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Oregon Federal Census Index 1900
Baker County Series T623
Name Precinct ED No. Sheet No. Line No.
Yager, ChristopherBaker City Ward 31633141
Yager, Mary M.Baker City Ward 31633143
Yager, Mary O.Baker City Ward 31633142
Yamanoto, O.Alder172356
Yamokawa, T.Huntington169116
Yantes, Ada M.Baker City Ward 41631469
Yantes, Charles F.Baker City Ward 41631468
Yantes, EllenBaker City Ward 41631473
Yantes, FrederickBaker City Ward 41631470
yantes, georgie E.Baker City Ward 41631472
Yantes, Lulu M.Baker City Ward 41631471
Yantis, Effie L.McEwen178253
Yantis, Elizabeth J.Baker City Ward 2162344
Yantis, Grover L.McEwen178254
Yantis, John L.McEwen178252
Yantis, LevelleMcEwen178257
Yantis, LutherMcEwen178255
Yantis, MildredMcEwen178256
Yaeger, Christina M.Baker City Ward 41622251
Yaeger, EdnaBaker City Ward 41622253
Yaeger, FrederickBaker City Ward 41622250
Yarugi, TreHuntington1691113
Yasin, M.Huntington16910100
Yasui, JemmieHuntington169629
Yatano, SugiHuntington169887
Yates, Jos M.Baker City Ward 31633169
Yeager, BessieSouth Sumpter17916100
Yeager, ClarenceNorth Sumpter179369
Yeager, David W.Willows175725
Yeager, Emma S.Baker City Ward 41621424
Yeager, FrankNorth Sumpter179366
Yaeger, FrederickBaker City Ward 41622252
Yeager, George F.Pocahontas175295
Yeager, IdaNorth Sumpter179440
Yeager, JoeUnity164146
Yeager, John G. F.Baker City Ward 41621423
Yeager, LenaNorth Sumpter179368
Yeager, LizzieNorth Sumpter179370
Yeager, MackNorth Sumpter179439
Yeager, MarySouth Sumpter1791699
Yeager, MiloNorth Sumpter179441
Yeager, Sallie E.North Sumpter179367
Yeager, Thomas R.South Sumpter1791698
Yeager, Victor P.South Sumpter1791532
Yeakley, AmandaBaker City Ward 31633796
Yeakley, CharlesBaker City Ward 31633798
Yeakly, CliffordBaker City Ward 41622621
Yeakley, GertrudeBaker City Ward 31633797
Yeakley, JamesBaker City Ward 31633795
Yeakley, Mary A.Baker City Ward 31633799
Yeakley, William McBaker City Ward 316337100
Yee, JookBaker City Ward 1163762
Yelton, Aaron R.South Baker174226
Yelton, Lovina M.South Baker174227
Yep, LemNorth Sumpter179731
Yerger, WilliamBourne180682
Yim, GumBaker City Ward 2162567
Yoakman, PeatBridgeport166259
Yoakum, Daniel W.Express171232
Yoakum, Harvey T.Express171234
Yoakum, Ida B.Express171233
Yoakum, Ina S.Express171237
Yoakum, Jessie C.Express171236
Yoakum, Nathan L.Express171235
Yockey, LouisaBaker City Ward 31633514
Yockey, RalphBaker City Ward 31633513
Yockey, Samuel H.Baker City Ward 31633511
Yockey, Sarah A.Baker City Ward 31633512
Yoeman, ArthorHuntington169378
Yoeman, Ellsie M.Huntington169377
Yoeman, ElovaHuntington169381
Yoeman, HughHuntington169380
Yoeman, MarkHuntington169379
Yoeman, Samuel M.Huntington169376
Yokeman, CharlieHuntington169672
Yon, AhHuntington169486
Yong, SingNorth Sumpter179735
York, Albert H.Baker City Ward 2162532
York, Chas W.North Powder176239
York, Effie L.Depot175155
York, Hartell L.Depot175156
York, JamesBaker City Ward 2162530
York, James T.Depot175154
York, Mabel M.North Powder176241
York, Mary S.Baker City Ward 2162535
York, Nannie A.Baker City Ward 2162531
York, Richard F.Baker City Ward 2162534
York, Rosa L.North Powder176240
York, Vadah M.Baker City Ward 2162533
York, Wm H.North Powder176242
Yosucke, SuwaceHuntington169118
You, LouConnor Creek170215
Youg, BonHuntington1691039
Young, AddieBaker City Ward 11631374
Young, AlfredHaines176893
Young, AlidaBaker City Ward 216235
Young, AlonzoHaines176116
Young, AltonBaker City Ward 31632049
Young, BeatriceParker181132
Young, BelleBaker City Ward 31632113
Young, BuzzParker181131
Young, CalrenceBaker City Ward 11631377
Young, Charles O.Precinct No 1177347
Young, CharlieHuntington16978
Young, Cynthia A.Baker City Ward 31632044
Young, DavisBaker City Ward 11631378
Young, EdithBaker City Ward 31632047
Young, Edward E.South Sumpter1791296
Young, EffieSouth Sumpter1791820
Young, Emma E.Haines176895
Young, FrancisBaker City Ward 216233
Young, Francis A.Parker181130
Young, FrankieBaker City Ward 11631178
Young, Frank L.Baker City Ward 11631373
Young, GoodwinBourne180659
Young, GrantHaines176117
Young, Gundrun A.Baker City Ward 31632045
Young, HarryNorth Sumpter179111
Young, HazelBaker City Ward 11631376
Young, HenryBaker City Ward 11631379
Young, HenryBaker City Ward 11631380
Young, IdaHaines176115
Young, James W.Parker181129
Young, JohnBourne180658
Young, John C.Baker City Ward 31632043
Young, John E.Precinct No 1177346
Young, John H.Express171195
Young, John W.Parker181143
Young, JuliaBaker City Ward 31633144
Young, JuliaHuntington169789
Young, KathleenBaker City Ward 31632046
Young, KletaBaker City Ward 31632114
Young, LouieHuntington169687
Young, LuluBaker City Ward 31632115
Young, LucindaBaker City Ward 31632051
Young, Margaret E.Haines176892
Young, MarshelParker181141
Young, Marshel K.Parker181144
Young, MaryBaker City Ward 11631375
Young, Mary I.Haines176894
Young, Mattie J.Baker City Ward 41622596
Young, Mary T.Parker181142
Young, Milton A.Baker City Ward 41623064
Young, Milton O.Haines176896
Young, Nancy N.Baker City Ward 2162481
Young, not namedParker181133
Young, not namedParker181134
Young, OrrBaker City Ward 1163692
Young, Ossie H.Baker City Ward 216234
Young, ScottBaker City Ward 31632048
Young, ScottBourne180661
Young, SumnerBaker City Ward 31632050
Young, Thos G.Haines176114
Young, TongHuntington169145
Young, VirgilHaines176118
Young, WilliamHuntington169788
Young, William H.Haines176891
Young, William H. Jr.Baker City Ward 1162810
Young, William J.South Sumpter179188
Young, William N.Baker City Ward 2162480
Young, William S.Baker City Ward 31632112
Young, ZellerBaker City Ward 31633140
Younger, PearlHuntington16997
Yount, HarveyBourne180320
Yrup, GartPocahontas175318
Yu, ChoyPocahontas175313
Yu, CoodPocahontas175312
Yuen, Che ChungBaker City Ward 41631554
Yuen, TomBaker City Ward 1163729
Yuet, FungBaker City Ward 31633186
Yung, FookBaker City Ward 1163714
Yung, GingBaker City Ward 1163829
Yunis, BugHuntington1691038
Yunis, TomHuntington1691037
Yustin, William J.South Sumpter179157

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