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Oregon Federal Census Index 1930
Baker County Series T626
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
Abbot, EdithHuntington - Huntington Town30348
Abbot, EdnaHuntington - Huntington Town30347
Abbot, EugeneHuntington - Huntington Town30349
Abbot, JerryHuntington - Huntington Town30354
Abbot, LillianHuntington - Huntington Town30350
Abbot, LulaHuntington - Huntington Town30351
Abbot, MannieHuntington - Huntington Town30345
Abbot, RalphHuntington - Huntington Town30352
Abbot, Robert W.Huntington - Huntington Town30346
Abbot, RuthHuntington - Huntington Town30353
Abbott, LilyBaker Ward 351021
Abel, Eidth A.Baker County10636
Abel, Harvey S.Baker County10635
Abernathy, BertPine35445
Abernathy, Chester L.Iron Dyke32274
Abernathy, EttaPine35446
Abernathy, NormaPine35447
Abrams, AlfredHuntington3138
Abrams, AlvinHuntington3137
Abrams, LloydHuntington3136
Abrams, MabelHuntington3135
Abrams, RayHuntington3134
Acers, Emma J.Pine35419
Ackerman, AgnesBaker Ward 13915
Ackerman, ElmerBaker Ward 13914
Ackerman, EmmaDurkee21281
Ackerman, Frederick C.Baker County10721
Ackerman, George F.Baker Ward 13399
Ackerman, George G.Baker Ward 13398
Ackerman, JessDurkee21280
Ackerman, John J.Baker Ward 13911
Ackerman, Patrick J.Baker Ward 13916
Ackerman, TillieBaker Ward 13912
Ackerman, ViolaBaker Ward 13913
Ackerson, CamilleBed Rock11283
Acosti, FredalupeHuntington - Huntington Town30312
Adams, Albert P.Huntington - Huntington Town30463
Adams, AlmaHuntington - Huntington Town30468
Adams, AnnaIron Dyke32150
Adams, Billie L.Huntington - Huntington Town30470
Adams, CharlesRock Creek40298
Adams, CharlotteBaker Ward 46235
Adams, Clara C.Baker Ward 57310
Adams, Clara P.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22220
Adams, Clara P.Pine #136551
Adams, ClarkHuntington - Huntington Town30392
Adams, ClarkHuntington - Huntington Town30436
Adams, CliftonHuntington - Huntington Town30438
Adams, David H.Depot831
Adams, Dow S.Baker Ward 57946
Adams, EarlDepot8822
Adams, EdnaRock Creek40533
Adams, Elsie J.Baker Ward 24998
Adams, EmmaDepot8823
Adams, Fay E.Baker Ward 57950
Adams, Faye L.Iron Dyke32151
Adams, Frank E.Baker Ward 57948
Adams, George W.Baker Ward 46232
Adams, GraceBaker Ward 46233
Adams, HelenHuntington - Huntington Town30465
Adams, James A.Baker Ward 24997
Adams, James Jr.Baker Ward 57311
Adams, James W.Baker Ward 5738
Adams, Jeanette M.Baker Ward 57947
Adams, Jessie M.Rock Creek40535
Adams, John Q.Huntington - Huntington Town30469
Adams, KateHuntington - Huntington Town30437
Adams, Leo K.Rock Creek40532
Adams, LileRock Creek40534
Adams, Mae E.Baker Ward 57949
Adams, MargaretHuntington - Huntington Town30393
Adams, MarySparta42186
Adams, Mary L.Baker Ward 57951
Adams, MildredBaker Ward 46234
Adams, MildredHuntington31351
Adams, MyrtleDepot832
Adams, OlgaHuntington - Huntington Town30464
Adams, PatriciaHuntington - Huntington Town30466
Adams, Reimus*Huntington - Huntington Town30467
Adams, ThelmaHuntington - Huntington Town30439
Adams, Walter J.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22219
Adams, Walter J.Pine #136550
Adams, WilliamDepot833
Adams, William D.Baker Ward 5739
Adamson, WilliamConnor Creek18140
Addams, JohnBaker Ward 46459
Addoms, FrancesSumpter - Sumpter City43152
Addoms, RichardSumpter - Sumpter City43151
Adler, LeoBaker Ward 1395
Adler, LoraBaker Ward 1394
Adler, Mary L.Baker Ward 13865
Adler, SanfordBaker Ward 13864
Adler, ThreseBaker Ward 1396
Adrian, GlenBaker Ward 35462
Agnetha, Sister M.Baker Ward 46436
Aharns, CheyrlBaker Ward 35780
Aharns, MildredBaker Ward 35779
Aharns, Victor H.Baker Ward 35778
Aisnison*, John W.Baker Ward 241480
Akers, MarvelAlder115
Akers, RuthBaker Ward 46274
Akins, Luther H.Sumpter - Sumpter City43112
Aklin, Anna S.Iron Dyke32159
Aklin, EvaIron Dyke32157
Aklin, GeorgeIron Dyke32158
Aklin, Katherine S.Iron Dyke32160
Aklin, SamIron Dyke32156
Albert, Raymond C.Baker Ward 241135
Alderson, Dorothy I.Bed Rock11210
Alderson, LloydBed Rock1129
Alderson, Roberta G.Bed Rock11211
Aldredge, Wayne G.Haines28420
Aldrich, EdnaRock Creek40545
Aldrich, EveretRock Creek40177
Aldrich, FrankRock Creek40179
Aldrich, GeorgeRock Creek40548
Aldrich, GordonRock Creek40547
Aldrich, GraceRock Creek40178
Aldrich, JessieRock Creek40385
Aldrich, LouisRock Creek40544
Aldrich, Louis J.Rock Creek40546
Aldrich, MinaRock Creek40360
Aldrich, Oel E.Rock Creek40384
Alexander, Ada B.Pine35213
Alexander, Alma E.Pine35166
Alexander, Charles A.Baker Ward 351278
Alexander, Edward L.Pine35165
Alexander, Frank B.Pine35368
Alexander, HarryBaker Ward 24421
Alexander, Harry Jr.Baker Ward 24423
Alexander, James B.Pine35212
Alexander, MaryDepot81243
Alexander, MaudRock Creek40543
Alexander, MaudeDepot81244
Alexander, Nina G.Baker Ward 24422
Alexander, OllieDepot81245
Alexander, RobertDepot81246
Alexander, SidneyPine35215
Alexander, VerliePine35214
Alfred, BertHuntington - Huntington Town30822
Alfrey, FloraDepot8384
Alfrey, HughDepot8383
Alfrey, JohnDepot8386
Alfrey, TranDepot8385
Allen, A. BonnieEagle Valley #123633
Allen, AdaBaker Ward 461077
Allen, AnnaDepot8676
Allen, ArthurBaker Ward 13183
Allen, Carl F.South Baker946
Allen, D. GoverEagle Valley #123482
Allen, EdnaHuntington - Huntington Town30149
Allen, EllisDepot8416
Allen, E. LuraEagle Valley #123274
Allen, Frank J.Eagle Valley #123510
Allen, G. AlmaEagle Valley #123632
Allen, George A.Baker Ward 1328
Allen, GeorgiaSouth Baker9579
Allen, H. DaisyEagle Valley #12359
Allen, Helen E.Pine #136357
Allen, HowellHuntington - Huntington Town30148
Allen, Ida V.Baker Ward 1329
Allen, J. M.South Baker9577
Allen, John M.Pine #136356
Allen, JuneSouth Baker9580
Allen, Lester M.Sumpter - Sumpter City43127
Allen, Lilieh B.Baker Ward 461076
Allen, MarjorieBaker Ward 46492
Allen, Marjorie J.Baker Ward 131033
Allen, Mary E.Depot8675
Allen, Mary E.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22122
Allen, Mary S.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22260
Allen, MaudeSouth Baker9578
Allen, M. JaneEagle Valley #123484
Allen, M. RuthEagle Valley #123483
Allen, P. MatildaEagle Valley #123339
Allen, Rosetta F.South Baker947
Allen, R. ShermanEagle Valley #123275
Allen, T. DavidEagle Valley #123338
Allen, W. EdwardEagle Valley #123631
Allen, Wright D.Eagle Valley #123273
Allen*, ClaraHuntington31146
Allen*, George L.Huntington31145
Allen*, George W.Huntington31147
Allen*, Mary E.Huntington31148
Alley, AlmaHuntington31163
Alley, ElaineHuntington31164
Alley, GeorgeHuntington31162
Allison, AileenIron Dyke32250
Allison, B. IreneRobinette39123
Allison, Georgie L.Pine #136190
Allison, H. FrankRobinette39121
Allison, Julia A.Pine #237487
Allison, Kenneth R.Baker Ward 46318
Allison, L. RuthRobinette39124
Allison, S. GenevaRobinette39125
Allison, SylvaIron Dyke32248
Allison, V. AbbieRobinette39122
Allison, Velma I.Baker Ward 46316
Allison, Velma V.Baker Ward 46317
Allison, William B.Iron Dyke32249
Allison, William W.Iron Dyke32247
Allstead, Jack E.Pine #237265
Allsteadt, MarjoriePine35197
Allsteadt, RobertaPine35198
Almada, AnnaDurkee21311
Almada, DavidDurkee21312
Almada, JosephDurkee21310
Alton, HarryHuntington - Huntington Town30337
Alton, Irvine W.Huntington - Huntington Town30335
Alton, NellieHuntington - Huntington Town30336
Amacher, RubyHuntington - Huntington Town3041
Ames, RussellAlder1265
Ames, WalterAlder1266
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