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Oregon Federal Census Index 1930
Baker County Series T626
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
Valentine, Darell E.Baker County10494
Valentine, ElizaPine #237361
Valentine, Florida A.Baker County10180
Valentine, Frank A.Baker County10179
Valentine, Leonard Jr.Baker County10493
Valentine, Leonard W.Baker County10491
Valentine, Lola O.Baker County10492
Valentine, Samuel G.Baker County10495
Valentine, Velma E.Baker County10496
Valentyne, Joyce A.Baker Ward 24629
Valentyne, Mary E.Baker Ward 24631
Valentyne, Mollie M.Baker Ward 2469
Valentyne, Phyllis E.Baker Ward 24630
Valentyne, Roy E.Baker Ward 24628
Valiant, Edna B.Baker Ward 57341
Valiant, Elsie M.Baker Ward 57340
Valiant, Fred J.Baker Ward 57338
Valiant, Pauline M.Baker Ward 57339
Valiant, Vera D.Baker Ward 57342
VanAllen, CoralBaker Ward 24180
VanAllen, GarnetBaker Ward 24182
VanAllen, JohnBaker Ward 24178
VanAllen, RuthBaker Ward 24179
VanArmer, RoyDepot8726
VanBevem, ElizaSouth Baker9765
VanBevem, JohnSouth Baker9764
VanBevem, MargaretSouth Baker9766
VanBevem, PalmaSouth Baker9767
VanBeveren, AdolphSouth Baker9338
VanBeveren, AlbertSouth Baker9344
VanBeveren, EladeSouth Baker9339
VanBeveren, FloroneSouth Baker9343
VanBeveren, GermaySouth Baker9342
VanBeveren, MarySouth Baker9340
VanBeveren, StellaSouth Baker9341
VanBibber, ClydeDepot8587
VanBibber, JosephDepot8589
VanBibber, NealDepot8590
VanBibber, RoseDepot8588
VanBuren, GenevieveBaker Ward 13454
VanBuren, RolandBaker Ward 13452
VanBuren, ThelmaBaker Ward 13453
VanCleave, ArchieAudrey2132
VanCleave, Barbara E.Audrey2130
VanCleave, EthelAudrey2135
VanCleave, FannieAudrey2111
VanCleave, James D.Audrey2134
VanCleave, JosephAudrey2110
VanCleave, Mary E.Audrey2131
VanCleave, Newton T.Audrey2129
VanCleave, RosieAudrey2133
VanCleave, Willard D.Audrey2112
VanCleve, Alvin R.Baker Ward 57631
VanCleve, Bennie F.Baker County10684
VanCleve, Dorrel R.Baker County10689
VanCleve, Emma E.Baker Ward 57630
VanCleve, Gordon E.Baker County10687
VanCleve, Maud S.Baker County10685
VanCleve, Reordon F.Baker County10686
VanCleve, Thelma I.Baker County10688
VanCoppenolle, AlbertBaker Ward 24334
VanCoppenolle, Eugene A.Baker Ward 24338
VanCoppenolle, Fay M.Baker Ward 24335
VanCoppenolle, LaVelleBaker Ward 24340
VanCoppenolle, LouiseBaker Ward 24337
VanCoppenolle, ThelmaBaker Ward 24339
VanCoppenolle, VeraBaker Ward 24336
Vandecar, Alice R.Durkee21251
Vandecar, ByronDurkee21244
Vandecar, ElsieDurkee21334
Vandecar, FordDurkee21248
Vandecar, J. ByronDurkee21250
Vandecar, LucindaDurkee21249
Vandecar, Mary L.Durkee21337
Vandecar, MyrtleDurkee21246
Vandecar, PaulineDurkee21252
Vandecar, PriscillaDurkee21335
Vandecar, RobertDurkee21333
Vandecar, Robert L.Durkee21336
Vandecar, RoseDurkee21245
VanDeLuven, D. D.Bed Rock1146
Vanderwall, Anna K.Haines - Haines Town27343
Vanderwall, Garrett W.Haines - Haines Town27342
Vanderwall*, BertRock Creek40571
Vanderwall*, Loddie H.Rock Creek40569
Vanderwall*, Roy E.Rock Creek40568
Vanderwall*, Royal F.Rock Creek40570
Vanderwater, Louis M.Baker Ward 351681
Vanderwater, William L.Baker Ward 351680
VandeVanter, RayBed Rock11331
VanDeWalher, LilyDepot8484
Vandewates, Louiza M.Baker Ward 35629
Vandewiele, EuphassieSouth Baker9666
Vandewiele, GeorgeSouth Baker9665
Vandewiele, IvonaSouth Baker9667
Vandewiele, JulesSouth Baker9669
Vandewiele, MorrisSouth Baker9668
VanDriesche, AlidaSouth Baker9655
VanDriesche, CyrialSouth Baker9656
VanDriesche, ElsieSouth Baker9658
VanDriesche, FrancisSouth Baker9659
VanDriesche, JuliusSouth Baker9654
VanDriesche, MarcelSouth Baker9657
VanDusen, Lester M.Haines - Haines Town27118
VanDuyn, CatherineDepot8860
Vangilder, B.Baker Ward 351430
VanHorn, MarcellaDepot8222
VanHorn, Paul E.Depot8221
VanHorn, Robert N.Depot8223
VanHosbick, BertHaines - Haines Town27237
VanHoutes, E. JohnRobinette39164
VanHoutes, S. OllieRobinette39165
VanLeuven, Calvin J.South Baker9754
Van Neuvn, Andrew L.South Baker9273
Van Neuvn, DarrolSouth Baker9287
Van Neuvn, Dealos D.South Baker9276
Van Neuvn, EmmaSouth Baker9275
Van Neuvn, Eva G.South Baker9286
Van Neuvn, Francis F.South Baker9279
Van Neuvn, Ida E.South Baker9274
Van Neuvn, IraSouth Baker9285
Van Neuvn, Iva J.South Baker9277
Van Neuvn, RalphSouth Baker9278
Van Neuvn, Stanley J.South Baker9282
Van Neuvn, VeraSouth Baker9280
Van Neuvn, VerdiceSouth Baker9281
VanOrder, RickBig Creek12194
VanPatten, Avis E.Eagle Valley #224155
VanPatten, Avis M.Eagle Valley #224153
VanPatten, FrankEagle Valley #224152
VanPatten, George F.Eagle Valley #224156
VanPatten, Paul R.Eagle Valley #224154
VanRiper, MaryWingville48175
Vard, AdaHuntington - Huntington Town30427
Vard, Hubert N.Huntington - Huntington Town30428
Vard, OrvilleHuntington - Huntington Town30426
Vard, WilmaHuntington - Huntington Town30429
Vass, JamesRobinette39172
Vaughan, Ella A.Bed Rock11187
Vaughan, Francis D.Bed Rock11188
Vaughan, Waldo R.Bed Rock11186
Vaughn, Floyd C.Baker County1016
Vaughn, Floyd C.Baker County10111
Vaughn, ElathineBaker Ward 24687
Vaughn, Jack J.Baker County1019
Vaughn, Mattie E.Baker County1017
Vaughn, NewtonBaker County1056
Vaughn, Robert F.Baker County1018
Vaughn, Sarah M.Baker Ward 57379
Vaughn, Silas C.Baker Ward 57378
Vaughn, William P.Baker County10110
Veatch, Nannie F.Baker Ward 1374
Veitch, KatieBaker Ward 35331
Veitch, RachelBaker Ward 35332
Veitch, William A.Baker Ward 35330
Verhaag, MattWeatherby47158
Vermeisch, EmmaWeatherby47138
Vermeisch, HazelWeatherby47139
Vermeisch, JackWeatherby47137
Vermeisch, JackieWeatherby47140
Vermeisch, Leta M.Weatherby47141
Vermillion, CampbellBaker Ward 46682
Vermillion, Grace B.Baker Ward 46681
Vermillion, L. V.Baker Ward 46680
Vermillion, WilliamBaker Ward 46683
Veshaegae, CharlesSouth Baker9757
Vest, EdithDurkee2122
Vest, GeorgeDurkee2121
Veteto, ClydeHaines28122
Vice, DaveBaker Ward 57467
Vinecore, FrankBaker Ward 24161
Vinege*, AlexenderBaker Ward 3566
Vinege*, EllenBaker Ward 3567
Vinege*, HenryBaker Ward 3569
Vinege*, JosephBaker Ward 3568
Vinege*, MabelBaker Ward 35610
Vines, Clarence E.Baker Ward 57257
Vines, Frank M.Baker Ward 57254
Vines, HelenBaker Ward 57259
Vines, Katherine E.Baker Ward 57255
Vines, Wesley S.Baker Ward 57258
Vinsel, SteveHuntington - Huntington Town30315
Virginia, Sister M.Baker Ward 46438
Vodch, JosephDurkee21219
Voiles, IdaBaker Ward 24522
Voiles, NellieBaker Ward 24523
Voliva, J. ClarenceEagle Valley #123220
Voliva, StellaEagle Valley #123221
Voorhies, LelaBaker Ward 351335
Voorhies, ShermanBaker Ward 351334
Voruz, Emil P.Baker Ward 24887
Voruz, EmmaBaker Ward 24888
Voss, EdwardDepot8114

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