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Oregon Federal Census Index 1930
Baker County Series T626
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
Ichortanna*, Sister M.Baker Ward 46439
Ickes, E. D.Baker Ward 24475
Ickes, Essie F.Baker Ward 24476
Iler, John H.Unity45174
Iler, MinnieBaker Ward 241410
Imadas, Y.Baker Ward 1372
Inalls, DorisDurkee21137
Inalls, FrankDurkee21135
Inalls, MargaretDurkee21138
Inalls, MinnieDurkee21136
Ingles, BessieBed Rock11226
Ingles, DonaldBed Rock11227
Ingles, GlenBed Rock11225
Ingram, Carl R.Pine #237352
Ingram, Cleveland B.Baker Ward 57312
Ingram, Elsie G.Haines - Haines Town27291
Ingram, Harry R.Pine #237350
Ingram, MintiePine #237351
Ingram, Myrtle E.Baker Ward 46117
Ingram, Stanley E.Haines - Haines Town27290
Ingram, Stanley F.Haines - Haines Town27292
Ingram, Vadah Y.Baker Ward 57313
Inman, Guy L.Pocahontas38123
Inman, Jane B.Pocahontas38124
Inman, JuliaBaker Ward 351194
Inman, Marion C.Pocahontas38125
Inman, Myrtle Y.Pocahontas38127
Inman, Novon E.Pocahontas38126
Inman, Rachel E.Pocahontas38128
Irby, Charles K.Baker County10454
Irby, FrankBaker Ward 13889
Irby, Nellie M.Baker County10452
Irby, Truscott W.Baker County10453
Irby, Walter J.Baker County10451
Irven, GeorgePocahontas38379
Irvin, AndrewBaker Ward 351410
Irvin, Bell I.Pine #237367
Irvin, Bessie I.Pine #237368
Irvin, Charles E.Pocahontas38295
Irvin, HaroldPocahontas38290
Irvin, JamesPocahontas38292
Irvin, Jessie M.Pine #237366
Irvin, LutherPocahontas38291
Irvin, MargaretBaker Ward 351412
Irvin, Ruby M.Pocahontas38296
Irvin, SarahBaker Ward 351411
Irvin, William A.Pine #237365
Irvington, AllenBaker Ward 35967
Irvington, LouelBaker Ward 35969
Irvington, MaryBaker Ward 35968
Irwin, Ada A.Baker Ward 57820
Irwin, Charles R.Pine #23764
Irwin, CliffordPine #237431
Irwin, CliloaBaker Ward 241299
Irwin, Edna L.Pine #23765
Irwin, Helen I.Pine #23766
Irwin, IraPine #237432
Irwin, L.Baker Ward 241298
Irwin, Maude M.Pine #237430
Irwin, Walter I.Pine #23767
Ishibe, K.Baker Ward 241183
Ishibe, NuheBaker Ward 241184
Ishibe, PusbiroBaker Ward 241478
Isom, Bernice P.Baker County10627
Isom, Grover C.Baker County10625
Isom, Lew W.Baker County10628
Isom, Lyla M.Baker County10626
Isom, Oliver S.Baker County10630
Isom, Oscar W.Baker County10629
Ison, ArdBaker Ward 13294
Ison, Bernice P.Eagle Valley #224344
Ison, FrankBaker Ward 13292
Ison, GeneBaker Ward 13293
Ison, JosephineBaker Ward 13296
Ison, LutherBaker Ward 13295
Ison, Martha J.Baker Ward 46787
Ison, MaryBaker Ward 13291
Ison, VirgilBaker Ward 13290
Ives, Frank C.Depot8127
Ives, LemHaines28164
Ivey, Mary E.Baker Ward 46244
Ivie, IdaBaker Ward 351332
Ivie, LaReaBaker Ward 351333
Izatt, Alexander S.McEwen34263
Izatt, Marion S.McEwen34264
Izatt, ReedMcEwen34265

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