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Oregon Federal Census Index 1930
Baker County Series T626
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
Rice, Albert J.Iron Dyke32258
Rice, Anabel E.Iron Dyke32211
Rice, Betsy M.Connor Creek18117
Rice, Glen F.Connor Creek18119
Rice, Grant L.McEwen34189
Rice, Hannah E.Iron Dyke32257
Rice, Harvey E.Iron Dyke32260
Rice, HenryConnor Creek18116
Rice, Ira F.Iron Dyke32259
Rice, James E.Connor Creek18120
Rice, James M.Iron Dyke32256
Rice, Margery J.Connor Creek18118
Rich, AlvinBaker County10147
Rich, Anna V.Baker Ward 35991
Rich, C. A.Baker Ward 35990
Rich, FannieBaker Ward 35992
Rich, Rollon L.Baker Ward 461028
Richards, AnnaBaker Ward 35279
Richards, FranklinBaker Ward 35280
Richards, JohnDepot8147
Richards, JuliannaBaker Ward 35281
Richards, KatherineDepot8148
Richards, Lola M.Baker Ward 35282
Richards, ThomasBaker Ward 35278
Richardsen, MaryBaker Ward 13610
Richardson, CathrynBaker Ward 35176
Richardson, C. RobertEagle Valley #12352
Richardson, E. BessEagle Valley #12351
Richardson, F. HenryEagle Valley #123596
Richardson, F. WallaceEagle Valley #1234100
Richardson, G. ErmaEagle Valley #12353
Richardson, G. GeorgeEagle Valley #12354
Richardson, Grant A.Baker Ward 35174
Richardson, LeoneGreenhorn - Greenhorn Town25111
Richardson, LesterSouth Baker959
Richardson, OllieBaker Ward 35175
Richardson, Simeon C.Greenhorn - Greenhorn Town25110
Rietter, John O.Baker Ward 351380
Rietter, LesterBaker Ward 351384
Rietter, LouiseBaker Ward 351382
Rietter, LulaBaker Ward 351381
Rietter, VirginiaBaker Ward 351383
Riggan, JamesMcEwen34162
Riggs, Anna V.Haines2833
Riggs, CharlesSumpter4419
Riggs, Charles V.Haines2834
Riggs, Clarence R.Haines2835
Riggs, Fred L.Haines2838
Riggs, Hazel P.Haines2832
Riggs, John J.Sumpter - Sumpter City43227
Riggs, MariaBaker Ward 241295
Riggs, Mary E.Haines2836
Riggs, Paul A.Haines2837
Riggs, Robert C.Sumpter44110
Riggs, Robert D.Haines2839
Riggs, VeviaRock Creek40124
Riley, AlfredMcEwen34237
Riley, Bill H.Baker Ward 57472
Riley, EmeretteMcEwen34235
Riley, Ethel L.Baker Ward 57473
Riley, Horace R.Baker Ward 57476
Riley, JimHuntington31237
Riley, Laura M.Baker Ward 57475
Riley, Rachel G.Baker Ward 57474
Riley, William G.McEwen34234
Riley, William H.Baker Ward 57477
Riley, WilmaMcEwen34236
Riley, ZenasMcEwen34238
Rimbey, Donald V.Haines - Haines Town27169
Rimbey, FrankDepot8714
Rimbey, GilbertDepot8715
Rimbey, JayDepot8878
Rimbey, OliveDepot8879
Rinehart, JamesBaker Ward 351682
Rinehart, RichardBig Creek12110
Ringer, EdwardBig Creek12185
Ringer, FrederickBig Creek12184
Ringer, MayBig Creek12183
Ringer, Meta J.Big Creek12182
Ringer, William F.Big Creek12181
Rioradon*, Beatrice M.Haines - Haines Town27333
Rioradon*, Dortha M.Haines - Haines Town27334
Rioradon*, Robert V.Haines - Haines Town27336
Rioradon*, William A.Haines - Haines Town27332
Rioradon*, William P.Haines - Haines Town27335
Riordan, GraceBaker Ward 46330
Riordan, JamesBaker Ward 46333
Riordan, JaneBaker Ward 46332
Riordan, Stephen J.Baker Ward 46329
Riordan, Stephen J. Jr.Baker Ward 46331
Riosdan, Dorothy M.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22121
Rippey, Henry C.Baker Ward 241222
Rippey, LottieBaker Ward 241223
Rippey, RuthBaker Ward 241224
Ritch, A. ElsieEagle Valley #123678
Ritch, A. LloydEagle Valley #123676
Ritch, Bettie N.Eagle Valley #224161
Ritch, EddEagle Valley #123674
Ritch, EdnaBaker Ward 46399
Ritch, E. IdaEagle Valley #123675
Ritch, Juanita D.Eagle Valley #224162
Ritch, Leonard E.Eagle Valley #224160
Ritch, Norma L.Eagle Valley #224159
Ritch, R. AllenEagle Valley #123677
Ritch, R. ElmerEagle Valley #224157
Ritch, Thelma L.Eagle Valley #224158
Ritch, ThomasBaker Ward 46398
Ritchie, AlferdBaker Ward 13721
Ritchie, LeslieBaker Ward 13723
Ritchie, SadieBaker Ward 13722
Ritter, Andrew J.Bed Rock11434
Ritter, Arloine L.Bed Rock11361
Ritter, Christine L.Pine #237112
Ritter, Clair C.Pine #237357
Ritter, Clair R.Pine #237111
Ritter, Della A.Bed Rock11435
Ritter, Delora M.Bed Rock11360
Ritter, Dorathea E.Pine #237482
Ritter, EllaPine #237492
Ritter, Ethel M.Pine #237481
Ritter, Florence M.Bed Rock11359
Ritter, George H.Pine #237483
Ritter, Grace L.Pine #237356
Ritter, Herold P.Pine #237480
Ritter, James D.Pine #237484
Ritter, James P.Pine #237491
Ritter, JimmiePine #237493
Ritter, Joe R.Pine #237474
Ritter, Leland J.Bed Rock11358
Ritter, MaryPine #237475
Ritter, PercyPine #237355
Rivera, MiguelDurkee21425
Rizor, BenAlder1228
Rizor, B. StellaEagle Valley #123187
Rizor, CatherinePine35398
Rizor, EdithBaker Ward 35114
Rizor, GuyAlder1230
Rizor, Guy Jr.Alder1232
Rizor, HannahAlder1229
Rizor, HelenPine35399
Rizor, JohnSouth Baker9537
Rizor, JohnEagle Valley #123186
Rizor, JuleAlder1231
Rizor, PeteSouth Baker928
Rizor, SamuelPine35397
Rizor, SarahAlder1236
Rizor, St. Elmo W.Baker Ward 46927
Roach, Alta M.Baker Ward 1378
Roach, MaryBaker Ward 1377
Roach, Ralph H.Baker Ward 24215
Roach, RoseBaker Ward 24216
Roach, ThomasWeatherby4716
Roach, Thomas Jr.Baker Ward 1376
Robb, Delia P.Baker Ward 13853
Robb, Florance V.Bed Rock11221
Robb, JamesBed Rock11215
Robb, Kenneth M.Baker Ward 13852
Robb, Lester F.Bed Rock11219
Robb, Mary R.Bed Rock11220
Robb, NettieBed Rock11216
Robb, Roberta J.Baker Ward 13854
Robb, Violet H.Bed Rock11218
Robb, Virgil G.Bed Rock11217
Robbins, BillieHuntington - Huntington Town30492
Robbins, GraceHuntington - Huntington Town30491
Robbins, Greer J.Pine #237281
Robbins, HomerHuntington - Huntington Town30490
Robbins, James C.Iron Dyke3214
Robbins, May E.Pine #237282
Robbins, Norma L.Pine #237284
Robbins, William V.Iron Dyke3213
Robbins, Zella M.Pine #237283
Robbs, Benjamin P.Baker Ward 24795
Robbs, Buck H.Baker Ward 24799
Robbs, George B.Baker Ward 247100
Robbs, MaryBaker Ward 24796
Roberts, AlphaBaker Ward 35796
Roberts, Bella B.Clifford - Whitney Town14136
Roberts, Don A.Depot8789
Roberts, FrankClifford - Whitney Town14135
Roberts, GeorgeEagle Valley #123179
Roberts, KateDepot8790
Roberts, MargaretBaker Ward 352100
Roberts, MaryHuntington3116
Roberts, M. E.Baker Ward 35795
Roberts, Walter W.Huntington3115
Roberts, W. B.Baker Ward 35299
Robertson, Anna L.Pine #237244
Robertson, BillyBaker Ward 13154
Robertson, CarlBaker Ward 24948
Robertson, CarrallBaker Ward 46875
Robertson, Daryl R.Pine #136217
Robertson, Dorothy E.Baker Ward 46874
Robertson, EdBaker Ward 351597
Robertson, Edna M.Pine #136216
Robertson, EvaBaker Ward 13153
Robertson, GeorgeBridgeport13166
Robertson, GlenPine35429
Robertson, Harry D.Pine #237243
Robertson, Harry V.Pine #237321
Robertson, IdaBaker Ward 24947
Robertson, John T.Pine #23752
Robertson, John T. Jr.Pine #23754
Robertson, Juanita R.Pine #237125
Robertson, MabelPine #23753
Robertson, Mark P.Huntington - Huntington Town30156
Robertson, PaulineBaker Ward 46873
Robertson, Pauline M.Baker Ward 46876
Robertson, Ray K.Pine #136215
Robertson, Roy M.Pine #237319
Robertson, RubyHuntington - Huntington Town30157
Robertson, Weeda E.Pine #237320
Robertson, William J.Baker Ward 13152
Robertson, W. S.Baker Ward 46872
Robinette, D. AmosRobinette3919
Robinette, D. BethelRobinette39111
Robinette, E. EvaRobinette39134
Robinette, E. JamesRobinette39133
Robinette, E. OraRobinette39110
Robinette, Lola A.Bed Rock11472
Robinette, Otto T.Bed Rock11471
Robinette, Perry J.Bed Rock11473
Robinette, R. JeanRobinette39112
Robinette, Valera L.Bed Rock11474
Robinson, AllieBaker Ward 35372
Robinson, Boyd H.Baker Ward 131069
Robinson, DellaHuntington - Huntington Town30777
Robinson, DorothyHuntington - Huntington Town30555
Robinson, Eva J.Baker Ward 131068
Robinson, Gladys G.Eagle Valley #224346
Robinson, Henry W.Pine35385
Robinson, IsabellBed Rock1119
Robinson, JamesBed Rock1117
Robinson, JohnHuntington - Huntington Town30556
Robinson, JuanitaHuntington - Huntington Town30778
Robinson, Juanita E.Eagle Valley #224348
Robinson, LuluPine35386
Robinson, O. EarlEagle Valley #224345
Robinson, PhyllisHuntington - Huntington Town30557
Robinson, Robert R.Eagle Valley #224347
Robinson, RuthPine35388
Robinson, Sam T.Pine35387
Robinson, WalterBed Rock1118
Robinson, WilburHuntington - Huntington Town30554
Robison, Amos R.Baker Ward 13170
Robison, BernerdBaker Ward 13172
Robison, CliffordBaker Ward 13173
Robison, Edna E.Baker Ward 13171
Roby, LeeDepot8410
Roby, LeNelleDepot8413
Roby, Nellie R.Depot8411
Roby, ReeseDepot8414
Roby, RubyDepot8412
Rochester, DeckerBaker Ward 241093
Rock, EdwardHuntington - Huntington Town30764
Rock, NellieHuntington - Huntington Town30765
Rodamer, AlbertBaker Ward 35929
Rodamer, MaryBaker Ward 35930
Rodinquez, DomingoDurkee21427
Rodriguez, DanielHuntington - Huntington Town30633
Rodriguez, FredHuntington - Huntington Town30632
Rodriguez, RoydHuntington - Huntington Town30634
Rodyuly, CruzAlder1192
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