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Oregon Federal Census Index 1920
Baker County Series T625
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
Lapan,Depot Ward 471538
Laport, Edith L.Unity2167
Laport, F. MaxwellUnity2168
Laport, Hal W.Unity2165
Laport, Hellen R.Unity2166
Laport, Henry KelsoUnity2314
Laport, Hollis P.Unity2312
Laport, Joseph M.Unity2161
Laport, Lana MarieUnity2315
Laport, Lona M.Unity2162
Laport, Otto K.Unity2311
Laport, Pearl J.Unity2313
Laport, Samuel W.Unity2316
Lappas, NickConner Creek13293
Larcone, CathirnseAlder1575
Larcone, CharlesAlder1576
Larcone, CliffordAlder1573
Larcone, MabelAlder1574
Larh*, JamBaker 2 Ward 33566
Larkin, GeorgeBaker 2 Ward 331061
Larm*, EthelDurkee1386
Larm*, FannyDurkee1385
Larm*, HomerDurkee1383
Larm*, SethDurkee1384
Larsen, DavidAlder1568
Larsen, ClydeAlder1565
Larsen, GrettaAlder1566
Larsen, IngelborgAlder1757
Larsen, JohnAlder1563
Larsen, JohnAlder1567
Larsen, RuthAlder1564
Larsen, SwenAlder1756
Larson, AndyGreenhorn1145
Larson, Anna C.Baker 3 Ward 37186
Larson, Aurilla D.Baker 3 Ward 37187
Larson, CarlClifford11347
Larson, Carrie E.Depot Ward 372177
Larson, Carrie E.South Baker20427
Larson, JaneSouth Baker Ward 37841
Larson, Nels E.South Baker20426
Larson, Nels ErieDepot Ward 372176
Larson, PeteBaker 5 Ward 25472
Larson, Peter A.Depot Ward 372181
Larson, Peter A.South Baker20425
Larson, WilliamBaker 3 Ward 37185
Larson, William J.South Baker Ward 37840
Larson, William S.South Baker Ward 37842
Laseve*, Armond D.Cornicopia14894
Laseve*, Ternell G.Cornicopia14893
Laseve*, VollyCornicopia14892
Laswell, OwenBaker 2 Ward 33319
Latrinos, NickCopperfield14522
Latrinos, NickCopperfield14533
Latrinos, SamCopperfield14521
Latrinos, SamCopperfield14532
Laudcette, FredBaker 2 Ward 33986
Laughlin, AlthaDurkee1245
Laughlin, BerniceDurkee1247
Laughlin, CharlesDurkee1244
Laughlin, EddieDurkee1249
Laughlin, Edgar R.Baker 6 Ward 161317
Laughlin, J. E.Baker 2 Ward 33535
Laughlin, MarshallDurkee1246
Laughlin, MarvinDurkee1248
Laughlin, PearlBaker 6 Ward 161318
Laurense, HubertBaker 5 Ward 25113
Laurense, LeolaBaker 5 Ward 25111
Laurense, MargrettBaker 5 Ward 25110
Laurense, MellisBaker 5 Ward 2519
Laurense, Nettie C.Baker 5 Ward 25112
La Vars*, Arabam*Alder1696
La Vars*, SarahAlder1697
Lavender, William C.Huntington18972
Lavin, John J.Baker 1 Ward 16658
Law, CharlesHaines161636
Law, FrancisHaines161637
Lawrence, Camillia R.Unity2154
Lawrence, Hubert H.Unity2158
Lawerence, J. E.Baker 1 Ward 16340
Lawerence, J. E. Mrs.Baker 1 Ward 16339
Lawrence, Jessie J.Unity2157
Lawrence, John H.Huntington Town18213
Lawrence, Taiver R.Unity2155
Lawrence, William M.Unity2156
Lawson, JohnColumbia - Bourne Town23528
Laylor, John S.Huntington Town18211
Layne, David H.Pine #1 - Halfway Town21584
Layne, Rosette E.Pine #1 - Halfway Town21585
Layne, Vernon E.Pine #1 - Halfway Town21586
Lea, JohathanHuntington181044
Lea, Lucy A.Huntington181045
Leach, Cloyde C.Depot Ward 471934
Leach, Florence L.Baker 2 Ward 33993
Leach, FredHuntington Town18292
Leach, HarryDepot Ward 471691
Leach, KatieDepot Ward 471692
Leach, MarionBaker 2 Ward 33994
Leach, MaxDepot Ward 471939
Leach, NedDepot Ward 471936
Leach, Rex E.Depot Ward 471940
Leach, R*. F.Baker 2 Ward 33992
Leach, RobertDepot Ward 471937
Leach, VirdieDepot Ward 471938
Leach, ZoeDepot Ward 471935
Leagle, Mary A.Pine #12124
Leagle, William A.Pine #12123
Leasned, MaymeHaines16732
Leasy, AlavoyEagle 215112
Leasy, AltonBaker 4 Ward 15657
Leasy, Alvah R.Bed Rock834
Leasy, Charles W.Baker 4 Ward 15655
Leasy, Charles W.Bed Rock833
Leasy, HelenBaker 4 Ward 15656
Leasy, Hester M.Bed Rock832
Leasy, JosephDepot Ward 471534
Leasy, William H.Bed Rock831
Leasy*, Hester M.Baker Precinct 619690
Leasy*, Joseph W.Baker Precinct 619691
Leasy*, Rockie S.Baker Precinct 619692
Leasy*, William H.Baker Precinct 619689
Leatherman, FrankBridgeport10226
Leatherman, JessieBridgeport10231
Leatherman, LillianBridgeport10227
Leatherman, LottieBridgeport10229
Leatherman, NorahBridgeport10228
Leatherman, TomieBridgeport10230
LeaVella, WalterRock Creek161100
Ledicher*, AnnieCopperfield14644
Ledicher*, Birt A.Copperfield14640
Ledicher*, BirthaCopperfield14645
Ledicher*, GeorgeCopperfield14642
Ledicher*, LeanaCopperfield14643
Ledicher*, LillieCopperfield14641
Lee, Alma L.Pine #121420
Lee, Ann E.Baker 1 Ward 16596
Lee, Blanche V.Baker 1 Ward 16594
Lee, Charles I.Baker 6 Ward 16749
Lee, Charles W.Pine #121417
Lee, Christopher C.Pocahontas12637
Lee, Cynthia E.Haines1686
Lee, DavidBaker 1 Ward 16468
Lee, D. R.Baker 2 Ward 33239
Lee, Ethel G.Pocahontas12638
Lee, EmilyBaker 1 Ward 16469
Lee, Gilbert E.Pine #121423
Lee, Gilbert P.Eagle 11586
Lee, Henry O.Pine #121422
Lee, Inez E.Pine #121379
Lee, Jasen D.Eagle 11585
Lee, Jesse M.Pine #121419
Lee, Joeseph R.Eagle 11583
Lee, KeeBaker 2 Ward 33582
Lee, KingBaker 2 Ward 33589
Lee, MilesBaker 1 Ward 16593
Lee, Mona E.Pine #121424
Lee, Myrtle E.Eagle 11584
Lee, Robert C.Haines1685
Lee, SingBaker 2 Ward 33568
Lee, Thelma B.Baker 1 Ward 16595
Lee, Viola A.Pine #121418
Lee, Wilbur W.Pine #121421
Leech, Jessie E.Copperfield14626
Leep, Bethal G.Pine #2211019
Leep, Clara B.Baker 2 Ward 33394
Leep, Claria M.Pine #2211020
Leep, Claudine C.Pine #2211011
Leep, EllisPine #121485
Leep, Fannie A.Pine #2211016
Leep, George E.Pine #2211266
Leep, Grace H.Pine #221109
Leep, G. W.Baker 2 Ward 33392
Leep, HattieBaker 2 Ward 33393
Leep, Henry R.Pine #221108
Leep, Janie E.Pine #2211264
Leep, Leonard R.Pine #2211265
Leep, Letha L.Pine #2211017
Leep, Lottie M.Pine #1 - Halfway Town21712
Leep, Lysle E.Pine #2211013
Leep, MalindaPine #121447
Leep, MargeretBaker 2 Ward 33395
Leep, Phyllis L.Pine #2211014
Leep, Robert W.Pine #2211010
Leep, SelbyPine #121976
Leep, Selby S.Pine #2211018
Leep, ThaddusPine #121446
Leep, Thomas B.Pine #2211015
Leep, Verna H.Pine #2211012
Leep, VivianPine #2211021
Leep, Willis R.Pine #2211263
Lees, FrancisBaker 3 Ward 341521
Lefort, BellHuntington Town18122
Lefort, Edward J.Huntington Town18121
Leib, AmeliaBaker 4 Ward 451359
Leighty, EttaBridgeport10246
Leighty, JayBridgeport10248
Leighty, OliverBridgeport10245
Leighty, ViolaBridgeport10247
Leisch, BenjimaN F.Baker 3 Ward 441313
Leisen, BernardDepot Ward 471917
Leisen, HazelDepot Ward 471918
Leisen, HenryDepot Ward 471914
Leisen, HowardDepot Ward 471916
Leisen, MaryDepot Ward 471915
Leish, GraceDepot Ward 371731
Leish, Julius A.Depot Ward 371730
Leish, WilliamDepot Ward 371732
Leishman, abbie L.South Baker Ward 37738
Leishman, Arson R.South Baker Ward 37718
Leishman, EstherSouth Baker Ward 37723
Leishman, Howard W.South Baker Ward 37736
Leishman, IoneSouth Baker Ward 37721
Leishman, John M.South Baker Ward 37734
Leishman, Karl L.South Baker Ward 37739
Leishman, MargaretSouth Baker Ward 37719
Leishman, MarthaSouth Baker Ward 37720
Leishman, Martina F.South Baker Ward 37735
Leishman, MarySouth Baker Ward 37722
Leishman, Milton L.South Baker Ward 37737
Leishman, Paul L.South Baker Ward 37740
Leishman, Robert A.South Baker Ward 37724
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