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Oregon Federal Census Index 1930
Baker County Series T626
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
D, WongBaker Ward 241373
Dachler, David G.Baker Ward 4652
Dachler, Esther M.Baker Ward 46499
Dachler, Fred M.Baker Ward 464100
Dachler, Fred* R.Baker Ward 46498
Dachler, Verne E.Baker Ward 4651
Daegleish, Edna A.Lookout3315
Daegleish, Richard E.Lookout3318
Daegleish, Robert E.Lookout3316
Daegleish, Vernon R.Lookout3317
Dahl, HenryRock Creek40253
Dahl, MartinRock Creek40255
Dahl, Mina M.Rock Creek40254
Dailey, EthelMcEwen34229
Dailey, RichardMcEwen34230
Dale, AnnaBaker Ward 241089
Dale, AnnieBaker Ward 57534
Dale, James H.Baker Ward 57533
Dale, JohnBaker Ward 57536
Dale, LillieBaker Ward 57535
Daley, RoseBaker Ward 46634
Dalgaliesh, AmosBed Rock11312
Dalgaliesh, BoydBed Rock11319
Dalgaliesh, EvangelineBed Rock11318
Dalgaliesh, PaulBed Rock11317
Dalton, AllieBaker Ward 35524
Dalton, CharlesDepot81182
Dalton, Charles E.Haines28373
Dalton, ElsieBaker Ward 35525
Dalton, GrantBaker Ward 35523
Dalton, J. WylieHaines28376
Dalton, James W.Haines28378
Dalton, Joahnne M.Haines28379
Dalton, Lura B.Haines28374
Dalton, Nelle M.Haines28377
Dalton, Winfred E.Haines28375
Dalva, AndroDurkee2118
Daly, CarrieBed Rock11310
Daly, EllenBaker Ward 13108
Daly, FloydBed Rock1139
Daly, JessieBed Rock1138
Daly, LawrenceBed Rock1137
Daly, MilburnBed Rock11311
Damon, ElizabethBaker Ward 13311
Damon, HenriettaBaker Ward 13313
Damon, Hubert B.Baker Ward 13312
Damon, RichardBaker Ward 13314
Damon, RichardRock Creek40288
Damprey, CalvinBaker Ward 241070
Danes, Dorothy M.Baker Ward 57360
Danes, Evelyn N.Baker Ward 57357
Danes, Fred L.Baker Ward 57355
Danes, Kenneth F.Baker Ward 57359
Danes, Marjorie M.Baker Ward 57358
Danes, RitaBaker Ward 57356
Daniel, ArdettaRock Creek40335
Daniel, JaneRock Creek40334
Daniel, JessieRock Creek40333
Daniel, Ruben H.Rock Creek40332
Daniels, Albert B.Pine #136535
Daniels, Forrest C.Pine #136533
Daniels, George P.Pine #136532
Daniels, John C.Pine #136537
Daniels, L. WaylandPine #136531
Daniels, Martha A.Pine #136529
Daniels, Mont C.Pine #136528
Daniels, Myrtle E.Pine #136536
Daniels, V. RuthPine #136534
Daniels, Virgil E.Pine #136530
Dar, RalphBridgeport13188
Daris, AddieDepot8543
Daris, AnnaDepot8548
Daris, BettyDepot8552
Daris, HelenDepot8549
Daris, LesterDepot8550
Daris, OpalDepot8547
Daris, PeteDepot8551
Darling, GeorgeRock Creek40310
Darling, Harry W.Baker Ward 13486
Darling, JochieDepot8725
Darling, Roy J.Bed Rock11154
Darlington, BillyDepot8778
Darlington, EthelDepot8777
Darlington, RayDepot8776
Darlington, ShirleyDepot8780
Darlington, VeraDepot8779
Darwin, JimBridgeport13122
Daugharity, DaisyBaker Ward 351134
Daugharity, RobertaBaker Ward 351135
Daugherty, Barbara A.Haines28385
Daugherty, FlorenceHaines28384
Daugherty, Glenn A.Haines28386
Daugherty, HelenBaker Ward 351118
Daugherty, LauraBaker Ward 351117
Daugherty, M. H.Baker Ward 351116
Daugherty, Sam E.Clifford15127
Daugherty, William A.Haines28383
Davenport, Alice M.Baker Ward 46765
Davenport, DoraSumpter - Sumpter City4314
Davenport, DorothyBaker Ward 241163
Davenport, FrankBaker Ward 46764
Davenport, Joseph M.Sumpter - Sumpter City4313
Davidson, Beatrice L.Depot8483
Davidson, BellRock Creek4065
Davidson, Betty L.Depot8482
Davidson, Charles C.Haines28132
Davidson, CharlieRock Creek4064
Davidson, Dela A.Hereford29116
Davidson, DonaldBaker Ward 24286
Davidson, Edith M.Haines28158
Davidson, Elwood V.Pine #237191
Davidson, Erma A.Haines28121
Davidson, Flossie B.Baker Ward 24285
Davidson, FrankHereford29115
Davidson, GeorgeHereford29117
Davidson, George C.Haines28156
Davidson, HaroldBaker Ward 24287
Davidson, Jean M.Depot8481
Davidson, JohnBaker Ward 24284
Davidson, Leroy D.Pine #237190
Davidson, LilliePine #237189
Davidson, LydiaBaker Ward 35147
Davidson, Marvin W.Haines28159
Davidson, Mary A.Baker Ward 35149
Davidson, Mary E.Hereford29118
Davidson, Mary M.Baker Ward 571075
Davidson, Mildred M.Haines28133
Davidson, Nettie A.Haines28157
Davidson, Opal F.Pine #237192
Davidson, Oscil C.Baker County10274
Davidson, Ray L.Hereford29119
Davidson, RoyPine #237188
Davidson, Roy C.Haines28120
Davidson, SarahDepot8480
Davidson, ThomasBaker Ward 35148
Davidson, Thomas A.Baker Ward 35146
Davidson, WilliamHereford29120
Davidson, William A.Depot8479
Davies, AaronBaker Ward 241270
Davies, A. K.South Baker9779
Davies, Annie H.South Baker9780
Davies, EdwinBaker Ward 241272
Davies, GraceBaker Ward 241271
Davis, A. B.Rock Creek4014
Davis, AnaSouth Baker9193
Davis, ArchieBaker Ward 351642
Davis, ArthurBaker Ward 241144
Davis, Betty L.Baker Ward 351646
Davis, BillieRock Creek40579
Davis, Brayton F.Baker Ward 57331
Davis, CarlRock Creek40387
Davis, Carrie M.South Baker9212
Davis, CoraRock Creek40574
Davis, David W.Baker Ward 57986
Davis, Delores F.Baker Ward 57332
Davis, DelsieBaker Ward 57125
Davis, DortheyRock Creek40577
Davis, Edson F.Baker Ward 57329
Davis, ElenorRock Creek40386
Davis, ElsieBaker Ward 57126
Davis, Elton C.South Baker9155
Davis, Elwood V.Baker Ward 57549
Davis, EugeneBaker Ward 351643
Davis, GeorgeBaker Ward 351640
Davis, George A.Eagle Valley #2241100
Davis, George H.Rock Creek40573
Davis, GertrudeSouth Baker9671
Davis, Homer J.Baker Ward 57127
Davis, IrinaRock Creek40390
Davis, JamesConnor Creek18178
Davis, J. C.Baker Ward 57122
Davis, JeannettaBaker Ward 241145
Davis, Joe M.South Baker9211
Davis, John E.South Baker9213
Davis, John N.South Baker9192
Davis, JuniorRock Creek40289
Davis, Kathryn I.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22270
Davis, Ladia E.Baker Ward 57987
Davis, L. EleanorEagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22269
Davis, Lillian E.Baker Ward 57330
Davis, LillieBaker Ward 351641
Davis, Lottie L.Baker Ward 57123
Davis, LuellaSouth Baker9154
Davis, LuluRock Creek40388
Davis, MarieRock Creek40576
Davis, Marie L.South Baker9215
Davis, MayeConnor Creek18179
Davis, M. BerniceEagle Valley #123198
Davis, NellieEagle Valley #123197
Davis, NettieMcEwen34288
Davis, OrvalRock Creek40575
Davis, PattyRock Creek40578
Davis, PeterSouth Baker9153
Davis, P. WillisEagle Valley #123195
Davis, RalphMcEwen34287
Davis, RollaSouth Baker9670
Davis, Thelma M.South Baker9214
Davis, ThomasBed Rock11436
Davis, ValetaRock Creek40389
Davis, Virgil E.Baker Ward 57124
Davis, WalterRock Creek4015
Davis, WilfredBaker Ward 351644
Davis, WynetteBaker Ward 351645
Dawson, CalvinHuntington - Huntington Town30676
Dawson, EarlHuntington - Huntington Town30675
Dawson, ElmaHuntington - Huntington Town30677
Dawson, Joseph E.Huntington - Huntington Town30673
Dawson, LucyHuntington - Huntington Town30674
Dawson, TomEagle Valley #123260
Daw*, Cyril W.Clifford15115
Daw*, LorettaClifford15117
Daw*, VeraClifford15116
Day, Bert C.Pine #136553
Day, GertrudeDurkee21121
Day, Harry M.Baker Ward 57539
Day, Henry G.Pine #136555
Day, Lulabell M.Pine #136558
Day, Mabel I.Pine #136554
Day, Mila J.Pine #136557
Day, Phoebe E.Pine #136556
Day, Thomas W.Iron Dyke32229
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