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Oregon Federal Census Index 1930
Baker County Series T626
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
Spence, AlvaRock Creek40556
Spence, CalellaRock Creek40197
Spence, CecileRock Creek4022
Spence, DonnellRock Creek40199
Spence, Elwood H.Bed Rock11448
Spence, Fred V.Rock Creek40195
Spence, GillyRock Creek40557
Spence, Grace E.Bed Rock11447
Spence, Harry E.Bed Rock11446
Spence, JohnHaines28292
Spence, Margery J.Bed Rock11449
Spence, Marjorie J.Baker Ward 57813
Spence, MarvinRock Creek401100
Spence, MelvinaRock Creek40196
Spence, MeredithRock Creek4021
Spence, Owen E.Bed Rock11450
Spence, Paul W.Bed Rock11451
Spence, ThomasHaines28291
Spence, VirgilRock Creek40198
Spencer, AlmaDepot8945
Spencer, AudreyDepot8943
Spencer, Benjamin A.South Baker9288
Spencer, DorisDepot8942
Spencer, Esther M.South Baker9190
Spencer, LeslieDepot8947
Spencer, LesterDepot8941
Spencer, LillianDepot8944
Spencer, Louise C.South Baker9291
Spencer, Luella R.South Baker9292
Spencer, MargerettaBaker Ward 24146
Spencer, MaryBaker Ward 13632
Spencer, Morris D.South Baker9191
Spencer, Morris L.South Baker9189
Spencer, Nora A.South Baker9289
Spencer, RoyBaker Ward 241013
Spencer, RozinaDepot8939
Spencer, TomBaker Ward 241488
Spencer, Virginia L.South Baker9290
Spencer, WarrenDepot8940
Spencer, WilliamDepot8938
Spencer, William Jr.Depot8946
Speroplus, John N.Iron Dyke32241
Speros, DemitroBaker Ward 24674
Speros, James T.Baker Ward 24675
Speros, Thomas G.Baker Ward 24673
Spillman, CharlieRock Creek40558
Spiropilis, AleneDurkee21365
Spiropilis, AngelineDurkee21362
Spiropilis, CatherineDurkee21363
Spiropilis, ClaraDurkee21361
Spiropilis, GeorgeDurkee21360
Spiropilis, MaryDurkee21364
Spivey, Aurilla D.Baker Ward 57624
Spivey, BlancheSouth Baker9444
Spivey, ClaudeSouth Baker9441
Spivey, ClydeSouth Baker9447
Spivey, EarlSouth Baker9442
Spivey, EdnaSouth Baker9443
Spivey, HazelSouth Baker9446
Spivey, HenriettaBaker Ward 57625
Spivey, J. A.South Baker9345
Spivey, John H.Baker Ward 57623
Spivey, L. A.South Baker9439
Spivey, LoreneSouth Baker9347
Spivey, MarySouth Baker9346
Spivey, OrasSouth Baker9440
Spivey, RoySouth Baker9445
Sporup, Edna F.Baker Ward 57211
Sporup, Emery R.Baker Ward 57212
Sporup, Ethel M.Baker Ward 57210
Spriet, FrankBaker Ward 35353
Spriet, IvoPocahontas38297
Spriet, Marcial H.Pocahontas382100
Spriet, OlidaPocahontas38298
Spriet, Odiel A.Pocahontas3831
Spriet, WillieBaker Ward 35354
Spriet, WilliePocahontas38299
Springer, George W.Baker County10649
Springer, MarvinBaker County10648
Springer, Nelson L.Baker County10650
Srack, CarlDepot8965
Srack, DorothyDepot8966
Srack, ElsieDepot8963
Srack, EmilyDepot81136
Srack, FrankDepot8962
Srack, GeorgeDepot81137
Srack, JaunitaDepot81280
Srack, JohnDepot81135
Srack, JohnDepot81219
Srack, LaurenceDepot8964
Srack, LeeDepot81278
Srack, MinnieDepot81279
Staats, Larson B.Huntington - Huntington Town30499
Staats, NoraHuntington - Huntington Town30497
Staats, Robert B.Huntington - Huntington Town30498
Stace, E. LelaEagle Valley #123475
Stace, E. PatriciaEagle Valley #123476
Stace, E. WilliamEagle Valley #123528
Stace, F. WalterEagle Valley #123474
Stace, JackEagle Valley #123531
Stace, J. PhoebeEagle Valley #123529
Stace, W. OscarEagle Valley #123530
Stacey, A. M.Baker Ward 46932
Stacey, E. EvaEagle Valley #123312
Stacey, F. LeroyEagle Valley #123481
Stacey, GraceDepot8913
Stacey, JamesBaker Ward 46934
Stacey, LettieBaker Ward 46933
Stacey, OrlandBaker Ward 46935
Stacey, Rance S.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22255
Stack, Helen M.Baker Ward 4646
Stadman, Alexander J.Baker County10236
Stadman, AnnaBaker Ward 46376
Stadman, Basil C.Baker County10237
Stadman, CletaMcEwen34277
Stadman, Dirk H.McEwen34275
Stadman, MaymeMcEwen34276
Stadman, MildredMcEwen34278
Stadman, Noreen M.Baker County10238
Stafford, MaryBaker Ward 241333
Stafford, RalphBaker Ward 241337
Staggs, Bernice A.Bed Rock11167
Staggs, Florence L.Bed Rock11168
Staggs, Ira D.Bed Rock11166
Staight, GertrudeBaker Ward 13363
Staight, Milton E.Baker Ward 13362
Staight, Paul E.Baker Ward 13364
Stalker, Linnie E.Pine35247
Stalker, Matilda K.Pine35443
Stalker, MiriamPine35444
Stalker, Warren W.Pine35442
Stalter, Jack A.Baker Ward 241193
Stancier, A. RoseEagle Valley #12356
Stancier, E. WallaceEagle Valley #12357
Stancier, G. LorenEagle Valley #12358
Stancier, J. ElisEagle Valley #12355
Standerfer, Alfred A.Rye Valley41145
Stanley, CorannyRock Creek40425
Stanley, DonaldBaker Ward 46645
Stanley, Edna L.Rock Creek40424
Stanley, FrancesBaker Ward 35161
Stanley, Lee C.Rock Creek40422
Stanley, LethabellaRock Creek40427
Stanley, MartinDepot81227
Stanley, Nellie M.Rock Creek40423
Stanley, RobertBaker Ward 46644
Stanley, ThomasAlder1293
Stanley, ViolaBaker Ward 46642
Stanley, Wilma W.Rock Creek40426
Stanton, AudryBaker Ward 46619
Stanton, PearlBaker Ward 46617
Stanton, PhyllisBaker Ward 46618
Stanton, SeawellBaker Ward 46616
Staples, E. H.Baker Ward 46740
Staples, Myrl V.Baker Ward 46741
Starbird, AddaBaker Ward 241149
Starke, EvaPine #237341
Starke, Henry W.Pine #237340
Starke, Henry W.Pine #237342
Starle, DorothyBaker Ward 241419
Starle, EugeneBaker Ward 241417
Starle, HelenBaker Ward 241418
Starle, MargdetBaker Ward 241420
Starle, MarieBaker Ward 241416
Starle, RoxyBaker Ward 241415
Starmer, Andrew J.Baker Ward 13797
Starmer, Minnie R.Baker Ward 13798
Starr, Ealnor L.Bed Rock11235
Starr, HattieBed Rock11285
Starr, LillianBed Rock11233
Starr, Robert A.Bed Rock11234
Starr, RoyBed Rock11284
Stast, Catherine A.Baker Ward 35632
Stast, JennieBaker Ward 35631
Stast, Sampson Jr.Baker Ward 35633
Stast, Sampson S.Baker Ward 35630
Stauf, BertDepot8493
Stauf, DorothyDepot8492
Stauf, EmmaDepot8490
Stauf, EugeneDepot8489
Stauf, EugeneDepot8494
Stauf, HenryDepot8491
Stauf, MyrtleDepot8495
Steel, David J.Baker County10294
Steel, David J.Baker County10296
Steel, Ella M.Durkee21110
Steel, Frank B.Durkee2119
Steel, Stella C.Baker County10295
Steele, Aliah I.Pine #237520
Steele, Alma E.Pine #237516
Steele, BellePine35172
Steele, Ben R.Pine #237522
Steele, Ebb H.Pine #237526
Steele, Ethel M.Pine3524
Steele, Ethel M.Pine #237528
Steele, Gene D.Pine #237518
Steele, George D.Pine #237521
Steele, George T.Pine #237515
Steele, JamesHuntington31184
Steele, Jaunita P.Pine #237519
Steele, JosephHuntington31182
Steele, Katie M.Pine #237527
Steele, Laddie O.Pine #237524
Steele, MarionHuntington31185
Steele, Mary B.Huntington31186
Steele, May E.Pine #237523
Steele, NellieHuntington31183
Steele, Robert G.Pine #237525
Steele, Robert Y.Haines - Haines Town27253
Steelman, G. ErraEagle Valley #123356
Steelman, H. DorothyEagle Valley #123359
Steelman, J. AlasicEagle Valley #123357
Steelman, J. ConradEagle Valley #123355
Steelman, M. LouiseEagle Valley #123358
Steerns, DallasMcEwen34296
Steiger, AvaBaker Ward 13490
Steiger, Cleo P.Baker Ward 1368
Steiger, EmilBaker Ward 57528
Steiger, JosephineBaker Ward 57529
Steiger, PaulBaker Ward 13491
Steiger, Ruth E.Baker Ward 13489
Steiger, WalterBaker Ward 13488
Steinka, Adolph D.Baker Ward 24112
Steinka, Amy F.Baker Ward 24113
Stenberg, AnnaDepot8826
Stenberg, EdwardDepot8827
Stephen, HenryDepot81175
Stephens, AlmaBaker County10564
Stephens, Beatrice M.Baker County10655
Stephens, Bernard F.Baker County10568
Stephens, BeulahBaker Ward 131011
Stephens, Charles H.Baker County10651
Stephens, Charles O.Baker County10653
Stephens, DorisHuntington31175
Stephens, EffieHuntington31172
Stephens, EmmaBaker County10565
Stephens, GarlandBaker County10567
Stephens, Harold J.Baker County10566
Stephens, Harold J.Pocahontas38152
Stephens, John H.Baker County10563
Stephens, John J.Huntington31171
Stephens, John J. Jr.Huntington31174
Stephens, Lorna L.Baker County10569
Stephens, Monroe W.Baker County10654
Stephens, ThelmaHuntington31173
Stephens, Vivian S.Baker County10656
Stephens, WilliamHuntington31176
Stephens, Zella V.Baker County10652
Stephenson, CliffordRye Valley41180
Stephenson, ElizabethBaker Ward 46486
Stephenson, Sara J.Rye Valley41181
Stephenson, VeritasBaker Ward 35490
Stephenson, ZoeBaker Ward 35489
Sterling, Charles W.Depot81019
Sterling, ChesterDepot81017
Sterling, RuthDepot81018
Stern, Oliver C.Baker Ward 13564
Stern, Stadie E.Baker Ward 13565
Sterner, Frank C.Baker Ward 2459
Sterns, A. B.Baker Ward 35514
Sterns, JohnBaker Ward 35516
Sterns, MargaretBaker Ward 35515
Sterns, MargarieBaker Ward 35517
Steuder, AnnaBaker Ward 24498
Stevens, Charles P.Baker Ward 35171
Stevens, Harry J.Bed Rock11238
Stevens, JaneBed Rock11246
Stevens, Laura M.Baker Ward 35172
Stevens, Stella D.Bed Rock11239
Stevens, Stella S.Huntington31278
Stevens, William L.Huntington31279
Stevenson, Bettie J.Baker Ward 24761
Stevenson, CliffordBaker Ward 351035
Stevenson, JamesBaker Ward 57774
Stevenson, MabelBaker Ward 351036
Stevenson, Minerva J.Baker Ward 57775
Steward, A. GuyEagle Valley #123661
Steward, A. OrisEagle Valley #123664
Steward, B. BonnieEagle Valley #123665
Steward, E. DelsieEagle Valley #123662
Steward, E. GuyEagle Valley #123666
Steward, E. LoisEagle Valley #123663
Steward, EvaBaker Ward 13680
Steward, FrankBaker Ward 35950
Steward, K. CleoraEagle Valley #123667
Steward, MillieBaker Ward 35951
Steward, William A.Baker Ward 13679
Stewart, Bobby S.Baker Ward 35835
Stewart, Edith I.Baker County10553
Stewart, Edna M.Haines28273
Stewart, EileenDepot81063
Stewart, EvaDepot81062
Stewart, EvelynDurkee21180
Stewart, GaleDepot81064
Stewart, Gordon R.Haines28275
Stewart, HenryHaines2828
Stewart, JamesBaker Ward 13944
Stewart, JeanDepot81066
Stewart, Lee R.Baker County10552
Stewart, Maude L.Baker Ward 57461
Stewart, Marian E.Baker Ward 35834
Stewart, Marion R.Baker County10554
Stewart, Marjorie R.Baker Ward 35836
Stewart, Marjory M.Haines28276
Stewart, Mary E.Haines2829
Stewart, MaymeBaker Ward 35833
Stewart, NeilDepot81065
Stewart, N. H.Baker Ward 35832
Stewart, RoyHaines28272
Stewart, Ruth E.Pocahontas38176
Stewart, Vernon E.Haines28274
Stewart, William W.Depot81061
Stewart*, DuaneHuntington - Huntington Town30399
Stewart*, EldaHuntington - Huntington Town30396
Stewart*, Thresa*Huntington - Huntington Town30398
Stewart*, VirgilHuntington - Huntington Town30397
Stewbenger, WilliamBridgeport13123
Stickney, Dorothy I.Pine #136423
Stickney, ElvaPine35347
Stickney, Henry N.Iron Dyke32245
Stickney, Lila M.Pine #136424
Stiffler, MaudeBaker Ward 35915
Stiffler, W. W.Baker Ward 35914
Still, HazelRock Creek40450
Still, IreneRock Creek40448
Still, M. MyrtleRock Creek40449
Still, ToneyRock Creek40447
Still, ToneyRock Creek40451
Stiltz, ColemanRock Creek40336
Stiltz, DeeHaines - Haines Town27312
Stiltz, FordRock Creek40431
Stiltz, GertrudeRock Creek40339
Stiltz, HattyRock Creek40429
Stiltz, Howard A.Haines28380
Stiltz, IreneRock Creek40337
Stiltz, JackRock Creek40430
Stiltz, MonroeRock Creek40338
Stiltz, Robert S.Haines28382
Stiltz, Stevens A.Rock Creek40428
Stiltz, VelmaHaines28381
Stites, Carrie E.Huntington - Huntington Town30550
Stites, EdwardHuntington - Huntington Town30551
Stites, LauranceHuntington - Huntington Town30549
Stites, LucileHuntington - Huntington Town30552
Stites, VivianHuntington - Huntington Town30553
Stockdale, EugeneHuntington - Huntington Town30869
Stockman, EdwardBaker Ward 351476
Stockman, GertrudeBaker Ward 351474
Stockman, LouisBaker Ward 351473
Stockman, RichardBaker Ward 351475
Stockman, RobertBaker Ward 351477
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