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Oregon Federal Census Index 1930
Baker County Series T626
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
Laam, Beverly S.Durkee21214
Laam, HomerDurkee21212
Laam, MaryDurkee21213
LaBarge, JosephRock Creek4023
Labble, Armand H.Baker Ward 57567
Labble, Myrtle E.Baker Ward 57568
Lachner, William J.Baker Ward 131065
Lacky, Charles P.Huntington - Huntington Town30187
LaCombe, AncyBaker Ward 46464
LaCombe, FredBaker Ward 46463
LaCombe, GertrudeBaker County10265
LaCombe, MargaretBaker Ward 46465
LaCombe, Margaret E.Haines - Haines Town27394
LaCombe, Micheal S.Haines - Haines Town27392
LaCombe, Viloa F. T.Haines - Haines Town27393
LaCombe, Virginia V.Baker County10266
LaFort, BellHuntington - Huntington Town30852
LaFort, Edward G.Huntington - Huntington Town30851
Lahort, Joseph M.Unity45163
Laidy, Ella B.Depot81132
Laidy, John M.Depot81131
Laird, Alida M.Pine #136577
Laird, Arlene E.Pine #136579
Laird, CarolineBaker Ward 351022
Laird, Louis R.Pine #136186
Laird, Mable L.Pine #136188
Laird, Percy J.Pine #136576
Laird, RobertBridgeport13165
Laird, Robert A.Pine #136580
Laird, Robert P.Pine #136578
Laird, ThomasPine #136189
Laird, Vernon V.Baker Ward 351023
Laird, Zelma P.Pine #136187
Laird*, Coe A.McEwen34297
Lake, SylviaBaker Ward 241264
Lamb, Andrew T.Baker Ward 46867
Lamb, AshendoDepot81258
Lamb, BettyBaker Ward 35445
Lamb, Frances M.Baker Ward 46869
Lamb, GeorgeConnor Creek18112
Lamb, HelenBaker Ward 35444
Lamb, JesnneBaker Ward 35446
Lamb, MamieBaker Ward 46866
Lamb, NolaConnor Creek18113
Lamb, R. FrankBaker Ward 35443
Lamb, W. H.Baker Ward 46865
Lamb, Willie H.Baker Ward 46868
Lambert, Edward D.Baker Ward 351518
Lambert, H.Baker Ward 24131
Lambert, Micheal P.Sparta42176
Lambrath, FrankConnor Creek18164
Lambrath, LafeConnor Creek18166
Lambrath, MelvinConnor Creek18165
Lammert, ArthurAlder1119
Lammert, EugeneAlder1121
Lammert, FrankBaker County10793
Lammert, FredaAlder1123
Lammert, George J.Baker Ward 57161
Lammert, GeraldineAlder1122
Lammert, Harold R.Pocahontas38270
Lammert, Henry E.Wingville48275
Lammert, John H.Alder1118
Lammert, JosephinePocahontas38271
Lammert, Leta L.Wingville48276
Lammert, MargaretAlder1117
Lammert, OttoAlder1114
Lammert, RobertAlder1120
Lammert, RoyAlder1116
Lammert, VelmaAlder1115
Lamoroux, GeorgeBaker Ward 46286
Lancaster, Homer C.Unity4529
Landers, Archie W.Baker Ward 351451
Landis, JesmiaBaker Ward 241229
Landreth, B. F.Baker Ward 351428
Landreth, BenBaker Ward 351429
Landreth, Clifford E.Eagle Valley #224235
Landreth, Eva M.Baker Ward 13189
Landreth, FrankDepot81272
Landreth, JamesBaker Ward 3592
Landreth, JennieBaker Ward 3593
Landreth, Joel R.Eagle Valley #224236
Landreth, LavinaDepot81067
Landreth, Lizzie M.Eagle Valley #224234
Landreth, Louis E.Baker Ward 13188
Landreth, Louis EdBaker Ward 13190
Landreth, MaryBaker Ward 3591
Landreth, MildredBaker Ward 3594
Landreth, OliveDepot81068
Landreth, RobertBaker Ward 13191
Landreth, Thomas B.Baker Ward 358100
Lane, DollyConnor Creek1816
Lane, DorisHuntington31271
Lane, Effie A.Baker Ward 46922
Lane, Francis D.Connor Creek1815
Lane, FroneBaker Ward 351459
Lane, GeorgeConnor Creek18191
Lane, JohnHuntington31270
Lane, LouisBaker Ward 46921
Lane, MarionBaker Ward 46923
Lane, MelissaDepot8327
Lane, NorvinBaker Ward 46924
Lane, Victoria A.Connor Creek1819
Lane, Walter T.Baker County10549
Lane, William J.Depot8326
Lang, ArthurDurkee21374
Lang, ChrissyDurkee21375
Lang, Connie M.Pocahontas38249
Lang, ConradDurkee21372
Lang, DorothyDurkee21140
Lang, Ella E.Haines - Haines Town27360
Lang, GeraldDurkee21139
Lang, James W.Baker County10449
Lang, J. B.Baker Ward 1391
Lang, Jean L.Durkee21141
Lang, John G.Haines - Haines Town27359
Lang, LeolaAlder1234
Lang, LorettaAlder1235
Lang, LouisAlder1233
Lang, Mary E.Pocahontas38250
Lang, Mary M.Baker County10448
Lang, SusanDurkee21373
Lang, William L.Baker Ward 57816
Lange, Eloise E.Baker County1047
Langley, Alfred A.Huntington31226
Langley, BerthaHuntington31227
Langley, BeulahHuntington31219
Langley, EdnaHuntington31213
Langley, FrederickHuntington31372
Langley, George M.Huntington31212
Langley, Harland E.Huntington31374
Langley, Harry E.Huntington31228
Langley, Hazel G.Huntington31373
Langley, Lela M.Huntington31229
Langley, Minni A.Huntington31375
Langley, VirgilHuntington31218
Langrell, BerthaBaker Ward 35397
Langrell, Betty M.Baker Ward 35789
Langrell, CharlesBaker Ward 351058
Langrell, Clara C.Baker Ward 35394
Langrell, EthaBaker Ward 351060
Langrell, GrierBaker Ward 351061
Langrell, JackBaker Ward 35396
Langrell, John R.Baker Ward 35398
Langrell, LoraBaker Ward 35788
Langrell, MabelleBaker Ward 13199
Langrell, MaudeBaker Ward 35395
Langrell, Richard C.Baker Ward 35787
Langrell, VestaBaker Ward 351059
Langrell, WilliamBaker Ward 13198
Langrell, Wesley W.Baker Ward 1321
Langworthy, Harry D.Baker Ward 571124
Langworthy, NellieBaker Ward 571125
Lanning, DavidBaker Ward 24529
Lanning, LillianBaker Ward 24528
Lanning, MonaIron Dyke32173
Lanning, O. D.Baker Ward 24527
Lanning, Rudolph E.Iron Dyke32172
Lansing, Alvah V.Pine #136573
Lansing, Don K.Pine #136575
Lansing, Ella E.Baker Ward 5779
Lansing, Ethel I.Baker Ward 57711
Lansing, Garnet E.Baker Ward 57710
Lansing, M. BellePine #136574
Lansing, Walter L.Baker Ward 5778
Lanyon, HowardBaker Ward 46728
Lanyon, LeonaBaker Ward 46643
Lanyon, LolaBaker Ward 46727
Lanyon, RichardBaker Ward 46726
Lanyon, RobertDepot8718
Lappas, PanagiotisIron Dyke32222
Larcom, Catherine H.Baker Ward 13950
Larcom, Charles C.Baker Ward 13951
Larcom, Clifford L.Baker Ward 13948
Larcom, MableBaker Ward 13949
Larimer, JamesBed Rock11445
Lark, EdwardBig Creek12229
Lark, LavernaBig Creek12230
Lark, LeonardBig Creek12232
Lark, VernonBig Creek12231
Larkin, ElmerRock Creek40567
Larkin, Elmer E.Baker Ward 57849
Larkin, EverettDurkee21414
Larkin, GeorgeBaker Ward 241355
Larsen, Billie S.Baker Ward 351590
Larsen, Charlotte A.Baker Ward 35178
Larsen, ClydeDepot81028
Larsen, FrankDepot81025
Larsen, Harvey B.Baker Ward 35177
Larsen, InglvorgAlder1126
Larsen, JackBaker Ward 351591
Larsen, JaneBaker Ward 351589
Larsen, JoanBaker Ward 35183
Larsen, Keith H.Baker Ward 35180
Larsen, KennethBaker Ward 35182
Larsen, NettieDepot81026
Larsen, Norma E.Baker Ward 35179
Larsen, SwenAlder1125
Larsen, WilberDepot81027
Larsen, WilmaBaker Ward 35181
Larsen, W. J.Baker Ward 351588
Larson, Andrew J.Greenhorn - Greenhorn Town2515
Larson, Crystal B.Haines - Haines Town27139
Larson, Lars B.Pocahontas38215
Larson, Lenord L.Haines - Haines Town27138
Larson, Louis P.Haines - Haines Town27428
Larson, Lucile M.Haines - Haines Town27429
Larson, OtheliaBaker Ward 35240
Larson, WilliamBaker Ward 35239
Larsons, EthelBaker Ward 46262
Larsons, EuphaBaker Ward 46264
Larsons, MigeonBaker Ward 46263
Larsons, NobleBaker Ward 46261
Latham, BerniceBaker Ward 461044
Latham, Mary J.Baker Ward 461045
Latos*, Sam1Weatherby47144
Lattre, AlfonsSouth Baker9663
Lattre, LeonaSouth Baker9664
Lattridge, JasonBaker Ward 35530
Lattridge, JeanBaker Ward 35531
Lattridge, Wendall*Baker Ward 35532
Laughlin, Dorothy M.Baker County10252
Laughlin, Edgar R.Baker County10250
Laughlin, James E.Baker Ward 57614
Laughlin, KevinBaker Ward 1314
Laughlin, Lucy A.Baker Ward 57615
Laughlin, LudoraBaker Ward 1315
Laughlin, MabelBaker Ward 1313
Laughlin, Pearl B.Baker County10251
Laughlin, RobertBaker Ward 1316
Laughton, AlHereford29235
Laurance, FlorenceBaker Ward 241040
Laurance, HerbertBaker Ward 241039
Laurance, James E.Baker Ward 241292
Laurance, JohnHuntington - Huntington Town30685
Law, Charles J.Haines28314
Law, Charles W.Haines28317
Law, Dorothy F.Haines28316
Law, Francis B.Haines28315
Lawrence, C. P.Baker Ward 13274
Lawrence, Elmer J.Unity45190
Lawrence, JessBaker Ward 13279
Lawrence, LillieUnity45187
Lawrence, LornaUnity45191
Lawrence, MargaretBaker Ward 13275
Lawrence, Mary L.Pine #237113
Lawrence, Quint H.Unity45186
Lawrence, WilliamBaker Ward 13278
Lawrence, WilliamDurkee21396
Laymon, CeciliaBaker Ward 13226
Layne, David H.Pine35243
Layne, Rosette E.Pine35244
Layne, Vernon E.Pine35245
Leake, Delia K.Pine #136634
Leake, Hazel L.Pine #136636
Leake, Helen K.Pine #136638
Leake, Howard C.Pine #136635
Leake, Thelma L.Pine #136637
Leash, FredHuntington - Huntington Town30858
Leasy, AlvoyBed Rock11288
Leasy, GladysBed Rock11289
Leasy, HesterBed Rock11383
Leasy, Joseph W.Bed Rock11199
Leasy, LeilahBed Rock11290
Leate*, CatherineHuntington - Huntington Town30334
Leatherman, FrankBaker County10786
Lech, MelindaPine35311
Lechidge, FrancissRock Creek40379
Lechidge, JeanRock Creek40382
Lechidge, JuneRock Creek40383
Lechidge, RichardRock Creek40381
Lechidge, Robert B.Rock Creek40380
Lechidge, Samuel O.Rock Creek40378
Ledbitter, Edgar R.Huntington - Huntington Town30871
Leddick*, KenethHereford29237
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