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Oregon Federal Census Index 1930
Baker County Series T626
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
Bowman, Albert N.Pocahontas38274
Bowman, Arnold V.Pocahontas38275
Bowman, Arthur A.Pocahontas38272
Bowman, BudBaker Ward 351650
Bowman, Charles F.Rye Valley41144
Bowman, DorisBaker Ward 46623
Bowman, EloiseBaker Ward 46210
Bowman, F. LloydEagle Valley #123592
Bowman, FloydMcEwen34279
Bowman, FrankBaker Ward 46754
Bowman, FredBaker Ward 24360
Bowman, Fred W.Baker Ward 57914
Bowman, GenevaPocahontas38273
Bowman, G. FrankEagle Valley #123594
Bowman, G. L.Baker Ward 351566
Bowman, HarrietBaker Ward 4629
Bowman, HenryBaker Ward 46759
Bowman, HuldaBaker Ward 351567
Bowman, IdaBaker Ward 46621
Bowman, IrisBaker Ward 46622
Bowman, JoeBaker Ward 46620
Bowman, LottieBaker Ward 351651
Bowman, L. RonaldEagle Valley #123595
Bowman, Martin A.Rye Valley41143
Bowman, MillieBaker Ward 57915
Bowman, RoseBaker Ward 46760
Bowman, R. RubyEagle Valley #123593
Bowman, WalterBaker Ward 4628
Bowman, Walter Jr.Baker Ward 46211
Bowman, WinnieBaker Ward 46755
Bowns, Alice J.Baker Ward 24613
Bowns, Alice L.Baker Ward 24615
Bowns, Leon G.Baker Ward 24612
Bowns, Leon Jr.Baker Ward 24614
Boyce, Amontus A.Baker Ward 57634
Boyce, Charles H.Baker Ward 57175
Boyce, Clifford E.Baker Ward 57176
Boyce, Della G.Baker Ward 4671
Boyce, Gladys I.Baker Ward 57178
Boyce, GoldieBaker Ward 57635
Boyce, Helen M.Baker Ward 57177
Boyce, Jane S.Baker Ward 57174
Boyce, John W.Baker Ward 57173
Boyce, Juanita M.Baker Ward 57638
Boyce, LeithaRock Creek40194
Boyce, Leo H.Baker Ward 57179
Boyce, Margaret C.Baker Ward 57636
Boyce, Marquis A.Baker Ward 466100
Boyce, Mary E.Baker Ward 57637
Boyd, Arthur S.Depot8621
Boyd, Arthur T.Depot8625
Boyd, BeatriceHuntington - Huntington Town30660
Boyd, Betty L.Huntington - Huntington Town30663
Boyd, EberleyHuntington - Huntington Town30662
Boyd, LillianHuntington - Huntington Town30659
Boyd, MargeretDepot8624
Boyd, MaudeDepot8572
Boyd, MononaDepot8623
Boyd, PaulinaBaker Ward 35144
Boyd, PaulineDepot8573
Boyd, Ray L.Depot8571
Boyd, Robert L.Depot8574
Boyd, Sarah A.Depot8622
Boyd, WilliamHuntington - Huntington Town30661
Boyd, William C.Baker Ward 35145
Boyd, William H.Huntington - Huntington Town30658
Boyer, AliceBaker Ward 24113
Boyer, Betty J.Baker Ward 46837
Boyer, Ellen E.Huntington - Huntington Town30783
Boyer, Elma V.Huntington - Huntington Town30781
Boyer, ElonoirHereford29163
Boyer, Elsie L.Hereford29158
Boyer, FrederickHereford29162
Boyer, Harland J.Baker County10696
Boyer, Harold C.Baker County10695
Boyer, Harvey E.Baker Ward 57737
Boyer, Harvey Jr.Baker Ward 57743
Boyer, Hulda V.Hereford29166
Boyer, James F.Huntington - Huntington Town30782
Boyer, Jessie D.Baker Ward 57742
Boyer, Joe M.Baker Ward 131046
Boyer, John C.Baker County10692
Boyer, JosephBaker Ward 46835
Boyer, JosephineBaker Ward 46836
Boyer, Josephine J.Baker Ward 57741
Boyer, Josiah F.Pine #136313
Boyer, KatherineHereford29159
Boyer, KenethHereford29160
Boyer, LenormaHereford29168
Boyer, Lucian E.Pine #13639
Boyer, MargieHereford29169
Boyer, Marjorie I.Baker Ward 57740
Boyer, Mina E.Pine #136314
Boyer, Minnie B.Pine #136310
Boyer, Nellie B.Baker County10694
Boyer, Nutie R.Baker County10693
Boyer, Opal P.Baker Ward 57738
Boyer, Paul R.Hereford29167
Boyer, Porter M.Baker Ward 13894
Boyer, Raymond T.Baker County10697
Boyer, RichardHereford29165
Boyer, RodgerBaker Ward 46838
Boyer, VarginaHereford29161
Boyer, Vivian I.Baker Ward 57739
Boyer, WalterHereford29164
Boyle, AlmaBaker Ward 3522
Boyle, ClaudeHuntington31352
Boyle, DelorsHuntington31354
Boyle, FlorenceHuntington31353
Boyle, HelenHuntington31355
Boyle, Jeff T.Baker County10468
Boyle, Lulah T.Baker County10469
Boyle, MaxineBaker Ward 3523
Boyle, Tom E.Baker Ward 3521
Boyle, VirginiaHuntington31356
Boyles, ArchPine #237150
Boyles, Marion E.Pine #237151
Brace, Arthur C.Haines28313
Bradburn, FrankDurkee2139
Bradbury, EarleDepot810100
Bradbury, EdnaDepot81098
Bradbury, EllaDepot81097
Bradbury, ElsieDepot81099
Bradbury, Ivan J.Wingville48291
Bradbury, John W.Baker County10719
Bradbury, LesterDepot8111
Bradbury, Mary E.Baker County10720
Bradbury, VernDepot81096
Bradd, HaroldBaker Ward 57789
Bradd, James H.Baker Ward 57785
Bradd, MaxineBaker Ward 57788
Bradd, Pearl B.Baker Ward 57786
Bradd, ThomasBaker Ward 57790
Bradford, Bessie S.Pine #237229
Bradford, CarmonUnity45338
Bradford, CharlesPine #237286
Bradford, Cora E.Pine #136180
Bradford, DarellUnity45340
Bradford, E. HenryEagle Valley #123635
Bradford, Elbert A.Unity452100
Bradford, EllenEagle Valley #123636
Bradford, Ernest C.Baker Ward 131039
Bradford, ErnestineDepot8722
Bradford, Ester B.Pine #237232
Bradford, George A.Pine #237228
Bradford, Gilbert A.Unity45299
Bradford, Hyle D.Pine #136650
Bradford, IreneUnity45339
Bradford, JoyceBaker Ward 35858
Bradford, MargaretBaker Ward 35859
Bradford, Theodore A.Pine #237230
Bradford, VirgilBaker Ward 35857
Bradford, William M.Pine #237231
Bradley, DonaldBed Rock11270
Bradley, MikeBaker County10499
Bradley, OpalBed Rock11269
Bradley, TomDurkee21165
Bradley, WesleyBed Rock11268
Bradley, W. F.Baker Ward 24762
Bradshaw, Fredrick Jr.Baker Ward 24738
Bradshaw, Fredrick O.Baker Ward 24736
Bradshaw, GordonBaker Ward 4684
Bradshaw, MargariteBaker Ward 24737
Bradshaw, NettieBaker Ward 4683
Bradshaw, StanleyBaker Ward 4682
Brady, FrankMcEwen34273
Brady, HelenDepot81119
Brady, Joseph D.Baker County10411
Brady, MamieDepot81117
Brady, ThomasBaker Ward 35971
Brady*, OwenBaker Ward 351670
Bragg, Lenord G.Haines - Haines Town27299
Branch, FlorenceHuntington31166
Branch, LenaHuntington31168
Branch, NormaHuntington31170
Branch, SamuelHuntington31169
Branch, Samuel H.Huntington31165
Branch, WillardHuntington31167
Brandt, GladysAlder1248
Brandt, HazelAlder1250
Brandt, LenaAlder1247
Brandt, RalphAlder1249
Brandt, TheodoreAlder1252
Brandt, ViolaAlder1251
Brandt, WilliamAlder1246
Brannock, Adrail J.Pocahontas38276
Brannock, Alma E.Pocahontas38277
Brannock, Arnold E.Pocahontas38280
Brannock, Bonnie G.Pocahontas38283
Brannock, Fern O.Pocahontas38279
Brannock, Jack V.Pocahontas38281
Brannock, Jarold J.Pocahontas38278
Brannock, Lola B.Pocahontas38282
Brasfield, GeorgeBaker Ward 571129
Brasfield, Robt G.Baker Ward 46130
Brasfield, Roy L.Baker Ward 46131
Brasfield, SabillaDepot8922
Brasige, Gilbert E.Unity45172
Brassfield, Grace M.Bed Rock11444
Brassfield, Robert J.Bed Rock11443
Bratt, BernieSouth Baker9624
Bratt, BobBaker Ward 35845
Bratt, CatharineBaker Ward 35846
Bratt, Ethel L.South Baker9625
Bratt, JoanBaker Ward 35847
Bratt, Roy S.South Baker9626
Break, DoraDepot81044
Break, William E.Depot81045
Breawell, Erma V.Eagle Valley #224211
Breawell, Joe B.Eagle Valley #224213
Breawell, John L.Eagle Valley #224214
Breawell, John U.Eagle Valley #224210
Breawell, Leanna E.Eagle Valley #224215
Breawell, W. AllenEagle Valley #224212
Breckinridge, CarrieBaker Ward 351255
Breckenridge, HaroldDepot8531
Breckinridge, WilliamBaker Ward 351256
Breckon, JohnHuntington - Huntington Town3075
Brejtweiser, Edron E.Baker Ward 57727
Brejtweiser, JerryBaker Ward 57729
Brejtweiser, NadineBaker Ward 57730
Brejtweiser, Trieo E.Baker Ward 57728
Breuer, FritzBaker Ward 35133
Brewen, AngieDepot8428
Brewen, George C.Depot8427
Brewer, Curtis J.Baker County10518
Brewer, Forrest C.Baker County10520
Brewer, Phyllis L.Baker County10519
Brian, Alice R.Iron Dyke3223
Brian, EmeryIron Dyke3222
Brian, George D.Iron Dyke3224
Bridgan, A. R.Baker Ward 351374
Bridges, CecilDepot8117
Bridges, John O.Depot8115
Bridges, JosieDepot8116
Brinton, Adria F.Haines - Haines Town27230
Brinton, Ardis M.Haines - Haines Town27232
Brinton, Byron C.Haines - Haines Town27229
Brinton, Charles M.Haines - Haines Town27226
Brinton, Donald M.Haines - Haines Town27234
Brinton, Elizabeth A.Haines - Haines Town27235
Brinton, Elizabeth R.Haines - Haines Town27227
Brinton, Frank E.Haines - Haines Town27233
Brinton, Gordon M.Haines - Haines Town27228
Brinton, James E.Haines - Haines Town27231
Brinton, Thomas W.Haines - Haines Town27236
Bririnon, EarlBaker Ward 351587
Brisbois, Lawrence A.Baker Ward 24672
Brisbois, LuclineBaker Ward 46422
Briscoe, AndyDepot8332
Bristow, E. W.Baker Ward 35433
Bristow, MaryBaker Ward 35434
Bristow, Mary J.Baker Ward 35435
Briton, VergilBaker Ward 24108
Brock, BereniceBaker Ward 35383
Brock, FrankBaker Ward 35382
Brock, MaudeBaker Ward 13394
Brock, WilliamBaker Ward 13393
Brokaw, BarbaraBaker Ward 24142
Brokaw, GeorgePine #13632
Brokaw, James B.Baker Ward 24141
Brooks, Dwight E.Eagle Valley #224121
Brooks, G. BerthaEagle Valley #123696
Brooks, H. CharlesEagle Valley #123695
Brooks, Olga L.Eagle Valley #224119
Brooks, Paul L.Eagle Valley #224118
Brooks, Stanley W.Eagle Valley #224120
Broomhall, WillBaker Ward 241071
Brothers, NormanBaker Ward 13247
Brothers, RoyBaker Ward 13246
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