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Oregon Federal Census Index 1930
Baker County Series T626
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
Gibb, William A.Pine35389
Gibbons, BertHaines28213
Gibbons, DelbertHaines28212
Gibbons, IreneHaines28214
Gibbons, IzabellHaines28217
Gibbons, JohnHaines28216
Gibbons, RosieHaines28215
Gibbons, SaraHaines28211
Gibbons, WesleyHaines28210
Gibbs, DellaHaines28324
Gibbs, HazelBaker Ward 24248
Gibbs, IoneSumpter - Sumpter City43117
Gibbs, William W.Sumpter - Sumpter City43116
Gibson, Albert A.Baker Ward 46225
Gibson, GeneEagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22134
Gibson, Joseph E.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22225
Gibson, May M.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22226
Gibson, Victor W.Baker Ward 46226
Gideon, EugeniaBaker Ward 351535
Gilam, AlmaBaker Ward 241197
Gilam, LeonardBaker Ward 241196
Gilberston, BenSouth Baker9359
Gilbert, Anna L.Baker Ward 35692
Gilbert, Clyde C.Baker Ward 35690
Gilbert, ElizabethBaker Ward 24767
Gilbert, GertrudeBaker Ward 35691
Gilbert, Myrtle M.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22115
Gilbert, WilliamHaines28265
Gilbert, WilliamRock Creek40221
Giles, EdwardBaker Ward 241327
Giles, NellieBaker Ward 241326
Giles, Will*Baker Ward 241325
Gilkison, EdnaRock Creek40252
Gilkison, HaroldDepot81256
Gilkison, HelenRock Creek40251
Gilkison, James E.Haines28293
Gilkison, James E.Haines28295
Gilkison, James W.Baker Ward 13261
Gilkison, LinnieBaker Ward 13262
Gilkison, MaggieRock Creek40250
Gilkison, MargaretHaines28294
Gilkison, MerleBaker Ward 13263
Gilkison, Nellie I.Baker Ward 13319
Gilkison, Wilbur H.Rock Creek40249
Gillett, Carl W.Baker County10690
Gillett, EzekielBaker Ward 351463
Gillett, Leona L.Baker County10691
Gillett, LouizaBaker Ward 351464
Gillette, Charlie B.Pocahontas38254
Gillette, Claud E.Pocahontas38251
Gillette, Claud E.Pocahontas38257
Gillette, Elton G.Pine #136630
Gillette, Eula E.Pine #136629
Gillette, Francis B.Pocahontas38252
Gillette, Gladys D.Pocahontas38253
Gillette, Howard L.Pocahontas38255
Gillette, Joseph R.Pocahontas38258
Gillette, Lillie M.Pine #136459
Gillette, Walter E.Pocahontas38256
Gillette, William A.Pine #136458
Gilliam WilliamBaker Ward 24296
Gilliam, MitchellBaker Ward 24294
Gilliam, WildaBaker Ward 24295
Gilmore, DarrellBaker Ward 13178
Gilmore, Duane G.Baker Ward 13726
Gilmore, EdBridgeport1315
Gilmore, EugeneBridgeport1318
Gilmore, Gordon N.Baker Ward 13724
Gilmore, Helen A.Baker Ward 57725
Gilmore, JamesDepot8799
Gilmore, KateBaker Ward 13725
Gilmore, Larry B.Baker Ward 57726
Gilmore, LethaDepot8819
Gilmore, LetitiaBaker Ward 13175
Gilmore, Lloyd B.Baker Ward 57724
Gilmore, MargueriteBaker Ward 13177
Gilmore, PeralBridgeport1316
Gilmore, RoyDepot8818
Gilmore, Stewart L.Baker Ward 13174
Gilmore, Stewart L.Baker Ward 13176
Gilmore, ThulaDepot87100
Gilmore, WindelBridgeport1317
Gin, JungBaker Ward 241484
Gin, LeeBaker Ward 241374
Ging, WingBaker Ward 241348
Gingles, Robert L.Baker County10596
Girrard, HarryDurkee21123
Girrard, MartinDurkee21125
Girrard, MeomaDurkee21124
Gisiglo, FrancisHaines - Haines Town27317
Giurado, John C.South Baker9725
Giurado, Myrtle A.South Baker9726
Giurado, Raymond L.South Baker9727
Givens, Carl A.Bridgeport13138
Givens, Goldie M.Bridgeport13143
Givens, Johnie M.Bridgeport13140
Givens, Myrtle C.Bridgeport13137
Givens, Orvil J.Bridgeport13142
Givens, Rex D.Bridgeport13141
Givens, SaraBridgeport13145
Givens, Sara M.Bridgeport13144
Givens, Walter A.Bridgeport13136
Givens, Walter R.Bridgeport13139
Givins, WilliamEagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22150
Gladwin, Stanwood S.Baker Ward 24856
Glasby, Julia E.Huntington - Huntington Town30838
Glasby, Rae M.Huntington - Huntington Town30837
Glasby, Sarah E.Huntington - Huntington Town30840
Glasby, William W.Huntington - Huntington Town30839
Glasgow, Jack O.Eagle Valley #224114
Glasgow, Jack O. Jr.Eagle Valley #224117
Glasgow, Manila N.Eagle Valley #224115
Glasgow, Richard N.Eagle Valley #224116
Glass, Rosannah H.Haines28426
Glass, William F.Haines28427
Glass, William M.Haines28425
Gleason, William H.Sumpter - Sumpter City43217
Gleeman, HermanBaker Ward 241147
Glenn, AgnesBaker Ward 46561
Glenn, Arthur F.Baker Ward 46560
Glenn, BerniceBaker Ward 46562
Glenn, BerniceBaker Ward 57366
Glenn, Calvin W.Baker Ward 57368
Glenn, CecilDurkee21128
Glenn, DelbertDurkee21131
Glenn, Eldon A.Baker Ward 57367
Glenn, Ella F.Pine #13663
Glenn, Elton A.Baker Ward 571088
Glenn, EverettBaker Ward 46564
Glenn, GeorgeDurkee2131
Glenn, Harold K.Baker Ward 571085
Glenn, Harriet E.Pine #13664
Glenn, HattieDurkee21127
Glenn, Helen M.Pine #13665
Glenn, Howard W.Baker Ward 571086
Glenn, JohnDurkee21298
Glenn, KateDepot8217
Glenn, LaVaughnDurkee21129
Glenn, MarionDurkee21126
Glenn, MurtisDurkee21130
Glenn, Naomi H.Baker Ward 571087
Glenn, ThelmaDurkee212100
Glenn, Robert A.Pine #13662
Glenn, Theodore T.Baker Ward 57365
Glenn, ViloaDurkee21299
Glenn, WilmaBaker Ward 46563
Glison, DoraBaker Ward 241035
Glover, CharleyAlder1196
Gobal, FannieHuntington - Huntington Town30785
Gobal, JohnHuntington - Huntington Town30784
Gobel, Morrel B.Hereford29152
Godwin, BarbaraBaker Ward 46989
Godwin, C. T.Baker Ward 46987
Godwin, M. InezBaker Ward 46988
Goercy*, H. D.South Baker9499
Goff, AlfredDepot8660
Goff, HazelDepot8663
Goff, HenriettaDepot8659
Goff, IreneDepot8661
Goff, JoeDepot8664
Goff, LillianDepot8662
Goff, VinnieDepot8665
Goff, WilliamDepot8658
Gomez, JackHuntington - Huntington Town30636
Gomez, TanaHuntington - Huntington Town30635
Gongaley, JoseHuntington - Huntington Town30310
Good, LauraBaker Ward 241150
Goodell, Horatio W.Huntington31216
Goodell, NettieHuntington31217
Gooding, CharlesBaker Ward 24278
Goodman, James S.Connor Creek18183
Goodman, M. LoganLookout33126
Goodman, M. NettieLookout33127
Goodman, RosieConnor Creek18184
Goodwin, AdaPine #237184
Goodwin, Charles E.Rock Creek40117
Goodwin, Richard H.Pine #237183
Gorden, A. JamesEagle Valley #123659
Gorden, L. SadieEagle Valley #123493
Gorden, O. CarmenEagle Valley #123494
Gorden, RoscoeEagle Valley #12374
Gorden, W. GeorgeEagle Valley #123492
Gorden, W. WilliamEagle Valley #12343
Gordon, Anna B.Baker Ward 13619
Gordon, ElaineBaker Ward 351041
Gordon, EmilUnity45179
Gordon, FinleyIron Dyke32242
Gordon, Glen G.Baker Ward 351039
Gordon, Glen G. Jr.Baker Ward 351042
Gordon, JosephineBaker Ward 351040
Gordon, Wallace D.Baker Ward 13618
Gordon, WilliamBaker Ward 57632
Gordon, William H.Unity45290
Gorman, Emily A.Baker Ward 2419
Gorman, MargaretBaker Ward 35897
Gorman, RalphBaker Ward 35896
Gorman, Ralph S.Baker Ward 35898
Gorman, ThomasBaker Ward 35899
Gossett, DelbertDepot8988
Gossett, IsabellaDepot8986
Gossett, Mary M.Depot8987
Gossett, Phillip C.Depot8985
Gossett, VivianDepot8989
Gossett, William A.Baker County10754
Gotchy, LorettaPine35263
Gould, VernDepot8687
Gover, Barbara E.Pine #136526
Gover, BrucePine #136255
Gover, Carson, W.Pine #13614
Gover, ChristeenPine #136258
Gover, CliffordEagle Valley #123537
Gover, Elizabeth O.Eagle Valley #123266
Gover, E. MattieEagle Valley #123540
Gover, Emma H.Pine #136478
Gover, F. MilfordEagle Valley #123634
Gover, GertrudePine #136257
Gover, Grace L.Pine #136380
Gover, Herbert S.Pine #13616
Gover, H. RonaldEagle Valley #123535
Gover, J. LauraEagle Valley #123541
Gover, LeolaPine #136259
Gover, LeonardPine #136256
Gover, L. MabelEagle Valley #123265
Gover, L. MaryEagle Valley #123539
Gover, L. PearlEagle Valley #123533
Gover, L. WillieEagle Valley #123538
Gover, MaryPine #136382
Gover, Mary A.Pine #13615
Gover, Mattie J.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22111
Gover, M. RogerEagle Valley #123267
Gover, Olin A.Pine #136254
Gover, S. DavidEagle Valley #123532
Gover, S. DavidEagle Valley #123536
Gover, S. FredEagle Valley #123264
Gover, SylversterEagle Valley #123534
Gover, Velma E.Pine #136525
Gover, Walter A.Pine #136379
Gover, Walter Jr.Pine #136381
Gover, W. LovellPine #136524
Gover, W. LovellPine #136527
Goyer, JoeBaker Ward 241296
Goyer, WilliamAlder1311
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