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Oregon Federal Census Index 1920
Baker County Series T625
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
Bayles, HelenDepot Ward 371093
Bayliss, EarlBaker Precinct 619688
Ba**sial*, ThomasBaker 4 Ward 15933
Beaber, Dora M.South Baker Ward 3756
Beaber, Ernest M.South Baker Ward 3757
Beaber, Frances L.South Baker Ward 3758
Beaber, George W.South Baker Ward 3755
Beach, Dorothy A.Pine #121488
Beach, Mary E.Pine #121487
Beach, William E.Pine #121486
Beals, Prescott L.Pine #121829
Beamish, John ThomasBaker 2 Ward 331065
Bear, BernnardBaker 2 Ward 2335
Bear, Homer H.Baker 3 Ward 4415
Beard, Emily B.Haines16889
Beard, Frances A.Haines16888
Beard, Henry M.Haines16885
Beard, John E.Haines16892
Beard, Mary L.Haines16890
Beard, Raymond H.Haines16891
Beard, StellaHaines16886
Beard, William A.Haines16887
Bearing*, VanchaeBaker 2 Ward 231146
Beasley, DonaBaker 4 Ward 15918
Beasley, EdnaBaker 4 Ward 15917
Beasley, Lon D.Baker 4 Ward 15916
Beasley, RaymondBaker 4 Ward 15919
Beattie, WilliamHaines16156
Beaty, Mary E.Clifford11140
Beaty, Samuel L.Clifford11139
Bebils, ChristCopperfield14550
Beck, AdaHuntington Town18374
Beck, Hellen S.Huntington Town18375
Beck, George W.Depot Ward 371717
Beck, Leona F.Eagle 115975
Beck, Miranda E.Eagle 2151059
Beck, Russel H.Eagle 115974
Beck, Shirley L.Eagle 115976
Beck, Stephen B.Huntington Town18373
Beckstead, Asamsiles* C.Eagle 115973
Beckwith, Asahel C.Rock Creek16637
Beckwith, M. E.Baker 2 Ward 3346
Beckwith, MellieRock Creek16638
Beddingfield, MargaretDurkee1479
Beers, Edwin F.Baker 6 Ward 161225
Beers, Elizabeth J.Baker 6 Ward 161226
Beery, Corwin E.Huntington Town18670
Beery, Earl F.Huntington Town18669
Beery, Emily I.Huntington Town18671
Beery, Floyd M.Huntington Town18668
Beery, Ida M.Huntington Town18665
Beery, Irma I.Huntington Town18667
Beery, Ralph R.Huntington Town18666
Beery, WilliamHuntington Town18664
Beesley, ClaudCopperfield14575
Beggs, AliceBaker 1 Ward 16535
Beggs, W. H.Baker 1 Ward 16534
Begley, Christopher C.Huntington Town18451
Begley, Nora E.Huntington Town18452
Behan, MaryWingville1229
Beiber, Aloise H.Lookout1959
Beiber, Christina B.Haines161124
Beiber, George F.Lookout1956
Beiber, George M.Lookout1958
Beiber, Harry C.Haines161123
Beiber, LelandHaines161126
Beiber, Petra R.Lookout1957
Beiber, Walter C.Haines161125
Beironeau, Augusta M.South Baker Ward 37552
Beironeau, Carl N.South Baker Ward 37553
Beironeau, Claude A.South Baker Ward 37554
Beironeau, William W.South Baker Ward 37551
Belbos, SteyfHuntington Town18228
Beleces, PeterCopperfield14548
Beletich, JoeClifford11258
Belknap, AnnBaker 4 Ward 451462
Belknap, HavenBaker 4 Ward 451461
Bell, Alfred M.Haines16834
Bell, Beulah F.Haines16723
Bell, Byron C.Haines16728
Bell, CoraHaines16718
Bell, Delmar I.Haines16720
Bell, Earl G.Haines16719
Bell, EdwardRock Creek161655
Bell, Edwin H.Haines16721
Bell, FrancisAlder1621
Bell, George S.Cornicopia14764
Bell, George W.Alder1620
Bell, Herschel T.Haines16722
Bell, Howard D.Haines16726
Bell, John A.Huntington Town18158
Bell, John H.Haines16725
Bell, John I.Haines16717
Bell, Lola L.Haines16724
Bell, MillieHaines16833
Bell, Vernie O.Haines16835
Bell, Willard W.Haines16727
Bell, William A.Haines16832
Bellman,JonathanBaker 6 Ward 161595
Bellomy, Alfred D.Wingville12333
Bellomy, Carlton F.Wingville12332
Bellomy, Curtis H.Wingville12334
Bellomy, Edna V.Wingville12336
Bellomy, Ethel E.Wingville12330
Bellomy, Grace L.Wingville12335
Bellomy, Howard B.Wingville12337
Bellomy, Robert H.Wingville12328
Bellomy, Robert H.Wingville12331
Bellomy, Susan S.Wingville12329
Bellows, Eldon R.Pine #2211438
Bellows, Francis E.Pine #2211437
Bellows, Francis I.Pine #2211440
Bellows, Harold D.Pine #2211439
Bellows, Theodore C.Pine #2211436
Belmer, Blanch B.Pine #12118
Belmer, Howard B.Pine #1 - Halfway Town21815
Belmer, Jacob G.Pine #1 - Halfway Town21813
Belmer, Jessie P.Pine #12116
Belmer, Mable I.Pine #12117
Belmer, MaryPine #1 - Halfway Town21814
Belmer, RobertPine #12119
Belmer, Robert J.Pine #12115
Belmont, JosephConner Creek13263
Belnap, MyrtleBaker 3 Ward 44397
Bement, CharlesBaker 3 Ward 44420
Bement, CleoBaker 3 Ward 44422
Bement, EdnaBaker 3 Ward 44419
Bement, MarthaBaker 3 Ward 44418
Bement, MaudBaker 3 Ward 44421
Bement, PeterBaker 3 Ward 44417
Bemes, Miheal O.Cornicopia14925
Benard, Florence E.Baker 5 Ward 25219
Benard, Virgina L.Baker 5 Ward 25218
Benbilis, FrankCopperfield14524
Benbilis, FrankCopperfield14535
Benbilis, LouisCopperfield14523
Benbilis, LouisCopperfield14534
Benes, Harry H.Cornicopia14762
Benett, BenjaminClifford11244
Benhan, LizzieCopperfield1441
Bennehoff, BelleEagle 115357
Bennehoff, BelleEagle 115377
Bennehoff, Claude V.Eagle 115378
Bennehoff, Eagle D. E.Eagle 115359
Bennehoff, George H.Eagle 115751
Bennehoff, JennieEagle 115375
Bennehoff, John D.Eagle 115749
Bennehoff, Leotia B.Eagle 115360
Bennehoff, MayEagle 115750
Bennehoff, Opal M.Eagle 115358
Bennehoff, VirlEagle 115376
Bennehoff, William F.Eagle 115374
Bennett, Alice L.South Baker Ward 37588
Bennett, AlvinBaker 3 Ward 44644
Bennett, Angeline F.South Baker Ward 37591
Bennett, AnnaEagle 115656
Bennett, AnnieClifford11165
Bennett, Belva E.Pine #2211340
Bennett, Belva N.Pine #2211341
Bennett, Carl M.Baker 6 Ward 16161
Bennett, CharlesBaker 3 Ward 44124
Bennett, Charles S.South Baker Ward 37587
Bennett, CleoneClifford11166
Bennett, EdgarClifford11338
Bennett, Edgar L.South Baker Ward 37593
Bennett, Elma J.Pine #2211343
Bennett, Erma N.Pine #2211342
Bennett, Francis J.Baker 2 Ward 3392
Bennett, Frank A.Bed Rock8194
Bennett, George F.Eagle 115932
Bennett, George R.South Baker Ward 37592
Bennett, HarrietHereford17224
Bennett, HarryBaker 5 Ward 25315
Bennett, HattieBaker 2 Ward 33616
Bennett, IanthusEagle 115657
Bennett, IdaBaker 3 Ward 44125
Bennett, Jack S.Eagle 115189
Bennett, James K.South Baker Ward 37594
Bennett, JaneBaker 2 Ward 33115
Bennett, JayClifford11164
Bennett, JosephineBaker 6 Ward 16162
Bennett, L. E.Baker 2 Ward 33337
Bennett, LenaBaker 5 Ward 25316
Bennett, LovellEagle 115658
Bennett, Malcolm A.Pine #2211339
Bennett, MaxineClifford11168
Bennett, Mellard B.Baker 2 Ward 3391
Bennett, Munesie*Baker 3 Ward 44643
Bennett, Myrtle B.Eagle 115936
Bennett, OtisEagle 115655
Bennett, Otis E.Eagle 115934
Bennett, Pearl N.Baker 2 Ward 33337
Bennett, Precouis A.Baker 3 Ward 44126
Bennett, RalphBaker 2 Ward 3393
Bennett, Ralph F.Eagle 115935
Bennett, RosaEagle 115190
Bennett, Sherman A.South Baker Ward 37589
Bennett, ShirleyClifford11169
Bennett, ThelmaBaker 3 Ward 44127
Bennett, VivianClifford11167
Bennett, ZelorisBaker 5 Ward 25124
Bennett, Zora A.Eagle 115933
Bennett*, Beula O.Baker Precinct 619681
Bennett*, Elmer E.Baker Precinct 619676
Bennett*, Floyd M.Baker Precinct 619679
Bennett*, Francis M.Baker Precinct 619682
Bennett*, George E.Baker Precinct 619678
Bennett*, Herbert C.Baker Precinct 619684
Bennett*, Mildred E.Baker Precinct 619680
Bennett*, Ora M.Baker Precinct 619677
Bennett*, Ruth M.Baker Precinct 619686
Bennett*, Thelma F.Baker Precinct 619685
Bennett*, Viva E.Baker Precinct 619683
Benoit, Arther E.Iron Dyke14185
Benoit, AugustDurkee1165
Benoit, Daisy D.Depot20611
Benoit, David E.Depot20610
Benoit, David W.Depot2067
Benoit, Mary B.Depot2068
Benson, Allison E.Huntington18949
Benson, Anne A.Baker 3 Ward 37121
Benson, Benjiman H.Huntington Town18134
Benson, Dolores*Huntington1884
Benson, Earl L.Robinette22548
Benson, Edith E.Baker 3 Ward 37124
Benson, Frederick J.Baker 3 Ward 37122
Benson, Hanse* C.Huntington1883
Benson, Harry R.Huntington18948
Benson, Jerome J.Baker 3 Ward 37120
Benson, John L.Robinette22544
Benson, LenaHuntington Town18348
Benson, Lottie M.Robinette22545
Benson, Mildred I.Robinette22547
Benson, Nellie M.Huntington18950
Benson, Oscar F.Baker 3 Ward 37125
Benson, Telma M.Robinette22546
Benson, Wesley W.Baker 3 Ward 37123
Bentley, Bessie F.Baker 5 Ward 25159
Bentley, Charles W.Baker 5 Ward 25156
Bentley, Clinton E.Baker 5 Ward 25162
Bentley, Elmer R.Baker 5 Ward 25161
Bentley, Elsie M.Baker 5 Ward 25158
Bentley, Geo J.Rock Creek16432
Bentley, HenriettaBaker 5 Ward 25157
Bentley, Pearl M.Baker 5 Ward 25160
Bentley, RobertBaker 3 Ward 441100
Benton, ThomasRobinette22516
Benz, Leroy A.Eagle 115691
Benz, Virginia M.Eagle 115690
Beranck, CarlIron Dyke14141
Beranck, CarlIron Dyke14175
Beranck, Thersa N.Iron Dyke14142
Berg, AnnieSouth Baker Ward 37769
Berg, AntonBaker 3 Ward 37275
Berg, DonaldSouth Baker Ward 37770
Berg, EdSouth Baker Ward 37768
Berg, FredBaker 2 Ward 33256
Berg, GenaBaker 1 Ward 16390
Berg, HelenBaker 3 Ward 37279
Berg, Nellie C.Baker 3 Ward 37276
Berg, Norman E.South Baker Ward 37771
Bergenson, AndyColumbia - Bourne Town23518
Berges, AliceBaker 2 Ward 33715
Berges, DanaBaker 2 Ward 33714
Berges, EthelBaker 2 Ward 33713
Berges, George T.Baker 2 Ward 33712
Bergman, AmeliaBaker 3 Ward 44569
Bergman, Eric P.Baker 3 Ward 44568
Bergman, Eric P.Baker 3 Ward 44570
Bernedette, Sister M.Baker 4 Ward 451345
Bernoske, August A.Eagle 11574
Bernoske, Joeseph H.Eagle 11577
Bernoske, John H.Eagle 11576
Bernoske, Mary E.Eagle 11575
Berry, Cospert L.South Baker Ward 37625
Berry, Emily L.Huntington18997
Berry, Gladys L.Huntington18998
Berry, MelvinHuntington18996
Berry, Robert H.Clifford11261
Berry, Theodore N.Huntington18999
Berry, Viola M.South Baker Ward 37624
Bertram, CeceliaBaker 3 Ward 44659
Bertram, Francis R.Baker 3 Ward 44658
Bess, Elton RalphCopper Butte9447
Bess, Goldie JessieCopper Butte9445
Bess, Lloyd HenryCopper Butte9443
Bess, Olive MayCopper Butte9446
Bess, PearlCopper Butte9441
Bess, Pearl JohnCopper Butte9444
Bess, Rebecca J.Big Creek939
Bess, William H.Copper Butte9440
Bess, William HaroldCopper Butte9442
Bessler*, AnnaSumpter - Sumpter City23297
Bessler*, LeonSumpter - Sumpter City23299
Bessler*, ThomasSumpter - Sumpter City23296
Bessler*, ThomasSumpter - Sumpter City23298
Best, Durwad* L.Pocahontas12610
Best, Edna A.Pocahontas1268
Best, Glenn H.Pocahontas1269
Best, John D.Depot Ward 37148
Best, John O.Pocahontas1267
Best, MaryDepot Ward 37149
Betcolt, PaulSouth Baker20413
Bettechra* William L.Pine #121445
Bettmer, WilliamEagle 115668
Bettner, RobertBaker 2 Ward 23351
Bettner, Elizabeth S.Baker 3 Ward 44106
Bettner, Robert J.Baker 3 Ward 44105
Betts, BarbasCornicopia14794
Betts, Estelle V.Cornicopia14792
Betts, Robert M.Cornicopia14791
Betts, VoorheesCornicopia14793
Bibby, Delbert T.McEwen20149
Bibby, Horace M.McEwen20147
Bibby, Raymond R.McEwen20150
Bibby, Virginia A.McEwen20148
Bickers, James A.South Baker Ward 37474
Bickers, James L.South Baker Ward 37689
Bickers, Margaret F.South Baker Ward 37691
Bickers, Melissa M.South Baker Ward 37690
Bickers, Mildred D.South Baker Ward 37473
Bickers, William B.South Baker Ward 37472
Bidanols, BalentinSouth Baker Ward 3786
Bidanols, BeatrizSouth Baker Ward 3787
Bidanols, FelisSouth Baker Ward 37810
Bidanols, GerbanoSouth Baker Ward 3789
Bidanols, LuisSouth Baker Ward 3788
Bieber, GeorgeDurkee1369
Bieber, George Jr.Durkee1371
Bieber, LloiseDurkee1372
Bieber, PetraDurkee1370
Biggs, Clara A.Baker 3 Ward 44387
Biggs, HelenBaker 3 Ward 44374
Biggs, LeotaBaker 3 Ward 44388
Biggs, Walter A.Baker 3 Ward 44386
Biklacats, MattBaker 3 Ward 441311
Billby, JuneBaker 4 Ward 15677
Billby, NormaBaker 4 Ward 15672
Billson, Geroge N.Copperfield14556
Biltgen, George W.Eagle 2151132
Binder, BerthaHuntington181041
Binder, CharlesHuntington181037
Binder, CharlesHuntington181039
Binder, JosepheneHuntington181042
Binder, JosepheneHuntington181043
Binder, LenaHuntington181038
Binder, MaryHuntington181040
Binhiner, AllenEagle 11535
Binhiner, Myrtle V.Eagle 11536
Birch, William M.South Baker20586
Birchmier, August P.Huntington18104
Birchmier, Cora M.Huntington18976
Birchmier, Homer L.Huntington18975
Birchmier, Leo F.Huntington18977
Bird, ElizabethBaker 3 Ward 44954
Bird, HowardBaker 2 Ward 33248
Bird, V. MarvinBaker 3 Ward 44953
Bird, *lahBaker 2 Ward 33249
Bischet, F. ArthurHaines16787
Bischet, KatherineHaines16789
Bischet, Kitty E.Haines16788
Bish, John J.Iron Dyke14150
Bishop, C. W.Baker 1 Ward 16564
Bishop, F. W.Baker 1 Ward 16560
Bishop, F. W.Baker 1 Ward 16565
Bishop, FlorenceBaker 1 Ward 16563
Bishop, JennieBaker 1 Ward 16561
Bishop, SamanthaBaker 2 Ward 33324
Bishop, VirginiaBaker 1 Ward 16562
Biswell, Mary M.Baker 5 Ward 2522
Biswell, Mary M.Baker 5 Ward 2524
Biswell, RogerBaker 5 Ward 2521
Biswell, Roger Jr.Baker 5 Ward 2523
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