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Oregon Federal Census Index 1930
Baker County Series T626
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
Bates, Anna M.Baker Ward 24363
Bates, EdwardBaker Ward 4673
Bates, Edwin C.Depot8294
Bates, Floyd H.Baker Ward 24362
Bates, GeorgeBaker Ward 46886
Bates, GlenBaker Ward 24275
Bates, Hazel E.Baker Ward 24273
Bates, Henry G.Baker Ward 24274
Bates, John L.Baker Ward 24272
Bates, JuneDepot8297
Bates, MabelBaker Ward 46887
Bates, NancyBaker Ward 4674
Bates, RoseDepot8295
Bates, Valdez E.Baker Ward 24364
Bates, WendellDepot8296
Batts, EmmaUnity45327
Batty, Alma L.Clifford - Whitney Town14112
Batty, GealdineClifford - Whitney Town14111
Batty, Gerald E.Clifford - Whitney Town1419
Batty, Joe J.Baker County10633
Batty, LaurrettaClifford - Whitney Town14110
Batty, Mary E.Baker County10634
Bauermister, Ernest H.Baker County10787
Baxa, BettieBaker Ward 46748
Baxa, EdithBaker Ward 46746
Baxa, FrankBaker Ward 46745
Baxa, HattieBaker Ward 46747
Baxter, Edna L.Baker Ward 351427
Baxton, D. JasperEagle Valley #123157
Baxton, HazelEagle Valley #123155
Baxton, P. MarjorieEagle Valley #123156
Baxton, V. SamEagle Valley #123154
Bay, ThomasPine #136288
Bayles, Francis A.Baker County10623
Bayles, William L.Baker County10622
Beam, AutherUnity45276
Beam, Ralph E.Unity4511
Beam, Robert R.Unity4513
Beam, RoseUnity4512
Beard, AgnesDepot81084
Beard, ByronBaker Ward 131076
Beard, EmilyDepot81078
Beard, FrancisDepot81077
Beard, HenryDepot81074
Beard, JohnDepot81081
Beard, MarthaDepot81082
Beard, MaryDepot81079
Beard, RaymondDepot81080
Beard, StellaDepot81075
Beard, ThomasDepot81083
Beard, WilliamDepot81076
Beason, EvelynBaker Ward 13444
Beason, Nan M.Baker Ward 13442
Beason, RobertBaker Ward 13443
Beaty, BereniceBaker Ward 35582
Beaty, BillBaker Ward 35585
Beaty, CharlotteBaker Ward 35584
Beaty, GeraldBaker Ward 35583
Beaty, HaroldBaker Ward 35578
Beaty, HarrietBaker Ward 35576
Beaty, HerbertBaker Ward 35575
Beaty, JohnBaker Ward 35577
Beaty, MauriceBaker Ward 35579
Beaty, PatriciaBaker Ward 35586
Beaty, RobertBaker Ward 35581
Beaty, WinfredBaker Ward 35580
Beaver, Ira F.Baker Ward 24974
Beaver, PearlBaker Ward 24975
Beck, AdaHuntington - Huntington Town30288
Beck, Geneva M.Pine35325
Beck, Lloyd L.Pine35326
Beck, MaryBaker Ward 13106
Beck, StephenHuntington - Huntington Town30287
Becker, ZellaHuntington31347
Beckwith, Aschel C.Baker Ward 57834
Beckwith, MillieBaker Ward 57835
Beckwith, Mortimer E.Clifford1516
Beers, Melissa R.Pine35222
Beggs, AliceBaker Ward 13289
Begin, PhilBaker Ward 35259
Begley, Christopher O.Depot816
Begley, NoraDepot817
Behner, AliceBaker Ward 13557
Behner, BlancheBaker Ward 13555
Behner, MaryBaker Ward 13558
Behner, PearlBaker Ward 13554
Behner, RobertBaker Ward 13553
Behner, Robert Jr.Baker Ward 13556
Behrens, Fred H.Baker Ward 57552
Behrens, Louis D.Baker Ward 57550
Behrens, Margaret A.Baker Ward 57555
Behrens, Marjorie A.Baker Ward 57553
Behrens, Ruby A.Baker Ward 57551
Behrens, Sibyl A.Baker Ward 57554
Beirdneau, Augusta M.South Baker9245
Beirdneau, Claude A.Baker Ward 24538
Beirdneau, Estella L.Baker Ward 24539
Beirdneau, W. W.South Baker9244
Beirtas*, FranklynBaker Ward 46974
Beirtas*, RollieBaker Ward 46973
Belangee, CharlesBed Rock11266
Belangee, VioletBed Rock11267
Belknap, Elbert A.McEwen3418
Belknap, Loren C.McEwen34110
Belknap, Willa N.McEwen3419
Bell, Alfred M.Haines - Haines Town27483
Bell, AliceDepot835
Bell, AudreyDepot836
Bell, Byron C.Haines - Haines Town27274
Bell, Cora E.Haines - Haines Town27270
Bell, Dave A.Haines - Haines Town27486
Bell, Ed H.Haines - Haines Town27190
Bell, ElmerDurkee21367
Bell, Ermin H.Haines - Haines Town27485
Bell, FrancesDurkee21369
Bell, Francis M.McEwen34233
Bell, GeorgeMcEwen34232
Bell, Harold S.Big Creek121100
Bell, HedricDurkee21368
Bell, HelenDurkee21370
Bell, Henry I.Haines - Haines Town27271
Bell, Hildreth A.Haines - Haines Town27191
Bell, Howard D.Haines - Haines Town27272
Bell, John T.Haines - Haines Town27269
Bell, LillieHaines - Haines Town27239
Bell, MabelDurkee21371
Bell, VernonDepot834
Bell, Virginia R.Haines - Haines Town27487
Bell, Willard W.Haines - Haines Town27273
Bell, William A.Haines - Haines Town27238
Belle, CliffordDepot8841
Belle, DorotheaDepot8845
Belle, ErnestDepot8843
Belle, FloDepot8842
Belle, HaroldDepot8846
Belle, RalphDepot8844
Belleman, JonathanBaker Ward 571090
Bellows, Eugene W.Pine35258
Bellows, Harold C.Pine #136312
Bellows, Hazel G.Pine35257
Beman, Nellie C.Lookout33125
Beman, Thomas L.Lookout33124
Bement, CleoBaker Ward 351244
Bement, C. R.Baker Ward 24276
Bement, EdnaBaker Ward 351243
Bement, MarthaBaker Ward 351242
Bement, MaudieBaker Ward 24277
Bendick, CharlesRock Creek40376
Bendick, Movah H.Rock Creek40377
Benham, LizziePine35223
Bennehoff, Belle L.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22118
Bennehoff, ChristieEagle Valley #1236100
Bennehoff, Eagle D.Eagle Valley #123699
Bennehoff, E. DuaneEagle Valley #12371
Bennehoff, E. PhyllisEagle Valley #12372
Bennehoff, H. NatalieEagle Valley #12373
Bennehoff, May L.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22119
Bennehoff, T. JennieEagle Valley #123146
Bennehoff, T. WilliamEagle Valley #123145
Bennet, AnnaSumpter44112
Bennet, Curtis R.Baker Ward 13465
Bennet, GoldieSumpter44116
Bennet, HattieBaker Ward 131019
Bennet, Jay C.Sumpter44111
Bennet, JohnSumpter44117
Bennet, MaxineSumpter44114
Bennet, RalphBaker Ward 13898
Bennet, ShirleySumpter44115
Bennet, VivianSumpter44113
Bennett, A. AnnaEagle Valley #12364
Bennett, AgnesDepot8149
Bennett, Alice L.South Baker9495
Bennett, Alice M.South Baker952
Bennett, A. OpalEagle Valley #123419
Bennett, CallaHuntington31139
Bennett, CharliePine35128
Bennett, D. DaleEagle Valley #123420
Bennett, DaunePine35299
Bennett, DonaldDepot8151
Bennett, Dorothy N.Pine35132
Bennett, Edgar L.South Baker9497
Bennett, Ellenor E.Pine35298
Bennett, ElmerPine35297
Bennett, F. IrathisEagle Valley #12365
Bennett, Frances J.Baker Ward 24441
Bennett, Fred R.Pine35133
Bennett, GeorgeSouth Baker9496
Bennett, GlennDepot8152
Bennett, HarryBaker Ward 57363
Bennett, Howard C.Pine35130
Bennett, I. DeloraEagle Valley #123421
Bennett, Ira S.South Baker9494
Bennett, JackBed Rock11457
Bennett, James K.South Baker9498
Bennett, James S.Huntington31369
Bennett, JaunitaPine3531
Bennett, JosiePine35135
Bennett, Kelly L.Pine35134
Bennett, LaVelleSouth Baker955
Bennett, Lena D.Baker Ward 57364
Bennett, L. OdieEagle Valley #12363
Bennett, Lovell O.Eagle Valley #12366
Bennett, MarieDepot8150
Bennett, MerleSouth Baker954
Bennett, M. F.Baker Ward 24440
Bennett, Millard F.McEwen34274
Bennett, NadineDepot8153
Bennett, Nancy N.Pine35129
Bennett, Nora D.Pine35131
Bennett, Norma L.South Baker951
Bennett, Ruth H.Depot823
Bennett, S. ErolinEagle Valley #12367
Bennett, Sherman A.South Baker94100
Bennett, VirgilPine352100
Bennett, Wallace A.South Baker953
Bennett, WilliamHuntington31138
Bennett, William B.Huntington31140
Bennett, W. MertonEagle Valley #123418
Bennit, Mildred E.Bridgeport13114
Benoit, AugustDurkee2125
Benoit, DavidDepot8742
Benoit, David W.Depot81176
Benoit, MaryDepot8741
Benson, AllegraHuntington - Huntington Town30243
Benson, Anna C.Huntington - Huntington Town3032
Benson, Ben H.Huntington - Huntington Town30268
Benson, CliffordHuntington31210
Benson, Clifford A.Huntington31143
Benson, Fanni H.Huntington31142
Benson, DeloresWeatherby47130
Benson, George L.Huntington - Huntington Town30245
Benson, HarryHuntington3128
Benson, Harry R.Huntington - Huntington Town30242
Benson, Hayse C.Weatherby47129
Benson, Ira G.Huntington31144
Benson, LenaHuntington - Huntington Town3033
Benson, L. JohnRobinette39152
Benson, Nellie M.Huntington - Huntington Town30244
Benson, NoraRobinette39153
Benson, ReubenAlder1195
Benson, SamuelHuntington31141
Benson, Vira E.Huntington - Huntington Town30269
Bentley, Bessie F.Baker Ward 57166
Bentley, Charles W.Baker Ward 57163
Bentley, Clinton E.Baker Ward 57169
Bentley, Elmer R.Baker Ward 57168
Bentley, Elsie M.Baker Ward 57165
Bentley, HenriettaBaker Ward 57164
Bentley, Pearl M.Baker Ward 57167
Bentley, Ruth H.Baker Ward 57170
Beranek, Carl A.Iron Dyke32141
Beranek, Johanna M.Iron Dyke32140
Beranek, Teresa M.Iron Dyke32139
Berans, CarlBaker Ward 241396
Berg, AntonBaker Ward 35115
Berg, Nellie C.Baker Ward 35116
Berge, BeverlyBaker Ward 24101
Berge, H. R.Baker Ward 24999
Berge, LucilleBaker Ward 249100
Berger, AliceBaker Ward 46103
Berger, EthelBaker Ward 46102
Berger, George T.Baker Ward 46101
Bergeson, Alice M.South Baker9637
Bergeson, GeorgeSouth Baker9635
Bergeson, Rose A.South Baker9636
Bergeson, Vera V.South Baker9634
Bergeson, VictorSouth Baker9633
Bergman, Carl A.Baker Ward 351660
Berlar, SackosHuntington - Huntington Town30371
Bernard, E. ElmerEagle Valley #123255
Bernard, H. CharlesEagle Valley #123259
Bernard, L. LoreneEagle Valley #123257
Bernard, L. MarthaEagle Valley #123256
Bernard, M. DellaEagle Valley #123258
Bernhardt, GustaveBaker Ward 461051
Bernhardt, HaroldBaker Ward 461053
Bernhardt, Myrtle I.Baker Ward 461052
Bernhardt*, EdnaBaker Ward 46628
Bernhardt*, Gustave Jr.Baker Ward 46627
Bertram, BettyDepot8226
Bertram, CeceliaDepot8225
Bertram, Donald R.Depot8227
Bertram, F. RayDepot8224
Bess, RebeccaBaker Ward 5747
Best, Durward L.Pocahontas38184
Best, Edna A.Pocahontas38182
Best, Edra R.Baker Ward 57559
Best, Elton R.Bed Rock11345
Best, Florence M.Baker Ward 46631
Best, Garnet D.Pine #136591
Best, Geo W.Baker Ward 46630
Best, Glenn H.Pocahontas38183
Best, Goldie J.Bed Rock11343
Best, Jean C.Pine #136595
Best, John D.Depot8104
Best, John O.Pocahontas38181
Best, John P.Bed Rock11342
Best, Lloyd H.Baker Ward 57558
Best, Lloyd Jr.Baker Ward 57560
Best, Lois E.Pine #136592
Best, L. PatriciaPine #136593
Best, Olive M.Bed Rock11344
Best, PearlBed Rock11340
Best, PhyllisBaker Ward 46632
Best, Robert D.Pine #136594
Best, William H.Bed Rock11339
Best, William H.Bed Rock11341
Bethel, EthelBaker Ward 351114
Bethel, Jack R.Baker Ward 351113
Betsy, Charles F.Baker Ward 35216
Betsy, Cora B.Baker Ward 35217
Betsy, Helen L.Baker Ward 35218
Beyamer, W. F.Baker Ward 46442
Bieber, Christine B.Haines - Haines Town27519
Bieber, Eloise H.Big Creek12189
Bieber, George F.Big Creek12186
Bieber, George G.Virtue46123
Bieber, George N.Big Creek12188
Bieber, Harry C.Haines - Haines Town27518
Bieber, Leland E.Haines - Haines Town27521
Bieber, Orman W.Big Creek12190
Bieber, PetraBig Creek12187
Bieber, Walter C.Haines - Haines Town27520
Bierse, Ethel E.Baker County10763
Bierse, James P.Baker County10764
Bierse, Jasper E.Baker County10762
Bietsch*, MableRock Creek40372
Bietsch*, William C.Rock Creek40371
Bifferdocker, IvanAlder1288
Biggs, AgustaDepot8442
Biggs, BillyDepot8444
Biggs, ClaraBaker Ward 351289
Biggs, Claude F.Depot8441
Biggs, ClaudineDepot8443
Biggs, William A.Baker Ward 351288
Billson, GeorgePine #23751
Biltgen, George H.Eagle Valley #224313
Binler, BerthaBaker Ward 46444
Birchmier, BethelHuntington - Huntington Town30169
Birchmier, CoraHuntington - Huntington Town30165
Birchmier, GlennHuntington - Huntington Town30168
Birchmier, HomerHuntington - Huntington Town30164
Birchmier, JamesHuntington - Huntington Town30167
Birchmier, LeoHuntington - Huntington Town30166
Bircket, CatherineBaker Ward 35875
Bircket, F. A.Baker Ward 35873
Bircket, Kitty D.Baker Ward 35874
Bird, HenryBaker Ward 46779
Bird, O***Baker Ward 46780
Birge, Eva M.Depot81284
Birge, Lloyd O.Depot81283
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