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Oregon Federal Census Index 1930
Baker County Series T626
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
Jobb, Clarence T.Baker Ward 57676
Jobb, Edward F.Baker Ward 57673
Jobb, Evelyn A.Baker Ward 57677
Jobb, Florence R.Baker Ward 57672
Jobb, John A.Baker Ward 57668
Jobb, Lizzie V.Baker Ward 57669
Jobb, Louis D.Baker Ward 57671
Jobb, Louise M.Baker Ward 57674
Jobb, Terrence R.Baker Ward 57675
Jobb, Theodore S.Baker Ward 57667
Johnson, A. B.Haines28429
Johnson, Agnes B.Baker Ward 57944
Johnson, Alice J.Baker County10523
Johnson, AnitaHuntington - Huntington Town30235
Johnson, AnnieSouth Baker9468
Johnson, Archie Sr.Huntington - Huntington Town3017
Johnson, Barbara L.Big Creek12113
Johnson, BettyDepot8519
Johnson, Betty L.South Baker9470
Johnson, Betty R.Huntington - Huntington Town30330
Johnson, CarstonHuntington - Huntington Town30173
Johnson, Chelsea S.Pine #136481
Johnson, Chester A.Bed Rock11122
Johnson, C. L.Haines28430
Johnson, Clarence H.Baker Ward 57943
Johnson, Clarissa G.Weatherby47184
Johnson, Donna M.Pine #136485
Johnson, DorothyHuntington - Huntington Town30328
Johnson, Eddie M.Pocahontas38173
Johnson, Elaine M.Bed Rock11124
Johnson, Elwyn E.Big Creek12114
Johnson, ElizabethBaker Ward 46487
Johnson, EmanuelHuntington - Huntington Town30272
Johnson, Erick R. P.Baker County10522
Johnson, Erma L.Pine #136468
Johnson, Evelyn D.Baker County10527
Johnson, FannieHuntington - Huntington Town3018
Johnson, Fern M.Pine #136486
Johnson, FloydConnor Creek18181
Johnson, Fred E.South Baker9466
Johnson, George O.Baker Ward 57463
Johnson, Gilbert A.Bed Rock11125
Johnson, Grace I.Big Creek1211
Johnson, GrantSouth Baker9365
Johnson, HarrietHuntington - Huntington Town30329
Johnson, Hattie B.Pine #136480
Johnson, HelenHuntington - Huntington Town30233
Johnson, Henry D.Huntington - Huntington Town30232
Johnson, Henry D. Jr.Huntington - Huntington Town30234
Johnson, Ida B.Baker Ward 57464
Johnson, IolaBaker Ward 461062
Johnson, IreneConnor Creek18182
Johnson, James E.Baker Ward 461060
Johnson, James L.Eagle Valley #224219
Johnson, J. K.South Baker9360
Johnson, JohanneBaker Ward 24384
Johnson, JosephineHuntington - Huntington Town30273
Johnson, Katherine R.Bed Rock11123
Johnson, KatieHuntington31324
Johnson, KennethAlder1260
Johnson, Kenneth L.Baker Ward 57945
Johnson, Kenneth R.Big Creek1213
Johnson, Laura LuSouth Baker9368
Johnson, LaVonSouth Baker9367
Johnson, Leon D.Pine #136482
Johnson, Leta L.Big Creek12112
Johnson, LilaBaker Ward 24385
Johnson, L. LorvalEagle Valley #123710
Johnson, LorvalEagle Valley #224319
Johnson, LorvalPine #136469
Johnson, Loyd A.Eagle Valley #224221
Johnson, LucyHuntington31326
Johnson, Mabel N.Baker Ward 57131
Johnson, MargaretHuntington - Huntington Town30327
Johnson, MargaretteConnor Creek18186
Johnson, MarianSouth Baker9361
Johnson, MarianSouth Baker9362
Johnson, Marie L.Eagle Valley #224218
Johnson, MaryHuntington - Huntington Town30331
Johnson, MaxineHuntington - Huntington Town30274
Johnson, MonroeBaker County10166
Johnson, NaDeneSouth Baker9364
Johnson, NannieMcEwen34174
Johnson, Naomi M.Baker Ward 57337
Johnson, Nellie L.Big Creek12115
Johnson, Nellie M.Bed Rock11126
Johnson, NettieBaker Ward 461061
Johnson, Neva D.Baker County10529
Johnson, OlapHuntington31244
Johnson, Oral J.Pine #136467
Johnson, Orland L.Eagle Valley #224220
Johnson, Orrin K.Pine #136484
Johnson, Orville G.Baker County10525
Johnson, Polly AnnaSouth Baker9366
Johnson, R. AlvyEagle Valley #12379
Johnson, RasmusBaker Ward 24383
Johnson, Robert O.Baker Ward 57336
Johnson, RodneySouth Baker9363
Johnson, RufusHuntington31323
Johnson, RuthHuntington - Huntington Town30326
Johnson, Shirley E.Baker County10528
Johnson, SidneyAlder1258
Johnson, SidneyAlder1259
Johnson, Sylvia C.Baker County10524
Johnson, ThomasHuntington31325
Johnson, Vernon L.Baker County10526
Johnson, Vernon W.Big Creek12111
Johnson, Walter S.Pine #136479
Johnson, Wesley R.South Baker9469
Johnson, WilfredHuntington - Huntington Town30325
Johnson, Wilfred E.Big Creek1212
Johnson, WilliamBed Rock11172
Johnson, William R.Baker Ward 57130
Johnson, WilmaSouth Baker9467
Johnson, Zona B.Pine #136483
Johnston, AlbinHuntington - Huntington Town30531
Johnston, Archer Jr.Huntington - Huntington Town30615
Johnston, BarbaraBaker Ward 241454
Johnston, DonaldBaker Ward 351532
Johnston, Floyd S.Baker Ward 13975
Johnston, GloriaHuntington - Huntington Town30618
Johnston, HaroldHuntington - Huntington Town30624
Johnston, HarroldHuntington - Huntington Town30622
Johnston, IsabelHuntington - Huntington Town30530
Johnston, JaneyHuntington - Huntington Town30623
Johnston, JoeHuntington - Huntington Town30532
Johnston, JoeHuntington - Huntington Town30533
Johnston, Mary E.Huntington - Huntington Town30528
Johnston, NadineHuntington - Huntington Town30617
Johnston, RevaHuntington - Huntington Town30616
Johnston, RobertHuntington - Huntington Town30529
Johnston, RoseBaker Ward 13976
Johnston, Thomas R.Huntington - Huntington Town30527
Jones, AdaBed Rock11442
Jones, AddieBaker Ward 2492
Jones, Alfred N.Baker Ward 57690
Jones, AlsonDepot81155
Jones, Anna LauraBaker Ward 351053
Jones, babyBaker Ward 351133
Jones, Belle W.Baker Ward 24150
Jones, BettyBaker Ward 13973
Jones, Betty M.Baker Ward 351130
Jones, BonnieBaker Ward 13972
Jones, Burl S.Baker Ward 57221
Jones, Carrie M.Huntington - Huntington Town3067
Jones, C. E.Baker Ward 4634
Jones, Charley F.Baker Ward 13977
Jones, Clarence O.Baker Ward 24149
Jones, Claude L.Baker Ward 24145
Jones, Cleone R.Pine3546
Jones, CliffordBaker Ward 4639
Jones, Cloye E.Baker Ward 571065
Jones, C. RobertRobinette39115
Jones, C. S.Baker Ward 13242
Jones, Dale R.Baker Ward 57220
Jones, David M.Haines - Haines Town27470
Jones, Dollie M.Baker Ward 351395
Jones, DorothyBaker Ward 241213
Jones, Dorothy N.Baker Ward 13978
Jones, EdnaSouth Baker9784
Jones, Edward B.Baker Ward 46298
Jones, Edward P.Baker Ward 462100
Jones, ElenoreBaker Ward 4631
Jones, ElenoreBaker Ward 46299
Jones, ElizabethBaker Ward 13969
Jones, Elizabeth A.Baker Ward 13979
Jones, E. MatildaEagle Valley #123423
Jones, EmmaBaker Ward 351129
Jones, Esther G.Baker Ward 57693
Jones, EthelBaker Ward 241214
Jones, EurellBaker Ward 4637
Jones, EvanBaker Ward 13971
Jones, EvelynBaker Ward 351131
Jones, Everett H.Baker Ward 241211
Jones, FlorenceDepot81156
Jones, FloydBaker Ward 2491
Jones, ForestBaker Ward 13970
Jones, G. AlmaEagle Valley #123558
Jones, GeraldineBaker Ward 46811
Jones, Gilbert C.Baker Ward 57694
Jones, Glenn E.Baker Ward 57692
Jones, G. ThomasRobinette39113
Jones, Hattis L.Bed Rock11271
Jones, HershelBaker Ward 4636
Jones, Hilda D.Baker Ward 57219
Jones, Howard H.Baker Ward 2493
Jones, Ira E.Baker Ward 13968
Jones, IreneBaker Ward 351132
Jones, Irvin E.Baker Ward 571066
Jones, Isick B.Bed Rock11439
Jones, JackieBaker Ward 351435
Jones, James D.Huntington - Huntington Town3066
Jones, Jess H.Baker Ward 24144
Jones, J. EvelynEagle Valley #123429
Jones, John J.Baker Ward 13244
Jones, John L.Baker Ward 24142
Jones, John P.Baker Ward 13974
Jones, Karee J.Baker Ward 13245
Jones, Laura A.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22285
Jones, L. CliffordEagle Valley #123424
Jones, Leonard W.Eagle Valley #224122
Jones, Libby AnnEagle Valley #123561
Jones, LillianBaker Ward 241367
Jones, Lola M.Baker Ward 24148
Jones, Louis D.Baker Ward 24146
Jones, L. RuthEagle Valley #123428
Jones, Mark N.Baker Ward 24147
Jones, MaryBaker Ward 241212
Jones, MaryBaker Ward 57217
Jones, Mary C.South Baker9556
Jones, M. AugustaRobinette39114
Jones, M. GraceEagle Valley #123560
Jones, M. LouiseEagle Valley #123425
Jones, M. NaomiEagle Valley #123426
Jones, Ollie B.Baker Ward 57691
Jones, Pearl M.Baker Ward 4635
Jones, P. JohnEagle Valley #123557
Jones, P. JohnEagle Valley #123559
Jones, RachelBaker Ward 13243
Jones, RalphBaker Ward 4638
Jones, Ralph E.Pine3545
Jones, R. AubreyEagle Valley #123427
Jones, RoscoeBaker Ward 351128
Jones, Rose M.Baker Ward 24143
Jones, Rosemary L.Baker Ward 57218
Jones, Ruth F.Pine3543
Jones, Stephen D.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22284
Jones, VersaHaines - Haines Town27471
Jones, Viola M.Pine3544
Jones, Wallace E.Pine3542
Jones, W. DanEagle Valley #123422
Jones, William E.Bed Rock11441
Jones, W. J.South Baker9555
Jordan, Ben R.Haines - Haines Town27352
Jordan, Clifford L.Baker Ward 351144
Jordan, CraigBaker Ward 351146
Jordan, Dora M.Baker Ward 46558
Jordan, EarlBaker Ward 46557
Jordan, H. H.Baker Ward 46552
Jordan, Hazel M.Baker Ward 46559
Jordon, Herb H.Durkee21232
Jordan, JaniceBaker Ward 46554
Jordan, John R.Baker Ward 46555
Jordan, Julia E.Baker Ward 351145
Jordan, Mary E.Pocahontas38199
Jordan, OrenBaker Ward 351147
Jordan, NevaBaker Ward 46553
Jordan, Ruby E.Baker Ward 46556
Jordon, Tillie J.Depot838
Jordon, William H.Depot837
Joselp*, JohnDepot8122
Judd, BertDepot8119
Judy, Barbara A.Baker Ward 57583
Judy, Marie L.Baker Ward 57582
Justice, LevelleBaker Ward 24945
Justies, Charles W.Rye Valley41132
Justies, GeraldRye Valley41131
Justies, MelseniaRye Valley41130
Justies, William M.Rye Valley41129
Justus, Alva E.Rye Valley41173
Justus, AnnaDepot81191
Justus, Bene H.Rye Valley41171
Justus, Besse J.Rye Valley41170
Justus, ErastusDepot81190
Justus, Erma V.Rye Valley41172
Justus, Mary M.Rye Valley41168
Justus, TonyRye Valley41167
Justus, William E.Rye Valley41169
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