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Oregon Federal Census Index 1930
Baker County Series T626
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
Folkeseth, Andrew M.Greenhorn - Greenhorn Town2514
Fong, Arthur H.Baker Ward 24677
Fong, ChristineBaker Ward 24680
Fong, EdwinBaker Ward 24678
Fong, Marjorie M.Baker Ward 24679
Fong, Oscar H.Baker Ward 24676
Fontaine, EstelleBaker Ward 351573
Fontaine, J. D.Baker Ward 351572
Forcey, ElainePine35331
Forcey, Ira H.Pine35330
Forcey, Nancy J.Pine35334
Forcey, Patricia L.Pine35333
Forcey, Robert H.Pine35332
Ford, Nellie W.Baker Ward 24875
Ford, OtisSumpter - Sumpter City43253
Foreman, Alvin L.Pine #237167
Foreman, Betty J.Pine #237170
Foreman, Ermina M.Huntington - Huntington Town30897
Foreman, HarveyPine35270
Foreman, Harvey L.Pine #237171
Foreman, Mary L.Pine35271
Foreman, NedPine #237168
Foreman, OlivePine #237166
Foreman, Otto E.Huntington - Huntington Town30896
Foreman, Ray R.Pine35272
Foreman, RoyPine #136519
Foreman, Willa M.Pine #237169
Foreman, William D.Pine #237165
Forestine, EinnerBaker Ward 35750
Forestine, EthelBaker Ward 35751
Forsea, BlanchConnor Creek18148
Forsea, DanielConnor Creek18147
Forsea, HaroldConnor Creek18149
Forsea, MargaretConnor Creek18151
Forsea, RobertConnor Creek18150
Forsea, WalterConnor Creek18152
Forsterling, Byron G.Weatherby47162
Forsterling, Erma L.Weatherby47161
Forsterling, Henery L.Weatherby47164
Forsterling, MayWeatherby47160
Forsterling, Willis E.Weatherby47163
Forsterling, Willis H.Weatherby47159
Forten, C. WilliamEagle Valley #123442
Fosnot, Denzie G.Pocahontas38178
Fosnot, FrankRock Creek40322
Fosnot, George W.Haines28185
Fosnot, IreneBaker Ward 351096
Fosnot, James M.Depot8953
Fosnot, Lloyd W.Depot8955
Fosnot, MerleWingville48235
Fosnot, Minnie E.Haines28186
Fosnot, Mollie E.Depot8954
Fosnot, Robert D.Baker Ward 351098
Fossum, DonaldBaker Ward 35249
Fossum, E.Baker Ward 35243
Fossum, Hilma O.Baker Ward 35245
Fossum, Hilma S.Baker Ward 35244
Fossum, Jan E.Baker Ward 35246
Fossum, John H.Baker Ward 35248
Fossum, RaymondBaker Ward 35250
Fossum, RebeccaBaker Ward 35247
Fossum, RobertBaker Ward 35251
Foster, Carrie M.Pine #237451
Foster, ColeenBaker Ward 241225
Foster, Franc E.Baker Ward 351614
Foster, George H.Baker Ward 351613
Foster, Hugh C.Pine #237363
Foster, Joe C.Depot8133
Foster, Marjorie T.Pine #23737
Foster, Ora P.Baker Ward 571029
Foster, PaulineBaker Ward 13484
Foster, Phyllis M.Pine #23736
Foster, RichardBaker Ward 13485
Foster, William W.Pine #237450
Fouch, BeverleyHuntington - Huntington Town30730
Fouch, DorisHuntington - Huntington Town30729
Fouch, EllaHuntington - Huntington Town30728
Fouch, RalphHuntington - Huntington Town30727
Fowler, Annie V.Baker Ward 57548
Fowler, Bessie M.Iron Dyke3228
Fowler, JackIron Dyke3227
Fowler, JeanBaker Ward 1332
Fowler, MargaretBaker Ward 1333
Fowler, William H.Baker Ward 57547
Fox, James H.Unity45157
Fox, LillianUnity45158
Fraker, LloydBaker Ward 461040
Francis, BessieAlder1130
Francis, EleanorBaker Ward 351579
Francis, GraceBaker Ward 351578
Francis, JakeAlder1127
Francis, LeeAlder1131
Francis, LoraineBaker Ward 351327
Francis, MadgeBaker Ward 351326
Francis, O. J.Baker Ward 351325
Francis, PaulBaker Ward 351580
Francis, RoyAlder1128
Francis, WillardAlder1129
Frank, Charles F.Baker Ward 57776
Frank, EllaBaker Ward 57777
Frank, Eugene F.Baker Ward 57778
Frank, R. KleinBaker Ward 241477
Franklin, AnnaDepot8440
Franklin, B**Baker Ward 241357
Frans*, James B.Sparta42170
Franzan, Paul F.Baker Ward 4625
Franzen, AstridBaker Ward 131026
Franzen, GideonBaker Ward 131023
Franzen, HelenBaker Ward 131027
Franzen, Helina S.Baker Ward 131024
Franzen, JanetteBaker Ward 131028
Franzen, PaulBaker Ward 131025
Fraser, A. EmmaEagle Valley #123172
Fraser, C. BonnieEagle Valley #123174
Fraser, G. RuthEagle Valley #123173
Fraser, P. DuncanEagle Valley #123171
Fraser, P. MadeleineEagle Valley #123175
Frauce, Sophrona J.Baker Ward 57938
Freast, Frederick W.Baker Ward 35783
Freast, Sara L.Baker Ward 35784
Fredrick, OscarBaker Ward 241284
Freeland, CharlesBaker County10168
Freelove, Henry E.Huntington - Huntington Town3031
Freeman, Bernice E.Baker County10785
Freeman, Docia L.Baker County10783
Freeman, JesseBaker Ward 351388
Freeman, JohnCornucopia - Cornucopia Town19110
Freeman, John G.Baker County10782
Freeman, Joseph W.Baker County10784
Freeman, Lowell E.Baker County10193
Freeman, MildredBaker Ward 351576
Freeman, RalphBaker Ward 351575
Freeman, SusieBaker Ward 351389
Freitag, Cora M.Baker Ward 57924
Freitag, Louis E.Baker Ward 57923
French, Angele M.South Baker9737
French, BarbaraBaker Ward 35747
French, Daniel W.Baker Ward 1381
French, Daniel W. 3rdBaker Ward 13664
French, Dan Jr.Baker Ward 35745
French, ElmerHuntington - Huntington Town30299
French, FlorenceBaker Ward 1383
French, Gordon O.Baker Ward 13662
French, JamesSouth Baker9738
French, Jennie W.Baker Ward 1382
French, JohnSouth Baker9739
French, John B.South Baker9736
French, LeahBaker Ward 35746
French, LyleBaker Ward 13663
French, Robert W.Baker Ward 13389
Fresh, Ella B.Baker Ward 35425
Fresh, JackDepot8666
Fresh, James E.Baker Ward 461038
Fresh, Joe A.Baker Ward 35424
Fresh, MarcelleDepot8667
Fresh, RayDepot8669
Fresh, RobertDepot8668
Fresh, ViolaBaker Ward 35423
Frey, Clyde C.Baker Ward 24754
Frey, Frank C.Baker Ward 24396
Frey, Frank C.Baker Ward 24753
Frey, MargaretBaker Ward 24399
Frey, Nina T.Baker Ward 24397
Frey, Patricia J.Baker Ward 24398
Fricke, Edith E.Baker Ward 57136
Fricke, N. M.Baker Ward 57135
Friend, E. A.Baker Ward 46661
Friend, Nora M.Baker Ward 46662
Frisbie, AdelineBaker Ward 13995
Frisbie, DuaneBaker Ward 13996
Frisbie, Royal C.Baker Ward 13994
Frisco, CharoletteRye Valley41178
Frisco, Earl W.Rye Valley41177
Frisco, John W.Rye Valley41174
Frisco, JosephRye Valley41179
Frisco, LouiseRye Valley41176
Frisco, Winnie HelenRye Valley41175
Fritz, JohnBed Rock1147
Froman, FrancisHaines - Haines Town27455
Froman, VictoriaHaines - Haines Town27454
Frost, Frank H.Durkee21226
Frothriech*, HermanBaker Ward 461033
Fryar, GeorgeBaker Ward 351141
Fryar, NellBaker Ward 351142
Fuchs, Armand H.Baker Ward 4645
Fuchs, HannahBaker Ward 13576
Fuchs, IsidorBaker Ward 4643
Fuchs, KatherinBaker Ward 4644
Fuchs, MoseBaker Ward 13575
Fugit, AldonAlder1151
Fugit, BlancheAlder1154
Fugit, CleoAlder1153
Fugit, EdithAlder1148
Fugit, FarrellAlder1150
Fugit, HiltonAlder1147
Fugit, RoseAlder1152
Fugit, StanleyAlder1149
Fulkerson, EleryPocahontas38113
Fulkerson, Elnora J.Pocahontas38112
Fulkerson, Robert C.Pocahontas38111
Fuller, Dennis L.Big Creek12228
Fuller, Edna B.Big Creek12227
Fuller, EldridgeHaines - Haines Town27318
Fuller, LanenaBaker Ward 241161
Fuller, LenoreBaker Ward 241162
Fuller, LeRoySouth Baker9672
Fuller, LouisBaker Ward 241064
Fuller, Peter N.Big Creek12149
Funk, DeloraWingville48163
Funk, DelrayWingville48247
Funk, Robert D.Wingville48165
Funk, William A.Wingville48161
Funk, William A. Jr.Wingville48164
Funk, Zelma A.Wingville48162
Furnes, Bruce J.Big Creek12224
Furnes, Gerald O.Big Creek12225
Furnes, James C.Big Creek12222
Furnes, Myrtle M.Big Creek12223
Furukawa, M.Baker Ward 13697
Fuzi, JinnieBaker Ward 461032
Fuzi, RoseBaker Ward 13821
Fuzzy, AnnaBaker Ward 461082
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