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Oregon Federal Census Index 1920
Baker County Series T625
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
Perkins, Albert J.Eagle 2151268
Perkins, Aldah B.Pocahontas12492
Perkins, ArthurBaker 3 Ward 4451
Perkins, Arthur C.Pine #12114
Perkins, BerniceBaker 6 Ward 16839
Perkins, CecilBaker 3 Ward 4453
Perkins, Clara A.Eagle 2151269
Perkins, CliffordBaker 3 Ward 441014
Perkins, Don CarlosBaker 3 Ward 441012
Perkins, Dorothy H.Pocahontas12496
Perkins, Dwight L.Haines161264
Perkins, EdmondBaker 6 Ward 16842
Perkins, EmmaBaker 6 Ward 16844
Perkins, EstavisBaker Precinct 519325
Perkins, Estavis A.Baker Precinct 519327
Perkins, EthelHaines16739
Perkins, Eugene B.Baker Precinct 519328
Perkins, EvaBaker 3 Ward 44101
Perkins, FlaviusPocahontas12491
Perkins, Fred C.Pine #12112
Perkins, GarnetBaker 6 Ward 16843
Perkins, GemPine #121911
Perkins, Gilbert H.Pocahontas12495
Perkins, Glynn E.Pocahontas12494
Perkins, Joseph P.Baker 6 Ward 16840
Perkins, Laura E.Pine #12113
Perkins, Leah M.Haines161263
Perkins, LeNora A.Pine #1 - Halfway Town21717
Perkins, LettieBaker 3 Ward 441013
Perkins, Loring W.Haines161261
Perkins, Louis N.Pine #1 - Halfway Town21716
Perkins, Lullia B.Baker 6 Ward 16837
Perkins, Luthur G.Pine #121910
Perkins, Joseph C.Haines16853
Perkins, MargaretHaines16854
Perkins, Mary E.Baker 6 Ward 16838
Perkins, Mary M.Baker Precinct 519329
Perkins, MayoesiBaker 3 Ward 4454
Perkins, MiltonBaker 3 Ward 44103
Perkins, MinniePine #121913
Perkins, Nellie M.Baker Precinct 519326
Perkins, Nellie M.Pine #121914
Perkins, Nena C.Haines161262
Perkins, OthaBaker 3 Ward 4452
Perkins, RachelDepot Ward 371094
Perkins, RoseBaker 6 Ward 16841
Perkins, Rose HelenBaker 6 Ward 16845
Perkins, VevaBaker 3 Ward 441015
Perkins, Virl K.Haines16738
Perkins, Wallis F.Pocahontas12493
Perkins, W. E.Baker 2 Ward 33391
Perkins, WillenaPine #121912
Perkins, William G.Haines161265
Perry, Carroll E.Baker 4 Ward 15817
Perry, Charles W.Eagle 115280
Perry, Cyril M.Eagle 115299
Perry, Erma J.Pine #2211141
Perry, Fred H.Baker 5 Ward 25383
Perry, Gertrude D.Pine #2211138
Perry, Hazel O.Pine #2211365
Perry, John B.Eagle 115297
Perry, Laura S.Eagle 1152100
Perry, Lela S.Eagle 115298
Perry, Loretta F.Eagle 115281
Perry, Marjorie F.Pine #2211366
Perry, MayBaker 5 Ward 25384
Perry, Minnie B.Pine #2211364
Perry, Mildred E.Pine #2211140
Perry, MyrtleBaker 5 Ward 25385
Perry, NathanielBaker 4 Ward 451482
Perry, Richard R.Pine #2211139
Perry, RobertBaker 4 Ward 15820
Perry, RonaldBaker 4 Ward 15819
Perry, RoseBaker 4 Ward 15818
Perry, Samuel A.Pine #2211137
Perry, WilliamPine #2211363
Peterich*, WilliamGreenhorn11383
Peters, Alva W.Rock Creek16272
Peters, HermanRock Creek16274
Peters, RoseRock Creek16273
Petersen, Atbad D.Sparta22256
Petersen, Floyd P.Sparta22259
Petersen, Hurshel L.Sparta22260
Petersen, Lilburn B.Sparta22258
Petersen, Marth M.Sparta22257
Peterson, AdaDurkee1425
Peterson, AugustBaker 4 Ward 451368
Peterson, Blanche A.Huntington Town1859
Peterson, CharlesDurkee1424
Peterson, Doris Mrs.Baker 1 Ward 16342
Peterson, Frank E.Huntington Town1858
Peterson, HenryIron Dyke1413
Peterson, JohnBaker 5 Ward 25479
Peterson, Johnna M.Baker 3 Ward 44469
Peterson, OleClifford11226
Peterson, OliverSumpter - Sumpter City23315
Peterson, Ruth E.Huntington Town18510
Peterson, S.* L.Baker 1 Ward 16341
Pettey, Bruse R.Pine #1 - Halfway Town21531
Pettey, MaudePine #1 - Halfway Town21532
Pettingill, FrancesBaker 3 Ward 341420
Peyson, CharlotBaker Precinct 519164
Peyson, GustonBaker Precinct 519163
Peyson, HenryBaker Precinct 519160
Peyson, HenryBaker Precinct 519162
Peyson, LouiseBaker Precinct 519161
Peyton, Edward B.Huntington Town18493
Pfann, Lillian L.Huntington Town18194
Pfann, Mike F.Huntington Town18193
Phelan, Jerry J.Copperfield14579
Phelps, HeraldBaker 2 Ward 33817
Philips, BenjimanBaker 4 Ward 151050
Philips, Dave H.Huntington Town18693
Philips, Fred A.Sparta22395
Philips, LillianBaker 4 Ward 15928
Philips, LucyBaker 4 Ward 151051
Philips, Odessa E.Sparta22394
Phillipps, EdwardBaker 3 Ward 44486
Phillipps, RonaldBaker 3 Ward 44488
Phillipps, Susie H.Baker 3 Ward 44487
Phillips, Albert H.Baker 2 Ward 33180
Phillips, AllenDepot Ward 471552
Phillips, AltonDepot Ward 371220
Phillips, AraBed Rock8233
Phillips, ArletaBaker 6 Ward 16141
Phillips, Arthur B.Wingville12127
Phillips, A. W.Baker 2 Ward 33177
Phillips, BalamHaines16113
Phillips, Bolam C.Wingville12264
Phillips, CharlieDepot Ward 371221
Phillips, CharlotteWingville12124
Phillips, ChristieDepot Ward 371219
Phillips, ClaraHaines16114
Phillips, Clementine B.Pocahontas12427
Phillips, CliffordDepot Ward 371222
Phillips, CorneliaDepot Ward 471555
Phillips, Dave H.Baker 6 Ward 161432
Phillips, Delilah G.Wingville12262
Phillips, Ebbin* H.Baker 2 Ward 33179
Phillips, Edward J.Baker 4 Ward 151215
Phillips, EleanorBaker 6 Ward 1613100
Phillips, Eva L.Pocahontas12421
Phillips, Everett W.Depot Ward 371217
Phillips, Flora M.Wingville12261
Phillips, Forest D.Baker 6 Ward 161434
Phillips, GeorgeDurkee1333
Phillips, George M.Haines169100
Phillips, George W.Baker 2 Ward 33181
Phillips, Geraldine R.Pocahontas12426
Phillips, Grace I.Wingville12268
Phillips, Harry A.Wingville12271
Phillips, HuldaBaker 6 Ward 161433
Phillips, JamesClifford11189
Phillips, James C.Pocahontas12420
Phillips, James H.Pocahontas12424
Phillips, James N. J.Wingville12266
Phillips, JennieClifford1124
Phillips, John C.Wingville12126
Phillips, JonathanWingville12123
Phillips, Joseph F.Pocahontas12425
Phillips, Laura O.Wingville12270
Phillips, MagdaleneDepot Ward 471557
Phillips, Maggie M.Wingville12267
Phillips, Mary C.Wingville12129
Phillips, MaxineDepot Ward 471556
Phillips, MerrittClifford1123
Phillips, Nellis E.Wingville12263
Phillips, Nelly MayBaker 2 Ward 33178
Phillips, NoraDepot Ward 471553
Phillips, NormaDepot Ward 371223
Phillips, PearlWingville12125
Phillips, RaymondWingville12130
Phillips, Richard C.Pocahontas12422
Phillips, Robert L.Pocahontas12423
Phillips, Rosa MBaker 2 Ward 33182
Phillips, SophiaDepot Ward 371218
Phillips, Stella M.Wingville12269
Phillips, SylvesterDepot Ward 371224
Phillips, Thomas B.Wingville12260
Phillips, VirginiaDepot Ward 471554
Phillips, WalterBaker 6 Ward 161399
Phillips, Wayne E.Bed Rock8232
Phillips, W. H.Wingville12128
Phipps, ElbertUnity2177
Phipps, HarveyUnity2174
Phipps, LindaUnity2179
Phipps, StellaUnity2175
Phipps, TroyUnity2178
Phipps, TroyHuntington181036
Phipps, ZebedaUnity2176
Pickell, Clarance H.Iron Dyke14239
Pickell, PrudenceIron Dyke14240
Pickell, Robert L.Iron Dyke14241
Pickens, GertrudeDepot Ward 371347
Pickens, RoyDepot Ward 371346
Pickens, WilliamDepot Ward 371348
Pickett, EstherBaker 2 Ward 33621
Pickett, Walter H.Baker 2 Ward 33620
Piehler, Amos N.Iron Dyke1438
Piehler, Claude L.Iron Dyke1432
Piehler, Edgar L.Iron Dyke1437
Piehler, Ella N.Iron Dyke1435
Piehler, Elsie E.Iron Dyke1433
Piehler, Eunice K.Iron Dyke1436
Piehler, Loena O.Iron Dyke1434
Piehler, Greer W.Iron Dyke1439
Pierce, ArthurWingville12178
Pierce, Charlotte E.Wingville12181
Pierce, Cyrus M.Iron Dyke14192
Pierce, Donald D.Wingville12184
Pierce, Frank M.Iron Dyke14194
Pierce, Frederick L.Wingville12186
Pierce, George C.Wingville12182
Pierce, Glen L.Iron Dyke14195
Pierce, Goldie B.Wingville12185
Pierce, IraRobinette22483
Pierce, Janice A.Wingville12179
Pierce, Leonard H.Wingville12180
Pierce, Norma B.Iron Dyke14196
Pierce, Norma H.Iron Dyke14193
Pierce, Oliver J.Robinette22482
Pierce, PearlHuntington Town18545
Pierce, Raymond H.Wingville12183
Pierce, Royal A.Pine #1 - Halfway Town21664
Pierce, WilliamBaker 4 Ward 151270
Pierce, Wilson E.Huntington Town18544
Pierson, Howard M.Huntington Town18398
Pil, EugenieSouth Baker Ward 37910
Pil, PeterSouth Baker Ward 3799
Pilloni, CamillsAlder1542
Pinch, GeanetteBaker 4 Ward 15718
Pinch, JuneBaker 4 Ward 15716
Pinch, LelandBaker 4 Ward 15715
Pinch, RobertBaker 4 Ward 15717
Pinkerd, RobertDepot20686
Pinkham, CarolinaPine #121319
Pinkham, Ebin L.Pine #121320
Pinkham, Frank J.Pine #121318
Piper, BertMcEwen20234
Piper, DeWittDepot Ward 372178
Piper, Elizabeth L.McEwen20235
Piper, EthelDepot Ward 372179
Pitti, LouisHuntington Town18753
Plagman, Clarence W.Haines161014
Plagman, John J.Haines161012
Plagman, Kenneth L.Haines161016
Plagman, Margurite J.Haines161015
Plagman, Viola E.Haines161013
Planansky, CarolineBaker 6 Ward 16763
Planansky, FrankBaker 6 Ward 16762
Planansky, Frank W.Baker 6 Ward 16764
Planansky, Fredrick G.Baker 6 Ward 16766
Planansky, Lebuse M.Baker 6 Ward 16765
Plante, FrankClifford11325
Platner*, HomerBaker 4 Ward 15956
Platner*, Martha A.Baker 4 Ward 15957
Platt, Edwin B.Huntington Town18316
Platt, Gertrude M.Huntington Town18317
Plughoff, Amelia M.Huntington Town18522
Plughoff, Dora J.Huntington Town18523
Plughoff, June M.Huntington Town18526
Plughoff, MerillHuntington Town18527
Plughoff, Noel A.Huntington Town18524
Plughoff, ValeriaHuntington Town18521
Plughoff, William E.Huntington Town18525
Plunkett, Aggie JaneBaker 3 Ward 44266
Plunkett, PearlBaker 3 Ward 44265
Plunkett, ThomasBaker 3 Ward 44264
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