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Oregon Federal Census Index 1930
Baker County Series T626
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
Cecil, PerryHuntington - Huntington Town30425
Cenon, MatesConnor Creek18158
Cessnun, ClarenceDepot81053
Cessnun, DonoldDepot81058
Cessnun, EarleDepot81052
Cessnun, JamesDepot81055
Cessnun, JohnDepot81050
Cessnun, JohnDepot81054
Cessnun, MabelDepot81051
Cessnun, MargeretDepot81056
Cessnun, MarybelDepot81057
Chad, Elmo L.Baker County10717
Chad, RuthBaker County10718
Chadd, Bessie B.Baker Ward 571056
Chadd, Naomi R.Baker Ward 571057
Chadsey, JessieBaker Ward 13440
Chadsey, LawrenceBaker Ward 13441
Chadwell, CharlesBridgeport13120
Chadwell, Edith E.Baker Ward 57859
Chadwell, Rawliegh E.Baker Ward 57858
Chadwell, Robert R.Baker Ward 57860
Chadwell, William L.Baker Ward 57861
Chadwick, CliffordBaker Ward 35891
Chadwick, Clifford C.Baker Ward 35886
Chadwick, DenaBaker Ward 46762
Chadwick, Edith J.Baker Ward 35887
Chadwick, Edith J.Baker Ward 35890
Chadwick, Elizabeth M.Baker Ward 35888
Chadwick, GeraldBaker Ward 46763
Chadwick, Harry A.Baker Ward 35889
Chadwick, Mary C.Pine #136385
Chadwick, Robert J.Baker Ward 46761
Chadwick, TheresaHuntington - Huntington Town30197
Chadwick, ThurstonHuntington - Huntington Town30196
Chaffin, KeithBaker Ward 57279
Chaisse*, EdwardDepot8121
Chamberlain, CharlieBaker Ward 35366
Chamberlain, ClarenceBaker Ward 35365
Chamberlain, EtnaBaker Ward 13320
Chamberlain, H. L.Baker Ward 35363
Chamberlain, MariaBaker Ward 35364
Chamberlain, RosieBaker Ward 35367
Chamberlain, WilliamUnity4523
Chamberlin, A. LulaEagle Valley #123444
Chamberlin, Dale L.Eagle Valley #123445
Chamberlin, George L.Baker Ward 57495
Chamberlin, G. NolanEagle Valley #123447
Chamberlin, O. IrvinEagle Valley #123446
Chamberlin, S. LeeEagle Valley #123443
Chambers, AmandaBaker Ward 3515
Chambers, AnnaRock Creek40458
Chambers, DelbertBaker Ward 4667
Chambers, E. A.Baker Ward 35158
Chambers, Frank E.Baker Ward 3516
Chambers, Howard J.Pocahontas38248
Chambers, IvaBaker Ward 4666
Chambers, James M.Durkee2123
Chambers, KennethBaker Ward 46612
Chambers, MarieBaker Ward 3517
Chambers, MarjorieBaker Ward 46610
Chambers, MaryHuntington31350
Chambers, Mary L.Baker Ward 57584
Chambers, MileyBaker Ward 35159
Chambers, OpalBaker Ward 4668
Chambers, OrvilleBaker Ward 46611
Chambers, ThelmaBaker Ward 4669
Chambers, WilliamRock Creek40459
Chamerlain, EstherBaker Ward 13967
Chamerlain, JaneBaker Ward 13963
Chamerlain, LonBaker Ward 13966
Chamerlain, Lyman N.Baker Ward 13962
Chamerlain, NormanBaker Ward 13965
Chamerlain, PlessBaker Ward 13964
Chandler, Adele B.Baker County10331
Chandler, Alta B.Haines28161
Chandler, Asa H.Baker Ward 2464
Chandler, Bessie J.Pine #237122
Chandler, Charles H.Baker Ward 57794
Chandler, E. JohnEagle Valley #123371
Chandler, E. MildredEagle Valley #123680
Chandler, HarryBaker Ward 46191
Chandler, Herbert G.Baker Ward 57791
Chandler, HerbertaBaker Ward 57793
Chandler, IanthisEagle Valley #123679
Chandler, I. OdettaEagle Valley #123370
Chandler, James H.Pine #237120
Chandler, J. ImogeneEagle Valley #123368
Chandler, Linda C.Baker Ward 57792
Chandler, LloydEagle Valley #123366
Chandler, Lowell S.Baker County10330
Chandler, Mabel E.Baker Ward 2465
Chandler, Maggie B.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town2231
Chandler, MarieBaker Ward 46190
Chandler, Marion F.Baker Ward 2466
Chandler, O. BonnieEagle Valley #123369
Chandler, OrvilleBaker Ward 241098
Chandler, P. MabelEagle Valley #123367
Chandler, Ruby M.Pine #237121
Chandler, Thomas J.Haines28162
Chandler, Virginia M.Baker County10332
Chandler, Wayne E.Haines28160
Chandler, W. HermanEagle Valley #1 - Richland Town2232
Chandler, William W.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town222100
Chandler, Willis R.Pine #237123
Chapman, Arden D.Depot81151
Chapman, BerniceBaker Ward 351565
Chapman, G. JohnEagle Valley #123416
Chapman, Geneva L.Eagle Valley #123413
Chapman, HerbertBaker Ward 351564
Chapman, IdaBaker Ward 35152
Chapman, John Jr.Baker Ward 35151
Chapman, John T.Baker Ward 351499
Chapman, L. EverettEagle Valley #123415
Chapman, L. HaroldEagle Valley #123414
Chapman, RhodaDepot81152
Chapman, R. MertonEagle Valley #123412
Chapman, SarahBaker Ward 3514100
Chapman, ThomasAlder1277
Chappalin, Josiah B.Sumpter - Sumpter City4316
Chappell, Mary A.Sumpter - Sumpter City43129
Chase, JohnBaker County1051
Chastain, Geneva M.Pine #136422
Chastain, Homer P.Pine #136421
Chatham, Frank S.Baker Ward 35227
Chatham, MariamBaker Ward 35229
Chatham, MaryBaker Ward 35228
Chathen*, AliceDepot81281
Chausse, Edward A.Pocahontas38323
Chaves, Arthur A.Baker County10318
Chaves, Francis E.Baker County10322
Chaves, Joe C.Baker County10316
Chaves, Lena D.Baker County10321
Chaves, Marie P.Baker County10317
Chaves, Martin J.Baker County10320
Chaves, Wilfred H.Baker County10319
Chenoweth, CharlesDepot81224
Chenoweth, NellieDepot81225
Chessen, A. CalvinEagle Valley #123514
Chessen, J. FrancisEagle Valley #123515
Chetwood, Alice L.Pine #136455
Chetwood, Guasie V.Iron Dyke32272
Chetwood, Lee J.Iron Dyke32271
Chetwood, Letha M.Pine #136457
Chetwood, Muriel J.Pine #136456
Chetwood, R. LowellPine #136454
Chetwood, Wayne C.Iron Dyke32273
Childers, Aldine R.Haines28411
Childers, Avon B.Haines2849
Childers, James H.Haines2847
Childers, Lura L.Haines2848
Childers, Marvin J.Haines28410
Childs, Burnell H.Baker Ward 241521
Childs, Eunice L.Huntington - Huntington Town30415
Childs, George F.Baker Ward 241520
Childs, LaVerneBaker County1028
Childs, Maybell V.Huntington - Huntington Town30414
Childs, Samuel A.Huntington - Huntington Town30413
Childs, Shirley B.Huntington - Huntington Town30416
Chinn, Charles M.Wingville48191
Chinn, Charles M. Jr.Wingville48193
Chinn, Violet L.Wingville48192
Chipman, ArthurPine #13623
Chipman, CecilRock Creek40268
Chipman, EinaPine #13622
Chipman, FrankPine #1361100
Chipman, HenryPine #13624
Chipman, JohnPine #136196
Chipman, Leroy J.Pine #136198
Chipman, Opal M.Pine #136197
Chipman, Ralph A.Pine #136199
Chipman, Volney R.Pine #13621
Chitchfield, JuaniteBaker Ward 24542
Chittenden, RoyBaker Ward 13487
Chmidling, MargeretDepot8476
Chmidling, SylvesterDepot8475
Christeson, Elva M.Baker Ward 35410
Christeson, FredBaker Ward 3549
Christeson, Pearl E.Baker Ward 35411
Christensen, Edna T.Rock Creek40116
Christensen, WilliamRock Creek40115
Christenson, AndrewDepot8711
Christenson, CeniaPine35191
Christenson, LuluBaker Ward 4687
Christenson, Mark A.Pine35190
Christenson, MaryDepot8712
Christenson, WilliamBaker Ward 46812
Christian, LeeDepot8579
Christinson, Alta R.Rock Creek40283
Christinson, MyrtleRock Creek40284
Christy, DaveBaker Ward 24434
Christy, DonaldBaker Ward 24166
Christy, J. W.Baker Ward 24162
Christy, NonaBaker Ward 24164
Christy, Pearl L.Baker Ward 24163
Christy, VernonBaker Ward 24435
Christy, WallaceBaker Ward 24165
Chung, LuBaker Ward 241485
Chung, YoungBaker Ward 241372
Church, Ada C.Haines - Haines Town2714
Cinder, Alva B.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22173
Cinder, Glenn D.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22177
Cinder, Mary N.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22174
Cinder, Melvin L.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22175
Cinder, Orvill B.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22178
Cinder, Vala C.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22176
Clapp, Eldon C.Haines - Haines Town27142
Clapp, Elva L.Haines - Haines Town27141
Clapp, Howard L.Haines - Haines Town27143
Clapp, Milton C.Haines - Haines Town27140
Clapp, Shirley M.Haines - Haines Town27144
Clapton, ColesHuntington31242
Clark, A. JohnRobinette39145
Clark, Albert F.Rye Valley41149
Clark, Albert M.Rye Valley41158
Clark, AldaRye Valley41153
Clark, AlphusBaker Ward 35232
Clark, Ambrose H.Huntington - Huntington Town30387
Clark, AmeliaBaker Ward 35753
Clark, CharlesBaker Ward 35752
Clark, Charles A.South Baker9293
Clark, Dale E.Rye Valley41152
Clark, Delbert D.Rye Valley41155
Clark, DonaldBaker Ward 35233
Clark, Dorthy F.Rye Valley41156
Clark, ElizabethBaker Ward 24431
Clark, EnidSouth Baker9295
Clark, EuniceHuntington - Huntington Town30844
Clark, F. EuniceRobinette39142
Clark, Florine M.Baker Ward 46884
Clark, GayHuntington - Huntington Town30843
Clark, Gena A.Eagle Valley #224133
Clark, GraceHuntington - Huntington Town30139
Clark, Grace E.Baker Ward 35231
Clark, HaroldBaker Ward 35755
Clark, HarryHuntington - Huntington Town30138
Clark, HazelBaker Ward 351143
Clark, H. CliffordRobinette39143
Clark, HelenBaker Ward 35754
Clark, JessieSouth Baker9284
Clark, JessieSouth Baker9294
Clark, JohnSumpter - Sumpter City4319
Clark, John A.South Baker9283
Clark, L. ElmerRobinette39141
Clark, L. ElmerRobinette39144
Clark, Lola A.Rye Valley41151
Clark, L. RichardRobinette39146
Clark, MargaretHuntington - Huntington Town30388
Clark, Myree O.Rye Valley41148
Clark, NaomiEagle Valley #224132
Clark, Otis G.Depot8856
Clark, PatriciaHuntington - Huntington Town30140
Clark, Ruth M.Rye Valley41147
Clark, ThomasBaker Ward 351099
Clark, Walter A.Baker Ward 35230
Clark, Walter S.Rye Valley41146
Clark, Walter Jr.Rye Valley41154
Clark, WandaSouth Baker9296
Clark, W. BurrBaker Ward 46885
Clark, WilliamBaker Ward 46883
Clark, Wilma L.Rye Valley41150
Clarke, CharlesBed Rock11422
Clausen, Christine M.Pocahontas38260
Clausen, JuliusPocahontas38259
Clauson, AnnaBaker Ward 46494
Clay, Olive H.Pocahontas38171
Clay, William D.Pocahontas38172
Clay, William J.Pocahontas38170
Clayton, ArthurDepot81196
Clayton, EarlDepot81195
Clayton, HerbertHuntington31368
Clement, Otelia B.Baker Ward 241398
Clements, Duane D.Baker Ward 57751
Clements, Harold C.Baker Ward 57748
Clements, Laverne C.Baker Ward 57750
Clements, NellieBaker Ward 57749
Clemmons, MaryDurkee21350
Clemmons, OrinDurkee21349
Clemmons, YvonneDurkee21351
Clemons, Sarah C.Pocahontas38313
Clemons, William N.Pocahontas38312
Cleveland, AnneSumpter4414
Cleveland, Harry C.Sumpter4413
Clifford, Edith H.Baker Ward 351361
Clifford, M. D.Baker Ward 351360
Cline, Mary M.Weatherby47146
Cline, Raymond E.Weatherby47145
Cline, Viola E.Weatherby47147
Cloro, D. CatherinePine #136567
Closson, Guy H.Huntington - Huntington Town30516
Closson, June W.Huntington - Huntington Town30518
Closson, LynneHuntington - Huntington Town30517
Cloud, CarlBaker Ward 35977
Cloud, DorotheaBaker Ward 35979
Cloud, VelmaBaker Ward 35978
Clugh, Coleen J.Baker Ward 35393
Clugh, MelsenaBaker Ward 35391
Clugh, Naomi B.Baker Ward 35392
Clugh, Walter H.Baker Ward 35390
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