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Oregon Federal Census Index 1930
Baker County Series T626
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
MacDougall, AgnesBaker Ward 241273
MacDougall, AlexanderBaker Ward 241085
MacDougall, RubyBaker Ward 241274
MacFarlane, BethDepot8319
MacFarlane, DeloresDepot8318
MacFarlane, DorisDepot8317
MacFarlane, Flora C.Depot8316
MacFarlane, RoyDepot8315
Macintyre, Virginia V.Baker Ward 24748
Mack, Ada B.Huntington - Huntington Town30582
Mack, ClintonBaker Ward 13222
Mack, Edgar W.Huntington - Huntington Town30581
Mack, FloradinaHuntington - Huntington Town30584
Mack, HerbertHuntington - Huntington Town30366
Mack, HerbertHuntington - Huntington Town30368
Mack, JohnBaker Ward 351666
Mack, JohnHuntington - Huntington Town30369
Mack, John L.Huntington - Huntington Town30583
Mack, KatherineBaker Ward 24671
Mack, MargaretHuntington - Huntington Town30367
Mack, Marilyn M.Huntington - Huntington Town30586
Mack, Richard C.Huntington - Huntington Town30587
Mack, Robert B.Huntington - Huntington Town30588
Mack, Sidney C.Huntington - Huntington Town30585
Mack, ThomasBaker Ward 24670
Mack, TwilaBaker Ward 13223
Mackey, Frank S.Sparta42184
Mackey, Minnie H.Sparta42185
Mackintosh, JohnHuntington - Huntington Town30442
Macklin, WalterHuntington31240
Mackline, EdwardHuntington - Huntington Town30643
Mackline, KennethHuntington - Huntington Town30642
Mackline, RuthHuntington - Huntington Town30641
Mackline, Walter F.Huntington - Huntington Town30640
Maclemas, CharlesBridgeport13121
MacManiman, Mable E.Haines - Haines Town27396
MacManiman, Wyane C.Haines - Haines Town27395
Macre, BlanchHuntington - Huntington Town30381
Macre, RalphHuntington - Huntington Town30380
Macsi, FrankHuntington - Huntington Town30261
Macsi, Mary M.Huntington - Huntington Town30262
Macy, Charles F.Depot81059
Macy, Clyde C.Baker Ward 57654
Macy, ElizabethSparta4219
Macy, Elizabeth J.Baker Ward 57655
Macy, Erma C.Baker Ward 24236
Macy, Gail J.Baker Ward 24237
Macy, Gladys N.Baker Ward 57656
Macy, Ina O.Sparta42229
Macy, James A.Baker Ward 24233
Macy, JohnBaker Ward 57659
Macy, John E.Sparta42227
Macy, John EarlSparta42111
Macy, Leon I.Sparta42110
Macy, Leon A.Sparta42226
Macy, Lida E.Baker Ward 24234
Macy, MaudeDepot81060
Macy, NormaBaker Ward 57658
Macy, Pauline F.Baker Ward 57657
Macy, RobertBaker Ward 57661
Macy, V. GlennSparta42228
Macy, WilliamBaker Ward 57660
Madary, ArchieHuntington - Huntington Town30418
Maddern, Sophie C.Pine #136632
Maddern, Thomas R.Pine #136633
Maden, Alpheus E.Pocahontas38225
Madison, GeorgeUnity45262
Mae, GregorBaker Ward 241192
Maeyere, Arch C.Baker Ward 13611
Mageen*, GeorgeBaker Ward 241315
Magill, AlexPine35277
Magill, JohnPine #237447
Magilt, ChesterBed Rock11467
Magilt, DoraBed Rock11468
Magilt, LyleBed Rock11469
Mahan, LutherBaker Ward 57393
Mahan, MamieBaker Ward 57394
Mahon, MaudMcEwen34197
Mainwaring, BernardBaker Ward 35440
Makin, FredBaker Ward 241421
Makin, MollieBaker Ward 241422
Makinson, Carolyn D.Pine #23769
Makinson, Cecil L.Pine #136581
Makinson, CharlesPine3521
Makinson, Charles A.Pine #136596
Makinson, Cloyd B.Pine #237415
Makinson, David W.Pine3523
Makinson, Don E.Pine #237159
Makinson, FredPine #237156
Makinson, GlennabellePine #13661
Makinson, James L.Pine #237572
Makinson, JohnPine #136599
Makinson, JosephPine #1365100
Makinson, Irene N.Pine #136582
Makinson, Leila E.Pine #237161
Makinson, Leta L.Pine #237416
Makinson, Lillie M.Pine #237413
Makinson, Marjorie P.Pine #237571
Makinson, Mary E.Pine3522
Makinson, Minnie M.Pine #237160
Makinson, NornaPine #237417
Makinson, OkiePine #237157
Makinson, Ralph L.Pine #23768
Makinson, RichardPine #136598
Makinson, Sophia M.Pine #136597
Makinson, Thornton O.Pine #237414
Makinson, Virgil F.Pine #237158
Makinson, Warren E.Pine #237412
Makschurske, JackHuntington - Huntington Town30872
Maley, Chester M.Pine #136176
Maley, GenevievePine #136177
Malins, FrancescaConnor Creek18159
Malone, A. AlfredEagle Valley #123376
Malone, A. AliceEagle Valley #123377
Malone, A. SallyEagle Valley #123375
Malone, Arthur M.Eagle Valley #123374
Malone, CoraBaker Ward 351249
Malone, Rebecca A.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22143
Malone, WilliamPine #237463
Manary, Bonnie C.Pocahontas38210
Manary, Cleora E.Pocahontas3827
Manary, Joseph W.Pocahontas3823
Manary, Lillian I.Pocahontas3828
Manary, Miles L.Pocahontas3826
Manary, Myrtle H.Pocahontas3824
Manary, Nora E.Baker Ward 46475
Manary, Roger F.Pocahontas3829
Manary, UrbanPocahontas38133
Manary, Vernon C.Pocahontas3825
Manch, MarthaWingville48157
Manela, Nelson T.Baker Ward 35429
Manela, RozellaBaker Ward 35430
Manges, JamesHuntington31358
Manghan, WilburBaker Ward 241138
Mann, CatharineBaker Ward 3579
Mann, EdwardDepot8617
Mann, EllenBaker Ward 35628
Mann, FrancisDepot8618
Mann, LeathaDepot8620
Mann, WilliamDepot8619
Manney, NellieBaker Ward 351561
Manney, Pat F.Baker Ward 351560
Manson, Henry A.Rock Creek40228
Manx, ElsworthBaker County10167
Marchand, Joseph N.Baker Ward 57137
Marchand, Louise A.Baker Ward 57140
Marchand, LuDell A.Baker Ward 57139
Marchand, Mae L.Baker Ward 57138
Marcusen, Joseph C.Iron Dyke32233
Markle, AmeliaRock Creek40438
Markle, CaptianRock Creek40437
Markle, DenverRock Creek40443
Markle, GeanRock Creek40445
Markle, JaneRock Creek40444
Markle, NitaRock Creek40446
Markle, RalphRock Creek40440
Markle, RichardRock Creek40439
Markle, VirginiaRock Creek40442
Markle, VivianRock Creek40441
Marks, Charles E.Sparta42168
Marlin, JennieBaker Ward 24325
Marlin, T. B.Baker Ward 24324
Marr, E. MaryEagle Valley #123321
Marrow, C. L.Baker Ward 46396
Marrow, C. W.Baker Ward 46394
Marrow, JuliaBaker Ward 46395
Marsala, JoeDurkee21411
Marsh, Arlene F.Baker Ward 35121
Marsh, Edna M.Baker Ward 35118
Marsh, HaroldHuntington31266
Marsh, Harold L.Baker Ward 35117
Marsh, Helen L.Baker Ward 35119
Marsh, KathleenBaker Ward 35122
Marsh, Robert H.Baker Ward 35120
Marshall, Doris*Baker Ward 35159
Marshall, EdithBaker Ward 35157
Marshall, EdnaDepot8594
Marshall, GeorgeDepot8592
Marshall, George H.Depot8595
Marshall, George W.Baker Ward 46310
Marshall, GertrudeDepot8593
Marshall, HarryBaker Ward 351596
Marshall, Harry C.Baker Ward 1354
Marshall, MargaretBaker Ward 35158
Marshall, MaryDepot8596
Marshall, Mary J.Baker Ward 46311
Marshall, Thomas G.Baker Ward 46312
Marshall, WilliamBaker Ward 35160
Marshall, ZachariasBaker Ward 35156
Marshallsoy, Addie L.Pine35281
Marshallsoy, Alex E.Pine35280
Marsterson*, Dan E.Baker Ward 241087
Martin, Alice L.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22138
Martin, Annaues L.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22136
Martin, ArgieHuntington - Huntington Town30275
Martin, Argie W.Huntington - Huntington Town30278
Martin, Betty J.Baker Ward 13843
Martin, Claude G.Pine #237198
Martin, Donald D.Pine #237199
Martin, EdithBaker Ward 13837
Martin, Edith M.Alder1164
Martin, Ellen D.Huntington - Huntington Town30279
Martin, Elsie E.Pine #237197
Martin, EugeneHuntington - Huntington Town30277
Martin, FrancesBaker Ward 46888
Martin, Francis L.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22137
Martin, FrankAlder1165
Martin, Frank M.Baker Ward 351393
Martin, GeorgeBaker Ward 241311
Martin, HarlenBaker Ward 13841
Martin, Herman I.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22135
Martin, James C.Pine #237193
Martin, Jasper R.Huntington31379
Martin, Joseph H.Alder1163
Martin, Josephine M.Baker Ward 24618
Martin, Lawrence R.Baker Ward 24617
Martin, Letha M.Baker Ward 13842
Martin, Lottie E.Wingville48210
Martin, Lovell D.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22221
Martin, Lovell D.Pine #136552
Martin, L. PearlRobinette39174
Martin, Margaret L.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22236
Martin, MarvinBaker Ward 13836
Martin, Mary E.Pine #237194
Martin, Merril L.Iron Dyke32253
Martin, MildredBaker Ward 13838
Martin, PeteDurkee21419
Martin, P. LouiseRobinette39175
Martin, Rance N.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22235
Martin, RayHuntington - Huntington Town30672
Martin, RobertBaker Ward 13840
Martin, Robert A.Baker Ward 24619
Martin, Robert H.Pine #237195
Martin, RoseBaker Ward 351394
Martin, RubyHuntington - Huntington Town30276
Martin, S. FredrickRobinette39173
Martin, ThelmaBaker Ward 13839
Martin, Wendell L.Pine #237196
Martin, WilburWingville4829
Martin, William E.Baker Ward 131048
Martiney, DoraHuntington - Huntington Town30813
Martiney, Edgar R.Huntington - Huntington Town30814
Martiney, JoeHuntington - Huntington Town30811
Martiney, MadalineHuntington - Huntington Town30812
Martinson, Donald J.Bed Rock11229
Martinson, N. J.Bed Rock11228
Mason, Alvin E.Eagle Valley #224130
Mason, AnnaEagle Valley #224129
Mason, Carl C.Eagle Valley #224128
Mason, Chalmos* E.Depot8716
Mason, F. FloydEagle Valley #12336
Mason, MertieDepot8717
Masonheimer, EdnaBaker Ward 46794
Masonheimer, Gram*Baker Ward 241175
Masonheimer, J. L.Baker Ward 46793
Masonheimer, James L.Baker Ward 46795
Massey, Charles F.Pine35248
Massey, Vivian D.Pine35249
Massey, Wilbur M.Pine35227
Masters, Bertha L.Baker Ward 24668
Masters, Bertha M.Baker Ward 24669
Masters, Chloe E.Haines2814
Masters, Cornelius W.Baker Ward 351231
Masters, Donald G.Baker Ward 46543
Masters, EdnaBaker Ward 46541
Masters, ElizabethBaker Ward 351232
Masters, F. MaxineBaker Ward 46544
Masters, Huldah C.Rock Creek40611
Masters, JamesPocahontas38195
Masters, Lee J.Baker Ward 24949
Masters, Lucy L.Baker County10473
Masters, Maud D.Pocahontas38196
Masters, MimmaRock Creek40612
Masters, Pansy L.Baker Ward 46542
Masters, Samuel E.Haines2813
Masters, Simeon M.Baker County10472
Masters, WilburBaker Ward 351233
Masters, W. J.Baker Ward 46540
Masterson, D. NormanEagle Valley #123434
Masterson, HarryPine #136331
Masterson, M. EdnaEagle Valley #123432
Masterson, R. HerbertEagle Valley #123431
Masterson, W. IvenEagle Valley #123433
Matemo, CordillHuntington - Huntington Town30538
Mather, Leona L.Baker Ward 2412
Mather, Peggy M.Baker Ward 2413
Mathews, AnnaSumpter - Sumpter City43165
Mathews, B. ArchEagle Valley #123248
Mathews, B. DoraEagle Valley #123251
Mathews, B. FayEagle Valley #123252
Mathews, E. CecilEagle Valley #123250
Mathews, EdithDepot8915
Mathews, HenrySumpter - Sumpter City43164
Mathews, JeanneDepot8918
Mathews, KeithDepot8916
Mathews, Loraine B.Eagle Valley #123254
Mathews, LornabelDepot8917
Mathews, MarjoryBaker Ward 241122
Mathews, M. MayEagle Valley #123249
Mathews, M. NormaEagle Valley #123253
Mathews, WalterDepot8914
Mathis, ElmerBaker Ward 46342
Mathis, NellieBaker Ward 46343
Matsuda, O.McEwen34111
Mattes, AlfredBaker Ward 24104
Mattes, Anna H.Baker Ward 2431
Mattes, AugustBaker Ward 24259
Mattes, Ben G.Baker Ward 24299
Mattes, Betty J.Baker Ward 2432
Mattes, Donald A.Haines - Haines Town27445
Mattes, DorothyBaker Ward 2428
Mattes, GeorgeBaker Ward 46584
Mattes, Harry H.Baker Ward 2426
Mattes, John C.Baker Ward 24534
Mattes, John Jr.Baker Ward 24537
Mattes, LaVelleBaker Ward 24536
Mattes, LorraineBaker Ward 2429
Mattes, Marie H.Haines - Haines Town27444
Mattes, Martha A.Haines - Haines Town27443
Mattes, Mary B.Baker Ward 242100
Mattes, OthildaBaker Ward 2427
Mattes, RuthBaker Ward 24210
Mattes, Thelma M.Baker Ward 24535
Mattex, MayDepot8131
Mattix, CarrieDepot8513
Mattix, CharleyDepot8514
Mattix, JohnDepot8512
Mattix, TedDepot8515
Mattox, Carrol N.Baker Ward 57952
Mattox, MaryBaker Ward 351037
Mattox, Mazie R.Baker Ward 57953
Mattox, William D.Wingville48293
Mauger, Albert F.Baker Ward 46851
Mauger, Arthur J.Baker Ward 46853
Mauger, IreneBaker Ward 46850
Mauger, Jas E.Baker Ward 46854
Mauger, William A.Baker Ward 46849
Mauger, William A. Jr.Baker Ward 46852
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