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Oregon Federal Census Index 1930
Baker County Series T626
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
Racanelli, MaddlelaneDurkee21188
Racanelli, MariaDurkee21186
Racanelli, RosaDurkee21187
Racanelli, ShelzoDurkee21185
Racey, AlexanderBridgeport13151
Rad, BurleHuntington - Huntington Town30127
Rad, MargaretHuntington - Huntington Town30128
Radabough, Clara M.Depot8242
Radabough, DianeBaker Ward 46281
Radabough, Dora M.Depot8244
Radabough, Harold S.Depot8243
Radabough, Harry L.Depot8241
Radabough, MarjorieDepot8245
Radabough, RaymondBaker Ward 46280
Radabough, SelmaBaker Ward 46279
Radabough, WilliamBaker Ward 46278
Rae, George W.Greenhorn2617
Rafter, Ella M.Haines - Haines Town27210
Ragle, Austin B.Baker Ward 13388
Ragle, Austin E.Baker Ward 13385
Ragle, Betty LeeBaker Ward 13387
Ragle, IdaBaker Ward 13386
Ragsdale, DuaneBaker Ward 13219
Ragsdale, E. A.Baker Ward 13214
Ragsdale, Gordon C.Bed Rock11389
Ragsdale, MabelBaker Ward 13215
Ragsdale, NadineBed Rock11391
Ragsdale, NormanBaker Ward 13217
Ragsdale, OrvilleBaker Ward 13218
Ragsdale, Vera L.Bed Rock11390
Ragsdale, VerdellBaker Ward 13216
Rahn, Hellen M.Baker County10279
Rahn, Loyd E.Baker County10281
Ralledge, AllaHuntington - Huntington Town30181
Ralledge, BenHuntington - Huntington Town30180
Ralledge, BeryleHuntington - Huntington Town30182
Ralledge, BettieHuntington - Huntington Town30183
Ramby, ArtBaker Ward 241354
Ramsey, BlanchBaker Ward 35221
Ramsey, DellaBaker Ward 35220
Ramsey, LewisBaker Ward 35222
Ramsey, Lewis L.Baker Ward 35219
Randall, Anna C.Baker Ward 57978
Randall, Born J.Baker Ward 57977
Randall, James B.Baker Ward 57980
Randall, Lydia F.Baker Ward 57979
Ranes, JamesSouth Baker9199
Ranes, MyrtleSouth Baker9198
Raney, Walter A.Baker Ward 35105
Ranger, EstherDepot8229
Ranger, George W.Depot8228
Ranger, WilliamDepot8230
Rankin, Gene J.Weatherby47153
Rankin, Jesse M.Weatherby47151
Rankin, May I.Weatherby47152
Rankin, William NedWeatherby47154
Rapp, Fred W.Baker Ward 241529
Rapp, Fred W.Baker Ward 571127
Rapp, GottholdBaker Ward 351488
Rapp, John F.Baker Ward 571126
Rapp, John I.Baker Ward 241528
Rapp, VeronicaBaker Ward 351489
Raser, MargaretBaker Ward 35422
Rasmunsen, FrankHuntington31197
Rasmussen, SophieBaker Ward 351076
Ratkowski, Joseph C.Baker Ward 57670
Rauch, FrancesHuntington - Huntington Town30721
Rauch, JeanHuntington - Huntington Town30722
Rauch, WilliamHuntington - Huntington Town30720
Rawls, Beatrice C.Baker Ward 57975
Rawls, Kenneth L.Baker Ward 57976
Rawls, Loran B.Baker Ward 57974
Rawson, PhebeDepot8496
Ray, AndrewDepot8713
Ray, EafClifford15135
Ray, FloridaDepot81240
Ray, GladysHuntington - Huntington Town3063
Ray, GordonHuntington - Huntington Town3062
Ray, Norman L.Huntington - Huntington Town3064
Rayl, DonaldBaker Ward 46635
Rayl, J. H.Baker Ward 46633
Rayl, LloydBaker Ward 46637
Rayl, MilanBaker Ward 46636
Raymond, Bertha L.Baker Ward 461066
Raymond, Dan A.Baker Ward 461065
Raymond, DellaConnor Creek1818
Raymond, DonaldConnor Creek18110
Raymond, EllenBaker County10220
Raymond, Eva F.Huntington - Huntington Town30379
Raymond, Florence A.Huntington - Huntington Town30377
Raymond, FredConnor Creek1817
Raymond, FredHuntington - Huntington Town30376
Raymond, Fred L.Huntington - Huntington Town30378
Raymond, James W.Baker County10219
Raymond, MetuneConnor Creek18111
Rea, Ed C.Baker Ward 35785
Rea, MaudeBaker Ward 35786
Ready, Alfred T.Depot81011
Ready, Roxie B.Depot81012
Recklany, FredConnor Creek18171
Redabaugh, Ernisne M.Baker Ward 57586
Redabaugh, Louise P.Baker Ward 57587
Redabaugh, Mark D.Baker Ward 57585
Reddish, BillieBaker Ward 35999
Reddish, HerbertBaker Ward 35998
Reddish, JoyceBaker Ward 35997
Reddish, T. J.Baker Ward 35996
Reddy, Frank J.Baker Ward 351237
Reder, CharlesHuntington31223
Reder, Hana W.Huntington31222
Reder, JohnHuntington31221
Reder, Marie B.Huntington31225
Reder, Myrtle P.Huntington31224
Redhead, LolaDepot8396
Redmond, F. DonaldBaker Ward 46857
Redmond, JamesBaker Ward 46855
Redmond, Winnifred M.Baker Ward 46856
Reece, D. EverettEagle Valley #123228
Reed, A. MartinEagle Valley #123498
Reed, Charles E.Pine35278
Reed, Delmar K.Pine35118
Reed, Dora A.Audrey2128
Reed, DorothySouth Baker9553
Reed, Edith MayBed Rock11482
Reed, EstherAudrey2124
Reed, Irene C.Bed Rock11481
Reed, Iva E.Bed Rock11476
Reed, James L.Bed Rock11478
Reed, J. MaggieEagle Valley #123499
Reed, John L.Bed Rock11475
Reed, JuanitaSouth Baker9554
Reed, L. BillDepot8311
Reed, Lovetha M.Bed Rock11477
Reed, NellieDepot8535
Reed, PerryBaker Ward 57633
Reed, Raymond E.Bed Rock11479
Reed, RosieDepot8534
Reed, Ruth M.Bed Rock11480
Reed, Warren W.Audrey2123
Reed, Wilda M.Pine35279
Reed, W. R.South Baker9552
Reedes, LawranceBaker Ward 241053
Reeds, David C.Bed Rock11189
Reenes, Earl P.Greenhorn - Greenhorn Town2513
Reese, Carrie M.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22113
Reese, George W.Baker Ward 351313
Reese, Margaret V.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22114
Reese, VirgilEagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22112
Reeves, Charley C.Baker County10278
Regan, ArdesDepot873
Regan, CodyDepot874
Regan, FarrelDepot875
Regan, OrvilleDepot876
Regan, SelmaDepot872
Reid, Theresa M.Baker Ward 46230
Reider, Neal A.Baker Ward 241055
Reider, RuthBaker Ward 241056
Reike, Arthur J.Huntington31198
Reike, Etta* M.Huntington31199
Reiker, Robert A.Huntington311100
Reimers, GladysBed Rock11245
Relling, Caroline L.Baker Ward 57531
Relling, CatherineHaines28253
Relling, ErmaHaines - Haines Town27153
Relling, FrankHaines28251
Relling, JerryHaines - Haines Town27155
Relling, Laura A.Haines28252
Relling, LawerenceHaines28249
Relling, MarieHaines28250
Relling, Paul M.Baker Ward 57530
Relling, Pauline C.Baker Ward 57532
Relling, Stanley F.Haines - Haines Town27154
Remick, HelenHuntington - Huntington Town30846
Remick, HerbertHuntington - Huntington Town30845
Remington, AliceHuntington - Huntington Town30280
Rentesio, OtabianoAlder1189
Renz, AntoniaBaker Ward 46646
Renz, DonaldBaker Ward 46371
Renz, Edward R.Baker Ward 46372
Renz, FerdinandBaker Ward 46368
Renz, HerbertBaker Ward 46370
Renz, HesnianaBaker Ward 46369
Renz, MargaretBaker Ward 46373
Renz, Robert W.Baker Ward 46374
Reusz, MaxmillianDurkee21134
Rexroth, GrantPine35418
Reynolds, CatharineBaker Ward 35715
Reynolds, CecileBaker Ward 241116
Reynolds, ChesterRock Creek40452
Reynolds, DassaSouth Baker9479
Reynolds, DonaSouth Baker9476
Reynolds, DorcusSouth Baker9475
Reynolds, EdwardBaker Ward 35711
Reynolds, ElmerSouth Baker9473
Reynolds, Elmer L.South Baker9480
Reynolds, EugeneMcEwen34196
Reynolds, FrancisBaker Ward 35714
Reynolds, HowardBaker Ward 35713
Reynolds, HuldaBaker Ward 35710
Reynolds, Joe C.Baker Ward 35634
Reynolds, LarueSouth Baker9477
Reynolds, LizaBaker Ward 241262
Reynolds, LucySouth Baker9474
Reynolds, LucySouth Baker9478
Reynolds, MadieBaker Ward 13435
Reynolds, M. AltaEagle Valley #123147
Reynolds, MandaBaker Ward 35712
Reynolds, Mary E.Baker Ward 57841
Reynolds, OscarRock Creek40453
Reynolds, Willard D.Baker Ward 57840
Rhea, EmersonBaker Ward 13224
Rhea, LenaBaker Ward 13225
Rhigs*, JuniorSouth Baker9647
Rhigs*, Ralph C.South Baker9643
Rhigs*, Rose M.South Baker9646
Rhigs*, StellaSouth Baker9644
Rhigs*, ThedaSouth Baker9645
Rhigs*, WilliamSouth Baker9648
Rhodes, CharlesSparta42169
Rhodes, Charles S.Baker Ward 24352
Rhodes, Charles P.Baker Ward 24349
Rhodes, Orin W.Baker Ward 24351
Rhodes, Viona A.Baker Ward 24350
Rhoner, George W.Virtue46112
Rhule, Charles E.Baker Ward 57686
Rhymer, Andrew J.Rock Creek40139
Rhymer, BarbaraBaker Ward 351342
Rhymer, BarbaryRock Creek40145
Rhymer, BeniciaBaker Ward 35866
Rhymer, CarlosRock Creek40141
Rhymer, DwightRock Creek40142
Rhymer, ElviraRock Creek40140
Rhymer, HarroldRock Creek40143
Rhymer, NormaRock Creek40144
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