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Oregon Federal Census Index 1930
Baker County Series T626
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
Habisom, L. GuyClifford - Whitney Town1411
Habisom, Loren G.Clifford - Whitney Town1413
Habisom, Mary G.Clifford - Whitney Town1414
Habisom, Mildred H.Clifford - Whitney Town1412
Hack, Edward A.Bed Rock111100
Hack, Helen M.Bed Rock1123
Hack, Ida M.Bed Rock1121
Hack, Lawrence A.Bed Rock1122
Hacker, George L.Baker Ward 57105
Hagan, JeannetteBaker Ward 35417
Hagan, Ray A.Baker Ward 35416
Hagan, RonaldBaker Ward 35418
Hagarman, BerthaBaker Ward 2412100
Hagen, JohnBaker Ward 351371
Hagerman, ArthurBaker Ward 241230
Hague, AliceHuntington31112
Hague, FrancisHuntington31115
Hague, GeorgeHuntington31111
Hague, GeorgieHuntington31116
Hague, GlennHuntington31113
Hague, LeeHuntington31114
Hahs, JeffPine #136316
Hahs, MaryPine #136317
Haight, ArthurHuntington - Huntington Town30488
Haight, Helen M.Huntington - Huntington Town30489
Haines, FredHaines28237
Haines, Henry H.Baker County10769
Haines, Robert W.Baker Ward 241029
Haitt*, ***esseHuntington31335
Halburg, MartinSumpter - Sumpter City43214
Halden, Harey*Baker Ward 351559
Hale, Eugene V.Clifford1515
Hale, FlorenceDepot8832
Hale, George A.Depot8831
Hale, Helen F.Depot8840
Hale, Henry J.Greenhorn -Greenhorn Town2511
Hale, Leo A.Depot8833
Hale, Mary B.Baker Ward 241060
Hale, Mary E.Greenhorn -Greenhorn Town2512
Hale, Mollie M.Clifford1513
Hale, Piper W.Clifford1514
Hale, Roy E.Depot8839
Haley, CoraSumpter - Sumpter City43196
Haley, CurtisSumpter - Sumpter City43195
Haley, LorenSumpter - Sumpter City43197
Halfrich, B. W.Baker Ward 241083
Halick, AnnaBig Creek12217
Halick, Clara J.Big Creek12215
Halick, James N.Big Creek12214
Halick, WilliamBig Creek12216
Hall, Ada M.Baker Ward 57194
Hall, Alma H.Baker Ward 57845
Hall, Cleora M.Baker Ward 571110
Hall, C. W.Baker Ward 13221
Hall, Dallas E.Baker Ward 351379
Hall, Donald J.Baker Ward 57197
Hall, Dorothy J.Baker Ward 57196
Hall, D. RobyEagle Valley #123226
Hall, Edmond G.Eagle Valley #123223
Hall, Edward I.Baker Ward 57195
Hall, ElizabethBaker Ward 35868
Hall, E. M.South Baker9428
Hall, Emma C.Haines - Haines Town27261
Hall, ErminBaker Ward 35467
Hall, Ermin S.Baker Ward 571111
Hall, FloraDurkee21143
Hall, Floyd D.Wingville48268
Hall, GertrudeBaker County10410
Hall, Glenn F.Baker Ward 57191
Hall, H. E.South Baker9430
Hall, Inez L.Baker Ward 351377
Hall, Irene G.Baker Ward 57193
Hall, James O.Baker Ward 57188
Hall, James O.Baker County10146
Hall, John A.Baker Ward 35867
Hall, Joseph B.Wingville48266
Hall, L. LowellEagle Valley #123225
Hall, Lorene G.Baker Ward 57192
Hall, LouiseBaker Ward 13220
Hall, LucindaBaker Ward 351376
Hall, Mabel M.Baker Ward 57189
Hall, MargaretSouth Baker9429
Hall, Martha A.Wingville48267
Hall, M. AudreyEagle Valley #123227
Hall, Millie G.Baker Ward 57190
Hall, NadieneHaines - Haines Town27262
Hall, Naomi V.Baker Ward 57847
Hall, Norman C.Haines - Haines Town27260
Hall, O. MarieEagle Valley #123224
Hall, Opal C.Baker Ward 571113
Hall, Oral V.Baker Ward 351378
Hall, PercyBaker Ward 351375
Hall, Perlie M.Baker Ward 57846
Hall, Ruby L.Baker Ward 571112
Hall, Spencer C.Baker Ward 57119
Hall, WilliamDurkee21142
Hall, Willard E.Baker Ward 35869
Hall, William F.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22142
Halle, Gaston O.South Baker9660
Halle, MargareteSouth Baker9662
Halle, MariaSouth Baker9661
Halley, Clarice N.Pine #237345
Halley, Earle G.Pine #237343
Halley, E. MaryEagle Valley #12325
Halley, MaudeBaker Ward 351599
Halley, Mildred C.Pine #237344
Halley, P. JonathonEagle Valley #12324
Halley, RichardPine35366
Hallgarth, KathrionBaker Ward 13467
Hallgarth, RuthBaker Ward 13466
Hallock, BlaineBaker Ward 13629
Hallock, LillianBaker Ward 13630
Hallock, MaryBaker Ward 13631
Halyber, Arthur L.Pocahontas38138
Halyire, LenaBaker Ward 241350
Hamblin, Jay J.Eagle Valley #224178
Hamblin, Lawton A.Eagle Valley #224180
Hamblin, Mabel A.Eagle Valley #224179
Hamby, John W.Audrey2116
Hamby, Martha J.Audrey2117
Hamilton, A. B.Baker Ward 351329
Hamilton, Chase B.Sparta42131
Hamilton, Claude C.Baker Ward 131045
Hamilton, DorothyBaker Ward 351331
Hamilton, Edward D. W.Sparta42132
Hamilton, HarveyAlder1237
Hamilton, Helen L.Baker Ward 13928
Hamilton, Iva H.Baker Ward 13927
Hamilton, JesseAlder1238
Hamilton, OraBaker Ward 351330
Hamilton, Oral A.Sparta42130
Hamilton, Richard M.Baker Ward 24749
Hamilton, Vernon R.Baker Ward 13929
Hamilton, W. H. W.Baker Ward 35688
Hamilton, WilliamBaker Ward 13926
Hammer, Mary E.Iron Dyke32226
Hammer, Ralph A.Iron Dyke32225
Hammond, Anna L.Baker Ward 57683
Hammond, Boyce E.Baker Ward 57681
Hammond, Cain E.Baker Ward 57682
Hammond, EmmaBaker Ward 57679
Hammond, Eugene L.Baker Ward 57684
Hammond, Joseph H.Baker Ward 57678
Hammond, Merle J.Baker Ward 57680
Hamond, ElvaHaines - Haines Town27350
Hamond, EugeneHaines - Haines Town27351
Hamond, JohnHaines - Haines Town27349
Hamp, George W.Pocahontas38185
Hanby, AliceMcEwen3429
Hanby, DorisMcEwen3424
Hanby, Ellen V.Baker Ward 571050
Hanby, Ethel G.Baker Ward 571048
Hanby, Florence A.Baker Ward 571049
Hanby, HallieMcEwen3422
Hanby, HardinMcEwen34211
Hanby, HerschelMcEwen3421
Hanby, Joseph D.Baker Ward 571052
Hanby, Joseph H.Baker Ward 571047
Hanby, MildredMcEwen3423
Hanby, PearlMcEwen34210
Hanby, Verna V.Baker Ward 571051
Hanby, WalterMcEwen3428
Hancock, Samuel J.Baker County10678
Hand, HazelRock Creek40290
Hand, J. DouglasRock Creek40572
Hanley, Donna A.Baker Ward 2415
Hanley, James D.Baker Ward 2416
Hanley, James M.Baker Ward 2414
Hanley, Jerry N.Baker Ward 2418
Hanley, William M.Baker Ward 2417
Hanna, AlbertDepot8325
Hanna, Angie M.Depot8539
Hanna, George R.Depot8538
Hanna, Henry S.Depot8298
Hanna, LavillaDepot8299
Hanna, MarjorieDepot8322
Hanna, MerleDepot8321
Hanna, RuthDepot8324
Hanna, Steven J.Depot8320
Hannan, AlmaBaker Ward 24513
Hannan, Betty J.Baker Ward 24514
Hannan, William M.Baker Ward 24512
Hannon, AliceHuntington - Huntington Town30285
Hannon, ClaranceHuntington - Huntington Town30625
Hannon, EdwardHuntington - Huntington Town30284
Hannon, HelenHuntington - Huntington Town30626
Hannon, Howard C.Huntington - Huntington Town30286
Hanom, FloyHuntington - Huntington Town30780
Hanom, Jack W.Huntington - Huntington Town30779
Hansen, AdolphBaker Ward 46313
Hansen, AllethaBaker Ward 46840
Hansen, AndrewBaker Ward 57525
Hansen, Annie C.Baker Ward 351020
Hansen, ArlenPine #23762
Hansen, Carstin T.Baker Ward 46839
Hansen, George A.Pine #23763
Hansen, HaroldBed Rock11293
Hansen, HaroldBed Rock11295
Hansen, Henrik L.Baker County10768
Hansen, LesterBaker Ward 351069
Hansen, LillianBed Rock11294
Hansen, Lorel O.Bed Rock11190
Hansen, L. QuinnEagle Valley #123572
Hansen, KatherynBaker Ward 46314
Hansen, MarieBaker Ward 57526
Hansen, Ralph L.Pine #237599
Hansen, VennaPine #23761
Hansen, Zella V.Pine #2375100
Hanson, GeorgeMcEwen34186
Hanson, Lars C.McEwen34184
Hanson, Laura P.McEwen34185
Hanson, Martha L.McEwen34187
Hanson, Norman F.McEwen34188
Hanson*, GeorgeMcEwen34298
Hansuberry, DellaBaker Ward 57833
Hansuberry, Richard B.Baker Ward 57832
Hautholy, FrankRock Creek40464
Hapolpo, RoosHuntington - Huntington Town30849
Haranse, Gaishi*Baker Ward 241198
Haranu, KirokuBaker Ward 241199
Hardesty, GladysBaker Ward 351434
Hardin, BerthaBaker Ward 13384
Hardin, EttaDurkee2129
Hardin, LydiaBaker Ward 1341
Hardin, RoyBaker Ward 133100
Hardin, Vernon F.Durkee21210
Harding, Albert C.Baker Ward 35197
Harding, Arthur C.Baker Ward 35199
Harding, Hallie B.Baker Ward 35198
Harding, Wilma M.Pine #136343
Hardman, Annie M.Unity45270
Hardman, CatherineUnity45288
Hardman, CatherineUnity45289
Hardman, Charley T.Hereford29112
Hardman, CletaUnity45326
Hardman, ElsieUnity45282
Hardman, ErnestUnity45285
Hardman, EthelDepot821
Hardman, FrankDepot8199
Hardman, HenerittaDepot81100
Hardman, Henery H.Bridgeport13195
Hardman, Jasper D.Hereford2919
Hardman, John F.Unity45269
Hardman, KatherineHereford29114
Hardman, LouiseUnity45283
Hardman, Lula N.Bridgeport13196
Hardman, MarjorieUnity45287
Hardman, Mary A.Hereford29110
Hardman, NettieUnity45325
Hardman, OliverUnity45281
Hardman, OskarUnity45324
Hardman, Robert C.Depot822
Hardman, RubieUnity45284
Hardman, ViolaBridgeport13194
Hardman, WallaceUnity45286
Hardman, Walter J.Hereford29111
Hardman, WilliamBridgeport13193
Hardwick, CretDepot8565
Hardwick, EdnaBaker Ward 4692
Hardwick, EllaDepot8563
Hardwick, EllaDepot8566
Hardwick, HenryDepot8564
Hardwick, JohnDepot8567
Hardwick, J. W.Baker Ward 4691
Hardwick, TheresaDepot8568
Hardwick, WandalBaker Ward 4693
Hardy, AgustaDepot8893
Hardy, EmmaDepot8894
Hardy, FlorenceDepot8890
Hardy, George H.Unity45112
Hardy, GeorgiaDepot8892
Hardy, GraceUnity45111
Hardy, Morgan R.Unity45110
Hardy, RuthDepot8891
Hardy, WilliamDepot8889
Hargrove, FrankieBaker Ward 351491
Harkins, F. MargaretEagle Valley #123241
Harkins, J. HenryEagle Valley #123240
Harkins, R. AlbertEagle Valley #123243
Harkins, W. JosephEagle Valley #123242
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