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Oregon Federal Census Index 1930
Baker County Series T626
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
Yager, Ireane C.Haines - Haines Town27375
Yager, Marilyn J.Haines - Haines Town27377
Yager, Roscoe C.Haines - Haines Town27374
Yager, Weyne H.Haines - Haines Town27376
Yaline, MelvilleBaker Ward 241133
Yamaoka, CathrineBaker Ward 241342
Yamaoka, ChuysBaker Ward 241339
Yamaoka, Ida WayBaker Ward 241341
Yamaoka, IrvanBaker Ward 241343
Yamaoka, K.Baker Ward 241338
Yamaoka, MaryBaker Ward 241344
Yamaoka, TerryBaker Ward 241340
Yancey, DonBaker Ward 13169
Yancey, MarieBaker Ward 13167
Yancey, MarionBaker Ward 13168
Yancey, William E.Baker Ward 13166
Yankey, HattyRock Creek40350
Yankey, IdaHaines2845
Yankey, JackRock Creek40351
Yankey, JamesHaines28335
Yankey, John W.Rock Creek40349
Yankey, KeithRock Creek40352
Yankey, Lizzie M.Haines - Haines Town27416
Yankey, MenaRock Creek40354
Yankey, MevaRock Creek40353
Yankey, RayHaines2846
Yankey, William H.Unity45337
Yasui, IsbiBaker Ward 241236
Yasui, JimmyBaker Ward 241235
Yasui, LillyBaker Ward 241237
Yasui, PansyBaker Ward 241239
Yasui, RoseBaker Ward 241238
Yates, NancyBaker Ward 13468
Yeager, AddieDepot81041
Yeager, CynthiaDepot8478
Yeager, FrankDepot8477
Yeager, Henry T.Unity45263
Yeager, IraBaker Ward 241028
Yeager, JosephDepot81039
Yeager, LillieUnity45264
Yeager, MackBaker Ward 241027
Yeager, RosettaBaker Ward 241323
Yeager, Thomas J.Unity45265
Yeager, VictorBaker Ward 241322
Yeakley, Anna C.Depot8235
Yeakley, ElizabethDepot8236
Yeakley, Gladis V.Bridgeport13182
Yeakley, Harry C.Depot8234
Yeakley, Harry C. Jr.Depot8237
Yeakley, John C.Depot8238
Yeakley, Ralph P.Bridgeport13181
Yesger, BillieBaker Ward 3586
Yesger, BobbyBaker Ward 3585
Yesger, Edith O.Baker Ward 3582
Yesger, ErnestBaker Ward 3583
Yesger, LavonaBaker Ward 3584
Yesger, Walter G.Baker Ward 3581
Yoakum, Daniel W.Depot81111
Yoakum, Harvey T.Depot81233
Yoakum, IdaDepot81112
Yoder, Joshua D.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22189
Yoeman, JuanitaRye Valley41166
Yoeman, Rosie M.Rye Valley41162
York, CarlBaker Ward 13981
York, EdwardBaker Ward 13953
York, ElmettaBaker Ward 13954
York, EstherBaker Ward 13982
York, GenevaAlder1166
York, GeraldBaker Ward 46640
York, HenriettaBaker Ward 13459
York, JamesBaker Ward 13458
York, James L.Baker Ward 35258
York, Jas H.Baker Ward 46638
York, JohnBaker Ward 13955
York, JohnBaker Ward 131077
York, LouisBaker Ward 13956
York, Lulu E.Baker Ward 46639
York, MabelBaker Ward 35257
York, NannieBaker Ward 13980
York, PaulBaker Ward 35256
Yost, James R.Huntington Huntington Town3065
Yost, RayDurkee21224
Young, AdelineBaker Ward 46177
Young, AlbertSumpter - Sumpter City43225
Young, Arthur, V.Pine #237377
Young, CharlesHuntington31339
Young, Charlie H.Haines - Haines Town27463
Young, Charlie L.Pine #237378
Young, DorisBaker Ward 351175
Young, Earl M.Baker Ward 351521
Young, Edward J.Sumpter44128
Young, EllenBaker Ward 46943
Young, Enerst V.Wingville48143
Young, EulerBaker Ward 13625
Young, EuthelmaBaker Ward 13628
Young, G. AlbertaSumpter - Sumpter City43246
Young, Gertrude M.Sumpter - Sumpter City43245
Young, GrantBaker Ward 351172
Young, Harry D.Wingville48144
Young, I. M.Baker Ward 46176
Young, Jack C.Haines - Haines Town27427
Young, James G.Clifford15112
Young, James H.Wingville48141
Young, Jane M.Pine #237376
Young, JanetBaker Ward 13627
Young, JoanBaker Ward 351176
Young, John W.Baker Ward 13157
Young, LarueBaker Ward 351522
Young, Lois M.Huntington31151
Young, Lonnie F.Haines - Haines Town27526
Young, M. K.Baker Ward 13155
Young, MamieBaker Ward 351173
Young, MargaretBaker Ward 13159
Young, MargaretHaines - Haines Town27426
Young, Margaret M.Haines - Haines Town27464
Young, Marshall K.Baker Ward 13158
Young, MaryBaker Ward 13156
Young, Mary C.Wingville48142
Young, Mary E.Sumpter4412
Young, MayssieHaines - Haines Town27527
Young, RambolSumpter4411
Young, RichardBaker Ward 351524
Young, RobertBaker Ward 351523
Young, Thelma M.Baker Ward 13626
Young, Thomas F.Haines - Haines Town27528
Young, VernaSumpter - Sumpter City43226
Young, VirginiaBaker Ward 351174
Young, V. N.Baker Ward 46178
Young, Walter L.Pine #237375
Young, William S.Haines - Haines Town27465
Yren, CharlesBridgeport13177
Ysumano, D.Baker Ward 241313
Ysurglish, JackBed Rock11458

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