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Oregon Federal Census Index 1930
Baker County Series T626
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
Brown, Albert L.Rock Creek40471
Brown, AleneBaker Ward 13511
Brown, AlladyneHuntington - Huntington Town30579
Brown, Allie H.Baker Ward 13687
Brown, Alvin J.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town2214
Brown, Alvin W.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town2211
Brown, A. M.Baker Ward 461041
Brown, AmosBaker Ward 351336
Brown, AnnaBaker Ward 13230
Brown, Anna C.Baker Ward 35985
Brown, Anna M.Depot8692
Brown, Arlene L.Baker Ward 57811
Brown, Arthur C.Pine #237258
Brown, ArzilaBaker Ward 24229
Brown, Asa L.Rock Creek40460
Brown, BarbaraBaker Ward 24281
Brown, BelleBaker Ward 35519
Brown, Bernard A.Unity4533
Brown, Bessie R.Baker Ward 57149
Brown, BettyBaker Ward 351513
Brown, BeverlyBaker Ward 13595
Brown, BlanchBaker Ward 351140
Brown, BlancheBaker Ward 24280
Brown, CarolRock Creek40474
Brown, CarraDepot8533
Brown, Charles A.Depot8340
Brown, Chester I.Pine #136653
Brown, Chester R.Baker Ward 24620
Brown, Chester R.Bed Rock11158
Brown, Clara M.Baker Ward 35413
Brown, DanDepot8342
Brown, Daniel F.Sparta42116
Brown, DavidHuntington - Huntington Town30580
Brown, Donald G.Pine351100
Brown, DorisDepot8693
Brown, DorothyDepot8343
Brown, Dorothy F.Baker County10438
Brown, Edith W.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town2213
Brown, EllaRock Creek40472
Brown, Elmer F.Baker Ward 13510
Brown, Emma L.Sparta42117
Brown, ErnestHaines28119
Brown, Eugene E.Sparta42174
Brown, EuphemiaBaker Ward 46894
Brown, EzraSouth Baker9740
Brown, FannieBaker Ward 351515
Brown, Florence E.Baker Ward 57327
Brown, FrancisBaker Ward 461042
Brown, Frances L.Baker Ward 57328
Brown, Francis M.Bed Rock11156
Brown, Frank G.Bed Rock11135
Brown, FredBed Rock11131
Brown, Fred B.Bed Rock11133
Brown, Fred E.Depot8629
Brown, Frona M.Baker Ward 57810
Brown, GenevieveBaker Ward 46238
Brown, GeorgeBaker Ward 46236
Brown, GladysBaker Ward 24231
Brown, GoldieBaker Ward 4rd 461043
Brown, GordonBaker Ward 46239
Brown, GraceBaker Ward 35674
Brown, Grace E.Bed Rock11132
Brown, Hanna M.Unity4532
Brown, HarrySouth Baker9778
Brown, HelenBaker Ward 13594
Brown, Henry J.Unity4534
Brown, HerbertBaker Ward 24230
Brown, Herbert Jr.Baker Ward 24232
Brown, HollisBaker Ward 35676
Brown, InezBaker Ward 241324
Brown, James A.Baker Ward 35518
Brown, Jess J.Baker Ward 24279
Brown, Joe W.Huntington - Huntington Town30578
Brown, JohnBaker Ward 46893
Brown, John J.Depot8344
Brown, John T.Huntington - Huntington Town30870
Brown, Jors P.Baker County10435
Brown, Joseph A.Baker Ward 35984
Brown, Joseph H.Unity4531
Brown, JosephineBaker Ward 46237
Brown, Josephine M.Depot8630
Brown, JosieDepot8691
Brown, JuliaBaker Ward 3515100
Brown, KennethBaker Ward 351514
Brown, LafayetteDepot8920
Brown, Lattie E.Baker County10436
Brown, LauraDepot8921
Brown, Laura M.Sparta42175
Brown, Leo J.Depot8690
Brown, LeonBaker Ward 35673
Brown, LouisBaker Ward 35412
Brown, Mabel C.Baker Ward 57334
Brown, Mable E.Pine #237259
Brown, MadgeBaker Ward 35522
Brown, MannyBaker Ward 351139
Brown, Marjorie R.Bed Rock11157
Brown, MarjoryRock Creek40462
Brown, MarthaBaker Ward 35639
Brown, Martha A.Baker Ward 13688
Brown, Mary C.Rock Creek40461
Brown, Maude M.Pine35111
Brown, MauriceBaker Ward 35520
Brown, MaxineBaker Ward 35521
Brown, Millicent L.Bed Rock11134
Brown, MikeBaker Ward 57148
Brown, Mike Jr.Baker Ward 57326
Brown, M. NellieEagle Valley #123373
Brown, M. PearlDepot8341
Brown, NancyRock Creek40473
Brown, Nathaniel D.Pine35110
Brown, NellieBaker Ward 351337
Brown, Oliver G.Bed Rock11160
Brown, PerryDurkee21234
Brown, Pleas A.Bed Rock11159
Brown, RayBaker Ward 13661
Brown, Raymond F.Baker Ward 57812
Brown, Robert W.Baker County10437
Brown, RolandHuntington31316
Brown, Roscoe P.Bed Rock11155
Brown, SamEagle Valley #123372
Brown, Sarah E.Pine35199
Brown, SterlingBaker Ward 35675
Brown, SylvesterBaker Ward 13593
Brown, TheroseBaker Ward 57333
Brown, Vinnie B.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town2212
Brown, VirginiaRock Creek40463
Brown, Virginia E.Pine #237264
Brown, Virginia L.Baker Ward 57523
Brown, V. S.Baker Ward 351512
Brown, Walter G.Baker Ward 5789
Brown, Wilfred T.Baker Ward 57335
Brown, W. T.Baker Ward 24228
Browneister, AnnaDepot8555
Brownell, AnnabelRock Creek40224
Brownell, EdmondRock Creek40222
Brownell, EdmondRock Creek40226
Brownell, LeonaRock Creek40223
Brownell, LeonaRock Creek40225
Brownell, WilmaRock Creek40227
Browning, Ada E.Baker Ward 35776
Browning, ArzellaAlder1157
Browning, BobbieAlder1159
Browning, BurtAlder1160
Browning, HenryAlder1162
Browning, JeanettaMcEwen34118
Browning, LovinaAlder1158
Browning, Margaret N.McEwen34119
Browning, Russel M.McEwen34117
Browning, SidneyAlder1156
Browning, Sidney Jr.Alder1161
Browning, WilliamMcEwen34120
Browning, William H.Baker Ward 35775
Broyles, Vadah V.Baker Ward 57344
Broyles, WalterBaker Ward 57343
Bruce, Cora L.Baker Ward 57448
Bruce, Dorothy D.Baker Ward 57451
Bruce, John Z.Baker Ward 57447
Bruce, Mabel E.Baker Ward 57449
Bruce, Roger M.Baker Ward 57450
Brummer, Edith A.Iron Dyke32215
Brummer, Edith M.Iron Dyke32216
Brummer, John G.Iron Dyke32214
Brunson, HelenHuntington31215
Bryant, AlbertHuntington31311
Bryant, ArabellaRock Creek40136
Bryant, ClaranceHuntington3139
Bryant, Clifford T.Huntington - Huntington Town30281
Bryant, CliftonHuntington - Huntington Town30283
Bryant, DorinHuntington - Huntington Town30136
Bryant, EllaHuntington31312
Bryant, Harley J.Huntington - Huntington Town30137
Bryant, HelenHuntington - Huntington Town30282
Bryant, IvyHuntington31310
Bryant, James T.Huntington - Huntington Town30134
Bryant, John J.Rock Creek40135
Bryant, Minnie E.Huntington - Huntington Town30135
Bryant, William J.Rock Creek40137
Bubb, Mary E.Baker Ward 57235
Buchan, Freda A.Rye Valley41163
Buchan, Loyd H.Rye Valley41165
Buchan, VevaRye Valley41164
Buchanan, BessiePine35426
Buchanan, Beulah L.Pine #136231
Buchanan, CecilPine #136239
Buchanan, Clarence W.Pine #136318
Buchanan, Della M.Pine #136238
Buchanan, DonaldBaker Ward 13590
Buchanan, DorenePine #136240
Buchanan, Eliza C.Pine #136319
Buchanan, ElvaPine #136241
Buchanan, Ethel L.Pine #136237
Buchanan, GenevieveBaker Ward 13592
Buchanan, George M.Pine #136236
Buchanan, HowardPine35425
Buchanan, JohnPine #136227
Buchanan, Joseph A.Pine #136221
Buchanan, Lena B.Pine #136225
Buchanan, MarthaBaker Ward 131038
Buchanan, NolanPine #136223
Buchanan, Orpha J.Pine #136185
Buchanan, Orville W.Pine #136230
Buchanan, Pansy V.Pocahontas38237
Buchanan, Rachel C.Pocahontas38238
Buchanan, Raymond S.Pine #136222
Buchanan, Robert H.Pine #136229
Buchanan, SeleneaPine #136228
Buchanan, Thomas A.Pine #136184
Buchanan, VeraPine #136242
Buchanan, VirginiaBaker Ward 13591
Buchanan, VivianPine #136320
Buchanan, WalterPine35427
Buchanan, Walter D.Pine #136226
Buchanan, Walter E.Pine #136224
Buchanan, WaynePine35428
Buchanan, William A.Pocahontas38236
Buchanan*, EdithPine #136220
Buchanan*, LavillaPine #136219
Buchanan*, Thomas A.Pine #136218
Buchman, Hellen S.Iron Dyke32121
Buck, Paul L.Audrey218
Buckley, LolaBaker Ward 351038
Buckmiller, CharlesBaker Ward 13999
Buckmiller, Frank X.Baker Ward 13997
Buckmiller, Myrtle D.Baker Ward 13998
Bucraft, WilliamDepot81249
Bue, Martin K.Baker Ward 241383
Buker, HannahBaker Ward 46718
Buker, HarryBaker Ward 46719
Buker, JohnBaker Ward 46188
Buker, R. P.Baker Ward 46717
Buker, SarahBaker Ward 46189
Buker, VeraBaker Ward 46720
Bulb, DorothyHuntington - Huntington Town30561
Bulb, EmmaHuntington - Huntington Town30842
Bulb, FayHuntington - Huntington Town30559
Bulb, FayHuntington - Huntington Town30560
Bulb, WilsonHuntington - Huntington Town30558
Bulb, FredHuntington - Huntington Town30841
Bunch, CliffordHuntington31251
Bunch, Eldred E.Bed Rock11427
Bunch, GertrudeBed Rock11430
Bunch, HarrietHuntington31275
Bunch, JeanHuntington31252
Bunch, LaurenceHuntington31274
Bunch, Marion D.Bed Rock11431
Bunch, Ralph E.Bed Rock11423
Bunch, Ralph E.Bed Rock11425
Bunch, Robert D.Bed Rock11426
Bunch, Rufus B.Bed Rock11429
Bunch, Ruth C.Bed Rock11424
Bunker, FayBaker Ward 35856
Bunker, Harry K.Baker Ward 35853
Bunker, IolaBaker Ward 35854
Bunker, ThelmaBaker Ward 35855
Burchtorf, AthaBaker Ward 13856
Burchtorf, JohnBaker Ward 13855
Burchtorf, John K.Baker Ward 13857
Burden, Laura M.Pocahontas38310
Burden, Robert A.Pocahontas38311
Burden, Thomas F.Pocahontas3839
Burford, AllenBed Rock112100
Burford, InaSouth Baker9673
Burford, MildredBed Rock11299
Burford, PercyBed Rock11298
Burgess, EvalynBaker Ward 241159
Burgess, Merna E.Baker Ward 571023
Burgess, OmarBaker Ward 241158
Burgess, RusselBaker Ward 241160
Burgess, Terrin E.Baker Ward 571024
Burke, BillBaker Ward 13871
Burke, ClaraBig Creek12199
Burke, DorothyBaker Ward 3553
Burke, HaroldBaker Ward 13870
Burke, HenriettaBig Creek12197
Burke, HenryBaker Ward 3551
Burke, IsabelBaker Ward 3552
Burke, James J.Big Creek12196
Burke, James J.Big Creek12198
Burke, MaudeBaker Ward 13869
Burke, Robert C.Baker Ward 13868
Burley, Albert E.Baker Ward 24418
Burlingame, EdwinBaker Ward 13236
Burlingame, WesleyBaker Ward 13238
Burlingame, ZettaBaker Ward 13237
Burnes, ClarenceAlder1179
Burnes, EuniceAlder1180
Burnes, Patrica R.Alder1181
Burnett, AlvinBaker Ward 35919
Burnett, Ann E.Baker Ward 24455
Burnett, Grace A.Baker Ward 13430
Burnett, James E.Baker Ward 24453
Burnett, LucilleBaker Ward 24454
Burnett, MarshalBaker Ward 35921
Burnett, M. P.Baker Ward 35895
Burnett, Roy E.Baker Ward 13431
Burnett, RuthBaker Ward 35920
Burnett, William F.Baker Ward 13429
Burns, Clarice V.Iron Dyke32137
Burns, Darlene V.Iron Dyke32138
Burns, EdPine35153
Burns, GeorgeBaker Ward 131078
Burns, HeroldIron Dyke32135
Burns, Opal E.Iron Dyke32136
Burns, SylviaPine35154
Burns, William H.Huntington - Huntington Town30687
Burnside, Bert A.Sparta4214
Burnside, B. GenevaEagle Valley #123489
Burnside, B. JohnEagle Valley #123495
Burnside, B. OscarEagle Valley #123485
Burnside, C. HazelEagle Valley #123496
Burnside, Ellen R.Sparta4212
Burnside, F. JackEagle Valley #123497
Burnside, Floyd H.Sparta4216
Burnside, James L.Sparta4213
Burnside, John S.Sparta42150
Burnside, Julia B.Sparta4215
Burnside, Kenneth R.Sparta4218
Burnside, L. ElmerEagle Valley #123487
Burnside, M. LantaEagle Valley #123486
Burnside, M. MarjorieEagle Valley #123488
Burnside, Ray B.Sparta4217
Burnside, RoyBed Rock11395
Burnsides, ElizabethRock Creek40328
Burnsides, John M.Rock Creek40327
Burr, GeorgeHaines28397
Burr, Mary A.Haines28398
Burris, ArchiePocahontas38118
Burris, HenryPocahontas38116
Burris, Ida M.Pocahontas38117
Burris, LeolaPocahontas38119
Burroughs, AlfredHuntington - Huntington Town30189
Burroughs, CharlesBaker Ward 24623
Burroughs, MyrtleHuntington - Huntington Town30190
Burroughs, Violet A.Baker Ward 24624
Burt, ArthurDepot81042
Burt, Frank L.Depot8107
Burt, Frank L. Jr.Depot8109
Burt, GladysDepot81010
Burt, MinnieDepot8108
Burton, DorisHuntington31110
Burton, JackHuntington3119
Burton, JamesHuntington3117
Burton, James T.Huntington31153
Burton, John A.Unity45328
Burton, MildredHuntington3118
Busby, AlvinUnity451100
Busby, AnnieUnity4521
Busby, ClarenceUnity45243
Busby, ClariceUnity45245
Busby, JosephUnity45211
Busby, Lena J.Unity45215
Busby, MyrtleUnity45244
Busby, NellieUnity45212
Busby, William M.Unity45330
Busford, Arthur R.Eagle Valley #224331
Busford, Georgia E.Eagle Valley #224332
Bush, CharlieRock Creek40563
Bushnell, BertieBaker Ward 35125
Bushnell, EarlBaker Ward 35124
Buslew*, HarrietteSouth Baker9527
Buslew*, JohnSouth Baker9529
Buslew*, MorrisSouth Baker9528
Buslew*, T. A.South Baker9526
Bussard, Herbert L.Pine #237247
Bussard, Nettie C.Pine #237246
Bussard, Willard G.Pine #237245
But, JoeBaker Ward 241371
Butcher, Albert E.Sumpter - Sumpter City43192
Butcher, James E.Sumpter - Sumpter City43194
Butcher, Matilda M.Sumpter - Sumpter City43193
Butler, Albert M.Rock Creek40286
Butler, Charles J.Sumpter - Sumpter City43145
Butler, Delbert E.Baker Ward 351635
Butler, LoranBaker Ward 57465
Butler, LorneBaker Ward 571115
Butler, NileBaker Ward 351636
Butson, BeverlyBaker Ward 35882
Butson, Clythe R.Baker Ward 35880
Butson, DonaldBaker Ward 35884
Butson, JamesBaker Ward 35885
Butson, RobertBaker Ward 35883
Butson, RuthBaker Ward 35881
Butte, ArzaBaker Ward 351569
Butte, IdaBaker Ward 351568
Button, EmmaBaker Ward 13136
Butts, Albert W.Hereford29157
Butts, Caleb A.Hereford29155
Butts, Carroll A.Pine #136487
Butts, CharlesBaker County10221
Butts, Chester C.Hereford2917
Butts, FloydBaker County10222
Butts, HarrietHereford2918
Butts, RosetteHereford29156
Buxton, BerniceBaker Ward 13361
Buxton, HelenBaker Ward 13359
Buxton, JessBaker Ward 13360
Byers, AmeliaBaker Ward 351363
Byers, BillyDepot8644
Byers, DoraBaker Ward 351362
Byers, HenryBaker Ward 351067
Byers, JennieBaker Ward 351068
Byers, LaVonne J.Depot8645
Byers, MarthaDepot8643
Byers, William H.Depot8642
Byrne, Ada E.Sparta42158
Byrne, Freda J.Spartact42156
Byrne, Gladys E.Sparta42155
Byrne, Joe W.Sparta42159
Byrne, Joseph E.Sparta42159
Byrne, Myrtle T.Sparta42157
Byrne, Ralph L.Sparta42154
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