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Oregon Federal Census Index 1930
Baker County Series T626
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
Oabinn*, Asa H.Baker Ward 2414100
Oaks, IsabellaBaker Ward 351563
O'Bryan, JohnEagle Valley #123615
O'Conell, JamesBaker Ward 57518
O'Conner, AnneBaker Ward 131012
O'Connor, FrancesBaker Ward 24989
O'Connor, JohnBaker Ward 24986
O'Connor, WalburgaBaker Ward 24987
O'Connor, WalburgaBaker Ward 24990
O'Connor, Will J.Baker Ward 24988
O'Dell, Mary F.South Baker9322
O'Dell, MildredSouth Baker9324
O'Dell, Raymond T.South Baker9323
O'Dell, Robert H.South Baker9325
O'Dell, T. F.South Baker9321
Odnard, Leroy E.Baker Ward 57639
Odnard, Martha A.Baker Ward 57642
Odnard, Ruby E.Baker Ward 57640
Odnard, Ruth W.Baker Ward 57641
Odonnell, RoseHuntington- Huntington Town30731
O'Donnell, CharlesSouth Baker9516
O'Donnell, CharlesSouth Baker9518
O'Donnell, ElmoSouth Baker9520
O'Donnell, KatherineSouth Baker9519
O'Donnell, MargaretSouth Baker9517
O'Donnell, MargueriteSouth Baker9522
O'Donnell, MarySouth Baker9524
O'Donnell, MichaelSouth Baker9523
O'Donnell, Rose A.South Baker9525
O'Donnell, ThelmaSouth Baker9521
O'Dowd, PatrickDepot8537
Officer, BellePine35151
Officer, ClaudePine35150
Officer, VernonPine35152
Ogaua, TomBaker Ward 241241
Ogden, FloydDepot8837
Ogden, FredDepot8836
Ogden, JackDepot8834
Ogden, JackDepot8838
Ogden, MinervaDepot8835
O'Gorman, John M.Baker County1023
O'Hallorn, JosephineBaker Ward 131017
Okafuji, I.Baker Ward 241346
Olbrick, CarolineBaker Ward 13140
O'Leary*, MaymeDurkee21145
Oleff, TomDurkee21225
Olerman, HenryBaker Ward 13934
Olgivei, FrancesDepot8829
Olgivei, MaudeDepot8830
Olgivei, NelsDepot8828
Oliver, Alice M.Baker Ward 1393
Oliver, Arthur A.Bed Rock11136
Oliver, Charles A.Pine #136448
Oliver, C. WilliamPine #136446
Oliver, Ellen J.Baker Ward 1392
Oliver, FranceliaBaker Ward 46145
Oliver, FrancesBaker Ward 46144
Oliver, George H.Pine #136450
Oliver, Henry K.Pine #136559
Oliver, Inez E.Pine #136447
Oliver, JayBed Rock11138
Oliver, Joe D.Pine #136449
Oliver, LelandBed Rock11139
Oliver, LouiseBaker Ward 241368
Oliver, MarkBed Rock11144
Oliver, NettiePine #136560
Oliver, PeteBaker Ward 131050
Oliver, RoseBed Rock11137
Olk, Finley U.Wingville48249
Ollgard, NellieBaker Ward 351533
Ollgard, PansyBaker Ward 351534
Olmstead, Daisy B.Baker County10173
Olmstead, Louie D.Baker County10172
Olp, Clarence S.Baker Ward 24173
Olp, Frederick B.Baker Ward 24175
Olp, Norma R.Baker Ward 24176
Olp, Ruth J.Baker Ward 24172
Olp, WalterBaker Ward 24177
Olp, Willis H.Baker Ward 24174
Olp, W. M.Baker Ward 24171
Olsen, Alta I.Pocahontas38151
Olsen, Alta M.Pocahontas38150
Olsen, ArmineBaker Ward 5719
Olsen, AudreySouth Baker9540
Olsen, Bessie I.Baker Ward 2472
Olsen, CliffordSouth Baker9538
Olsen, Cusper H.Baker Ward 13940
Olsen, DaisySouth Baker9536
Olsen, DorothySouth Baker9539
Olsen, HansSouth Baker9535
Olsen, Leonard V.Baker Ward 57111
Olsen, Louis L.Baker Ward 2471
Olsen, Kenneth M.Baker Ward 35255
Olsen, LenaBaker Ward 35254
Olsen, Marion R.Baker Ward 57110
Olsen, Martin M.Baker Ward 5718
Olsen, M. O.Baker Ward 35253
Olsen, RoseDepot8106
Olsen, Tillman A.Pocahontas38149
Olsen, Troy D.Baker Ward 57112
Olsen, Wayne F.Baker Ward 57113
Olson, A. B.Baker Ward 24530
Olson, AlfredBaker Ward 24262
Olson, Anders H.Baker Ward 24119
Olson, Arthur L.Haines - Haines Town27184
Olson, Arthur V.Haines28368
Olson, BerthaBaker Ward 351013
Olson, Bertha M.Haines - Haines Town27185
Olson, CharlesBaker Ward 24437
Olson, CharlesWingville48234
Olson, DelvaBaker Ward 24268
Olson, DorothyBaker Ward 24265
Olson, Emma L.Baker Ward 351417
Olson, Eva L.Haines28128
Olson, Frances N.Huntington31239
Olson, Frank L.Baker Ward 351012
Olson, HazelBaker Ward 24263
Olson, Helen M.Eagle Valley #1 - Richland Town22120
Olson, HermenaBaker Ward 35338
Olson, Joe J.Haines - Haines Town27266
Olson, JohnBaker Ward 351014
Olson, JohnnieSparta42151
Olson, JosephBaker Ward 351015
Olson, Joseph C.Haines - Haines Town27267
Olson, JuanitaSouth Baker9512
Olson, Laura M.Haines28370
Olson, LinaSouth Baker9511
Olson, Marcia J.Haines28130
Olson, MargaretBaker Ward 24436
Olson, MarionBaker County10160
Olson, MarjorieBaker Ward 24267
Olson, MaryBaker Ward 351016
Olson, Mary E.Haines28131
Olson, MelvinBaker Ward 24266
Olson, OlafSouth Baker9510
Olson, Olaf R.Haines28127
Olson, PeterBaker Ward 35337
Olson, PeterBaker Ward 351416
Olson, ThelmaBaker Ward 24264
Olson, Retta M.Haines28369
Olson, Roger G.Haines28129
Olson, RoseMcEwen34216
Olson, RuthBaker Ward 46862
Olson, Sherman P.Haines - Haines Town27268
Oneil, Benjiman F.Hereford29227
Oneil, IreneHereford29228
Oneil, WilliamBed Rock11463
O'Neil, HaroldBaker Ward 24373
O'Neil, MonasBaker Ward 24375
O'Neil, VernonBaker Ward 24374
O'Neill, DoloresBaker Ward 131042
O'Neill, Thomas F.Baker Ward 131040
O'Neill, VivianBaker Ward 131041
Oran, Charles F.Hereford29187
Orcutt, MargorieBaker Ward 13332
Ord, BarbaraBaker Ward 35926
Ord, ClaireBaker Ward 35923
Ord, John B.Baker Ward 35922
Ord, John W.Baker Ward 35924
Ord, Robert M.Baker Ward 35925
O'Rourke, Patrick J.Baker Ward 131015
Orr, ClarabelDepot8289
Orr, Eugene M.Depot8286
Orr, HaroldDepot8288
Orr, Margaret E.Pine35242
Orr, Mary M.Pine #13652
Orr, NellieDepot8287
Orr, Ralph G.Pine #13653
Orr, Ralph W.Pine #13651
Orst, Beatrice M.Huntington- Huntington Town30855
Orst, Eleron B.Huntington- Huntington Town30856
Orst, John E.Huntington- Huntington Town30854
Orst, Juanita L.Huntington- Huntington Town30857
Ortez, AlfonsoHuntington- Huntington Town30875
Ortez, AlgaHuntington- Huntington Town30879
Ortez, AliceHuntington- Huntington Town30878
Ortez, Gus P.Huntington- Huntington Town30876
Ortez, MadalinaHuntington- Huntington Town30877
Orton, Leo L.Huntington31132
Orton, Noran*Huntington31133
Orvick, William H.Big Creek12195
Osborn, BonitaRock Creek40166
Osborn, BudRobinette39162
Osborn, HastingsRock Creek40161
Osborn, HelenRock Creek40162
Osborn, KathleenRock Creek40165
Osborn, Marie G.Pocahontas38142
Osborn, MeztonRock Creek40164
Osborn, MigalRock Creek40163
Osborn, Minnie B.Pocahontas38141
Osborn, RogerRock Creek40167
Osborne, Alice L.Baker Ward 351088
Osborne, BillieBaker Ward 351089
Osborne, ElaineDepot8611
Osborne, Elis M.Baker Ward 351091
Osborne, Gertrude C.Baker Ward 351087
Osborne, JohannaDepot869
Osborne, JohnDepot8610
Osborne, LouisDepot868
Osborne, MargaretBaker Ward 35839
Osborne, Martin N.Baker Ward 351092
Osborne, Milton S.Baker Ward 351090
Osborne, OrinBaker Ward 46711
Osborne, William M.Baker Ward 351086
Osburn, Jack T.Baker Ward 57252
Ostranger, DallasBed Rock11417
Ostrom, EugeneBaker Ward 46742
Ostrom, EugeneBaker Ward 46744
Ostrom, HelenBaker Ward 46743
Ostwald, Anna B.Baker Ward 57469
Ostwald, Laura M.Baker Ward 57471
Ostwald, Paul W.Baker Ward 57468
Ostwald, Walter A.Baker Ward 57470
O'Sullivan, JamesBaker Ward 241096
Ota, A.Baker Ward 241185
Othelia, Sister M.Baker Ward 46435
Ott, DaisyBaker Ward 13379
Ott, Donald L.Baker Ward 571062
Ott, ElizabethBaker Ward 13380
Ott, Fay E.Baker Ward 571059
Ott, FlorrieDurkee21223
Ott, GertrudeBaker Ward 13381
Ott, John A.Baker Ward 571061
Ott, Louis E.Baker Ward 571058
Ott, RayDurkee21227
Ott, Robert V.Baker Ward 571063
Ott, Thelma L.Baker Ward 571060
Ott, WalterBaker Ward 13378
Overacre, RileyIron Dyke32231
Overly, Charles E.Baker Ward 351328
Owen, Carl M.Bridgeport13135
Owen, Eugen F.Audrey2125
Owen, PearlAudrey2126
Owens, Emma H.Depot859
Owens, LincolnDepot81048
Owens, RayDepot8510
Oxman, Clara M.Durkee2133
Oxman, Frank C.Durkee2132
Oxman, HenneshDurkee2134
Oxman, RuthDurkee2135
Ozar, MartinBaker Ward 13422

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