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Oregon Federal Census Index 1920
Baker County Series T625
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
Vade Vantia, Lousie M.Baker 4 Ward 451415
Vade Vantia, RaymondBaker 4 Ward 451416
Vaile, RoseBaker 4 Ward 451375
Valade, DonaldBaker 2 Ward 33534
Vale, VelonaCornicopia1495
Valentine, Bessie M.Pocahontas12515
Valentine, Clarence F.Pocahontas12512
Valentine, Eleane I.Pocahontas12516
Valentine, Florida A.Depot20626
Valentine, Frank A.Depot20625
Valentine, Gertrude C.Pocahontas12520
Valentine, Guland* O.Pocahontas12521
Valentine, Ivy M.Pocahontas12513
Valentine, LeonardDepot Ward 371715
Valentine, Lila A.Pocahontas12517
Valentine, Martha I.Pocahontas12518
Valentine, MollieDepot Ward 371714
Valentine, Myrtle F.Depot20627
Valentine, Ruby J.Pocahontas12514
Valentine, SamDepot Ward 371713
Valentine, William F.Pocahontas12519
Vales, FrankBaker 4 Ward 1551
Vales, Frank B.Baker 4 Ward 1553
Vales, HattieBaker 4 Ward 1552
Vales, MildredBaker 4 Ward 1554
Valiant, Edna B.Baker 4 Ward 451424
Valiant, Elsie MayBaker 4 Ward 451423
Valiant, FredBaker 4 Ward 451421
Valiant, PaulineBaker 4 Ward 451422
Valley, HerbertRock Creek1627
Valley, Herbert J.Rock Creek1625
Valley, JuanetaRock Creek1628
Valley, KobertRock Creek1629
Valley, MargaretRock Creek1626
Valley, MargaretRock Creek16210
Vallintine, Eliza M.Pine #2211412
VanBurgh, Florence E.McEwen20255
VanBurgh, HurbrutMcEwen20254
Vancastor, Ella M.Huntington Town18298
Vancastor, Elva B.Huntington Town18297
Vancastor, Emma B.Huntington Town18294
Vancastor, James A.Huntington Town18296
Vancastor, Mary E.Huntington Town18295
Vancastor, Roy F.Huntington Town18293
Van Cleave, Archie N.Audry2410
Van Cleave, BarbaraAudry248
Van Cleave, BennieHereford171100
Van Cleave, ClaraHereford17137
Van Cleave, DavidHereford17135
Van Cleave, FannyHereford17136
Van Cleave, HerbertHereford17138
Van Cleave, JosephHereford17123
Van Cleave, Mary E.Audry249
Van Cleave, N. T.Audry247
Van Cleave, WillardHereford17139
Vancoppenolle, Albert E.Baker 6 Ward 16731
Vancoppenolle, EugeneBaker 6 Ward 16735
Vancoppenolle, FayBaker 6 Ward 16732
Vancoppenolle, LouisaBaker 6 Ward 16734
Vancoppenolle, Vera MayBaker 6 Ward 16733
Vandecar, ByronDurkee1236
Vandecar, ElsieDurkee1241
Vandecar, FordDurkee1238
Vandecar, MyrtleDurkee1239
Vandecar, Robert L.Durkee1240
Vandecar, RoseDurkee1237
Vanderwall, Anna K.Haines16993
Vanderwall, FrankRock Creek16190
Vanderwall, Garrett W.Haines16992
Vanderwall, Liddie J.Rock Creek16381
Vanderwall, Roy E.Rock Creek16380
Vandevantes, DarrellRock Creek16342
Vandevantes, DonRock Creek16340
Vandevantes, EdnaRock Creek16360
Vandevantes, ErhmanRock Creek16361
Vandevantes, EverettRock Creek16343
Vandevantes, GarthRock Creek16362
Vandevantes, LauraRock Creek16348
Vandevantes, LethaRock Creek16359
Vandevantes, LillianRock Creek16344
Vandevantes, LizzieRock Creek16358
Vandevantes, Lovcen*Rock Creek16347
Vandevantes, MaryRock Creek16341
Vandevantes, WayneRock Creek16357
Vande Vantie, WilliamBaker 4 Ward 451453
VanDriesche, CerealSouth Baker Ward 37866
VanDriesche, ElsieSouth Baker Ward 37868
VanDriesche, FrankSouth Baker Ward 37869
VanDriesche, JuliusSouth Baker Ward 37864
VanDriesche, MarcelSouth Baker Ward 37867
VanDriesche, OlidaSouth Baker Ward 37865
Vaneta, Else J.Baker 2 Ward 33199
VanLewiele, MargarietaSouth Baker Ward 37872
VanLewiele, PetaiusSouth Baker Ward 37870
VanLewiele, ValentineSouth Baker Ward 37871
Vanllen*, Coral A.Baker Precinct 519359
Vanllen*, Garnet R.Baker Precinct 519361
Vanllen*, John J.Baker Precinct 519357
Vanllen*, Ruby B.Baker Precinct 519360
Vanllen*, Ruth A.Baker Precinct 519358
VanLoo, HilmonSouth Baker Ward 37855
VanOmer, HughDepot Ward 371741
VanOmer, LetitiaDepot Ward 371738
VanOmer, RoyDepot Ward 371740
VanOmer, WilliamDepot Ward 371739
VanOrder, ArchibaldBig Creek9139
VanOrder, Billie F.Big Creek9140
VanOrder, Della E.Big Creek9134
VanOrder, GenevaBig Creek9141
VanOrder, John H.Big Creek9133
VanOrder, LoisBig Creek9136
VanOrder, Mona L.Big Creek9135
VanPatten, Avis E.Baker 3 Ward 37195
VanPatten, Avis M.Baker 3 Ward 37192
VanPatten, Frank R.Baker 3 Ward 37191
VanPatten, FredBridgeport10241
VanPatten, GeorgeBridgeport10243
VanPatten, Jesse R.Baker 3 Ward 37193
VanPatten, Paul R.Baker 3 Ward 37194
VanPatten, RuthBridgeport10242
Van Way, MyrtleDurkee1367
Van Way, WhitneyDurkee1366
Vasos, BillDepot Ward 372175
Vasquez, AnastacioHuntington18879
Vass, JamesBaker 6 Ward 161031
Vass, John B.Baker 6 Ward 161029
Vass, OlgaBaker 6 Ward 161030
Vasus, NickSouth Baker Ward 37986
Vaude Walhe, LillieBaker 2 Ward 33962
Vaudle, EsterBaker 2 Ward 33629
Vaudle, Walter WilliamBaker 2 Ward 33628
Vaughan, Alex M.Pine #2211042
Vaughan, Amy I.Pine #2211043
Vaughan, Courtney M.Pine #2211046
Vaughan, Evelyn W.Pine #2211045
Vaughan, Floyd C.Depot20688
Vaughan, Floyd Jr.Depot20694
Vaughan, Gertrude E.Pine #2211040
Vaughan, Jacob A.Pine #2211039
Vaughan, JohnathanDepot20692
Vaughan, Joseph J.Pine #2211044
Vaughan, Lois J.Pine #2211041
Vaughan, MaryanieDepot20690
Vaughan, Matilda E.Depot20689
Vaughan, RobertDepot20691
Vaughan, RurcetomDepot20693
Vaughn, Albert J.Iron Dyke14265
Vaughn, AnnettaBaker 3 Ward 441318
Vaughn, Besnal A.Iron Dyke14266
Vaughn, Cyras R.Baker 5 Ward 25326
Vaughn, Ella A.Baker 6 Ward 16145
Vaughn, FrancesBaker 3 Ward 441319
Vaughn, FrancesBaker 6 Ward 16146
Vaughn, Laura BellePine #1 - Halfway Town21625
Vaughn, Myron C.Baker 3 Ward 441320
Vaughn, SarahBaker 5 Ward 25327
Vaughn, Waldo R.Baker 6 Ward 16144
Veach*, Ruth L.Pine #2211398
Veihonehen, CharlesSouth Baker Ward 37419
Veitch, Harold J.Baker 3 Ward 37146
Veitch, KatieBaker 3 Ward 37145
Veitch, RachelBaker 3 Ward 37147
Veitch, VirgilBaker 3 Ward 37149
Veitch, William A.Baker 3 Ward 37144
Vensio, SteveHuntington18896
Verdun, A.Baker 1 Ward 16134
Vermillion, Grace B.Baker 4 Ward 15621
Vermillion, LynnBaker 4 Ward 15620
Vermillion, Lynn C.Baker 4 Ward 15622
Vermillion, WilmontBaker 4 Ward 15623
Vernily*, LesterBaker 6 Ward 161235
Vernily*, PaulBaker 6 Ward 161234
Vernon, James J.Huntington Town18687
Vernon, John G.Eagle 115314
Vickery, Frank A.Depot Ward 371480
Vickery, MinnieDepot Ward 371481
Vincent, Mary O.Huntington Town18532
Viorhies, LelaBaker 3 Ward 44425
Viorhies, ShermanBaker 3 Ward 44424
Voiles, GeorgeDepot Ward 371488
Voiles, GeorgeDepot Ward 371493
Voiles, IdaDepot Ward 371489
Voiles, MartinDepot Ward 371491
Voiles, NellieDepot Ward 371492
Voiles, WillieDepot Ward 371490
VonBevern, ElisaSouth Baker Ward 37942
VonBevern, JohnSouth Baker Ward 37941
VonBevern, MargaretSouth Baker Ward 37943
Voorhies, PattieCornucopia14718
Voorhies, Ronald L.Cornucopia14717
Voorhies, Victor L.Cornucopia14719
Voruz, Emil P.Baker 3 Ward 441248
Voruz, EmmaBaker 3 Ward 441249
Voruz, RuthBaker 3 Ward 441250
Vroman, Bessie E.Huntington Town18369
Vroman, Bessie H.Huntington Town18372
Vroman, Elton R.Huntington Town18368
Vroman, Orval E. E.Huntington Town18370
Vroman, Virginia I.Huntington Town18371

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