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Oregon Federal Census Index 1930
Baker County Series T626
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
Dobson, MargratBaker Ward 241025
Dockweeler, EdwardHuntington - Huntington Town30323
Dockweeler, JohnieHuntington31118
Dockweeler, LucileHuntington - Huntington Town30324
Dockweeler, RosameHuntington31119
Dodd, Jerry A.Pine #136367
Dodd, MaryHaines28118
Dodd, Norris E.Haines28116
Dodd, PaulineHaines28117
Dodge, BelleBaker Ward 13448
Dodson, BelleBaker Ward 24138
Dodson, ClydeHaines28278
Dodson, Hanna E.Haines28279
Dodson, Jessie L.Rock Creek4016
Dodson, John C.Rock Creek4019
Dodson, LauraRock Creek4017
Dodson, MonroeBaker Ward 24139
Dogue*, Harrison L.Hereford29250
Doherty, Carrie J.Pocahontas38320
Doherty, Edward G.McEwen34140
Doherty, ElmaBaker Ward 13560
Doherty, EugeneBaker Ward 13563
Doherty, HaroldBaker Ward 13559
Doherty, HughPocahontas38319
Doherty, Hugh M.Pocahontas38321
Doherty, IreneBaker Ward 241227
Doherty, JuanitaMcEwen34141
Doherty, LoisBaker Ward 13561
Doherty, MaryBaker Ward 13107
Doherty, Patricia J.McEwen34142
Doherty, ShirleyBaker Ward 13562
Doherty, WillBaker Ward 241226
Dolby, Bonnie J.Pocahontas38166
Dolby, D. A.Big Creek12120
Dolby, Edna M.Pocahontas38163
Dolby, Estella A.Big Creek12117
Dolby, James F.Big Creek12118
Dolby, Joseph E.Pocahontas38164
Dolby, Lemuel L.Pocahontas38162
Dolby, Lemuel L. Jr.Pocahontas38165
Dolby, Mary A.Big Creek12119
Dolby, Mary R.Big Creek12121
Dolby, Stewart S.Big Creek12116
Dolven, RayMcEwen3433
Domby, StephenBaker Ward 46454
Donald, ElizabethBaker Ward 46942
Donald, Florence C.Baker Ward 13652
Donald, James C.Baker Ward 13654
Donald, James T.Baker Ward 13651
Donald, Jane E.Baker Ward 13653
Donald, J. H.Baker Ward 46941
Donaldson, BrenerHuntington31319
Donaldson, James L.Huntington31318
Donaldson, VernonBaker Ward 241123
Donally, Jackson O.Baker Ward 35104
Donavan, HenryBaker Ward 13858
Donavan, RoseBaker Ward 241393
Donhue, William F.Haines - Haines Town27418
Donovan, RoyBridgeport13132
Donovan, MarionBridgeport13133
Donovan, Orvil E.Bridgeport13134
Dooley, JohnBaker Ward 13330
Dooley, Knapp A.Baker Ward 57285
Dooley, Lacy V.Baker Ward 57286
Dooley, PhebeBaker Ward 13331
Doolittle, Charles E.South Baker926
Doolittle, Valine S.South Baker927
Dorgan, WilliamSouth Baker9756
Dorselt, Mary N.Weatherby47166
Dorselt, Walter W.Weatherby47165
Dorsey, Leta C.Wingville48125
Dorthick, Carrol L.Baker Ward 24798
Dotson, AlvaHereford29213
Dotson, Doral F.Hereford29215
Dotson, GeorgeHereford29212
Dotson, Harold W.Hereford29214
Dotson, June I.Hereford29216
Dotson, Katherin V.Hereford29217
Doty, EugeneHuntington31273
Doty, Keneth F.Haines - Haines Town27459
Doty, MildredHuntington31272
Doty, VirgieHaines - Haines Town27460
Doty, Wanda M.Haines - Haines Town27461
Dougharity, JackBaker Ward 24322
Dougharity, John W.Baker Ward 24320
Dougharity, PaulBaker Ward 24323
Dougharity, PaulineBaker Ward 24321
Dougherty, BerylBaker County10744
Dougherty, Claude T.Baker County10743
Dougherty, Elmer P.Baker County10746
Dougherty, John C.Depot8577
Dougherty, NellieBaker Ward 24852
Dougherty, RoyBaker Ward 24851
Dougherty, Veta M.Baker County10745
Douglas, DonaldBaker Ward 24939
Douglas, Donald W.Pine #237462
Douglas, Elmer C.Pine #237460
Douglas, Esther L.Huntington31232
Douglas, Jennie F.Huntington31231
Douglas, KatherineBaker Ward 24938
Douglas, LesterPine35275
Douglas, Lester E.Pine #237459
Douglas, L. EstherEagle Valley #123590
Douglas, LucileHuntington3112
Douglas, Marion M.Pine #237461
Douglas, PatDepot8529
Douglas, ThomasHuntington31230
Douglas, Vina A.Pine #237458
Douglas, Warren K.Huntington3113
Douglas, William A.Huntington3111
Douglass, Ella J.Baker Ward 351199
Douglass, LloydBaker Ward 351198
Douning, Andrew J.McEwen3411
Douning, Carrie S.McEwen3412
Dowell, Julia C.Eagle Valley #224289
Downe, Fonda M.Eagle Valley #224311
Downe, George W.Eagle Valley #22437
Downe, George W. Jr.Eagle Valley #224312
Downe, Isabel E.Eagle Valley #22438
Downe, Lillian E.Eagle Valley #22439
Downe, Vivian D.Eagle Valley #224310
Doyle, Charles A.Sumpter - Sumpter City43182
Doyle, GeorgeSumpter - Sumpter City43178
Doyle, GertrudeSumpter - Sumpter City43179
Doyle, IleenBaker Ward 46756
Doyle, MerritSumpter - Sumpter City43180
Doyle, Rhoda E.Sumpter - Sumpter City43181
Doyle, WilliamBaker Ward 46757
Doyles, Martin W.Baker County10157
Draper, Alice B.Haines - Haines Town27484
Draper, John H.South Baker9471
Draper, Mary J.South Baker9472
Dresser, A. C.Baker Ward 35165
Drewett, John H.Unity45213
Dreisback, Charles S.Baker Ward 35669
Dreisback, MableBaker Ward 35670
Dreisback, MarjorieBaker Ward 35671
Dreisback, RobertBaker Ward 35672
Driscoll, FredBaker Ward 241189
Droz, MarieSouth Baker9378
Droz, P. G.South Baker9377
Drury, CharlesDepot8928
Drury, EllaPocahontas38110
Drury, ElvaDepot8926
Drury, ElvaDepot8952
Drury, GeorgeDepot8923
Drury, George W.Depot8948
Drury, JessDepot8929
Drury, MaryDepot8927
Drury, RachaelDepot8925
Drury, RebeccaDepot8924
Drury, Reva V.Depot8951
Drury, WilberDepot8930
Duane, Maude J.Baker Ward 57460
DuBois, CarolPine35391
Duby, Avon F.Bed Rock113100
Duby, Caroline E.Bed Rock1143
Duby, Caroline M.Bed Rock11397
Duby, Charles C.Bed Rock11398
Duby, Charles F.Bed Rock11396
Duby, Gilbert H.Bed Rock11399
Duby, Jerald W.Bed Rock1141
Duby, JesseDepot8134
Duby, Juanita M.Bed Rock1142
Duby, MamieDepot8135
Duby, Mary E.Baker Ward 46147
Duby, WilliamBaker Ward 46146
Duckworth, JamesSumpter - Sumpter City43176
Duckworth, Lily B.Sumpter - Sumpter City43177
Duckworth, LymanRock Creek40246
Duckworth, MaryRock Creek40247
Duff, EllaBaker Ward 35560
Duff, GeorgeBaker Ward 35561
Duff, ThomasBaker Ward 35559
Duff, TomBaker Ward 35562
Duffey, C. DonaldEagle Valley #123698
Duffey, L. EleanorEagle Valley #123697
Duffy, BessieBaker Ward 13335
Duffy, LesterPocahontas38194
Dufur, A. ShermanEagle Valley #224271
Dugan, JoeBridgeport13119
Dugan, LenaBaker Ward 351632
Dugan, NormanBaker Ward 351633
Duley, HaroldEagle Valley #12316
Duncan, Carl F.Rock Creek40522
Duncan, Dolly N.Baker Ward 24317
Duncan, Flora I.Haines - Haines Town27362
Duncan, Glenn* D.Haines - Haines Town27363
Duncan, GuyBaker Ward 351554
Duncan, JamesRock Creek40520
Duncan, Jean A.Rock Creek40521
Duncan, KatherineHaines - Haines Town27353
Duncan, Lee* A.Haines - Haines Town27361
Duncan, LloydHuntington - Huntington Town30898
Duncan, LouisRock Creek40586
Duncan, NorvalBaker Ward 351556
Duncan, PearlBaker Ward 351555
Duncan, ThomasRock Creek40523
Duncan, VirginiaConnor Creek18167
Duncan, WilliamBaker Ward 24316
Duncan, WilliamHaines2842
Duncan, WinfordRock Creek40524
Duncase, EveretHuntington - Huntington Town30669
Duncase, LeonicleHuntington - Huntington Town30670
Duncase, Myrtle R.Huntington - Huntington Town30671
Dunlevy, BenHuntington31286
Dunlevy, BenHuntington31288
Dunlevy, MableHuntington31287
Dunn, Alice M.Sumpter - Sumpter City4312
Dunn, ArlieSouth Baker9783
Dunn, Bersice D.Baker County10425
Dunn, C. A.South Baker9557
Dunn, Charles D.Baker Ward 46599
Dunn, Charles E.South Baker9549
Dunn, ClaraSouth Baker9547
Dunn, ClarenceSouth Baker9788
Dunn, DelbertSouth Baker9787
Dunn, DellaSouth Baker9786
Dunn, Doris M.South Baker9791
Dunn, Earle W.Pine #136645
Dunn, Eldon J.South Baker9565
Dunn, ElizabethBaker Ward 4661
Dunn, EllaSouth Baker9558
Dunn, Essie E.South Baker9551
Dunn, FaySouth Baker9550
Dunn, Flossie E.Pine #136646
Dunn, James E.Pine #136647
Dunn, JeanSouth Baker9785
Dunn, John W.Pine #136648
Dunn, KathrynBaker Ward 4663
Dunn, Mary M.Baker Ward 4662
Dunn, M. EdithPine #136649
Dunn, OliveSouth Baker9564
Dunn, RoySouth Baker9546
Dunn, RubySouth Baker9561
Dunn, SabraBaker Ward 465100
Dunn, Stella L.Baker County10424
Dunn, Thomas H.Sumpter - Sumpter City4311
Dunn, Thomas I.Baker County10423
Dunn, William J.South Baker9563
Dunn, ZephaSouth Baker9560
Dunston, Henry B.Baker Ward 46488
Dunston, Jane A.Baker Ward 46489
Dupes, AliceBaker Ward 351151
Dupes, J. H.Baker Ward 351150
Dupes, MargaretBaker Ward 351152
Dupuis, Clifford F.Baker Ward 57930
Dupuis, EstherBaker Ward 57931
Dupuis, Wallace D.Baker Ward 57933
Durant, William J.Huntington - Huntington Town3023
Durbin, Alice B.Baker Ward 57797
Durbin, Bernice R.Baker Ward 24684
Durbin, John B.Baker Ward 57798
Durbin, Patrick A.Baker Ward 24683
Durbin, Patsy L.Baker Ward 24685
Durbin, Richard P.Baker Ward 24686
Durclevy, CharlesHuntington - Huntington Town30317
Durclevy, JohnHuntington - Huntington Town30318
Durgan, Clarence L.Baker Ward 46965
Durgan, Earl W.Baker Ward 46962
Durgan, Eunice I.Baker Ward 46963
Durgan, FrankBaker Ward 46960
Durgan, Fred S.Baker Ward 24125
Durgan, JohannaBaker Ward 46961
Durgan, Johanna M.Baker Ward 46964
Durgan, LaVon W.Baker Ward 24130
Durgan, Lora M.Baker Ward 24126
Durgan, Melvin F.Baker Ward 24129
Durgan, Minnie M.Baker Ward 24128
Durgan, William W.Baker Ward 24127
Durkee, DelbertBaker Ward 24154
Durkee, GalenBaker Ward 24156
Durkee, MabelBaker Ward 24155
Durkee, Margeret J.Depot8747
Durr, Albert J.Baker Ward 46255
Durr, AnnaBaker Ward 1369
Durr, Cora A.Baker Ward 46256
Durr, JonasBaker Ward 46257
Durr, S. ParnellBaker Ward 46258
Durst, Henry E.Baker Ward 241391
Durst, Melia M.Baker Ward 241392
Dursten, BlanchHuntington3122
Dursten, EarlHuntington3121
Dussett*, A. WilliamEagle Valley #123430
Dwyer, DickBaker Ward 241148
Dybedal, Bonnievieve W.Haines - Haines Town27525
Dybedal, Orville W.Haines - Haines Town27524
Dybedal, Selma A.Haines - Haines Town27523
Dybedal, TheodoreHaines - Haines Town27522
Dyer, Peter J.Rock Creek40536
Dyke, Bertha T.Baker County10575
Dyke, GeneBaker Ward 13284
Dyke, George A.Baker County10576
Dyke, George P.Baker County10577
Dyke, Harry K.Baker County10574
Dyke, J. S.Baker Ward 13282
Dyke, JessieBaker Ward 13283
Dyke, Marguerite J.Baker County10470
Dyke, Ronald E.Baker County10471
Dymond, MayBaker Ward 351366
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