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Oregon Federal Census Index 1930
Baker County Series T626
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
Coalwell, CharlesDepot8424
Coalwell, FrankDepot8422
Coalwell, GordonDepot8419
Coalwell, NoraDepot8420
Coalwell, Qillen*Depot8421
Coalwell, RonaldDepot8423
Coanel*, ArdellaEagle Valley #224228
Coanel*, Cressie A.Eagle Valley #224227
Coanel*, Ordway E.Eagle Valley #224229
Coats, John T.Huntington - Huntington Town30270
Coats, JosephineHuntington - Huntington Town30271
Cochrane, Ed B.Baker Ward 241172
Cobb, AnnaHuntington - Huntington Town30761
Cobb, HenryettaHuntington - Huntington Town30762
Cobb, L. WilliamRobinette39154
Cobb, Nestly R.Huntington - Huntington Town30763
Cobb, Winfred R.Huntington - Huntington Town30760
Coble, Addie A.Wingville48224
Coble, Alma A.Eagle Valley #224315
Coble, Bonnie L.Haines - Haines Town27125
Coble, Charlie D.Haines - Haines Town27126
Coble, ClarenceHaines - Haines Town27116
Coble, Delmer C.Haines - Haines Town27123
Coble, Emory C.Wingville48223
Coble, Eugenia P.Wingville48226
Coble, Fern G.Wingville48231
Coble, George W.Eagle Valley #224149
Coble, Harley J.Wingville48229
Coble, Jary C.Wingville48227
Coble, Lae ReneHaines - Haines Town27124
Coble, Lela L.Eagle Valley #224150
Coble, Loyd V.Eagle Valley #224314
Coble, LucyHaines - Haines Town27117
Coble, Margaret E.Wingville48228
Coble, Mary M.Eagle Valley #224349
Coble, Mary M.Wingville48230
Coble, Raymon J.Wingville48225
Coble, Roy T.Eagle Valley #224350
Coble, R. RayEagle Valley #224151
Coble, Wanda L.Eagle Valley #224316
Coble, Warren E.Eagle Valley #224317
Coble, Winifred O.Eagle Valley #224351
Cobley, CharlesHuntington - Huntington Town30482
Cobley, Manicel*Huntington - Huntington Town30484
Cobley, RubyHuntington - Huntington Town30483
Cochran, Craig S.Rye Valley41111
Cochran, Dale J.Rye Valley41114
Cochran, Dick C.Rye Valley41113
Cochran, Mary M.Rye Valley41112
Cochran, William H.Haines2811
Cochrane, EileenBaker Ward 351291
Cochrane, Susan R.Baker Ward 351290
Cockram, BeatriceBaker Ward 35439
Cockram, EleanorBaker Ward 35437
Cockram, ErnestBaker Ward 35438
Cockram, FredBaker Ward 35436
Coe, Gertrude A.Baker Ward 13340
Coe, Guy L.Baker Ward 13339
Coffee, HelenBaker Ward 131014
Coffey, BeatriceBed Rock11185
Coffey, FrankBed Rock11184
Coffey, WilliamBed Rock11183
Coffieldt, AnnaBaker County10621
Coffinberry, EgbertPine35295
Coffinberry, EmmaPine35296
Coffinberry, Verna D.Pine35240
Coffinberry, Walter B.Pine35239
Coffinberry, Wanda L.Pine35241
Coffman, Belva M.Big Creek12219
Coffman, BertinaBig Creek12221
Coffman, Ralph C.Big Creek12220
Coffman, SeigelBig Creek12218
Coger, C. RichardEagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22248
Coger, Mary J.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22249
Coggher, ElodiseSouth Baker9752
Coggher, FelixSouth Baker9751
Coggher, HectorSouth Baker9753
Colcord, Done L.Baker Ward 46159
Colcord, Iva M.Baker Ward 46157
Cole, Alice M.Depot81092
Cole, Alice P.Pine #237446
Cole, Bertha R.Haines - Haines Town27497
Cole, Bill L.Haines - Haines Town27493
Cole, CharlesHereford29170
Cole, Charles A.Iron Dyke32167
Cole, Clarence M.Haines - Haines Town27495
Cole, Daniel C.Haines - Haines Town27492
Cole, Daniel R.Iron Dyke32170
Cole, Donald T.Haines - Haines Town27496
Cole, Dortha M.Haines - Haines Town27491
Cole, EarlHereford29172
Cole, EdgarBaker Ward 35196
Cole, ElizabethBaker Ward 35194
Cole, Ellen E.Haines - Haines Town27494
Cole, EmilyBaker Ward 35415
Cole, EvelynDepot81095
Cole, Evertt S.Iron Dyke32171
Cole, Fanny A.Hereford29171
Cole, FredBaker Ward 35414
Cole, GilbertBaker Ward 35195
Cole, Grace P.Haines - Haines Town27490
Cole, G. W.Baker Ward 24558
Cole, HesterBaker Ward 35193
Cole, Isabel M.Iron Dyke32168
Cole, JackulineHaines - Haines Town27499
Cole, James J.Iron Dyke32169
Cole, Joseph N.Pine #237445
Cole, LenoricHaines - Haines Town27498
Cole, Mary E.McEwen34239
Cole, Nelson K.Baker Ward 35192
Cole, PatHaines - Haines Town274100
Cole, Richard E.Haines - Haines Town27489
Cole, Robert F.McEwen34240
Coleman, AnnabellaBaker Ward 46248
Coleman, Earl W.Pine35125
Coleman, GeorgePine35127
Coleman, Georgia A.Baker Ward 46247
Coleman, HughBaker Ward 46245
Coleman, JamesBaker Ward 46250
Coleman, JoyceBaker Ward 46249
Coleman, Mary L.Baker Ward 46246
Coleman, VerlPine35126
Coleman, William R.Pine35124
Coles, Aleta G.Haines28232
Coles, Audria B.Haines2822
Coles, BertRock Creek404100
Coles, Carmel W.Haines2823
Coles, Cleveland G.Haines28220
Coles, DollieHaines28229
Coles, Edward F.Haines2821
Coles, Edward W.Haines28227
Coles, Emery A.Haines - Haines Town27387
Coles, FredRock Creek40496
Coles, GarnardHaines28236
Coles, James B.Haines28231
Coles, Joel C.Haines - Haines Town27385
Coles, LeonardRock Creek40498
Coles, Mable M.Rock Creek40497
Coles, NavoniaRock Creek40499
Coles, Nettie M.Haines - Haines Town27386
Coles, Ollie A.Haines28228
Coles, Rhoda J.Haines - Haines Town27388
Coles, Roger D.Haines28230
Coles, WalterHaines28198
Coles, Walter L.Haines281100
Coles, Wanda G.Haines28233
Coles, Wyoma A.Haines28199
Collett, CharleyDurkee2145
Colley, IraHuntington31297
Collins, AlileePine #136564
Collins, ClaraBaker Ward 46359
Collins, DanBaker Ward 351276
Collins, JoyPine #136563
Colman, CarlDurkee21377
Colman, ChristDurkee21415
Colman, EthelDurkee21376
Colman, GeorgeDurkee21293
Colson, BettySouth Baker9789
Colson, BillySouth Baker9790
Colson, CarlSouth Baker9781
Colson, ChristinaBaker County10735
Colson, EdBaker County10734
Colson, ElmerBaker County10738
Colson, EverettBaker County10736
Colson, FlorenceSouth Baker9782
Colson, GladysBaker County10737
Colton, Caroline P.Baker Ward 24812
Colton, Charles H.Baker County10336
Colton, Charles M.Baker County10340
Colton, DonBaker Ward 24131
Colton, EdnaBaker Ward 24132
Colton, Edna L.Baker County10337
Colton, Helen C.Baker County10338
Colton, Hildreth C.Baker County10342
Colton, LaVelle A.Baker County10343
Colton, Patricia L.Baker County10344
Colton, Viola A.Baker County10339
Colton, Walter W.Baker County10341
Colton, William H.Baker Ward 24811
Colvard, Lucy M.Sparta42234
Colvard, Opal E.Sparta42232
Colvard, Robert B.Sparta42233
Colvard, William B.Sparta42231
Colvin, Amanda F.Haines28112
Colvin, George H.Haines28111
Colvin, Harold P.Rock Creek40475
Colvin, Jenie V.Rock Creek40476
Colvin, LavelleRock Creek40477
Colvin, Mabel F.Haines28113
Combs, Andy B.Baker Ward 13135
Combs, Elwood E.Baker Ward 24255
Combs, Emma E.Baker Ward 24254
Combs, IdaBaker Ward 13137
Comer, DonovanHaines - Haines Town27399
Comer, Jack C.Haines - Haines Town2741
Comer, Mary A.Haines - Haines Town27398
Comer, Thomas A.Haines - Haines Town27397
Comer, Thomas A.Haines - Haines Town273100
Commerce, CliffBaker Ward 24480
Commerce, CliffordBaker Ward 24482
Commerce, Thelma E.Baker Ward 24481
Compton, Charles A.Baker Ward 57433
Compton, Frances J.Baker Ward 351271
Compton, MargaretRock Creek4045
Compton, Mary E.Baker Ward 57434
Compton, RalphBaker Ward 46786
Compton, VernonBaker Ward 351270
Compton, William J.Rock Creek4044
Comstock, George D.Baker Ward 24663
Comstock, Lois C.Baker Ward 24664
Comstock, Louine T.Baker Ward 24665
Comstock, Ray W.Baker Ward 24661
Comstock, Suda O.Baker Ward 24662
Condra, DavidBaker Ward 35821
Conklin, Arthur E.South Baker948
Conklin, Clyde T.South Baker9410
Conklin, Clyde W.South Baker9411
Conklin, ElaineBaker Ward 35450
Conklin, FayBaker Ward 35452
Conklin, Helen M.South Baker949
Conklin, JimmyBaker Ward 35453
Conklin, LillianBaker Ward 35448
Conklin, LoisBaker Ward 35449
Conklin, PatriciaSouth Baker9412
Conklin, RayBaker Ward 35447
Conklin, RayBaker Ward 35451
Conley, Greene C.Bed Rock11483
Conlon, NettieBaker Ward 13277
Connaughton, John J.Baker Ward 24543
Connaughton, Lula M.Baker Ward 24544
Conner, J. M.Baker Ward 351094
Conner, ManeyBaker Ward 351097
Conner, TheresaBaker Ward 351095
Conners, Charles H.Baker Ward 57998
Conners, Mary D.Baker Ward 57999
Conners, WilliamBaker Ward 57563
Connall, Darlene E.Eagle Valley #224258
Connall, Donald E.Eagle Valley #22428
Connall, DoyleEagle Valley #224256
Connall, Earnest W.Eagle Valley #22425
Connall, Ethel L.Eagle Valley #224273
Connall, GordonEagle Valley #22429
Connall, HazelEagle Valley #224257
Connall, Lionel O.Eagle Valley #224274
Connall, Martha E.Eagle Valley #22426
Connall, Robert I.Eagle Valley #224272
Connall, Wallace G.Eagle Valley #22427
Connall, Wilbur E.Eagle Valley #224275
Conner, A. EarlPine #136296
Conner, Albert L.Eagle Valley #224279
Conner, AlbertaEagle Valley #224280
Conner, Clifford B.Pine #13631
Conner, Donald M.Pine #1362100
Conner, Myrtle I.Pine #136297
Conner, Opal I.Pine #136299
Conner, Robert E.Pine #136298
Conner, Verlin A.Eagle Valley #224281
Conrad, ChesterBaker Ward 46419
Conrad, CleoBig Creek12165
Conrad, EthelBaker Ward 46420
Conrad, Fay W.Bed Rock11110
Conrad, Gilbert L.Big Creek12164
Conrad, Opal M.Bed Rock11111
Conrad, RoseBaker Ward 46421
Conway, CharlesBaker Ward 13410
Conway, EleanorBaker Ward 13412
Conway, EmmaBaker Ward 13411
Conway, KennethBaker Ward 13414
Conway, PatriciaBaker Ward 13413
Cook, AliceHuntington - Huntington Town30227
Cook, AlydeBaker Ward 351168
Cook, Benjamin C.Baker Ward 24874
Cook, Betty J.Depot843
Cook, Betty M.Baker Ward 351240
Cook, CalvertBaker Ward 351170
Cook, Carl E.Baker Ward 351238
Cook, Catherine E.Baker Ward 24873
Cook, Charles H.Huntington - Huntington Town30226
Cook, Clarence M.Baker Ward 24869
Cook, CoraBed Rock11322
Cook, CrystalBaker Ward 351239
Cook, DarnellBaker Ward 351484
Cook, DorothyDepot8721
Cook, Elizabeth M.Baker Ward 24872
Cook, EstaBaker Ward 351485
Cook, EugeneHuntington - Huntington Town30231
Cook, Eva J.Rock Creek40374
Cook, GenevaDepot8720
Cook, George E.Baker Ward 351241
Cook, George W.Baker Ward 24871
Cook, HaroldBaker Ward 351486
Cook, HattieBaker Ward 351165
Cook, HazelBed Rock11324
Cook, HelenDepot841
Cook, IreneAudrey219
Cook, IreneHuntington - Huntington Town30230
Cook, IvaDepot83100
Cook, James R.Depot8719
Cook, JesseBed Rock11323
Cook, LillianBaker Ward 241411
Cook, Lucy L.Bed Rock11115
Cook, MargeretDepot842
Cook, Mary M.Depot844
Cook, MinnieRock Creek40481
Cook, MorrisBed Rock11325
Cook, MyrtleBed Rock11326
Cook, Nellie B.Baker Ward 24870
Cook, OrenDepot8399
Cook, Patricia L.Rock Creek40375
Cook, RalphBaker Ward 351171
Cook, RalphBaker Ward 46796
Cook, RalphRock Creek40482
Cook, RobertBaker Ward 351167
Cook, RobertHuntington - Huntington Town30229
Cook, RoyBaker Ward 351164
Cook, Roy W.Baker Ward 351166
Cook, StanleyHuntington - Huntington Town30228
Cook, ThomasBaker Ward 241125
Cook, ThomasBed Rock11321
Cook, Thomas J.Haines28163
Cook, Thomas J.Rock Creek40373
Cook, ValtonBaker Ward 351169
Cook, Walter B.Bed Rock11114
Cook, Walter J.Rock Creek40480
Cool, Mary J.Haines - Haines Town2713
Coombs, Benjamin E.Sparta42211
Coombs, Donald E.Sparta4229
Coombs, Erma I.Sparta42210
Coombs, Jasper H.Sparta42212
Coombs, Johndah L.Sparta4228
Coombs, Maud P.Sparta4227
Coombs, Oscar E.Sparta4226
Coon, Cordelia C.Baker County10699
Coon, Delbert E.Baker County10730
Coon, Edna C.Baker County10729
Coon, Edward A.Bed Rock1125
Coon, EstesConnor Creek18172
Coon, Oliver F.Baker County10698
Coon, Oliver M.Baker County10728
Coon, Samuel H.Bed Rock1124
Cooper, Daisy L.Haines2819
Cooper, JamesEagle Valley #123318
Cooper, John T.Haines28110
Cooper, MauricePine35288
Cooper, MabelPine35289
Cooper, Mary M.Bed Rock11428
Cooper, WilburHuntington31285
Cooper, William R.Haines2818
Corey, Sherman E.Sumpter44127
Corliw, JessieDepot81169
Corn, AgniscaBaker Ward 351365
Corn, ElsieBaker Ward 35370
Corn, HelenBaker Ward 35371
Corn, J. H.Baker Ward 351364
Corn, MabelBaker Ward 35369
Corn, TaylorBaker Ward 35368
Cornelison, Allan J.Depot81253
Corning, Doug V.Huntington - Huntington Town3091
Corning, EmmaBed Rock11486
Corning, Emma E.Huntington - Huntington Town3092
Corning, Jack M.Bed Rock11488
Corning, Jesla M.Huntington - Huntington Town3093
Corning, Roy V.Bed Rock11485
Cornman, AaronDepot8333
Cornman, FrankDepot8335
Cornman, MyrtleDepot8334
Corson, BerthaDurkee21254
Corson, IrvinDurkee21256
Corson, PaulineDurkee21255
Cortez, DomingoDurkee21412
Cosens, Fred R.Rye Valley41126
Cosens, Hazel H.Rye Valley41127
Cosens, Julie A.Bridgeport13179
Cosens, Laverne L.Rye Valley41128
Cosens, RoyalPine35348
Cosens, Ruoul I.Bridgeport13178
Cosens, Velma M.Bridgeport13180
Cosins, Ida D.Bridgeport13147
Cosins, Walter P.Bridgeport13146
Costella, MargaritteBaker Ward 351052
Coston, E. JosephineEagle Valley #123348
Coston, I. EthelEagle Valley #123350
Coston, M. FannieEagle Valley #123349
Coston, M. HughEagle Valley #123347
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