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Oregon Federal Census Index 1900
Baker County Series T624
Roll 1278
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
Zagle, AugustNorth Sumpter179245
Zahler, FrankHuntington16993
Zeller, FrancisBaker City Ward 11631318
Zeller, PhilipBaker City Ward 11631317
Zellner, LilahNorth Powder176219
Zeyss, EdSouth Sumpter1791323
Zeyss, HazelSouth Sumpter1791324
Zilky, Joseph P.Baker City Ward 41622757
Zimpel, AnnaBaker City Ward 1163537
Zinck, ChristianBaker City Ward 31631951
Zinck, Earle G.Baker City Ward 31631954
Zinck, Fay R.Baker City Ward 31631953
Zinck, OraBaker City Ward 31631952
Zinck, Ora M.Baker City Ward 31631955
Zip, JungheyBaker City Ward 1163767
Zingley, TimothyBaker City Ward 2163190
Zisenfus, Nora M.Baker City Ward 31631612
Zizenfus, Clarence M.Baker City Ward 31631613
Zizenfus, George M.Baker City Ward 31631614
Zizenfus, LauraBaker City Ward 31631615
Zizenfus, SarahBaker City Ward 31631611
Ziziwce, H.Huntington169883
Zoeckler, Henry K.Baker City Ward 1163623
Zuess*, JohnBaker City Ward 1162896
Zumwalt, Otto W.Baker City Ward 41622024
Zwicky, Agusta A.Baker City Ward 41622973
Zwicky, Dorothy W.Baker City Ward 41622972
Zwicky, Everett E.Baker City Ward 41622974
Zwicky, Willard G.Baker City Ward 41622971
Zwink*, John W.Parker181138

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Last Updated on 30 March 2012
By Dale Givens