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Oregon Federal Census Index 1920
Baker County Series T625
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
Zable, ElinorUnity217
Zable, Frank F.Unity215
Zable, IoneUnity218
Zable, MarineUnity219
Zable, MinnieUnity216
Zachary, Harry B.Pine #1 - Halfway Town21522
Zachary, Mable F.Pine #1 - Halfway Town21521
Zeaktey, AnnaBaker 4 Ward 451335
Zeaktey, ElizabethBaker 4 Ward 451336
Zeaktey, Harry C.Baker 4 Ward 451334
Zeaktey, Harry Jr.Baker 4 Ward 451337
Zeek, Earl W.Rock Creek16212
Zeek, Ernest G.Rock Creek16214
Zeek, Lena M.Rock Creek16213
Zella, BeckerHuntington1886
Zemmer, ChasDepot Ward 371388
Zemmer, FnleyDepot Ward 371391
Zemmer, FrancisDepot Ward 371389
Zemmer, JesseDepot Ward 371390
Zerba, Alice M.Wingville12472
Zerba, Bert J.Wingville12470
Zerba, Dale E.Wingville12473
Zerba, EstellaWingville12471
Zerba, Goldie L.Wingville12474
Zerba, Mary JuneWingville12475
Ziegler, EdithEagle 215136
Ziegler, Henry L.Eagle 215134
Ziegler, PearlEagle 215135
Zimerman, AdamCornicopia1496
Zimerman, AlaceBaker Precinct 519211
Zimerman, Frances C.Cornicopia1498
Zimerman, Laella E.Cornicopia1497
Zimmerman, Carl J.Pine #2211426
Zimmerman, Charlie S.Pine #2211430
Zimmerman, Clara H.Pine #2211427
Zimmerman, Earnest F.Pine #2211431
Zimmerman, Elsie C.Pine #2211429
Zimmerman, Elva M.Baker 3 Ward 44653
Zimmerman, EverettBaker Precinct 519213
Zimmerman, John W.Pine #2211432
Zimmerman, JosephPine #2211428
Zimmerman, Mary B.Pine #2211433
Zimmerman, Morris C.Baker 3 Ward 44655
Zimmerman, NorahBaker 2 Ward 33737
Zimmerman, Otto W.Baker 3 Ward 44652
Zimmerman, Victor W.Pine #2211434
Zimmerman, Vivian M.Baker 3 Ward 44654
Zimmerli*, IsabelaBaker 4 Ward 15840
Zimmerli*, Otto A.Baker 4 Ward 15839
Zufelt, AlvaDepot Ward 371460
Zufelt, ElmiraSouth Baker Ward 37412
Zufelt, Esther A.Depot Ward 371461
Zumwalt, Leone M.Huntington Town18351

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Last Updated on 9 December 2011
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