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Oregon Federal Census Index 1930
Baker County Series T626
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
Anderson, Alfred A.Bridgeport13149
Anderson, Alice J.Haines28155
Anderson, AndrewClifford15125
Anderson, AnnaBaker Ward 35361
Anderson, AnneBaker Ward 24121
Anderson, ArlineDepot81145
Anderson, AugustMcEwen34251
Anderson, BellPine #237454
Anderson, CecilPine35378
Anderson, CeliaBaker Ward 35534
Anderson, Charles O.Huntington - Huntington Town30423
Anderson, Charles W.Huntington - Huntington Town30420
Anderson, Clara B.Huntington - Huntington Town30421
Anderson, Daird G.Baker Ward 35536
Anderson, Dorothy E.Depot8184
Anderson, EdBaker Ward 35355
Anderson, Edith M.South Baker9415
Anderson, Edna M.Haines28150
Anderson, EdwardBaker Ward 35357
Anderson, Edward C.Haines28153
Anderson, Edward D.Baker Ward 57819
Anderson, ElphaDepot81142
Anderson, ElwinDepot81144
Anderson, Elwin R.South Baker9416
Anderson, Erich G.Baker Ward 241110
Anderson, EthelDepot8183
Anderson, Eveline M.Huntington31136
Anderson, Frank H.Bridgeport13191
Anderson, Frank H.Haines28149
Anderson, FrankiePine35379
Anderson, Frank M.South Baker9761
Anderson, Glenvell W.Pine #237456
Anderson, GraceDurkee21356
Anderson, Grace W.South Baker9417
Anderson, Guy S.Baker Ward 241081
Anderson, Harry H.Baker Ward 46416
Anderson, Harry J.Sumpter - Sumpter City4329
Anderson, HelenBaker Ward 35358
Anderson, HenryBaker Ward 35533
Anderson, IrzettaSumpter - Sumpter City43210
Anderson, JackBaker Ward 35320
Anderson, JamesHuntington - Huntington Town30422
Anderson, Jas P.Huntington - Huntington Town30899
Anderson, Jens K.Baker Ward 24122
Anderson, Joseph R.Haines28151
Anderson, Kathleen M.Huntington31135
Anderson, Kinder G.Baker Ward 24118
Anderson, L. C.Baker Ward 24120
Anderson, LeMarrDepot81143
Anderson, Lenora J.South Baker9414
Anderson, LouisBridgeport13192
Anderson, Lula A.Pine35112
Anderson, MargaretBaker Ward 35121
Anderson, MargarettBridgeport13148
Anderson, MayBaker Ward 35319
Anderson, Mildred J.Pine #237455
Anderson, NeldaBaker Ward 351190
Anderson, NormanBaker Ward 35360
Anderson, Ora B.Lookout3314
Anderson, OswaldBaker Ward 35359
Anderson, Phils H.Baker Ward 3511100
Anderson, Phyllis J.Baker Ward 35535
Anderson, RalphBaker Ward 35362
Anderson, Ralph R.Depot8182
Anderson, RaymondBaker Ward 35321
Anderson, Richard F.Haines28154
Anderson, Roy F.South Baker9413
Anderson, R. P.Baker Ward 35113
Anderson, Sagna*Baker Ward 35356
Anderson, SondersRock Creek40613
Anderson, Stella M.Baker Ward 46417
Anderson, Theodore C.Huntington31137
Anderson, Theodore F.Huntington31134
Anderson, Verne M.Haines28152
Anderson, ViolaBaker Ward 35114
Anderson, Virginia G.Baker Ward 46418
Anderson, WealthyBaker Ward 35318
Andrews, Charles C.Baker Ward 35590
Andrews, Dorothy C.Baker Ward 35591
Andrews, Gussie B.Baker Ward 35587
Andrews, John R.Baker Ward 35589
Andrews, LusillaBaker Ward 35588
Andrews, MaryBaker Ward 241366
Andrews, Pearl E.Baker Ward 24261
Andrews, Sarah S.Baker Ward 4624
Andrews, WesleyBaker Ward 24260
Anerett, HerbertUnity45214
Angel, CharlesBaker Ward 35794
Angel, Lily BelleBaker Ward 35792
Angel, Mary ElizaBaker Ward 35791
Angel, MelvinDepot851
Angel, MinneBaker Ward 35790
Angel, NormanDepot852
Angeline, Sister M.Baker Ward 46431
Angell, Albert G.Depot827
Angell, AliceRock Creek40368
Angell, RuthDepot828
Angell, WilliamDepot829
Angelo, FrankHuntington - Huntington Town30826
Anson, Charlie R.Haines - Haines Town27373
Anson, Edward A.Pine #237360
Anson, Joseph L.Pine #237358
Anson, Mary S.Pine #237359
Anson, Sara J.Haines - Haines Town27372
Anthony, Millard F.Baker Ward 35917
Anthony, Perline E.Baker Ward 35918
Arant, Lucien P.Baker Ward 35441
Archiatt*, Richard W.Unity45123
Argabright, TribbertBaker Ward 136100
Arje, Monroe M.Bridgeport13173
Arkinson, John J.Baker Ward 57882
Arkinson, Martha A.Baker Ward 57883
Armbuster, Anna E.Rye Valley41160
Armbuster, CrisRye Valley41159
Armbuster, Sara A.Rye Valley41161
Armstrong, Dale A.Iron Dyke32124
Armstrong, Elizabeth M.Iron Dyke32123
Armstrong, Oral C.Iron Dyke32122
Armstrong, Ray R.Iron Dyke32125
Arthur, DaveBaker Ward 57287
Arthur, Elaine M.Depot8233
Arthur, Elmer C.Depot8231
Arthur, Frank M.Baker Ward 57289
Arthur, Hamilton B.Depot8168
Arthur, James H.Eagle Valley #224243
Arthur, JohnBaker Ward 24884
Arthur, Joseph M.Depot81252
Arthur, Manda M.Eagle Valley #224244
Arthur, MaryBaker Ward 57288
Arthur, MaryDepot8232
Arthur, StellaDepot8169
Arthur, WilliamDepot8170
Arzono, JohnSumpter - Sumpter City43113
Ashby, Allen D.Eagle Valley #224297
Ashby, BadenPine35384
Ashby, BladenEagle Valley #224294
Ashby, Catherine E.Eagle Valley #224264
Ashby, FrankEagle Valley #224188
Ashby, George H.Eagle Valley #224263
Ashby, George H.Pine35380
Ashby, Genevie G.Eagle Valley #224191
Ashby, HermanEagle Valley #224190
Ashby, MaryPine35381
Ashby, Mary LucileEagle Valley #224295
Ashby, Raymond A.Eagle Valley #224296
Ashby, Susie M.Eagle Valley #224189
Ashby, WandenPine35383
Ashby, WilburPine35382
Asher, SarahBaker Ward 351359
Ashley, Allen D.Pine #23726
Ashley, Anna M.Pine #23725
Ashley, BenPine #23724
Ashley, Duard G.Pine #23727
Ashley, Samuel C.Pine #23728
Ashwood, Elizabeth J.Rock Creek40325
Ashwood, Elsie E.Rock Creek40324
Ashwood, James M.Rock Creek40323
Ashwood, William J.Rock Creek4031
Ashworth, Charles R.Wingville48272
Ashworth, Charlie J.Wingville48270
Ashworth, ErmaBaker Ward 46972
Ashworth, Floyd R.Baker Ward 46971
Ashworth, Fredenia C.Wingville48271
Ashworth, John W.Baker Ward 57620
Assalin, ErnestBaker Ward 241179
Atkins, JoeAlder1289
Atkinson, ClaudeAlder139
Atkinson, JackAlder1310
Atkinson, NealAlder138
Atwood, Edna A.Baker County10481
Atwood, Guy L.Baker County10482
Atwood, Jackie J.Baker County10483
Atwood, Pervine J.Baker County10480
Augustus, CliffordDurkee21122
Augustus, William L.Pine #237354
Aungst, AnnieBaker Ward 351154
Aungst, Charles H.Baker Ward 351153
Aungst, DaleBaker Ward 351157
Aungst, LeslieBaker Ward 351155
Aungst, RaymondBaker Ward 351156
Austa, Lon D.Huntington - Huntington Town30562
Austa, MargaretHuntington - Huntington Town30563
Austin, ArthurBaker Ward 24557
Austin, H. C.Baker Ward 46265
Austin, Olive V.Baker Ward 46266
Averett, Anna E.South Baker9582
Averett, MarvinSouth Baker9585
Averett, RobertSouth Baker9581
Averett, RobertSouth Baker9584
Averett, WandaSouth Baker9583
Averley, Betty J.Huntington - Huntington Town3054
Averley, EstherHuntington - Huntington Town3052
Averley, John L.Huntington - Huntington Town3053
Averley, Louis W.Huntington - Huntington Town3051
Axhill*, Betty J.Baker Ward 4679
Axhill*, J. E.Baker Ward 4676
Axhill*, John R.Baker Ward 46710
Axhill*, MariannaBaker Ward 4678
Axhill*, Ruth S.Baker Ward 4677
Axnaid*, Julia E.Baker Ward 351193
Ayers, AgnesHuntington31190
Ayers, Anna M.Huntington31188
Ayers, ArdellaHuntington31189
Ayers, JuneHuntington31191
Ayers, LeroyHuntington31192
Ayers, Zeos H.Huntington31187
Aylesworth, Clayton H.Bed Rock11437
Aylesworth, Effie M.Bed Rock11438
Aylesworth, LuellaBed Rock11440
Aylward, AgnesDepot81199
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