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Oregon Federal Census Index 1930
Baker County Series T626
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
Fague, Eveyln F.Bridgeport13187
Fague, Fay C.Bridgeport13184
Fague, Grace V.Bridgeport13183
Fague, Thora B.Bridgeport13186
Fague, Vargina B.Bridgeport13185
Fairbanks, RalphHuntington - Huntington Town30360
Fairbanks, RalphHuntington - Huntington Town30646
Fairchild, JackBaker Ward 35966
Fairchild, RosaBaker Ward 13120
Fairchild, RussellBaker Ward 35963
Fairchild, Russell Jr.Baker Ward 35965
Fairchild, ThelmaBaker Ward 35964
Fanshier, BerthaBaker Ward 3588
Fanshier, HarlanBaker Ward 3587
Fanshier, HelenBaker Ward 3589
Fanshier, MarvinBaker Ward 35810
Fanshier, VernonBaker Ward 35811
Farella, MadgeAlder1175
Farella, RalphAlder1176
Farella, RoyAlder1174
Farley, Georgia M.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22254
Farley, Ifa E.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22252
Farley, ImogenePine35329
Farley, Thomas W.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22253
Farley, William E.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22251
Farmer, Beulah E.South Baker9238
Farmer, Clifford G.South Baker9237
Farmer, Clifford G.South Baker9240
Farmer, EvaBaker Ward 35932
Farmer, GilesBaker Ward 35933
Farmer, Ofila R.South Baker9239
Farmer, William M.Baker Ward 35931
Farrar, Burnis M.Baker Ward 35620
Farrar, F. W.Baker Ward 35619
Farrar, Nancy* E.Baker Ward 35621
Farrel, JackDurkee21428
Farrow, Richard V.Pine #237546
Faule*, CharlesPine #136324
Faust, BenjamanUnity45249
Faust, Elton J.Unity45254
Faust, GertrudeUnity45252
Faust, MinnieUnity45250
Faust, Norma G.Unity45253
Faust, Ralph W.Unity45251
Favorite, DaytonRock Creek40494
Favorite, EdwardRock Creek40495
Favorite, MinnieRock Creek40493
Favorite, Oliver L.Haines28126
Fee, Leeondris F.Haines - Haines Town2756
Feijapb*, ClaradranaBaker County10767
Feijapb*, Eva M.Baker County10766
Feijapb*, James E.Baker County10765
Feirst, John J.Baker Ward 351343
Feirst, KatharineBaker Ward 351344
Felch, CharlesBaker Ward 351217
Felch, MarieBaker Ward 351218
Fellows, Chas F.Baker Ward 46778
Fellows, CleoraBaker Ward 241294
Fellows, MaudBaker Ward 46777
Fellows, W. B.Baker Ward 46776
Fellows, W. C.Baker Ward 241293
Fenn, ClementineHuntington - Huntington Town3013
Fenn, EvelineHuntington - Huntington Town3014
Fenn, Leland T.Huntington - Huntington Town3011
Fenn, MaryHuntington - Huntington Town3012
Fenn, MildredHuntington - Huntington Town3015
Fenn, RaymondHuntington - Huntington Town3016
Ferguson, Allvin E.Connor Creek18131
Ferguson, Edgar O.Baker Ward 461059
Ferguson, H. T.Baker Ward 46546
Ferguson, JohnDepot81154
Ferguson, J. V.Baker Ward 13324
Ferguson, Lulu M.Baker Ward 461058
Ferguson, William T.Baker Ward 461057
Fernald, JaneBaker Ward 35760
Fernald, LouisBaker Ward 35758
Fernald, PearlBaker Ward 35759
Fernald, WalterBaker Ward 35761
Fetter, SimonBaker Ward 46460
Fichas, Hazel M.South Baker9693
Fichas, JamesSouth Baker9695
Fichas, MarySouth Baker9694
Fichas, W. C.South Baker9692
Fichas, WilmaSouth Baker9696
Fickett, AliceDurkee21167
Fickett, GeraldDurkee21169
Fickett, LawrenceDurkee21168
Fickett, RalphDurkee21166
Ficklin, Claude H.Huntington - Huntington Town3046
Ficklin, EdithHuntington - Huntington Town3047
Ficklin, EdnaHuntington - Huntington Town3049
Ficklin, ElsieHuntington - Huntington Town30410
Ficklin, JohnHuntington - Huntington Town3048
Fidler, Hester S.Haines - Haines Town27294
Fidler, Meyrle L.Haines - Haines Town27296
Fidler, Roy E.Haines - Haines Town27293
Fidler, Wayne D.Haines - Haines Town27295
Fields, Barbara J.Eagle Valley #224148
Fields, GladlysDepot8189
Fields, JohnDepot8190
Fields, Robert G.Eagle Valley #224147
Fields, Ruth N.Eagle Valley #224146
Fields, Walter A.Depot8188
Fields, Wilburt C.Eagle Valley #224145
Fierst, Alma N.Baker Ward 24253
Fierst, Bernice K.Baker Ward 24257
Fierst, Clarice L.Baker Ward 24256
Fierst, Frank J.Baker Ward 24252
Fifer, ElizabethBaker Ward 351010
Filgan*, A. JohnEagle Valley #123470
Filgan*, A. QuincyEagle Valley #123472
Filgan*, A. SelaEagle Valley #123471
Finch, JaneBaker Ward 461070
Finch, June E.Baker Ward 461068
Finch, Leland S.Baker Ward 461067
Finch, Robert B.Baker Ward 461069
Finlayson, Annette M.Baker Ward 46981
Finlayson, Della K.Baker Ward 46979
Finlayson, Finley A.Baker Ward 46978
Finlayson, Thomas F.Baker Ward 46980
Finley, AlvinBaker Ward 351390
Finley, HannaBaker Ward 351391
Finley, John D.Baker Ward 351392
Finn, JuliaDurkee21352
Firth, Charles H.Pine #237289
Firth, Charles H.Pine #237561
Firth, Claude W.Pine #237559
Firth, Conn R.Pine #237291
Firth, Mary A.Pine #237560
Firth, Sarah E.Pine #237290
Fish, Arthur J.Baker Ward 24621
Fish, Ellen A.Baker Ward 24622
Fisher, Alva N.Pine35157
Fisher, BelleRock Creek40311
Fisher, Calvin K.Rock Creek4033
Fisher, Catherine M.Baker Ward 35139
Fisher, Charles K.Rock Creek4038
Fisher, Clarissa E.Pine35159
Fisher, CoraRock Creek40168
Fisher, Donald E.Pine35163
Fisher, Eleanor C.Baker Ward 35142
Fisher, ElectaRock Creek40319
Fisher, ElizabethRock Creek4036
Fisher, Eunice G.Haines28311
Fisher, EstherRock Creek40230
Fisher, FannieRock Creek40321
Fisher, Frieda H.Rock Creek40169
Fisher, George C.Rock Creek40229
Fisher, GeorgiaRock Creek40234
Fisher, Gladys S.Pine35158
Fisher, HenryRock Creek40232
Fisher, H. PervinRock Creek40318
Fisher, Jack S.Pine35160
Fisher, James K.Rock Creek4035
Fisher, Joe L.Baker Ward 35138
Fisher, John C.Rock Creek4037
Fisher, John J.Baker Ward 35140
Fisher, Lena M.Rock Creek4034
Fisher, Loy H.Pine35161
Fisher, MargaretBaker Ward 46443
Fisher, MarthaBaker Ward 3514
Fisher, OrvalRock Creek40231
Fisher, Robert E.Pine35162
Fisher, Robert L.Baker Ward 35141
Fisher, RogerRock Creek40233
Fisher, Ruth M.Pine35164
Fisher, Theador M.Haines28310
Fisher, Theo A.Haines28312
Fisher, WinfredRock Creek40320
Fitzgerald, MaryBaker Ward 46132
Flanagan, M. WilliamRobinette39155
Flannigan, ChesterHuntington - Huntington Town30155
Flannigan, EmaudaHuntington - Huntington Town30154
Fleener, IrwinBaker Ward 13148
Fleener, LouiseBaker Ward 13147
Fleener, OliveBaker Ward 13146
Fleenes, Martha T.Baker County10350
Fleenes, Otto C.Baker County10349
Fleenor, Clariene M.Pine #136571
Fleenor, Floriene M.Pine #136570
Fleenor, GeorgePine #136568
Fleenor, Jennie M.Pine #136569
Fleenor, Vivian L.Pine #136572
Fleetwood, Alosep*Baker Ward 13160
Fleetwood, Betty L.Baker Ward 24224
Fleetwood, Bruce L.Baker Ward 24222
Fleetwood, ChrissieUnity45320
Fleetwood, Clare A.Unity45321
Fleetwood, Everett V.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22216
Fleetwood, Everett V.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22218
Fleetwood, FultonBaker Ward 13370
Fleetwood, HarmandaHereford29113
Fleetwood, James M.Unity45319
Fleetwood, JeanBaker Ward 24225
Fleetwood, JeremiahDepot8824
Fleetwood, Julia G.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22217
Fleetwood, LesterDepot8825
Fleetwood, Lou F.Baker Ward 13161
Fleetwood, MarieBaker Ward 24223
Fleetwood, VirginiaBaker Ward 13371
Fleetwood, WadeBaker Ward 24226
Fleming, Alva B.Depot8689
Fleming, AndrewDepot8688
Fleming, BelleBaker Ward 57214
Fleming, BoydDepot8685
Fleming, Charles H.Baker Ward 57213
Fleming, ClaraDepot8686
Fleming, GroverDurkee21231
Fleming, OscarDepot8580
Fleming, Robert W.Depot8581
Flemming, Anita C.Baker County10286
Flemming, Bellfield J.Baker County10282
Flemming, Dorothy M.Baker County10284
Flemming, Etta M.Baker County10283
Flemming, Harold B.Baker County10287
Flemming, Vardell F.Baker County10285
Fleugher, MargaretBaker Ward 46781
Flower, NettiePine35312
Flowers, GeorgeBaker Ward 241024
Fluharty, AnnaRock Creek40341
Fluharty, ArthurRock Creek40340
Fluharty, DeanRock Creek40342
Fluharty, Henry M.Rock Creek40344
Fluharty, Mattie A.Rock Creek40345
Fluharty, RexRock Creek40343
Flynn, Edith A.Baker Ward 461086
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