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Oregon Federal Census Index 1930
Baker County Series T626
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
Roelle, C. J.Baker Ward 241178
Roemer, Agnes G.Baker Ward 24718
Roemer, George L.Baker Ward 24717
Roger, EdwinBaker Ward 46218
Roger, HarryBaker Ward 46219
Roger, NoraBaker Ward 46217
Roger, Otis E.Baker Ward 46216
Rogers, A. HelenEagle Valley #123324
Rogers, Andy E.Baker County10135
Rogers, Andy E.Haines - Haines Town27137
Rogers, BenBaker Ward 241080
Rogers, Brady B.Pine #136545
Rogers, BruceBaker Ward 24192
Rogers, Catherine A.Baker Ward 57114
Rogers, CecilPine35282
Rogers, E. CharlesEagle Valley #123628
Rogers, Edgar C.Durkee21238
Rogers, EdnaBaker Ward 24193
Rogers, EthelBaker Ward 351269
Rogers, Felbert O.Baker Ward 351398
Rogers, F. W.Baker Ward 351266
Rogers, GeorgeBaker Ward 351268
Rogers, I. AdaEagle Valley #123323
Rogers, JessieBaker Ward 241112
Rogers, LaramiePine #136546
Rogers, Laura B.Pine35283
Rogers, L. BertEagle Valley #123322
Rogers, Lucy E.Baker Ward 241050
Rogers, MableBaker Ward 351267
Rogers, MattieBaker Ward 24190
Rogers, Paul L.Iron Dyke32191
Rogers, VioletBaker Ward 241079
Rogers, WileyBaker Ward 24191
Rogers, Wiley R.Baker Ward 57113
Rogers, W. T.Baker Ward 24189
Rohner, AddonaWingville48126
Rohner, Arlene E.Baker Ward 24697
Rohner, AugustDepot8499
Rohner, Bertha T.Wingville48119
Rohner, Charles F.Wingville48168
Rohner, Charlotte M.Wingville48169
Rohner, Donnie J.Wingville48172
Rohner, Dorris A.Wingville48171
Rohner, EmilWingville48155
Rohner, Fannie B.Wingville48173
Rohner, Fannie B.Wingville48124
Rohner, Florence M.Wingville48156
Rohner, George R.Pocahontas38193
Rohner, Gloria M.Wingville48121
Rohner, GodfreyBaker Ward 24149
Rohner, HarryHuntington - Huntington Town30170
Rohner, JacobLookout3311
Rohner, JohnWingville48123
Rohner, Kathleen J.Baker Ward 24699
Rohner, MildredHuntington - Huntington Town30171
Rohner, Mildred L.Lookout3312
Rohner, Orval H.Wingville48170
Rohner, PearlDepot84100
Rohner, Ronald R.Baker Ward 24698
Rohner, Wadean M.Wingville48120
Rohner, Walter L.Baker Ward 24696
Rohner, WilliamHuntington - Huntington Town30172
Rohner, William H.Wingville48118
Rokne, GertrudeMcEwen34249
Rokne, Peter A.McEwen34248
Rokne, Peter R.McEwen34250
Roley, Lorenzil C.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town2221
Rolfing, Elinor E.Iron Dyke32127
Rolfing, WilliamIron Dyke32126
Rollinger, MikeBridgeport1314
Rollins, Ruth M.Haines28277
Rom, FrancisIron Dyke32134
Rom, SophieBed Rock11258
Romaine, BeatriceDepot81158
Romaine, Earl D.Depot81157
Romaine, Ellen I.Wingville48274
Romaine, GarretWingville48232
Romaine, John H.Wingville48273
Romaine, Theresa I.Wingville48233
Romig, Anna M.Baker Ward 3547
Romig, BarbaraBaker Ward 35936
Romig, MableBaker Ward 35935
Romine, Audrey F.Pine #136442
Romine, Dorothy L.Pine #136438
Romine, Harry R.Pine #136443
Romine, Helen M.Pine #136440
Romine, IrenePine #136436
Romine, Johnie E.Pine #136441
Romine, M. JosephinePine #136445
Romine, NormaPine #136444
Romine, O. RussellPine #136437
Romine, Oliver E.Pine #136435
Romine, Robert S.Pine #136439
Rommageux, ArthurHuntington - Huntington Town30355
Rommageux, FrancisHuntington - Huntington Town30357
Rommageux, LaurenceHuntington - Huntington Town30358
Rommageux, LouieHuntington - Huntington Town30356
Rone, J. DoraEagle Valley #1235100
Rone, M. GraceEagle Valley #123599
Rone, R. DonaldEagle Valley #12361
Rone, R. WalterEagle Valley #123598
Roop, AdaPine #237598
Roop, George H.Pine #237593
Roop, George P.Pine #237591
Roop, Lou A.Pine #237592
Roop, MablePine #237596
Roop, Mary E.Pine #237595
Roop, MaudePine #237594
Roop, SadiePine #237597
Root, FrankBaker Ward 241076
Root, MarthaHuntington - Huntington Town30333
Root, William S.Huntington - Huntington Town30332
Rootsh*, WeltorBaker Ward 241111
Roscrans, JayBaker Ward 241095
Rose, Cora M.Unity45315
Rose, Keneth O.Unity45317
Rose, Veda S.Unity45316
Rose, Vera P.Unity45318
Rosenbaum, EarlBaker Ward 24991
Rosenbaum, EthelBaker Ward 24992
Rosenbaum, HelenBaker Ward 24993
Rosenbaum, Lloyd S.Unity45274
Rosenbaum, Rex R.Unity45275
Rosenlof, EllenHuntington - Huntington Town30650
Rosenlof, FernHuntington - Huntington Town30649
Rosenlof, HattieHuntington - Huntington Town30647
Rosenlof, TerchsiaHuntington - Huntington Town30648
Roske, August T.Baker Ward 57697
Roske, Dan A.Baker Ward 57695
Roske, Daniel A.Baker County10353
Roske, Dan O.Baker Ward 57260
Roske, Della Z.Baker Ward 57696
Roske, Marlin O.Baker Ward 57262
Roske, NedraBaker Ward 57261
Roske, Phyllis D.Baker Ward 57263
Ross, ArnoldBaker Ward 351671
Ross, GraceBaker Ward 35782
Ross, HowardBaker Ward 241263
Ross, MarthaBaker Ward 241283
Ross, Willard C.Baker Ward 35781
Rossina, BettySouth Baker9593
Rossina, MarySouth Baker9591
Rossina, Nicholas S.South Baker9590
Rossina, Wesley R.South Baker9592
Roth*, Anna M.Baker Ward 461075
Roth*, Caleb H.Baker Ward 461074
Rouce, JohnUnity4525
Rouce, MichaelUnity4524
Rouch, Flo N.Baker Ward 461027
Roundy, NellBaker Ward 24876
Rounsavell, BonnieBaker Ward 35168
Rounsavell, Joyce V.Baker Ward 35169
Rounsavell, Robert N.Baker Ward 35170
Rounsavell, Robert W.Baker Ward 35167
Rouse, DavidRock Creek40192
Rouse, JackRock Creek40245
Rouse, John T.Baker Ward 46174
Rouse, Mary I.Baker Ward 46173
Rouse, MaudeBaker Ward 4 46172
Rouse, Michael J.Baker Ward 46175
Rouse, MikeBaker Ward 46171
Rouse, PatrickRock Creek40190
Rouse, RobertRock Creek40191
Rowan, Alpha C.Baker Ward 24972
Rowan, GeorgeBaker Ward 24973
Rowan, Norman J.Baker Ward 24971
Rowe, AnnaMcEwen3414
Rowe, EldonSumpter - Sumpter City43144
Rowe, JaneSumpter - Sumpter City43143
Rowe, MargaretMcEwen3415
Rowe, Nellie E.McEwen34136
Rowe, Thomas B.McEwen3413
Rowe, William C.Sumpter - Sumpter City43142
Roy, JoeBaker Ward 351626
Rucker, ChristinaBaker Ward 13104
Ruckman, OmarDepot81257
Rudd, Andrew C.Pine #237433
Rudd, Carrie C.Pine #237434
Rudd, Dorsey G.Pine #237435
Rudd, Goldie H.Pine #237436
Ruddell, AnnaAudrey214
Ruddell, Byron A.Audrey211
Ruddell, Byron A.Audrey216
Ruddell, Clarence W.Audrey212
Ruddell, ClideAudrey213
Ruddell, EdithAudrey215
Ruddell, Lucy A.Baker Ward 57199
Ruddell, Rigdon R.Baker Ward 57198
Ruddell, Robert D.Audrey217
Ruddi, TeodoroffSparta42230
Rudolph, EarlBaker Ward 13674
Rudolph, GertrudeBaker Ward 13675
Rueff, Charles C.Pocahontas3822
Rueff, Daniel W.Pocahontas381100
Rueff, Susan H.Pocahontas3821
Ruffin, William C.Baker Ward 1365
Rukavina, JohnnieBaker Ward 13418
Rukavina, JosephineBaker Ward 13416
Rukavina, MandaBaker Ward 13417
Rukavina, MartinBaker Ward 13415
Rumley, Edna L.Pine #237237
Rumley, Elba P.Pine #237239
Rumley, Patsy C.Pine #237240
Rumley, Paul J.Pine #237236
Rumley, Roland J.Pine #237238
Rumney, InezMcEwen342100
Rumney, StuartMcEwen34299
Rundall, Bertha A.Baker Ward 24114
Runel, James L.Huntington - Huntington Town30817
Runel, WinfredHuntington - Huntington Town30818
Runyan, AnnetteBaker Ward 46215
Runyan, DennisBaker Ward 24639
Runyan, Esther A.Baker Ward 24640
Runyan, Lloyd M.Baker Ward 24641
Runyan, OrvilleMcEwen34199
Runyan, Raymond L.Baker Ward 24642
Rupel, CarolHuntington - Huntington Town30163
Rupel, CeliaHuntington - Huntington Town30159
Rupel, EugeneHuntington - Huntington Town30161
Rupel, HellenHuntington - Huntington Town30162
Rupel, MattieHuntington - Huntington Town30160
Rupel, William M.Huntington - Huntington Town30158
Rupple, Matilda D.Baker Ward 24282
Rush, JohnUnity45294
Rush, RichardUnity45173
Russell, ErmaBaker Ward 13818
Russell, HenryBed Rock11392
Russell, Marlyn J.Baker Ward 13820
Russell, Nancy G.Baker Ward 13819
Russell, NellieBaker Ward 24124
Russell, Ralph M.Baker Ward 13817
Ruth, Mary A.Wingville48285
Rutherford, DavidBaker Ward 351322
Rutherford, EthelBaker Ward 351323
Rutherford, GraceBaker Ward 351647
Rutherford, RichardBaker Ward 351324
Rutherford, RuthBaker Ward 351648
Rutter, Joseph R.Audrey2115
Ryalls, StephenDurkee21314
Ryals, EvaDurkee21320
Ryals, George R.Durkee21321
Ryan, Clara A.Baker Ward 4672
Ryan, E. J.Baker Ward 46151
Ryan, Joseph M.Unity45329
Ryan, Mary A.Baker Ward 35816
Ryan, T. B.Baker Ward 35815
Ryder, Anna M.Baker Ward 35475
Ryder, BenBaker Ward 35479
Ryder, DavidBaker Ward 35654
Ryder, EdnaBaker Ward 35474
Ryder, G. M.Baker Ward 35649
Ryder, GilmanBaker Ward 35651
Ryder, H. B.Baker Ward 35473
Ryder, JimBaker Ward 35478
Ryder, JoeBaker Ward 35477
Ryder, JohnBaker Ward 35476
Ryder, MargaretBaker Ward 35652
Ryder, MaryBaker Ward 35650
Ryder, WilliamBaker Ward 35653
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