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Oregon Federal Census Index 1930
Baker County Series T626
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
Grable, Connie* J.Baker Ward 24981
Grable, Connie* J.Baker Ward 24983
Grable, Darrel W.Baker Ward 24984
Grable, EthelBaker Ward 24982
Grable, Mary L.Baker Ward 24985
Grabner, Anna B.Baker Ward 46259
Grabner, FrankDepot8425
Grabner, GeorgiaDepot8426
Grabner, Kenneth E.Baker Ward 46260
Gragan, EvaBaker Ward 24227
Gragg, BenHuntington - Huntington Town30678
Gragg, EmmaBaker Ward 35972
Gragg, Marideth L.Huntington - Huntington Town30680
Gragg, PearlHuntington - Huntington Town30679
Graham, Albert K.Baker Ward 571072
Graham, Alexander P.Baker Ward 35812
Graham, Annie E.Huntington - Huntington Town30294
Graham, BettyHuntington - Huntington Town30739
Graham, Clay M.South Baker9335
Graham, DanSouth Baker9332
Graham, Elbert E.Baker Ward 571074
Graham, Elden E.Rye Valley41137
Graham, ElizabethSouth Baker9333
Graham, EllisHuntington31250
Graham, EmmaBaker Ward 24341
Graham, Francis L.Huntington - Huntington Town30535
Graham, Gladys L.Huntington - Huntington Town30536
Graham, HarryHuntington - Huntington Town30740
Graham, Jessie D.Baker Ward 241117
Graham, JosephHuntington - Huntington Town30293
Graham, Louis C.South Baker9334
Graham, LuallaHuntington - Huntington Town30738
Graham, Mary E.Baker Ward 46529
Graham, RalphHuntington - Huntington Town30737
Graham, RichardHuntington - Huntington Town30741
Graham, Roy F.Huntington - Huntington Town30534
Graham, Sarah C.Baker Ward 571073
Graicel, WilliamBaker Ward 35973
Grainer, BarbaraBaker Ward 351551
Graney, Ada L.Huntington - Huntington Town30192
Graney, HazelHuntington - Huntington Town30193
Graney, HelenHuntington - Huntington Town30195
Graney, MurleHuntington - Huntington Town30194
Graney, ThomasHuntington - Huntington Town30191
Grant, A. L.Baker Ward 351079
Grant, AloysiusBaker Ward 46387
Grant, AnnaBaker Ward 46383
Grant, BillieBaker Ward 35293
Grant, CharlesBaker Ward 46389
Grant, Clara J.Baker Ward 35288
Grant, ClarenceBaker Ward 46388
Grant, Ernest C.Baker Ward 351083
Grant, FrankBaker Ward 351222
Grant, GeorgeBaker Ward 351084
Grant, HelenBaker Ward 351225
Grant, H. R.Baker Ward 46994
Grant, J. N.Baker Ward 35287
Grant, JessieBaker Ward 35292
Grant, Jessie C.Baker Ward 46995
Grant, John H.Baker Ward 46385
Grant, KennethBaker Ward 35290
Grant, MargaretBaker Ward 46386
Grant, MarionBaker Ward 35289
Grant, MaryBaker Ward 351223
Grant, Mary A.Baker Ward 351080
Grant, Mary A.Baker Ward 351081
Grant, MaryannBaker Ward 351224
Grant, Thos E.Baker Ward 46384
Grant, Thos E. Sr.Baker Ward 46382
Grant, WilmaBaker Ward 35291
Gravell, PaulMcEwen34198
Graven, AlbertDepot8934
Graven, Alice M.Pine #136295
Graven, BettiezaneEagle Valley #224187
Graven, Billy R.Pine #136292
Graven, CalvinDepot8937
Graven, Cecil J.Eagle Valley #224181
Graven, ClintonDepot8931
Graven, Cora A.Eagle Valley #224182
Graven, Dorothy I.Pine #136293
Graven, Dryfus D.Eagle Valley #224185
Graven, Edward C.Eagle Valley #224184
Graven, Elmer W.South Baker9599
Graven, EthelSouth Baker95100
Graven, EthelPine #136291
Graven, Harold R.Pine #136294
Graven, HildaSouth Baker9559
Graven, LaVelleSouth Baker961
Graven, LaVerneSouth Baker9562
Graven, LoranEagle Valley #224183
Graven, MarieDepot8932
Graven, MitchleneDepot8936
Graven, Ray R.Pine #136290
Graven, Vernite M.Eagle Valley #224186
Graven, WalterDepot8933
Graves, AnnaDurkee21120
Graves, BenHuntington31246
Graves, EdwinDurkee21119
Graves, D. FrankSparta42124
Graves, Florence L.Baker Ward 24315
Graves, HenrySparta42125
Graves, HenrySumpter - Sumpter City43186
Graves, HenrySumpter - Sumpter City43218
Graves, H. R.Baker Ward 24314
Graves, Lawrence L.Sumpter - Sumpter City43219
Graves, Lola L.Sparta42126
Graves, Mable E.Sumpter - Sumpter City43184
Graves, Norman K.Sumpter - Sumpter City43185
Graves, William G.Sumpter - Sumpter City43183
Graves, Vesta L.Sparta42127
Gravis, L. H.Baker Ward 241518
Graw, ViolaBed Rock11247
Gray, Ada S.Baker Ward 24814
Gray, A. HowardSparta42213
Gray, ArlenePine35122
Gray, Charles W.Baker Ward 57646
Gray, Clara N.Pine35226
Gray, Claude E.Baker Ward 57644
Gray, Courtney M.Baker Ward 571033
Gray, Delors L.Pine3548
Gray, EuniceDepot8462
Gray, Franklin I.Wingville48263
Gray, Frederick E.Wingville48264
Gray, FrederickaWingville48265
Gray, GladysHuntington - Huntington Town30525
Gray, Gordon C.Baker Ward 571034
Gray, James H.Huntington - Huntington Town30524
Gray, James W.Pine3547
Gray, John A.Wingville48261
Gray, John O.Wingville48259
Gray, Kendall F.Baker Ward 241471
Gray, LeolaHuntington - Huntington Town30526
Gray, Leon G.Baker Ward 571032
Gray, LloydDepot8461
Gray, Lurana A.Wingville48260
Gray, Margaret L.Baker Ward 24819
Gray, Marjoria A.Wingville48262
Gray, Mary E.Baker Ward 24818
Gray, Mildred L.Baker Ward 24820
Gray, Robert K.Baker Ward 241473
Gray, Ruth D.Baker Ward 241472
Gray, UrsillaPine35225
Gray, ViolaBaker Ward 57645
Gray, Virginia L.Baker Ward 57647
Gray, William W.Baker Ward 24813
Graythem, Silas J.Eagle Valley #224339
Greatorex, JohnBaker Ward 13985
Greeley, GerraldUnity45295
Green, Alfred E.Huntington31365
Green, CharlesHaines2812
Green, Clager D.Wingville48132
Green, Dorothy C.Huntington31367
Green, DortheyRock Creek4053
Green, Ella L.Haines 1 Haines Town27467
Green, EllenDepot8330
Green, EstherDepot8329
Green, Ethel M.Huntington31363
Green, FloydHuntington31366
Green, Fred P.Baker Ward 131036
Green, Gerald O.Wingville48133
Green, HazelRock Creek4052
Green, Henry C.Huntington31362
Green, Henry F.Huntington31364
Green, HerbertDepot8328
Green, Jessie A.Baker Ward 131037
Green, Pearl E.Haines28350
Green, SterlingRock Creek4051
Green, ViolaDepot8331
Green, Walter L.Haines28349
Green, William A.Haines - Haines Town27466
Greene, Barbara E.Hereford29246
Greene, Bessie E.Hereford29243
Greene, JohnHereford29244
Greene, J. RussellEagle Valley #123477
Greene, L. MargieEagle Valley #123479
Greene, Natalie M.Hereford29245
Greene, RoulettaDepot8746
Greene, S. MildredEagle Valley #123478
Greene, WalterHereford29242
Greene, W. DouglasEagle Valley #123480
Greene, WilliamDepot8745
Greener, BessiePine #136418
Greener, Ed R.Pine #136327
Greener, Elmer K.Pine #136341
Greener, Helen L.Pine #136330
Greener, Iowa I.Pine #136328
Greener, Jack L.Pine #136329
Greener, NorvalPine #136417
Greening, Charles*Huntington - Huntington Town30723
Greening, DonaldHuntington - Huntington Town30725
Greening, HattieHuntington - Huntington Town30724
Greening, HazelHuntington - Huntington Town30726
Greer, Alaice M.Clifford - Whitney Town1417
Greer, Charls R.Clifford - Whitney Town1416
Greer, Dorothy E.Baker Ward 57283
Greer, H. C.Baker Ward 46319
Greer, VirginiaBaker Ward 57282
Gregory, Lee L.Pine #237241
Gregory, Mary A.Pine #237242
Grey, EmmaBaker Ward 351034
Grey, William F.Baker Ward 351033
Gresham, LillebellSparta42192
Grier, ClaraBaker Ward 351062
Griffin, JamesBaker Ward 46113
Griffin, James P.Rye Valley4115
Griffin, Joehannah M.Rye Valley4117
Griffin, John B.Baker Ward 24826
Griffin, KatherineBaker Ward 241385
Griffin, Mamie E.Baker Ward 24825
Griffin, Mary E.Rye Valley4116
Griffin, Will M.Baker Ward 241384
Griffin, Patrick J.Baker Ward 24824
Griffith, AmyHuntington31255
Griffith, Blanes* W.Weatherby47142
Griffith, DorothyHuntington31257
Griffith, EltonHuntington31256
Griffith, EvanHuntington31254
Griffith, Frank R.Weatherby47125
Griffith, Gladis E.Weatherby47123
Griffith, Glenola G.Weatherby47124
Griffith, Glen E.Weatherby47122
Griffith, Gorden R.Weatherby47128
Griffith, Maxwell M.Weatherby47126
Griffith, Merrit B.Huntington31253
Griffith, Mildred E.Weatherby47127
Griffith, VictorWeatherby47131
Griffiths, Lillian B.Baker Ward 24837
Grim, H. SamuelPine35189
Grim, M. EdithPine35187
Grim, Mildred C.Pine35186
Grim, Sam T.Pine35185
Grim, Velma H.Pine35188
Grimmett, Beulah B.Baker County10637
Grindstaff, CoraDepot8680
Grindstaff, Hester M.Pocahontas38115
Grindstaff, RobertDepot8679
Grissom, Bert H.Baker Ward 5722
Grissom, ChristineBaker Ward 5723
Grissom, Laurence B.Baker Ward 5724
Grissom, Melvin V.Baker Ward 5726
Grissom, Richard G.Baker Ward 5727
Grissom, Roy E.Baker Ward 5725
Gritton, MittHaines28261
Grogan, Boyd S.Baker Ward 57150
Grogan, Elva L.Pocahontas38244
Grogan, EverettPocahontas38245
Grogan, Jessie N.Baker Ward 57151
Grogan, Lloyd A.Pocahontas38243
Grogan, Monroe M.Pocahontas38241
Grogan, Rosie A.Pocahontas38242
Groshong, HoodHuntington31243
Gross, A. EugenePine #136614
Gross, Anna B.Pine #136613
Gross, Clifford A.Pine #136615
Gross, Opal N.Pine #136616
Gross, OrvillePine #136612
Gross, W. EllisPine #136617
Gross, Wendell A.Pine #136618
Groth, CarlDepot81024
Groupe, AlfredHuntington - Huntington Town30868
Groupe, DonaHuntington - Huntington Town30867
Groupe, John A.Huntington - Huntington Town30864
Groupe, PansyHuntington - Huntington Town30865
Groupe, RobertaHuntington - Huntington Town30866
Groves, AndrewDepot8126
Groves, MartinDepot8128
Grow, Agnes F.Baker Ward 2474
Grow, Briggs T.Baker Ward 2477
Grow, Byron P.Baker Ward 2475
Grow, Doris A.Baker Ward 2476
Grow, Margaret L.Baker Ward 2478
Grow, Stanley B.Baker Ward 2473
Growberger*, H. H.Baker Ward 241015
Grubb, Alfred C.Pine #23723
Grubb, AlvaPine35335
Grubb, Florence W.Pine35337
Grubb, George E.Pine #23722
Grubb, Gladys D.Pine #23721
Grubb, Harry V.Pine #2371100
Grubb, StellaPine35336
Grumlade, AuyestaHuntington - Huntington Town30453
Grumlade, BasilHuntington - Huntington Town30454
Grumlade, MurielHuntington - Huntington Town30455
Grumlade, VictorHuntington - Huntington Town30452
Gude, FrankBed Rock11419
Guerney, LouiseBaker Ward 13952
Guiliani, CesareBaker Ward 241362
Gulick, Charles R.Pine #136143
Gulick, Ellen M.Pine #136144
Gulick, John S.Pine #136146
Gulick, Marjorie E.Pine #136145
Guliek, LeeEagle Valley #123317
Gun*, PhilipBaker Ward 241356
Gunderson, JessieHuntington - Huntington Town30434
Gunderson, JohnBaker Ward 35974
Gurton, BarbaraBaker Ward 13873
Gurton, JohnnieBaker Ward 13875
Gurton, Pete A.Baker Ward 13872
Gurton, SylvesterBaker Ward 13874
Gutridge, AllenDepot883
Gutridge, BillyDepot8810
Gutridge, EdgarDepot889
Gutridge, FrancisDepot885
Gutridge, JuneDepot888
Gutridge, LottieDepot884
Gutridge, MargaretDepot887
Gutridge, WayneDepot886
Gutschow, CrissBaker County10485
Guyer, Delia L.South Baker9419
Guyer, DonaldSouth Baker9422
Guyer, Dora E.Baker Ward 57856
Guyer, George H.South Baker9418
Guyer, G. ErmaEagle Valley #123518
Guyer, G. WarrenEagle Valley #123583
Guyer, HarryAlder1296
Guyer, Harry F.Baker Ward 57855
Guyer, Helen A.Baker Ward 57857
Guyer, H. LouisEagle Valley #123517
Guyer, I. EthelEagle Valley #123582
Guyer, John A.Baker Ward 57854
Guyer, KarolineBaker Ward 57853
Guyer, M. HelenEagle Valley #123584
Guyer, P. RalphEagle Valley #123581
Guyer, RandellSouth Baker9421
Guyer, Shirley H.South Baker9420
Guyer, W. RalphEagle Valley #123585
Guystricklin, JohnDurkee21229
Gwilliam, AnnBaker Ward 13273
Gwilliam, DeaneBaker Ward 13270
Gwilliam, ElaineBaker Ward 13272
Gwilliam, George S.Baker Ward 13783
Gwilliam, GlenBaker Ward 13785
Gwilliam, Joseph H.Baker Ward 13264
Gwilliam, Joseph K.Baker Ward 13266
Gwilliam, KarlBaker Ward 13271
Gwilliam, MaxineBaker Ward 13267
Gwilliam, RellaBaker Ward 13265
Gwilliam, StanfordBaker Ward 13268
Gwilliam, TheldaBaker Ward 13269
Gwilliam, VerniceBaker Ward 13784
Gwilliam, WeldonBaker Ward 13786
Gyllenberg, AnnaDepot81184
Gyllenberg, AnnaDepot81186
Gyllenberg, John A.Depot81183
Gyllenberg, OliverDepot81185
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