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Oregon Federal Census Index 1920
Baker County Series T625
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
Abablos, FransisesDurkee1342
Abel, Edith L.South Baker20588
Abel, EmeryDepot Ward 471852
Abel, Harry* S.South Baker20587
Abel, Henry J.South Baker20592
Abel, JamesDepot Ward 471850
Abel, LoraDepot Ward 471853
Abel, LucyDepot Ward 471851
Abel, Mary E.South Baker20593
Abel*, Abe*South Baker20590
Abel*, Minnie L.South Baker20591
Abernathy, AlbertCopperfield14623
Abernathy, AlonsoCopperfield14625
Abernathy, Ayersia*Copperfield14622
Abernathy, LeettaCopperfield14624
Abrick, LawrenceBaker 2 Ward 23337
Acers, Geonina JanePine #2211258
Ackerman, EmmaAlder1711
Ackerman, FredBaker 2 Ward 33937
Ackerman, JesseAlder1710
Adam, Annie V.Baker 3 Ward 44516
Adam, Ernest H.Baker 3 Ward 44515
Adams, Anna A.Iron Dyke14132
Adams, Ann S.Depot Ward 371446
Adams, BessieMcEwen20215
Adams, Charles B.McEwen20214
Adams, CharlotteBaker 3 Ward 44385
Adams, Clara P.Robinette22551
Adams, Clark D.Huntington Town18538
Adams, Clifton O.Huntington Town18540
Adams, ColmanAlder1720
Adams, DanBaker 2 Ward 33925
Adams, EarlDepot Ward 371240
Adams, Edna C.Rock Creek1647
Adams, Edwin E.Iron Dyke14131
Adams, EmmaDepot Ward 371241
Adams, EugenaBaker 2 Ward 33984
Adams, Fage L.Iron Dyke14133
Adams, FrancisSumpter - Sumpter City23247
Adams, FrankBaker 2 Ward 33929
Adams, GeorgeBaker 3 Ward 44382
Adams, Gilbert A.Huntington Town18145
Adams, GilmotClifford11222
Adams, GraceBaker 3 Ward 44383
Adams, James W.Wingville12346
Adams, JanettAlder1716
Adams, JanettAlder1717
Adams, JanicettaBaker 2 Ward 33926
Adams, JohnBaker 2 Ward 33927
Adams, JohnBaker 3 Ward 445100
Adams, John Q.Cornicopia14754
Adams, KatieHuntington Town18539
Adams, Leo K.Rock Creek1646
Adams, Marilon*Wingville12347
Adams, MaryMcEwen20216
Adams, Mildred G.Baker 3 Ward 44384
Adams, NadinaWingville12349
Adams, NellieHuntington Town18146
Adams, PerryDepot Ward 471955
Adams, RichardAlder1718
Adams, RichardSumpter - Sumpter City23246
Adams, RuthAlder1719
Adams, RuthBaker 2 Ward 33928
Adams, Thelma G.Huntington Town18541
Adams, VeraDepot Ward 471956
Adams, William D.Wingville12348
Adams, Witten J.Robinette22550
Adams, WymanDepot Ward 371445
Adkins, MathiasBaker 3 Ward 4468
Adkins, MaudBaker 3 Ward 4469
Adler, LauraBaker 1 Ward 16343
Adler, LeoBaker 1 Ward 16345
Adler, SanfordBaker 1 Ward 16344
Adler, ThereseBaker 1 Ward 16346
Adrian, FrancisBaker 3 Ward 341511
Adrian, Glymce*Baker 3 Ward 341512
Akin, Lois A.Baker 3 Ward 446100
Akins, LutherSumpter - Sumpter City23222
Afelin, AlliceIron Dyke14159
Afelin, AnnieIron Dyke14161
Afelin, EvaIron Dyke14158
Afelin, GeorgeIron Dyke14160
Afelin, SaneIron Dyke14157
Agel, James W.Huntington Town18288
Aguilar, JesusDurkee1343
Aguilar, VictoroHuntington Town18199
Ahoo, FongHuntington Town1835
Aieran*, B. Z.Rye Valley10128
Akers, Claude A.Pocahontas12482
Akers, Luther B.Pocahontas12481
Akers, Ruth S.Pocahontas12483
Akers, Zelma L.Pine #1 - Halfway Town2155
Akins, LutherSumpter - Sumpter City23222
Akins, RoyGreenhorn11388
Akins, SilasGreenhorn11386
Akins, VonaGreenhorn11387
Aldin, Percy E.Baker 4 Ward 1511100
Aldrich, BertholClifford11133
Aldrich, ClaraClifford11130
Aldrich, ElvinDepot Ward 372123
Aldrich, EverettDepot Ward 372124
Aldrich, GeorgeDepot Ward 372125
Aldrich, HarlandClifford11131
Aldrich, LewisDepot Ward 372122
Aldrich, MinaDepot Ward 372126
Aldrich, OelDepot Ward 372121
Aldrich, RenoClifford11129
Aldrich, WendellClifford11132
Aldridge, UlnaHaines161525
Aldridge, WayneHaines161526
Alexander, Ada B.Pine #1 - Halfway Town21646
Alexander, Frank B.Pine #1 - Halfway Town21812
Alexander, James B.Pine #1 - Halfway Town21645
Alexander, James S.Pine #1 - Halfway Town21647
Alexander, MaryDepot Ward 372133
Alexander, Robert B.Depot Ward 372134
Alexander, Sidney D.Pine #1 - Halfway Town21649
Alexander, Verlis* W.Pine #1 - Halfway Town21648
Alfanso, GalassilHuntington Town18379
Alfred, Edna H.Huntington Town18430
Alfred, Melvin J.Huntington Town18429
Alfred, Nellie L.Huntington Town18431
Alfred, Robert L.Huntington Town18432
Alfrey, FlorenceDepot Ward 471868
Alfrey, HughDepot Ward 471867
Alfrey, JohnDepot Ward 471872
Alfrey, Robert T.Depot Ward 471869
Alfrey, VirginiaDepot Ward 471871
Alfrey, Willis H.Depot Ward 471870
Allacher, PaulBaker 2 Ward 33651
Allan, AliceBaker 6 Ward 161428
Allan, ClarkBaker 6 Ward 161427
Allan, DorisBaker 6 Ward 161429
Allan, EarlBaker 6 Ward 161431
Allan, MaryBaker 6 Ward 161430
Allen, AdaBaker 4 Ward 451412
Allen, AllethaBaker 4 Ward 15776
Allen, Amanda K.South Baker Ward 37649
Allen, Andrew J.Durkee1233
Allen, Anna C.Durkee1235
Allen, BerthaRobinette22554
Allen, Carl F.South Baker Ward 371023
Allen, Daniel G.Eagle 115746
Allen, Daniel W.Eagle 115743
Allen, David T.Eagle 115997
Allen, Edward W.Eagle 115999
Allen, ElizaBaker 2 Ward 33969
Allen, ElizabethDurkee1234
Allen, EllisBaker 2 Ward 33971
Allen, George E.Baker 66864
Allen, George W.Baker Ward 33377
Allen, George W.Huntington Town18754
Allen, Georgia M.South Baker Ward 37650
Allen, Helen E.Cornicopia1484
Allen, Herbert E.Robinette22559
Allen, Ida V.Baker 66865
Allen, Ida V.Huntington Town18627
Allen, JamesMcEwen2032
Allen, John M.South Baker Ward 37648
Allen, John N.Cornicopia1483
Allen, John W.Baker 4 Ward 15774
Allen, June R.South Baker Ward 37651
Allen, Keith C.Robinette22553
Allen, Leslie B.Huntington Town18626
Allen, LesterBaker 2 Ward 33970
Allen, Lileth B.Baker 4 Ward 15775
Allen, Lowell O.Robinette22558
Allen, Lura E.Eagle 115744
Allen, Martha H.Huntington Town18625
Allen, Mary E.Baker 66866
Allen, Mary L.Eagle 115168
Allen, Matilda P.Eagle 115998
Allen, Maud L.Robinette22556
Allen, M. E.Baker 2 Ward 33968
Allen, Mildred L.Eagle 115745
Allen, Ollie M.Robinette22557
Allen, RettaClifford11176
Allen, RosettaSouth Baker Ward 371024
Allen, Rose V.Robinette22555
Allen, Sherman R.Eagle 115747
Allen, Thomas F.Huntington Town18624
Allen, William H.Huntington Town18628
Allsteadt, JeanettePine #2211493
Allsteadt, John E.Pine #2211492
Allsteadt, MarjoriePine #2211494
Allsteadt, MolliePine #2211496
Allsteadt, OscarPine #2211498
Allsteadt, RobertaPine #2211495
Allsteadt, Woodrow W.Pine #2211497
Almada, AnnaDurkee1276
Almada, DavidDurkee1278
Almada, JosephDurkee1275
Almquist, Agusta M.Huntington Town18359
Almquist, FrankHuntington Town18358
Almquist, HildaHuntington Town18360
Almstead, CatherineBaker 2 Ward 33317
Almstead, F. A.Baker 2 Ward 33316
Almstead, F. A.Baker 2 Ward 33318
Alord, AnnieConner Creek13244
Alos, JohnConner Creek132100
Alstrad, Grace B.Pine #1 - Halfway Town21536
Alunbaugh, Rebecca J.Pine #1 - Halfway Town21671
Ambrose, James W.Pine #121996
Amel, AbieEagle 2151371
Amel, John E.Eagle 2151370
Ames, AllenDepot Ward 471944
Ames, CharlesSumpter - Sumpter City23143
Ames, Ester V.Cornicopia14913
Ames, Hazel V.Cornicopia14910
Ames, Herbert B.Cornicopia1499
Ames, Leone N.Cornicopia14914
Ames, Lucille E.Cornicopia14912
Ames, RussellAlder1624
Ames, Vivian F.Cornicopia14911
Ames, WalterAlder1625
Amsich, Amie N.Iron Dyke14144
Amsich, Johanna N.Iron Dyke14146
Amsich, Katherine N.Iron Dyke14145
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