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Oregon Federal Census Index 1920
Baker County Series T625
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
Waber, BruceBaker 6 Ward 161571
Waber, FrankBaker 6 Ward 161569
Waber, MabelBaker 6 Ward 161570
Waber, WilliamBaker 6 Ward 161572
Waddell, Ada J.Baker 3 Ward 341569
Waddell, DaleBaker 3 Ward 341570
Waddell, James W.Baker 3 Ward 341568
Wade, Chas E.Rock Creek16416
Wade, RalphClifford11240
Wadford, CharlesHaines1615100
Wadford, Liddy*Haines16161
Waellaerd, JulusSouth Baker Ward 37947
Wagner, NellieBaker 1 Ward 16443
Wagner, R. V.Baker 1 Ward 16442
Wah, FongHuntington Town18259
Wainsburg, AdolphSouth Baker Ward 37883
Wainsburg, Clara M.South Baker Ward 37886
Wainsburg, EmeranceSouth Baker Ward 37884
Wainsburg, JosephSouth Baker Ward 37885
Wakto, HarryBaker 2 Ward 33415
Waldo, BianHuntington Town18239
Waldo, Bian E.Huntington Town18241
Waldo, Charles A.Baker 6 Ward 161355
Waldo, Frink E.Huntington Town18242
Waldo, Mamie A.Huntington Town18240
Waldron, Clifford Q.Pine #2211084
Waldron, Jesse W.South Baker Ward 37677
Waldron, Otto J.Pine #2211085
Waldron, RobertPine #2211082
Waldron, Rose A.Pine #2211083
Waldrop, ClarenceBig Creek9127
Waldrop, FrankBig Creek9125
Waldrop, NettieBig Creek9126
Waldrop, RenaBig Creek9129
Waldrop, WalterBig Creek9128
Wale, ElaineSouth Baker Ward 37763
Wale, Floyd H.South Baker Ward 37762
Wale, Pauline M.South Baker Ward 37761
Wale, William J.South Baker Ward 37760
Wales, Ella C.Depot Ward 471943
Wales, William C.Depot Ward 471942
Walk, A. G. Mrs.Baker 1 Ward 16550
Walk, WilliamBaker 1 Ward 16551
Walker, EdwardDepot2061
Walker, ElizabethSumpter - Sumpter City2338
Walker, Horace L.Unity2240
Walker, Ionie E.Unity2241
Walker, John F.Huntington Town18758
Walker, John Jr.Sumpter - Sumpter City2339
Walker, John W.Sumpter - Sumpter City2337
Walker, KentSumpter - Sumpter City23310
Walker, LouisaSumpter - Sumpter City23311
Walker, Mary A.Unity2244
Walker, Ople M.Unity2242
Walker, OpalDepot Ward 371322
Walker, PercyDepot Ward 371323
Walker, Ralph L.Unity2243
Walkins, AmandaHereford17213
Walkins, DavidHereford17212
Walkins, DonaldHereford17215
Walkins, LenardHereford17214
Wallace, AudreySumpter - Sumpter City23148
Wallace, Charles W.Copperfield14536
Wallace, Clerance A.Eagle 115436
Wallace, C. W.Copperfield14525
Wallace, DaisySumpter - Sumpter City23144
Wallace, DoraRobinette22536
Wallace, Edith C.Eagle 115438
Wallace, Evlyn A.Eagle 115440
Wallace, George R.Pine #121362
Wallace, HarrySumpter - Sumpter City23146
Wallace, HeneriettaSouth Baker20466
Wallace, Jesse A.Robinette22534
Wallace, John M.Eagle 115439
Wallace, Lavarna E.Robinette22535
Wallace, LeslieSumpter - Sumpter City23147
Wallace, Ollie E.Eagle 115437
Wallace, ParkSumpter - Sumpter City23145
Wallace, VernonSumpter - Sumpter City23149
Wallburnn, CharlotteBaker 1 Ward 16288
Wallburnn, Emma LouiseBaker 1 Ward 16289
Wallburnn, Mary MaxBaker 1 Ward 16290
Wallburnn, RobertBaker 1 Ward 16287
Waller, William O.Eagle 2151381
Wallet, GlennBaker 2 Ward 33259
Wallingford, BurlRock Creek16464
Wallingford, DoraRock Creek16463
Wallingford, FlorenceRock Creek16460
Wallingford, MableRock Creek16462
Wallingford, Russell B.Rock Creek16459
Wallingford, WesleyRock Creek16461
Wallington, Daisy E.Baker 1 Ward 16417
Wallington, FrankBaker 1 Ward 16416
Wallington, Marie LouiseBaker 1 Ward 16418
Wallnut*, AdielWingville12150
Wallnut*, HenriWingville12148
Wallnut*, JuliaWingville12151
Wallnut*, LanisaWingville12149
Walloert*, ErnestBaker Precinct 61965
Walloert*, JuliaBaker Precinct 61966
Walloert*, PalmaBaker Precinct 61967
Wallor, Willie O.Eagle 115393
Walsh, Cora F.Cornicopia14916
Walsh, John P.Cornicopia14915
Walsh, Robert E.Cornicopia14887
Walters, AntonSouth Baker Ward 37928
Walters, AntoniaSouth Baker Ward 37929
Walters, Dan R.Copperfield14596
Walters, Eddie J.Copperfield14594
Walters, EdwardCopperfield14590
Walters, Freddie M.Copperfield14598
Walters, Guethlyn* E.Copperfield14592
Walters, Imagine K.Copperfield14595
Walters, LoelaCopperfield14591
Walters, Pauline D.Copperfield14597
Walters, Sue D.Copperfield14593
Walton, David A.Depot Ward 371721
Waltz, AddahBaker 3 Ward 441143
Waltz, BessieHaines161631
Waltz, CharlesBaker 3 Ward 44556
Waltz, CliffordWingville12361
Waltz, Edward P.Baker 3 Ward 44557
Waltz, Eunice A.Wingville12195
Waltz, FaithaRock Creek16295
Waltz, Floyd A.Wingville12314
Waltz, FreidaWingville12362
Waltz, GeorgeBaker 3 Ward 441144
Waltz, Mary B.Wingville12315
Waltz, Mary RoseRock Creek16296
Waltz, MerrittRock Creek16294
Waltz, Mildred A.Baker 3 Ward 44558
Waltz, SamuelBaker 3 Ward 441142
Walwer, JonSparta22288
Ward, Annie S.Baker Precinct 519219
Ward, BenjaminRock Creek161656
Ward, ClaudBaker Precinct 519220
Ward, JakeBaker 3 Ward 44766
Ward, JaneBaker 3 Ward 44765
Ward, JohnBaker 3 Ward 44764
Ward, JohnDepot Ward 472017
Ward, Joseph C.Baker Precinct 519222
Ward, Lilly M.Haines161341
Ward, MackHuntington181031
Ward, Mary A.Baker 3 Ward 37189
Ward, NewtonBaker 3 Ward 37188
Ward, Ralph E.Baker Precinct 519221
Ward, Raymond A.Haines16766
Ward, Worthy W.Haines161340
Wardell, IsabelAlder1561
Ware, Edwin H.Depot Ward 371187
Ware, EnidHereford17169
Ware, FredHereford17167
Ware, HazelHereford17168
Ware, IvanBaker 2 Ward 33155
Ware, Mildred M.Depot Ward 371188
Ware, WilliamHereford17160
Warfel, ElizabethBaker 4 Ward 451455
Warfel, William E.Baker 4 Ward 451454
Warfield, Emma*Baker 2 Ward 33233
Warfield, Ernest N.Haines161145
Warfield, Jennie I.Haines161144
Warfield, Mable E.Haines161146
Warfield, Tessie M.Haines161148
Warfield, Walter F.Haines161147
Waring, CarlClifford1128
Waring, DanielClifford1127
Waring, LucyClifford1126
Waring, Richard H.Clifford1125
Warner, AugustinaBaker 4 Ward 451371
Warner, CarlBed Rock8128
Warner, Emmett* J.Bed Rock8126
Warner, HazelBed Rock8127
Warnick, Basil A.Cornicopia14829
Warnick, Genive L.Cornicopia14831
Warnick, Telva I.Cornicopia14830
Warren, Augustes W.Baker 3 Ward 44190
Warren, Charles B.*Baker 2 Ward 33563
Warren, EmmaHereford17220
Warren, EulisBaker 3 Ward 44956
Warren, FrancesBaker 2 Ward 33564
Warren, FrankHereford17219
Warren, FrankDepot Ward 471586
Warren, HenryBig Creek919
Warren, Hiram B.Rock Creek16252
Warren, JamesHereford17217
Warren, James T.Baker 3 Ward 44955
Warren, John F.Baker 2 Ward 23327
Warren, JuliaHereford17218
Warren, LelandBaker 3 Ward 44957
Warren, NellieBaker 2 Ward 23328
Warren, VivianHereford17221
Warren, William F.Rock Creek16251
Warrick, AugustBaker 2 Ward 23330
Warrick, LuluBaker 2 Ward 23329
Warsham, ClaudeBaker 4 Ward 151563
Warsham, LoraBaker 4 Ward 151564
Warsham, MildredBaker 4 Ward 151565
Warsham, OrvilleBaker 4 Ward 151566
Warsham, PaulBaker 2 Ward 23339
Warsham, Robert W.Baker 2 Ward 23347
Wart, Belva E.Eagle 2151178
Wart, Bessie M.Eagle 2151181
Wart, Bula E.Eagle 2151177
Wart, Elmer J.Eagle 2151175
Wart, Elmer J. Jr.Eagle 2151179
Wart, Ida M.Baker 6 Ward 161525
Wart, Iva H.Pine #121258
Wart, Lillie A.Eagle 2151180
Wart, Lillie M.Eagle 2151176
Wart, Samuel H.Baker 6 Ward 161524
Washburn, FredBaker 6 Ward 16941
Washburn, HarryBaker 6 Ward 16940
Washburn, John H.Baker 6 Ward 16937
Washburn, LeonardBaker 6 Ward 16939
Washburn, Lulu H.Baker 6 Ward 16938
Washburn, VioletBaker 6 Ward 16942
Washtock, Mabel L.Baker 4 Ward 151261
Washtock, Michael S.Baker 4 Ward 151260
Wasson, CarrieWingville12117
Wasson, C. H.Wingville12116
Waterson, James I.Sumpter23411
Wathen, AlfredDepot Ward 371161
Wathen, AliceDepot Ward 371162
Wathen, MabelDepot Ward 371163
Watkins, AnnaHereford17113
Watkins, ArthurHereford17179
Watkins, DellaBaker 4 Ward 151216
Watkins, EdithHereford17180
Watkins, EdwardHereford17112
Watkins, HenryHereford17177
Watkins, JesseBaker 2 Ward 23354
Watkins, JesseHereford17178
Watkins, LouiseHereford17115
Watkins, NormanHereford17114
Watkins, RobertHereford17176
Watson, AlonzoBaker Precinct 519267
Watson, BerthaRock Creek16330
Watson, ElizabethBaker Precinct 519268
Watson, Francis W.South Baker Ward 3741
Watson, GeorgeRock Creek16332
Watson, John J.South Baker Ward 37399
Watson, J. ThomasRock Creek16329
Watson, Mary E.South Baker Ward 37398
Watson, Mary E.South Baker Ward 373100
Watson, Olive Mrs.Baker 1 Ward 16111
Watson, Robert J.South Baker Ward 3742
Watson, SamuelRock Creek16331
Watson, William F.South Baker Ward 37397
Watt, Aileen M.South Baker20396
Watt, Alice L.South Baker20395
Watt, Charles R.South Baker20390
Watt, Cloyd R.South Baker20393
Watt, Elmer R.South Baker20394
Watt, Hattie V.South Baker20391
Watt, Pearl A.South Baker20392
Wattles, Cora E.Baker 1 Ward 16440
Wattles, NataBaker 1 Ward 16439
Watts, Attry J.South Baker Ward 37366
Wead*, MarySumpter - Sumpter City23284
Wead*, WilliamSumpter - Sumpter City23283
Weatherford, ByronUnity2118
Weatherford, Myra E.Unity2119
Weatherman, Albert O.Iron Dyke14220
Weatherman, Claudia J.South Baker20540
Weatherman, Dee W.South Baker20537
Weatherman, Francis I.South Baker20539
Weatherman, Ira C.South Baker20534
Weatherman, JamesDurkee1155
Weatherman, Marjorie X.South Baker20538
Weatherman, Maud C.South Baker20535
Weatherman, Maud M.South Baker20536
Weatherman, NathanDurkee1157
Weatherman, NoraDurkee1156
Weatherspoon, DelorisBaker 6 Ward 161140
Weatherspoon, FreddieBaker 6 Ward 161139
Weatherspoon, GladysPine #121349
Weatherspoon, GretaBed Rock8279
Weatherspoon, HattieBaker 6 Ward 161138
Weatherspoon, HenryBaker 6 Ward 161141
Weatherspoon, IdaPine #121347
Weatherspoon, James H.Pine #121350
Weatherspoon, RayBaker 6 Ward 161142
Weatherspoon, WashingtonPine #121346
Weatherspoon, William H.Pine #121348
Weaver, Georgia D.South Baker Ward 37450
Weaver, Lloyd M.South Baker Ward 37449
Weaver, MabelSouth Baker Ward 37453
Weaver, Ralph P.South Baker Ward 37451
Weaver, Ruth E.South Baker Ward 37452
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