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Oregon Federal Census Index 1930
Baker County Series T626
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
Cotton, Billie L.Big Creek12262
Cotton, Frank J.Big Creek12138
Cotton, GeneBig Creek12147
Cotton, Hildreth B.Big Creek12261
Cotton, Hugh W.Big Creek12141
Cotton, John J.Big Creek12136
Cotton, John J.Big Creek12140
Cotton, JuneBig Creek12144
Cotton, MadgeBig Creek12143
Cotton, Mary C.Big Creek12139
Cotton, Nell M.Big Creek12145
Cotton, Nora A.Big Creek12137
Cotton, Norma L.Big Creek12148
Cotton, Philip H.Big Creek12142
Cotton, RodneyBig Creek12263
Cotton, Thomas W.Big Creek12146
Cotton, William M.Big Creek12260
Cottrill, Edna B.Virtue4612
Cottrill, Leona M.Virtue4613
Cottrill, Melvin R.Virtue4611
Cottrill, Orville L.Baker County10186
Coulter, A. C.Baker Ward 24156
Coulter, Cara T.Baker County10589
Coulter, Charles A.Baker County10595
Coulter, EdithSouth Baker9810
Coulter, Ethel B.Rock Creek40112
Coulter, FrancisRock Creek40111
Coulter, Frank O.Baker County10148
Coulter, JaniceSouth Baker9811
Coulter, KennethSouth Baker9813
Coulter, LaurenSouth Baker9814
Coulter, MauriceSouth Baker9812
Coulter, Ruel F.Baker County10588
Coulter, SheridanSouth Baker989
Coultor, Delbert V.Baker County10460
Coultor, Della M.Baker County10459
Coultor, HomerBaker County10458
Couroe, Charles J.Baker Ward 24781
Couroe, Eunice R.Baker Ward 24779
Couroe, Floyd P.Baker Ward 24778
Couroe, Patricia J.Baker Ward 24780
Courson, Ina B.Baker Ward 571084
Courson, Wayne C.Baker Ward 571083
Courtney, Tom A.Baker Ward 35110
Courts, Frank J.Depot8528
Couty, BenBaker County10161
Couzens, D. W.Bed Rock11281
Couzens, Earl F.Baker Ward 57643
Couzens, John F.Baker Ward 24862
Couzens, LuluBed Rock11282
Couzens, Veda E.Baker Ward 24861
Couzens, William A.Baker Ward 24860
Covington, Eugene E.Baker County10360
Cowan, Louise D.Baker Ward 351669
Cowan, RoyBaker Ward 351668
Cox, Arnold B.Pine #237488
Cox, Bob M.Baker Ward 46254
Cox, C. C.Baker Ward 241351
Cox, CecilSumpter - Sumpter City43146
Cox, CharlesRock Creek40181
Cox, Clyde E.Baker County10788
Cox, CurtisRock Creek40183
Cox, Edith A.Haines - Haines Town27129
Cox, EmmaRock Creek40182
Cox, EstherSumpter - Sumpter City43147
Cox, Eula V.Haines - Haines Town27128
Cox, E. W.Baker Ward 46251
Cox, Fannie L.Depot8570
Cox, Frank J.Pine35144
Cox, FredPocahontas38377
Cox, FreemanHaines - Haines Town27148
Cox, Gene T.Haines - Haines Town27133
Cox, Gladiss I.Haines - Haines Town27131
Cox, Glen W.Haines - Haines Town27132
Cox, HaroldPocahontas38378
Cox, Jack R.Baker Ward 46253
Cox, JesseDepot8569
Cox, JewellHaines - Haines Town27146
Cox, Joan C.Sumpter - Sumpter City43148
Cox, John W.Pine #237136
Cox, Lelia P.Pine #237477
Cox, MargaretSumpter - Sumpter City43149
Cox, Mary E.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22128
Cox, MaudeHaines - Haines Town27147
Cox, MildredHaines - Haines Town27149
Cox, Oakley H.Pine #237479
Cox, Robert W.Iron Dyke3225
Cox, Ruth E.Baker County10789
Cox, Ruth R.Baker Ward 46252
Cox, Sirley G.Haines - Haines Town27151
Cox, ShirleyPine35338
Cox, ShirleyPine #237490
Cox, Thomas W.Haines - Haines Town27127
Cox, Velma L.Haines - Haines Town27130
Cox, VenitaPine #237489
Cox, Virgie E.Pine #237478
Cox, WilmaHaines - Haines Town27150
Cox, Wilma P.Pine35145
Cox*, Harney E.Hereford29249
Coyle, MinnieHaines - Haines Town27152
Coyls, RayBaker Ward 24980
Crabill, BarbaraBaker Ward 13392
Crabill, Benjiman P.Pocahontas38265
Crabill, Benjiman S.Pocahontas38262
Crabill, BlanchBaker Ward 13316
Crabill, GraceDepot81043
Crabill, Libbie A.Pocahontas38263
Crabill, Paul K.Pocahontas38264
Crabill, PhilanderBaker Ward 13391
Crabill, PhylisBaker Ward 13317
Crabill, RobertBaker Ward 13318
Craig, C. GroverEagle Valley #123137
Craig, JohnBaker County10731
Craig, LillianEagle Valley #123138
Craig, V. IvaEagle Valley #123139
Craig, WilliamClifford15131
Cramer, Charles A.Lookout3313
Cramer, LowellClifford15124
Crandall, Arthur D.Baker Ward 1317
Crandall, Charles A.Baker Ward 46832
Crandall, Florence E.Baker Ward 46833
Crandall, LilaBaker Ward 46834
Crandall, LillieBaker Ward 1318
Crandall, ZellaBaker Ward 1319
Crandell, Laura F.Haines - Haines Town27275
Crane, Arthur W.Bed Rock1114
Crane, CarltonBed Rock1116
Crane, EdwardHuntington - Huntington Town30391
Crane, FrancesHuntington - Huntington Town30390
Crane, IsabellBed Rock1115
Crane, SattaHuntington - Huntington Town30389
Cranston, AnnaBaker Ward 351236
Cranston, LenaBaker Ward 5746
Craven, Carol A.Depot8267
Craven, Ella M.Depot8266
Craven, JohnRock Creek40146
Craven, LorenDepot8265
Crawford, AnnaBaker Ward 35850
Crawford, JennieBaker Ward 351226
Crawford, William J.Baker Ward 35849
Creathbaum, James P.Unity45124
Creathbaum, Willie O.Baker County10598
Creech, AnnaBaker County10642
Creech, Fred S.Baker County10641
Creech, JoanRock Creek40133
Creig, BenjaminBed Rock11161
Creighbaum, AnnieBaker Ward 13991
Creighbaum, Frank M.Baker Ward 13990
Crego, Ben M.Pine35424
Crego, Elmer R.Pine #237473
Crego, George R.Pine #237471
Crego, Virginnia L.Pine #237472
Cresap, EllsworthBaker Ward 351316
Cresap, Henry O.Baker Ward 351314
Cresap, RitaBaker Ward 351315
Cress, Eva M.Bed Rock11487
Crim DarlineBaker Ward 46484
Crim, FayBaker Ward 46483
Crim, Harvey C.Baker Ward 46485
Crim, Harvey L.Baker Ward 46482
Crimin, Asa J.Baker Ward 24456
Crimin, Asa J.Baker Ward 24458
Crimin, Frank T.Pine #136325
Crimin, Gordon G.Baker Ward 24459
Crimin, Iona M.Pine #136326
Crimin, MattieBaker Ward 24457
Crimins, JamesBaker Ward 13233
Crimins, LouiseBaker Ward 13234
Crimins, MargaretBaker Ward 13235
Crimins, RoyBaker Ward 13231
Crimins, RubyBaker Ward 13232
Crisp, Alice A.Big Creek12247
Crisp, Donald D.Big Creek12250
Crisp, EmmaBaker Ward 2499
Crisp, JohnBig Creek12251
Crisp, Marylia S.Big Creek12248
Crisp, Mary M.Baker Ward 2498
Crisp, MaudeBaker Ward 24525
Crisp, Naomi J.Big Creek12252
Crisp, RaymondConnor Creek18135
Crisp, RobertBaker Ward 24526
Crisp, Sydney B.Big Creek12246
Crisp, Sydney B.Big Creek12249
Crisp, WalterConnor Creek18134
Crisp, Walter J.Baker Ward 24524
Crisp, WealthyConnor Creek18133
Crisp, WrenConnor Creek18132
Critchfield, Horatio A.Haines - Haines Town27187
Critchfield, Juanita N.Haines - Haines Town27189
Critchfield, Willie M.Haines - Haines Town27188
Critchlow, Alice M.Depot896
Critchlow, BillyDepot898
Critchlow, DonaldDepot899
Critchlow, IrisDepot897
Critchlow, LoydDepot895
Crocket, CalvinBaker Ward 241290
Crockett, JamesBaker Ward 461088
Crockett, MargretBaker Ward 241115
Crockett, Roy L.Baker Ward 461089
Crockitt, David C.Baker Ward 351057
Crockitt, Ernest L.Baker Ward 351054
Crockitt, John P.Baker Ward 351056
Crockitt, ThereseBaker Ward 351055
Croghan, Alma B.Depot8557
Croghan, BryceBaker Ward 24486
Croghan, DuaneBaker Ward 24485
Croghan, EarlBaker Ward 24487
Croghan, FloydDepot8558
Croghan, Jesse B.Depot8541
Croghan, LillianBaker Ward 24484
Croghan, LucyDepot8542
Croghan, W. D.Baker Ward 24483
Croghan, William B.Depot8556
Crook, ChristinsPine35219
Crook, HelenPine35220
Crook, Lot J.Pine35216
Crook, Lynn E.Pine35218
Crook, RebeccaPine35217
Cropley, EmmaHuntington - Huntington Town3036
Cropley, Emma J.Huntington - Huntington Town3039
Cropley, JamesHuntington - Huntington Town3035
Cropley, JamesHuntington - Huntington Town3038
Cropley, MargaretHuntington - Huntington Town3037
Cropp, AdeleneDurkee21348
Cropp, AnnaDurkee21345
Cropp, JackDurkee21395
Cropp, JamesDurkee21344
Cropp, MargaretDurkee21346
Cropp, MarvinDurkee21347
Cropp, NornaDurkee21394
Cross, AbierBaker Ward 24438
Cross, MaudBaker Ward 24439
Cross, W. AaronEagle Valley #123337
Crosseu*, Edwart E.Baker Ward 241382
Crosthovait*, Hazel N.Baker Ward 3578
Crosthovait*, RusselBaker Ward 3577
Crouter, ClarenceBaker Ward 35726
Crouter, Frank S.Baker Ward 5710100
Crouter, Jennie R.Baker Ward 35727
Crow, Alfred F.Pine #136154
Crow, DellaPine #136114
Crow, Frank M.Pine #136152
Crow, Lizzie J.Pine #136153
Crow, Melbourne J.Pine #136113
Crow, Robert D.Pine #136156
Crow, Sylvester H.Pine #136155
Crowe, WilliamVirtue46121
Crowley, Nellie A.Haines - Haines Town2727
Crownes, BessieHuntington31349
Crownes, Clint C.Huntington31348
Culber, Agnes J.Pine #237135
Culber, ArminaPine #237128
Culber, Charles P.Pine #237127
Culber, Charles R.Pine #237129
Culber, Elmer J.Pine #237134
Culber, Fred A.Pine #237132
Culber, Georgia L.Pine #237130
Culber, Lorena L.Pine #237131
Culber, Martha D.Pine #237133
Culbertson, AleneBaker Ward 46666
Culbertson, FrancesBaker Ward 46665
Culbertson, LulaBaker Ward 46664
Culbertson, PercyBaker Ward 46663
Culbertson, RonaldBaker Ward 46667
Culburn, Eudora L.South Baker9688
Culburn, M.G.South Baker9687
Culium, Charles A.Pine #136273
Culium, JessiePine #136274
Cullen, GeorgeBaker Ward 35685
Cullen, MableBaker Ward 35687
Cullen, SaraBaker Ward 35686
Culver, Clifford N.Lookout33112
Culver, Elmy C.Lookout33110
Culver, Elvera E.Lookout33111
Culver, Guy N.Lookout3319
Culver, Marvin E.Lookout33113
Cummings, AllenAlder1217
Cummings, DellaAlder1216
Cummings, GrantHuntington - Huntington Town30382
Cummings, OsroAlder1215
Cundiff, AltaBaker Ward 46276
Cundiff, Bernice F.Eagle Valley #123247
Cundiff, CarmonBaker Ward 46181
Cundiff, Elizabeth F.Bed Rock11152
Cundiff, E. WalterEagle Valley #123214
Cundiff, Francis B.Baker County1049
Cundiff, Fred L.Baker County1048
Cundiff, John R.Baker Ward 46182
Cundiff, LeonaBaker Ward 46180
Cundiff, M. F.Baker Ward 46179
Cundiff, M. RuthEagle Valley #123216
Cundiff, S. EllenEagle Valley #123215
Cundiff, Susie I.Bed Rock11151
Cundiff, W. O.Baker Ward 46275
Cundiff, Walter M.Baker Ward 46277
Cundiff, William F.Bed Rock11150
Cune*, Lee P.Baker Ward 241369
Cunnang*, JamesBaker Ward 351686
Cunning, MamieBaker Ward 35464
Cunning, Mary J.Baker Ward 35463
Cunningham, PatHuntington - Huntington Town30874
Curl, CharlesDepot8781
Curl, KateDepot8782
Curlen, Jesse C.Baker Ward 351352
Curo, Eva M.Huntington - Huntington Town3094
Currey, EugeneBaker Ward 351347
Currey, GladysBaker Ward 351346
Currey, GlennBaker Ward 351348
Currey, Hershel E.Baker Ward 351345
Curry, Cheryl L.Pine #237390
Curry, Dorthy I.Pine #237385
Curry, Jane F.Pine #237386
Curry, Jess B.Pine #237383
Curry, John S.Pine #237387
Curry, LwylaPine #237388
Curry, Marjorie A.Pine #237389
Curry, Martha M.Pine #237186
Curry, Neva M.Pine #237384
Curry, Ralph A.Pine #237185
Curry, Vera C.Pine #237391
Curry, Vernon P.Pine #237187
Curtis, BerthaHereford29146
Curtis, Earl B.Hereford29251
Curtis, Ellen N.Iron Dyke32255
Curtis, George T.Hereford29145
Curtis, John F.Iron Dyke32254
Curtis, KathelineHereford29148
Curtis, MargaretBaker Ward 24367
Curtis, Mary L.Baker Ward 24366
Curtis, Warren A.Baker Ward 24365
Curtis, WayneHereford29147
Curtiss, Arthur M.Baker Ward 57765
Curtiss, Eldon F.Baker Ward 57766
Curtiss, George T.Baker Ward 57764
Curtiss, GraceBaker Ward 57763
Curtiss, Mary T.Baker Ward 46229
Curtiss, Tracy W.Baker Ward 57762
Cutich, MikeBaker Ward 13419
Cyarso, JuauHuntington - Huntington Town30313
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