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Oregon Federal Census Index 1930
Baker County Series T626
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
Embrey, Erma M.Baker Ward 3527
Embrey, JosephineBaker Ward 3524
Embrey, LoraineBaker Ward 3526
Embrey, MarieBaker Ward 3525
Emele, Benjaman D.Haines - Haines Town2723
Emele, Betty M.Haines - Haines Town2726
Emele, DonoldDepot81237
Emele, DorothyDepot81238
Emele, ElmerDepot81235
Emele, ElsieDepot81236
Emele, Gene E.Haines - Haines Town2725
Emele, LauraHaines - Haines Town2724
Emele, OdessaDepot8167
Emele, Vernon A.Depot8166
Emerick, AnnaBaker Ward 241165
Emerick, LolaHuntington - Huntington Town30825
Emerson, EarlUnity45136
Emerson, Emma L.Baker Ward 46970
Emerson, HattieBaker Ward 46969
Emerson, Robert A.Rock Creek40370
Emerson, R. W.Baker Ward 46968
Emery, Bessie A.Baker Ward 57290
Emery, EdwardBed Rock11169
Emery, Ira D.Wingville4826
Emery, Ira T.Wingville4824
Emery, Jessie E.Baker Ward 57291
Emery, JosephPocahontas38177
Emery, Laura E.Wingville4825
Emery, Gordon E.Baker Ward 241041
Emile, Edith V.Baker Ward 57611
Emile, HarryBaker Ward 57610
Emile, LaVelle J.Baker Ward 57613
Emile, Marjorie C.Baker Ward 57612
Emminger, JosephRock Creek40628
Emokiser*, CedricSumpter - Sumpter City4327
Emokiser*, LeotaSumpter - Sumpter City4328
Enberg, Margarite L.Baker Ward 57160
Enberg, MarieDepot8146
Enberg, Marie F.Baker Ward 57158
Enberg, Randall O.Baker Ward 57159
Endrup, Alicia H.Pine #237142
Endrup, Andrew H.Pine #237140
Endrup, Lauretta E.Pine #237141
Endrup, Philathea C.Pine #237143
Engell, Rad DeeRock Creek402100
Engil, George A.Baker Ward 5762
Engle, CharlesBaker Ward 355100
Engle, ClaireAudrey2114
Engle, FredRock Creek40316
Engle, GladysUnity45117
Engle, GraceBaker Ward 13129
Engle, John A.Baker Ward 13128
Engle, LawrenceBaker Ward 35598
Engle, LeanaBaker Ward 35599
Engle, Lena E.Unity45115
Engle, NormanBaker Ward 13130
Engle, Paul C.Audrey2113
Engle, RuthUnity45116
Engle, William L.Unity45114
English, Isabel F.Baker Ward 13460
Engstrom, Byrel E.Weatherby47157
Engstrom, Doris A.Baker Ward 461019
Engstrom, Mabel G.Baker Ward 46449
Engstrom, Mary E.Baker Ward 461018
Engstrom, Meta E.Weatherby47156
Engstrom, Pete A.Baker Ward 461017
Engstrom, Uno T.Weatherby47155
Engstrom, Velma R.Baker Ward 461020
Engum, ArleneEagle Valley #123526
Engum, ArnoldEagle Valley #123525
Engum, CliffordEagle Valley #123523
Engum, EzraEagle Valley #123658
Engum, James J.Baker Ward 571068
Engum, Louise E.Baker Ward 571064
Engum, N. BonnieEagle Valley #123527
Engum, RoseEagle Valley #123524
Ensminger, AlbertHaines - Haines Town27449
Ensminger, AmyRock Creek40346
Ensminger, AnnaHaines - Haines Town27452
Ensminger, Dorthy R.Haines - Haines Town27453
Ensminger, EdithHaines - Haines Town27451
Ensminger, HerbertHaines - Haines Town272100
Ensminger, Ida B.Haines - Haines Town27135
Ensminger, James B.Haines - Haines Town27134
Ensminger, JohanaHaines - Haines Town27278
Ensminger, Mary E.Haines - Haines Town2731
Ensminger, NornaRock Creek40348
Ensminger, OralRock Creek40347
Ensminger, Ruth S.Haines - Haines Town27450
Ensminger, William D.Haines - Haines Town27145
Ensminger, Walter C.Haines - Haines Town27136
Entermille, Archie J.Baker County10137
Entermille, Daniel F.Pocahontas3815
Entermille, Donald J.Baker County10139
Entermille, FrancisPocahontas3816
Entermille, Fred D.Pocahontas3817
Entermille, Lena A.Baker County10138
Entermille, Vesta G.Pocahontas3818
Entermille, Viola M.Pocahontas3819
Eppinger, CharleyDepot8511
Eppinger, Fred W.Baker Ward 131081
Eppinger, Lulu C.Baker Ward 131082
Ericksen, AndyDepot81128
Ericksen, ErieDepot81127
Erickson, Alma M.Wingville481100
Erickson, Alma L.Wingville4821
Erickson, Anna J.Depot81214
Erickson, George W.Wingville48199
Erickson, John E.Pine #136175
Erickson, MabelDepot8364
Erickson, Mabel B.Baker County10514
Erickson, PatriciaDepot8365
Erickson, Patricia L.Baker County10515
Errand, Elizabeth R.Baker Ward 5799
Errand, Ernest M.Baker Ward 5798
Errand, Juanita A.Baker Ward 57910
Errand, Vina M.Baker Ward 57911
Erwin, Asa B.Baker County10419
Erwin, Dorothy M.Baker County10418
Erwin, EnaBaker Ward 35326
Erwin, GeneBaker Ward 35327
Erwin, Glenn E.Baker County10422
Erwin, James G.Baker County10415
Erwin, Leslie R.Baker County10420
Erwin, LilaBaker Ward 241177
Erwin, Ralph D.Baker County10421
Erwin, Ronald J.Baker County10417
Erwin, TheodoreBed Rock11363
Erwin, Vera J.Baker County10416
Erwin, WalterBaker Ward 35325
Eskridge, LesterBaker Ward 13434
Estes, Courtney C.Clifford15130
Estes, EarlSouth Baker9544
Estes, EffieSouth Baker9541
Estes, FlorenceDepot8126
Estes, HarrySouth Baker9542
Estes, JesseDepot8125
Estes, LaVerneDepot8128
Estes, MarieSouth Baker9543
Estes, Matilda J.South Baker9432
Estes, MildredDepot8127
Estes, William I.South Baker9431
Ethecl*, BertHuntington - Huntington Town30570
Ethecl*, HelenHuntington - Huntington Town30572
Ethecl*, LesterHuntington - Huntington Town30573
Ethecl*, SylviaHuntington - Huntington Town30571
Evans, A. DorisEagle Valley #123624
Evans, A. ElmaEagle Valley #123365
Evans, A. OpalEagle Valley #123618
Evans, Asinith*Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22283
Evans, BlanchRock Creek40158
Evans, Bonnie M.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22245
Evans, Chester J.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22279
Evans, Chester J.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22282
Evans, D. HaroldEagle Valley #123622
Evans, DonnaEagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22281
Evans, DoraBaker Ward 24946
Evans, E. AlvinEagle Valley #123362
Evans, Earnest E.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22161
Evans, Edna E.Haines28414
Evans, ElieenBaker Ward 13573
Evans, Erman J.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22243
Evans, EvelynEagle Valley #123623
Evans, E. WillisEagle Valley #123153
Evans, George L.Pine35376
Evans, Grace M.Pocahontas38198
Evans, Hannah M.Haines28413
Evans, Harlan J.Pocahontas38197
Evans, Harry F.Haines28416
Evans, Herbert I.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22246
Evans, H. ShirleyEagle Valley #123619
Evans, IsabelleBaker Ward 24883
Evans, Jessie E.Baker Ward 571022
Evans, J. MelissaEagle Valley #123152
Evans, John E.Haines28412
Evans, John D.Pine #2373100
Evans, Joseph F.Baker County1037
Evans, Joseph H.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22241
Evans, Lena M.Haines28415
Evans, LenoraBaker Ward 351350
Evans, Lottie B.Pine35375
Evans, Madge W.Haines28417
Evans, MarjorieBaker Ward 13572
Evans, Mary A.Baker County1038
Evans, Maude E.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22280
Evans, M. DaisyEagle Valley #123617
Evans, M. DelmaEagle Valley #123620
Evans, MerlynBaker Ward 13574
Evans, Minnie E.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22162
Evans, N. RoseEagle Valley #123363
Evans, R. BettyEagle Valley #123364
Evans, Roy M.Baker Ward 24882
Evans, Ruth E.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22242
Evans, Taylor J.Baker Ward 571021
Evans, Tom B.Baker Ward 351349
Evans, VerdaBaker Ward 13571
Evans, Walter W.Pine35374
Evans, WandaEagle Valley #123621
Evans, W. EdwinEagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22244
Evans, W. GeorgeEagle Valley #123151
Evans, W. GeorgeEagle Valley #123616
Evans, Will H.Baker Ward 13570
Evans, William D.Depot8783
Evanstrom, Carl A.Baker Ward 241495
Evanstrom, DellaBaker Ward 241496
Eveland, Chas B.Eagle Valley #224320
Eveland, Valantine R.Eagle Valley #224321
Everett, GeorgeBaker Ward 241363
Eversole, Betty J.Pocahontas38145
Eversole, Donald R.Pocahontas38146
Eversole, Gladys A.Pocahontas38144
Eversole, RoscoePocahontas38143
Evitt, Ada B.Pocahontas38224
Evitt, Albert L.Pocahontas38228
Evitt, Henry M.Pocahontas38223
Evitt, Henry M. Jr.Pocahontas38226
Evitt, James C.Pocahontas38229
Evitt, MarsillesPocahontas38227
Ewing, A. ColumbusEagle Valley #224261
Ewing, Clara B.Eagle Valley #224262
Ewing, Cora L.Eagle Valley #224197
Ewing, HarveyEagle Valley #123126
Ewing, HarveyEagle Valley #224267
Ewing, IreneEagle Valley #224268
Ewing, LavineEagle Valley #224266
Ewing, Lein C.Eagle Valley #224196
Ewing, LuellaEagle Valley #224269
Ewing, VetriceEagle Valley #224270
Ewing, William A.Eagle Valley #224260
Ewing, William S.Eagle Valley #224265
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