334
Sullivan, StewartDepot8370
Sullivan, ThomasBaker Ward 241527
Sullivan, Wilbur L.Eagle Valley #224143
Sullivan, WillardBaker County10293
Sullivan, WilliamDepot8371
Sullivan, William H.Bed Rock11459
Sullivan, WilmaAudrey2143
Summers, Charles S.Pine #237466
Summers, Daniel D.Pine #237470
Summers, Elbert S.Pine #237469
Summers, Estella D.Pine #237249
Summers, Orson W.Pine #237248
Summers, Rodney E.Pine #237468
Summers, Ruby E.Pine #237467
Sunder, Arthur M.Depot8435
Sunder, Henry M.Depot8432
Sunder, KateDepot8433
Sunder, RuthDepot8434
Sunyslone*, FredHuntington - Huntington Town30461
Sunyslone*, Grace E.Huntington - Huntington Town30462
Surbeck, AnnaBaker Ward 351386
Surbeck, HermanBaker Ward 351385
Surbeck, MarxBaker Ward 351387
Sutherland, Carrie R.Baker Ward 351192
Sutherland, FlorenceAlder137
Sutherland, Frank H.Baker Ward 351191
Sutherland, IsophineAlder1245
Sutherland, JesseAlder136
Sutherland, Ruth C.Baker Ward 57627
Sutherland, Ruth M.Baker Ward 57629
Sutherland, Thomas J.Baker Ward 57626
Sutherland, Thomas Jr.Baker Ward 57628
Sutherland, WilliamAlder1244
Suttles, IrisBaker Ward 351437
Sutton, Bina*Depot8749
Sutton, Daniel H.Depot8748
Sutton, DessimaDepot8751
Sutton, DorothyDepot8754
Sutton, ErmajeanDepot8752
Sutton, JaunitaDepot8755
Sutton, TheodorDepot8753
Sutton, VelvaDepot8750
Swaggart, A. DottieRobinette39126
Swaggart, R. DonaldRobinette39127
Swagger, Alfred D.Baker Ward 351468
Swagger, AnnieBaker Ward 351469
Swagger, DallasBaker Ward 351472
Swagger, FloraBaker Ward 351470
Swagger, MalcomBaker Ward 351471
Swaggert, John M.Pocahontas38129
Swaggart, L. EllsworthEagle Valley #123562
Swaggert, Sarah E.Pocahontas38130
Swan, Charlie L.Haines2844
Swan, Emma A.Baker Ward 46156
Swan, Eva M.Baker Ward 241065
Swan, M. E.Baker Ward 46155
Swan, Marcus P.Baker Ward 46158
Swank*, Francis A.Baker Ward 46393
Swank*, I. R.Baker Ward 46392
Swanson, AliceBaker Ward 35460
Swanson, CarlPine #136332
Swanson, EricBaker Ward 35459
Swanson, WendellBaker Ward 35461
Swartz, EulaliaBaker Ward 13892
Swearinges, ElsieSumpter4416
Swearinges, JamesSumpter4415
Swearins, RossDepot8919
Swift, A. V.Big Creek12254
Swift, Charlotte A.Baker County10263
Swift, John V.Baker County10264
Swift, Kennith L.Baker County10262
Swift, Lon L.Baker County10260
Swift, ViolaBig Creek12255
Swinger, CharlesBaker Ward 35129
Swinger, Harry C.Baker County10490
Swinger, MargaretBaker Ward 35130
Swinger, Marvin F.Baker County10488
Swinger, ZaydaBaker County10489
Swisher, CharlesConnor Creek18176
Swisher, HazelConnor Creek18175
Swisher, HeymanConnor Creek18174
Swisher, RaymondConnor Creek18177
Sword, AnnaDepot81021
Sword, Anna V.Depot81022
Sword, DanielDepot81029
Sword, DernardDepot81031
Sword, EdDepot81020
Sword, EllidaDepot81030
Sword, JosephDepot81032
Sword, WalterDepot81023
Sykes, Beryl E.Pine35369
Sykes, BethePine35373
Sykes, DerrallPine35372
Sykes, EthelPine35370
Sykes, LauraPine35371
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