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Oregon Federal Census Index 1930
Baker County Series T626
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
Eade, HelenBaker Ward 46361
Eade, SolBaker Ward 46360
Eads, BillieBaker County10725
Eads, Charles E.Baker County10631
Eads, EdwardDepot8867
Eads, ErnestDepot8864
Eads, Frank J.Baker County10727
Eads, Frank W.Baker County10726
Eads, GladysBaker County10723
Eads, Iral H.Baker County10722
Eads, MarchetaDepot8868
Eads, Mary C.Baker County10724
Eads, Mary S.Baker County10632
Eads, PearlDepot8865
Eads, RobertDepot8866
Eappas, NickConnor Creek18156
Eardley, James W.South Baker9313
Eardley, Mary B.South Baker9314
Earle, Gertrude L.Baker Ward 1364
Eastham, BenneyBridgeport13189
Eastham, DorothyBridgeport13190
Eastman, ElizabethDepot8647
Eastman, OshellarDepot8646
Eaton, Desmond W.Baker Ward 4619
Eaton, Eva G.Baker Ward 46110
Eaton, JamesBaker Ward 241395
Eaton, Lloyd J.Baker Ward 131079
Eaton, WilliamDepot8681
Ebel, CecilBridgeport13159
Ebell, Cecil J.Baker Ward 57617
Ebell, CharlesAlder1137
Ebell, CharleyAlder1133
Ebell, Edith M.Pocahontas38340
Ebell, EthelAlder1138
Ebell, FrankPocahontas38339
Ebell, Hugho W.Baker Ward 57616
Ebell, HugoBaker County10178
Ebell, JuliaAlder1136
Ebell, KatieAlder1134
Ebell, RolandAlder1135
Ebert, Carl M.Haines28428
Eblen, GeorgeBaker Ward 35955
Eblen, SadieBaker Ward 35956
Eblen, ThomasBaker Ward 35957
Eccles, AileenBaker Ward 131060
Eccles, AileenBaker Ward 461095
Eccles, AileenBaker Ward 461097
Eccles, Aileen D.Baker Ward 131058
Eccles, BruceBaker Ward 131062
Eccles, BruceBaker Ward 461099
Eccles, Darris E.Baker Ward 46550
Eccles, David H.Clifford - Whitney Town14128
Eccles, D. HutchisonClifford - Whitney Town14131
Eccles, DoonBaker Ward 131061
Eccles, EnaClifford - Whitney Town14129
Eccles, EraneBaker Ward 461098
Eccles, Homer G.Baker Ward 131049
Eccles, JactalineBaker Ward 461096
Eccles, JaqulinBaker Ward 131059
Eccles, Lenore E.Baker Ward 46549
Eccles, Margaret E.Baker Ward 46551
Eccles, Naomi A.Clifford - Whitney Town14134
Eccles, RichardClifford - Whitney Town14133
Eccles, Richmond D.Baker Ward 46548
Eccles, Samuel D.Clifford - Whitney Town14130
Eccles, William G.Clifford - Whitney Town14132
Eccles, William J.Baker Ward 131057
Eccles, William J.Baker Ward 461094
Eckland, Carl M.Depot8450
Eckland, HelenDepot8451
Eckland, MavisDepot8452
Eddy, AdaBaker Ward 24393
Eddy, HarryBaker Ward 24394
Eddy, JackPine35435
Eddy, JosephBaker Ward 24395
Edens, S. W.Bed Rock11462
Edgar, AlmaBaker Ward 46783
Edgar, ErnestBaker Ward 46782
Edgar, RobertBaker Ward 46785
Edgar, ThomasBaker Ward 46784
Edge, ArchieDepot8898
Edge, ErnestDepot8897
Edge, FrederickDepot8896
Edge, LeonardDepot8899
Edge, RuthDepot8895
Edge, ThelmaDepot88100
Edilblate, EmmaBaker Ward 241261
Ednicott, OliveSouth Baker9135
Edvalson, Heriman*Rock Creek40614
Edwards, Adelia H.Baker County10197
Edwards, CharlesDepot8770
Edwards, Clarence A.Baker County10196
Edwards, Ethel A.Baker Ward 351498
Edwards, IvanDepot8774
Edwards, JesseBaker Ward 351592
Edwards, JuneDepot8773
Edwards, LeonardDepot8772
Edwards, LolaBaker Ward 351593
Edwards, LoisBaker Ward 13447
Edwards, LuskBaker Ward 35756
Edwards, MattieBaker Ward 35757
Edwards, MayPine #237250
Edwards, PaulDepot8775
Edwards, Roy L.Pine #237251
Edwards, WayneBaker County10198
Edwards, Wesley J.Unity45261
Edwards, ZellaDepot8771
Egger, AmandaBaker Ward 57541
Egger, Charles E.Baker Ward 57540
Eglie, Carl E.Baker County1071
Eglie, Carline J.Baker County1074
Eglie, Effie A.Baker County1072
Eglie, Marjorie E.Baker County1073
Ego, Adealia M.South Baker9163
Ego, Bessie S.South Baker9157
Ego, C. B.South Baker9156
Ego, Charles W.South Baker9158
Ego, Clydia J.South Baker9159
Ego, Elmer C.South Baker9161
Ego, Eugene F.South Baker9162
Ego, Howard C.South Baker9164
Ego, James B.South Baker9160
Ehrs, JaneRock Creek40132
Ehrs, MaxRock Creek40131
Eichhorn, AlexanderBaker Ward 46287
Eichhorn, Alma M.Baker Ward 46288
Eichhorn, Barbara M.Baker Ward 46290
Eichhorn, Charotte K.Baker Ward 46289
Eichhorn, Eva M.Baker Ward 46292
Eichhorn, Frank A.Baker Ward 46291
Eichhorn, KathrynBaker Ward 46285
Eichhorn, PearlBaker Ward 2488
Eichhorn, PhilipBaker Ward 2487
Eichhorn, Phyllis C.Baker Ward 2489
Eichhorn, Thomas J.Baker Ward 24810
Eidson, BarneyEagle Valley #224250
Eidson, Bonnie N.Eagle Valley #224285
Eidson, Delma J.Eagle Valley #224255
Eidson, Denver E.Eagle Valley #224283
Eidson, Hilda J.Eagle Valley #224254
Eidson, Mary E.Eagle Valley #224251
Eidson, Mary E.Eagle Valley #224284
Eidson, Tom P.Eagle Valley #224253
Eidson, Tracy P.Eagle Valley #224252
Eldridge, Hattie B.Pine35450
Eldridge, LafePine35451
Eldridge, RoyPine #136383
Elley, Lily A.Baker Ward 46592
Elley,CharlesBaker Ward 46593
Elliot, BlancheBaker Ward 13635
Elliot, NormanBaker Ward 13634
Elliott, Birdie L.Big Creek12132
Elliott, CharlotteBaker Ward 241437
Elliott, Clarence M.Big Creek12133
Elliott, Frank B.Bridgeport13150
Elliott, Frank G.Big Creek12131
Elliott, Frank G.Big Creek12134
Elliott, FredUnity45259
Elliott, GeorgeBaker Ward 241436
Elliott, HarryBaker Ward 241011
Elliott, Helen A.Pocahontas38231
Elliott, IdaUnity45310
Elliott, Jess H.Iron Dyke32223
Elliott, Lewis E.Unity45113
Elliott, Noris M.Iron Dyke32224
Elliott, Norma M.Baker County10345
Elliott, Paul T.Pocahontas38230
Ellis, BeatriceSouth Baker9373
Ellis, CharlesBaker Ward 24444
Ellis, Charles W.Baker Ward 24442
Ellis, D. WilliamEagle Valley #123342
Ellis, F. A.South Baker9372
Ellis, FlorenceBaker Ward 24443
Ellis, F. VivaEagle Valley #123341
Ellis, James M.Baker Ward 46860
Ellis, J. EdithEagle Valley #123343
Ellis, JohnSouth Baker9374
Ellis, John W.Huntington - Huntington Town302100
Ellis, J. WilliamEagle Valley #123340
Ellis, KathleenSouth Baker9376
Ellis, Liddia A.Baker Ward 46861
Ellis, Mary E.Iron Dyke32128
Ellis, MaudeBaker Ward 351235
Ellis, MelbaIron Dyke32129
Ellis, RobertBaker Ward 24445
Ellis, Robert A.South Baker9375
Ellis, W. H.Baker Ward 351234
Ells, LauraDurkee21261
Ells, Ralph B.Durkee21262
Ells, ThomasDurkee21260
Elmer, Edward M.Pine #23747
Elmer, George H.Pine #23745
Elmer, Rosella H.Pine #23746
Elmore, Robert A.Clifford15132
Elms, Charles E.Haines - Haines Town27440
Elms, Charlie M.Unity45194
Elms, Henry F.Unity45322
Elms, Howard C.Haines - Haines Town27442
Elms, Jane E.Unity45193
Elms, JessieUnity45198
Elms, John W.Unity45192
Elms, Madge C.Haines - Haines Town27441
Elms, MaryUnity45298
Elms, MillisUnity45297
Elms, SidneyUnity45197
Elms, ThelmaUnity45323
Elms, Thomas J.Unity45199
Elrod, Annie M.Haines2816
Elrod, Henry C.Haines2817
Elrod, Thomas B.Haines2815
Elsen, ClaraBaker Ward 46572
Elskamp, Alice M.Baker Ward 24461
Elskamp, H. J.Baker Ward 46185
Elskamp, J. J.Baker Ward 46187
Elskamp, MaryBaker Ward 46186
Elskamp, PaulineBaker Ward 46378
Elskamp, RobertBaker Ward 46380
Elskamp, Sam J.Baker Ward 24460
Elskamp, Sam J.Baker Ward 24462
Elskamp, ThomasBaker Ward 46377
Elskamp, ThomasBaker Ward 46379
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