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Oregon Federal Census Index 1930
Baker County Series T626
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
Cable, Aubrey D.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town2218
Cable, Robert F.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22110
Cable, Robert L.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town2216
Cable, Vivian L.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town2219
Cable, Woodie F.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town2217
Cady, EmmaDurkee21164
Cady, Grant U.Durkee2143
Cain, JennieBaker Ward 241130
Cain, WilliamBaker Ward 241129
Calder, ClerenceBaker Ward 241413
Calder, Clinton J.Wingville48257
Calder, DeliaBaker Ward 241412
Calder, Edward L.Wingville48253
Calder, Francis V.Wingville48254
Calder, GeorgeBaker County10199
Calder, George F.Wingville48250
Calder, George F.Wingville48252
Calder, Harold J.Wingville48256
Calder, Mary C.Wingville48251
Calder, MerleBaker Ward 241414
Calder, Ortha F.Wingville48255
Calder, Roberta M.Sparta4224
Calder, William C.Baker Ward 13710
Caldwell, Clifford D.Weatherby47143
Caldwell, DavidBaker Ward 241164
Caldwell, IdellaRock Creek40364
Caldwell, SaraRock Creek40363
Caldwell, ThomasRock Creek40361
Caldwell, ThomasRock Creek40365
Caldwell, VeraRock Creek40362
Caldwell, VeraRock Creek40367
Caldwell, VeronaRock Creek40366
Calger, BerthaUnity45296
Calhins, Mary F.Baker Ward 57844
Call, Carrie L.Baker Ward 46896
Call, T. M.Baker Ward 46895
Callaway, JohnDepot8862
Callaway, MaryDepot8863
Callonay, DaisyBaker Ward 241328
Callonay, MyrtleBaker Ward 241329
Cameron, Chaise W.Pine #13656
Cameron, CharlesHuntington31158
Cameron, Cleora L.Pine #13657
Cameron, EverettHuntington31157
Cameron, HarrietBaker Ward 351031
Cameron, James C.Baker Ward 241358
Cameron, JohnHuntington31156
Cameron, Ray E.Huntington31154
Cameron, Retta M.Huntington31155
Cameron, RobertBaker Ward 351030
Cameron, Susie E.Pine #13655
Cameron, W. BrucePine #13654
Camp, Bernard F.Wingville48216
Camp, Bessie G.Wingville48214
Camp, Dorthy M.Wingville48217
Camp, Edward N.Wingville48213
Camp, Edward N. Jr.Wingville48215
Campbell, A. CarolineEagle Valley #123646
Campbell, Alfred A.Baker Ward 24136
Campbell, Alice M.Baker Ward 13540
Campbell, AlieenBaker Ward 13537
Campbell, AmandaBaker Ward 46976
Campbell, A. RoyEagle Valley #123645
Campbell, Ben R.Baker Ward 13483
Campbell, Bertha V.Baker Ward 24137
Campbell, Charles H.Baker Ward 13481
Campbell, CharleyBaker Ward 13536
Campbell, CharlotteBaker Ward 13538
Campbell, ChesterBaker Ward 13482
Campbell, Clara M.Baker County10217
Campbell, D. MattEagle Valley #123647
Campbell, George W.Baker Ward 13539
Campbell, Harry L.Baker Ward 13532
Campbell, Harry Jr.Baker Ward 13535
Campbell, J. DorothyEagle Valley #123648
Campbell, JoeBaker Ward 351631
Campbell, JohnBaker County10216
Campbell, LoreneBaker Ward 13534
Campbell, Nellie M.Baker County10218
Campbell, Oswald J.Baker Ward 46975
Campbell, PearlBaker Ward 13533
Campbell, RalphHuntington3123
Campbell, Roland C.Huntington3125
Campbell, Sadie C.Baker Ward 13480
Campbell, ShirleyBaker Ward 46977
Campbell, WilmaHuntington3124
Canaday, EzraPine #237568
Canaday, Florence S.Pine35437
Canaday, Guy E.Pine35436
Canaday, John T.Pine #23732
Canaday, Louise A.Pine #23734
Canaday, Mary E.Pine #23735
Canaday, Nellie W.Pine #23733
Canaday, PatriciaPine35438
Canaday, WalterPine35173
Canhell, AmosHuntington - Huntington Town30254
Cannon, Harry L.Baker Ward 57759
Cannon, Henry W.Baker Ward 57758
Canterbury, C. Q.Baker Ward 24955
Canterbury, Lillian A.Baker Ward 24956
Cantiwell, David C.Depot81282
Cantrel, BillyBaker Ward 57545
Cantrel, Edith N.Baker Ward 57544
Cantrel, Harlan S.Baker Ward 57543
Cantrell, JaneBaker Ward 57231
Cantwell, DavidDepot8129
Cantwell, David C.Baker County1057
Caraway, HarryRock Creek40185
Carey, Betty E.Iron Dyke32177
Carey, Edward L.Iron Dyke32178
Carey, Jane T.Iron Dyke32175
Carey, William H.Iron Dyke32174
Carey, William H. Jr.Iron Dyke32176
Cargill, Marion H.Pocahontas38342
Carhnight, DellaHuntington - Huntington Town30861
Carhnight, JamesHuntington - Huntington Town30860
Carlile, ClaraUnity45181
Carlile, Ebb B.Unity45180
Carlile, Harry W.Unity45183
Carlile, Randle J.Unity45182
Carlson, Adolph E.Pine35315
Carlson, AlphaBaker Ward 46991
Carlson, ArthurDepot839
Carlson, BeatriceDepot8310
Carlson, Charles A.McEwen34247
Carlson, ChristineSouth Baker9210
Carlson, Ellin J.Pine35318
Carlson, Grace K.Pine35317
Carlson, MaeBaker Ward 46993
Carlson, Spencer M.Pine35319
Carlson, TheodoreBaker Ward 46990
Carlson, TilliePine35316
Carlson, VirginiaBaker Ward 46992
Carn, Agnes B.Depot8995
Carn, BeulahDepot81194
Carn, FrankDepot81193
Carn, Parks J.Depot8994
Carn, RobertDepot8996
Carnahan, ClaraPine #136414
Carnahan, Dolly M.Iron Dyke32219
Carnahan, Edwin H.Iron Dyke32217
Carnahan, Emma R.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22238
Carnahan, ErnestinePine #136412
Carnahan, Fay O.Iron Dyke32220
Carnahan, Ira L.Pine #136117
Carnahan, Irma B.Iron Dyke32218
Carnahan, KeithPine #136415
Carnahan, KennethPine #136416
Carnahan, Laueoa*Pine #136413
Carnahan, M. JoiceEagle Valley #123199
Carnahan, NevaPine #136411
Carnahan, Ronald W.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22239
Carnahan, Vivian L.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22240
Carnahan, William F.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22237
Carnehan, Carl A.Eagle Valley #224113
Carnehan, Carl C.Eagle Valley #224110
Carnehan, Flossie M.Eagle Valley #224111
Carnehan, Joseph M.Eagle Valley #224112
Carnes, Addie H.Rock Creek4012
Carnes, ArleneRock Creek40127
Carnes, ClarkRock Creek4013
Carnes, George M.Rock Creek4011
Carnes, HallieRock Creek40125
Carnes, HelenRock Creek40589
Carnes, Mary C.Haines28283
Carnes, May N.Haines28282
Carnes, MerrilRock Creek40590
Carnes, RozellaRock Creek40126
Carnes, Sam R.Haines28281
Carnihan, Albert P.Iron Dyke3211
Carnihan, Charles H.Pine #237329
Carnihan, Ernestin, E.Pine #237331
Carnihan, Mary L.Pine #237330
Carpenter, Albert J.Baker County10659
Carpenter, Bobbie M.Baker County10664
Carpenter, Conrad C.Baker County10676
Carpenter, Coretta H.Baker County10674
Carpenter, Edith G.Baker County10663
Carpenter, Edna A.Baker County10662
Carpenter, Edward J.Baker County10661
Carpenter, Eliza P.Baker County10677
Carpenter, Elsie M.Baker County10670
Carpenter, ErsilBaker County10660
Carpenter, Ethel M.Baker County10669
Carpenter, Eva L.Baker Ward 35334
Carpenter, Henrietta E.Baker County10666
Carpenter, JamesBaker Ward 35336
Carpenter, James F.Baker Ward 35333
Carpenter, Lee A.Baker County10668
Carpenter, Louis W.Baker County10665
Carpenter, Mollie M.Baker County10671
Carpenter, Norman C.Rye Valley41157
Carpenter, Norman L.Baker County10672
Carpenter, PatienceBaker Ward 3544
Carpenter, Percilla P.Baker County10675
Carpenter, RobertBaker Ward 35335
Carpenter, Selby L.Baker County10673
Carpenter, UlyssesBaker Ward 3543
Carol, Robert W.Baker Ward 24220
Carrol, Joe F.Durkee21388
Carroll, CharlesHuntington - Huntington Town30595
Carroll, GarnetHuntington - Huntington Town30597
Carroll, GraceHuntington - Huntington Town30598
Carroll, MargaretHuntington - Huntington Town30596
Carroll, Zell ZoHuntington - Huntington Town30599
Carsly, Ada L.Pine35180
Carsly, Charles L.Pine35179
Carsly, Velva R.Pine35181
Carsly, Vivian C.Pine35182
Carsom, BernardGreenhorn2616
Carson, Amos D.Baker Ward 13517
Carson, Elmera J.Baker Ward 13518
Carson, Olive P.Baker Ward 571076
Carson, Sealy V.Baker Ward 571077
Carter, A. JasperEagle Valley #123473
Carter, AnnaUnity45231
Carter, Anna C.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town221100
Carter, Benjimin P.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22199
Carter, Charles H.Unity45233
Carter, Charlie C.Baker County10114
Carter, Daren D.Eagle Valley #224352
Carter, Earl F.Rock Creek40491
Carter, Earnest H.Unity45230
Carter, E. DorothyRobinette39130
Carter, EmmadellConnor Creek18130
Carter, E. PaulaRobinette39131
Carter, Ernest H.Baker Ward 57573
Carter, Ernisne H.Baker Ward 57574
Carter, F. DonRobinette39132
Carter, FlorenceBaker Ward 241445
Carter, Henry P.Rock Creek40489
Carter, Irene J.Haines28241
Carter, James E.Baker Ward 57571
Carter, K. AshleyRock Creek40492
Carter, LillianBaker County10115
Carter, Lloyd B.Haines28240
Carter, Mahala E.Connor Creek18129
Carter, Milly V.Rock Creek40490
Carter, Minnie H.Baker Ward 57572
Carter, Patricia J.Unity45232
Carter, P. CollisRobinette39129
Carter, RutherfordRock Creek40478
Carter, WilliamConnor Creek18128
Carter, Willis D.Baker Ward 241444
Cartmill, AliceBaker Ward 461013
Cartmill, CharlesHaines28175
Cartmill, David M.Haines28170
Cartmill, Francis M.Haines28176
Cartmill, Lester A.Wingville48140
Cartmill, Margaret R.South Baker966
Cartmill, Vernon C.Haines28177
Cartmill, W. A.South Baker965
Cartwright, A. K.South Baker9297
Cartwright, ArutherRye Valley41138
Cartwright, Barbra J.Rye Valley41140
Cartwright, C. M.Baker Ward 46339
Cartwright, ElsieSouth Baker9298
Cartwright, ErnestBaker Ward 46843
Cartwright, Florence A.Rye Valley41139
Cartwright, George W.Baker Ward 351442
Cartwright, J. L.Baker Ward 46841
Cartwright, Lucille K.Baker Ward 35492
Cartwright, Marine L.South Baker9299
Cartwright, MarionBaker Ward 46341
Cartwright, MaudeBaker Ward 46340
Cartwright, Minnie F.Rye Valley41136
Cartwright, Ora A.Baker Ward 46842
Cartwright, Orlin A.South Baker92100
Cartwright, Ray C.Baker Ward 35493
Cartwright, Richard A.Rye Valley41135
Cartwright, RichardBaker Ward 46844
Carver, AliceBaker Ward 1323
Carver, DarnellBaker Ward 1324
Carver, Earl N.Bed Rock11456
Carver, GeorgeBaker Ward 1322
Carver, John E.Baker Ward 57557
Carver, Laura B.Baker Ward 57556
Carvin, GloryRock Creek40297
Case, Alice M.Baker County1045
Case, AlricBaker County1044
Case, BernieSumpter - Sumpter City43173
Case, BlenSumpter - Sumpter City43172
Case, DellaBaker County10358
Case, EthelSumpter - Sumpter City43170
Case, Franklin A.Baker County10359
Case, GlennSumpter - Sumpter City43171
Case, James B.Sumpter - Sumpter City43169
Case, James W.Pine #136289
Case, LouisBaker Ward 241332
Case, NancyBaker Ward 461014
Case, WilliamBaker County10357
Casebeer, Edward T.Baker Ward 351673
Casebeer, FrancisDepot8488
Casebeer, LenoreBaker Ward 351674
Casey, James E.Depot81265
Casidy, MirtleGreenhorn2615
Casoley, CarolineHuntington - Huntington Town30628
Casoley, CharlesHuntington - Huntington Town30627
Casoley, DorotheaHuntington - Huntington Town30629
Casoley, EldeenHuntington - Huntington Town30631
Casoley, FrancesHuntington - Huntington Town30630
Cass, John L.Baker Ward 46149
Cass, MyrtleBaker Ward 46148
Cassidy, DorisBaker Ward 2438
Cassidy, Herbert D.Baker Ward 2437
Cassidy, Herberta D.Baker Ward 2439
Cassidy, Maxine F.Baker Ward 24310
Castle, Carl S.Baker Ward 35122
Castle, Henrietta F.Baker Ward 35419
Castle, JosephDepot81239
Castle, VivianBaker Ward 35123
Castles, Ellen E.South Baker9746
Castles, Michael J.South Baker9747
Castor, Clara E.Haines - Haines Town27176
Castor, Dorthea L.Haines - Haines Town27178
Castor, Frank W.Haines - Haines Town27175
Castor, Gwendolyn D.Haines - Haines Town27177
Cate, BeulaBaker Ward 13682
Cate, Roy E.Baker Ward 13681
Cate, StewartBaker Ward 13683
Cates, ClaraBaker Ward 46353
Cates, EmmaBaker Ward 46352
Cates, OliveBaker Ward 357100
Catese, Ellis E.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22247
Catt, Agnes I.Baker Ward 2451
Catt, Ethel I.Baker Ward 244100
Catt, Lorenzo C.Baker Ward 24499
Cavin, Anna B.Baker Ward 351541
Cavin, BirdieDepot8651
Cavin, Elsie L.Baker Ward 57484
Cavin, F.Baker Ward 35813
Cavin, Floyd A.Depot8652
Cavin, FreddieDepot8655
Cavin, HenryDepot8650
Cavin, JamesBaker Ward 351540
Cavin, Joe H.Baker Ward 57483
Cavin, John H.Baker Ward 46214
Cavin, JuniorDepot8654
Cavin, SarahBaker Ward 35814
Cavin, VelmaDepot8656
Cavin, Vera E.Depot8653
Caviness, BurtVirtue46124
Caviness, CharleyDurkee21357
Caviness, DaisyBaker Ward 241269
Caviness, EllaVirtue46125
Caviness, Ella E.Lookout33131
Caviness, Emma F.Pocahontas38233
Caviness, Esther M.Pocahontas38148
Caviness, FrankBaker Ward 241268
Caviness, George M.Pocahontas38232
Caviness, MabelDurkee21358
Caviness, MarjorieDurkee21359
Caviness, OdessaBaker Ward 461031
Caviness, Sidney E.Pocahontas38147
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